4 celebrity coin collectors to be inspired from

Coin collection, or numismatics as it is known, is one of the oldest hobbies in the world. This fascinating hobby of collecting coin requires a lot of patience and a good eye for detail. You have to be quick to identify the value of a seemingly innocuous coin and be obstinate enough to know the history of the coin.

Numismatics is a hobby that can be picked up by anyone irrespective of age, gender, profession or socioeconomic standing. It is something that can be pursued by people across demographics. If you thought collecting coins is for those with too much time on their hands, you are wrong. Here we list 5 famous people who have been and some still are ardent coin collectors.

Nicole Kidman
This Hollywood superstar is very much into the old-school and old-fashioned hobby of numismatics. It is rumored that the Moulin Rouge star collects Judean coins. Judean coins are ancient Hebrew silver coins that originated in Judaea, which was a part of the Persian empire in 6th century BCE. Although Kidman’s connection to these ancient coins is a gossip column rumor, it never hurts to speculate on the numismatic side of the actress.

Thomas Jefferson
The founding father of USA and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence was known for many things, numismatics being one of them. The third president enthusiastically collected gold coins. The period of these coins ranged from contemporary Europe to ancient civilizations from the past.

Franklin D Roosevelt
Roosevelt was another president who was an enthusiastic numismatic. He was an ardent collector of coins and later became associated with the humble dime. Roosevelt started the March of Dime, a fundraising campaign to fight polio. This program invited people to contribute at least a dime to help find cure against polio. To commemorate Roosevelt’s legacy, the US Government and the US Mint decided to put Roosevelt’s image on the humble dime (10 cent).

John Quincy Adams
The sixth president of United States was also a keen collector of coins. Adams’s specialty was collecting ancient Roman coins. He was known as one of the most prominent coins collectors in America. His interest in coin collection began in Europe when he started collecting coins from Greek and Roman civilizations along with his father John Adams, the second president of the country. The great coin collection of the Adams family was acquired by the Massachusetts Historical Society. In 1971, this collection was auctioned off.

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    Hair fall is a scary thing for all. However, it is becoming more common in younger people too. The reason for this could be stress, unhealthy food, and increased usage of hair products.

    With technology and research making progress, hair regrowth has become possible. Trichologists are hair and scalp specialists. If you are looking for treatments for hair regrowth, hair transplant, etc., you must see a trichologist.

    Here are some reasons why you should visit a trichologist:

    While the general tendency is to consult your salon for solutions, if you are looking at workable solutions for hair regrowth, you should consult a trichologist.

    Natural solutions
    Most people would assume that going to a specialist would mean chemicals and medications. However, you should know that many of them specialize in providing natural solutions that do not use chemicals.

    A good trichologist will educate you about the problem. Sometimes, just a little knowledge of what is right or wrong can go a long way to alleviate or take care of the problem. Hair regrowth may happen naturally when you take care of your hair and scalp adequately.

    While making you aware of what you are doing wrong, correcting your diet and helping you to understand what changes are required, trichologists can effectively take care of the problem for you.

    Trichologists can provide you with the right help in the form of information and choices. By taking a look at the core issue and deeper analysis, they can tell you the extent of the problem and provide you with effective solutions such as

    • Medications and the extent of recovery
    • Referral to a doctor where necessary and
    • If surgery is advised, what the procedures are and how effective they can be.

    Hair regrowth is possible; thanks to the advancement of science. There are effective solutions available and the right knowledge is necessary too. Visit a trichologist to consult any of the scalp and hair issue.

  • 6 Reasons Why Travelers Should Pick All-inclusive Resorts

    Most of the destinations in the world, from the Caribbean to Mexico to Hawaii, have many all-inclusive resorts that travelers can pick. When you are traveling with your family, it is always good to opt for all-inclusive resort packages so that you do not end up spending a fortune on your vacation. Following are some advantages of choosing all-inclusive resorts.

    • Your finances are pre-decided, and you do not have to shell out for every indulgence
      When you go for an all-inclusive resort, you usually pay for all the activities in advance. Therefore, you will not be shocked when you receive the final bill, and you can enjoy a stress-free vacation.
    • Your transportation costs are taken care of
      Unfortunately, while traveling to international destinations, most tourists worry about converting their currency. However, with an all-inclusive resort, all your transportation charges are covered. So, you do not worry about carrying the local currency for your taxi fares or finding an exchange to convert your currency.
    • Make full use of all of the activities
      Most all-inclusive resort packages feature a great itinerary with plenty of activities. Generally, families prefer these packages as the resort’s facilities keep the kids entertained.
    • Explore variety with sister resorts
      One of the best things about resort chains is that you can enjoy meals and other activities at discounted prices from their sister resorts. Thus, you will have a wide variety of options to choose from, and you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.
    • Mostly, all-inclusive resorts provide buffet meals, unlimited food, and unlimited drinks
      While all-inclusive resort packages include meals and soft drinks, sometimes you can get unlimited drinks as well. You should always opt for such steal deals.
    • Enjoy time with different families
      Another benefit of choosing these packages is that resorts plan multiple activities for different age groups. They also plan fun sessions for all their guests, such as poolside dinners. With a pre-planned package, you can meet more people, and befriend fellow guests who are following the same itinerary as you.

    Besides these factors, there are a few essentials that you should look for in an all-inclusive resort package. These include the minimum package cost, a minimum of three meals per day, an itinerary packed with fun activities, as well as other complimentary benefits.

  • Sleep number: The new name for comfort

    Sleep and good health are directly proportional to each other. If you sleep well, you will remain healthy. But sleep well does not mean sleeping for 8 hours or taking pills to have a comfortable sleep. Comfort comes in the best form with Sleep Number. It is the kind of bed that is adjustable. How would you feel to sleep on the bed that adjusts itself to cater to the needs of you and your partner? Sleep Number provides comfort with its wide range of adjustable beds along with a promise of firmness and support for a blissful sleep. Check out some of the top features of the bed!

    Two people are never alike and nor are their choices. Similarly, they have varying comfort levels. Till now it seemed impossible to satisfy both of them in comfort, but with the new smart Sleep Number adjustable beds, both can adjust the bed according to their individual comfort and support. It has Responsive Air technology. Since your sleep number setting varies from that of your partner, you can choose the setting in a wireless remote and adjust accordingly so that there is no clash between the two and both of you get what you desire.

    The flex fit adjustable base can be added to any Sleep Number bed for an experience on a greater level. With such a base, you can now enjoy your time reading a book or watching TV or surfing the internet, all in the comfort of your bed.

    Snuggling in the warmth of the bed always assures the best sleep. What if the bed is pre-heated? It is true that the Sleep Number bed has a feature that pre-warms each side of the bed so that both of you are ready for a comfortable sleep. Warm beds also help you in falling asleep faster.

    Tired with your partner’s snoring habits? Worry not, Sleep Number provides you with a bed that can be raised on either side to help prevent snoring.

    The memory foam contours adjust for both the partners. You can experience the ultimate blissful cooling and comfort with Sleep Number adjustable beds.

    The adjustable bed not only provides the comfort you need, but it also offers relief from back pain and promotes better posture. The budget is a bit on the higher side with the Queen size ranges between $3500 and $4500 approximately. However, the best things in life come with a price and make the experience priceless.

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