9 Best-Rated Mattresses to Choose From

Did you know that over 20% of Americans suffer from severe disorders related to sleep? If you wake up groggy, grumpy and in a bad mood then you might be one of them. Nothing in the world can replace a good night’s sleep. You shouldn’t lose out on it.

Are you on the lookout for a new mattress? Or are you tired of cheap mattresses not letting you sleep in peace? Regardless of the problem, there is hope. Finding a fantastic mattress can help improve the quantity and quality of your sleep. So why not invest in the best-rated mattress?

Best-rated mattresses that you will love

Since every mattress is not going to suit everyone, here is a list of top rated mattresses. These mattresses have been rated according to materials used, firmness, and versatility. Note that the following mattresses can be ordered online so you don’t need to set foot outside your home. You will get the mattress you want straight to your home.

Sapira mattress

If you want a mattress that can support any type of sleep, then this is the mattress for you. It provides you with impeccable support. It can be used by anyone who tends to move a lot at night. It comes with cooling hybrid memory foam. It is an expensive mattress that is worth every penny.

Sleep Number mattress

This is one of the best-rated mattresses. It is perfect for couples who sleep differently. You can change the firmness of your side of the mattress in a jiffy. A remote is provided for the adjustment on each side of the mattress. It can help you track breathing and movement too.

Bear mattress

Are you a sportsperson? Then you can try out this mattress. It helps keep you cool at night and is quite comfortable to sleep on. It is helpful for people who sleep on their stomachs or backs. Since the mattress decreases the temperature, it helps keep you cool.

Helix mattress

This mattress can be customized according to how you want it to be. It provides comfortable support which lets you sleep peacefully. The mattress is relatively inexpensive and you can try it out for 100 days. Then if you do not like it, you can return the mattress.

BedInABox mattress

If you want a mattress which is easy to configure then choose this mattress. It supports a variety of sleeping positions. It provides great support without seeming too firm and uncomfortable. It is helpful for motion isolation so that both you and your partner can sleep like you want.

EightSmart mattress

The mattress is a normal one while the cover is what makes all the difference. The mattress is medium firm and supports well. The cover tracks your sleep. For example, it tells you about sleep quantity, respiratory rate, and heart rate. This can be beneficial if you like to keep track of your sleeping patterns.

Purple mattress

This is for people who prefer medium firm mattress for sleeping. It feels soft and supports brilliantly. It has the ability to absorb pressure can support people sleeping in different positions. It provides pressure point relief. It helps relieve back pain as well.

Lucid mattress

This mattress comes with a simple design. If you sleep in varying positions then this mattress is ideal for you. It is quite cheap as well. It helps provide support and allows great air circulation to take place. It provides you with a soft mattress cover.

Casper mattress

If you are looking for a mattress with a firm and soft combination, then this is the one. It might seem a bit solid for you, however, it is one of the best-rated mattresses. It uses movement isolation technology. This helps you sleep and move around without disturbing your partner who is sleeping beside you. This is an affordable mattress.

Do you want to wake up refreshed, energized and full of hope? Then choose any of the best-rated mattresses from the list above. You can explore more about them from their official websites. You can have a fantastic sleep from now on!

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  • Here’s What You Should Avoid Adding to the Cat Food

    Wet food is messy, especially for cats. So, you can get dry food for your pet cat. But you need to choose the best dry cat food. This will ensure that the pet is getting all the required nutrition.
    Cats are generally known to be messy eaters. If you offer wet food to it, you may find it all over the room. To prevent this, you need to offer dry food to cats. But dry foods are not as attractive to them as wet foods. Moreover, wet foods are high in nutritional content. If you are substituting wet food with dry food, you need to have the best dry cat food. This will ensure that the animal gets enough nutrition. However, dry foods are also notorious for their adverse effects on cats. Therefore, you need to be selective and choose the best.

    Let us go through a list of ingredients that should not at all be present in the best dry cat food.


    Dry foods already have a notoriety for stoking diabetes. Potato is a high glycemic food, meaning that it can precipitate a spike in blood sugar. Like human beings, cats too are prone to diabetes and blood sugar, if you offer it potato or food containing potato regularly. So dry foods containing potato is not at all good for your pet cat. However, you can proceed with sweet potato. Though it is sweet, it does not stoke diabetes or blood sugar.


    Many companies in the pet cat food business prepare the food from byproducts of other industries such as poultry. But these are not good. Pet foods containing byproducts of other industries may cause a variety of health problems in your cat. It may suffer from allergies, stomach irritation, diarrhea, vomiting etc. If it has a sensitive stomach it can often exhibit these symptoms. So, the best dry cat food should not at all contain byproducts.


    Corn contains gluten, and most pets like cats and dogs are allergic to it. So you must see that the cat is not given a food which contains grains like wheat, corn, and soy. The best dry cat food must not contain glutinous substances.

    High-carb content

    Foods containing high amounts of carbohydrates, such as white rice, can precipitate blood sugar. Since pets are not used to much activity, high carb food can easily stoke diabetes. Moreover, pets don’t digest carbohydrates well. So, the best dry cat food should not have a high carb content.

    Artificial preservatives and colors

    Most cats don’t tolerate artificial preservatives and colors. Some of these elements are even harmful to the cat. Vitamin K3, which is produced synthetically, can be a dangerous food for your pet cat. This particular synthetic product may be toxic to the liver, kidneys, and heart of the cat. So the best dry cat food should not at all contain artificial preservatives and colors.

    Artificial sweetener

    While sugar is not good for pets, artificial sweeteners are the worst. Artificial sweeteners like Xylitol can lead to sudden fall in blood sugar level. These products may cause a sudden release of insulin leading to a drastic fall in sugar levels in the blood. All this can happen within half an hour of eating. It is also harmful to your pet’s liver. Such artificial sweeteners are usually present in candy, gum, mouthwash etc. However, some low-quality foods may also contain these substances. The best dry cat food does not contain any of these substances.

    Contents of the best dry cat food

    The best dry cat food must be balanced in all respects. A cat needs nutrients like various vitamins, amino acids, minerals, proteins, and fat. It needs meat since there are some nutrients which it can obtain only from meat.

    So, the best dry cat food must contain meat but should not contain any grain. There are a number of such brands in the pet food market.

  • Nutrition – Foods and their functions

    Foods are classified based on their different aspects like the quantity needed, the functions they serve etc. Based on the quantity and the large functions they are categorized into macro or energy foods and micro foods. The energy foods are further divided into carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Carbohydrates form the bulk of food and contributor of energy. Proteins, on the other hand, are more for repairs and reconstruction of the body tissues. Fat plays slightly more complicated role. It has the highest energy density. They act as a solvent for many oil soluble micronutrients. It also plays a part in making many chemicals in the body.

    Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are compounds formed by carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The simplest is monosaccharides. They are very easily digested and assimilated into the bloodstream raising the glucose levels very quickly. They are burned up also fast providing a quick spurt of energy. The second is disaccharides, normally, an intermediary during the digestion of trisaccharides or complex starches. Trisaccharides or polysaccharides are difficult to digest. These are complex molecules and the body takes the time to break them. Hence, they do not raise but maintains a steady blood sugar level and it takes longer to feel hungry.

    Proteins: are compounds of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Simple proteins are called monomers and used to make heavier polymers. Proteins are normally used to repair the body. The body rarely breaks down proteins for energy purposes.

    Fats: Fats are esters or products of neutralization of fatty acids with glycol. Their structures are quite complex. The simplest is a monomer growing into bigger polymers. Another important factor in fats is the amount of hydrogen in them. The amount of hydrogen in a molecule of fat is measured by its saturation. If one starts to knock of hydrogen atoms from fats they become unsaturated. A saturated fat is solid at ordinary room temperatures and is more difficult to digest and not considered good for our body. However, all fats that are solid at ordinary temperatures are not bad for the body, the example is coconut oil which is considered good. What matters is the straight length of their molecules. Longer ones are not good for the body.

    Micronutrients: Micronutrients are mostly mineral salts. In the body, they exist as ions. They are sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, iodine manganese, magnesium, zinc, selenium. Molybdenum and chloride. All these are obtained if one eats a well-balanced diet on a regular basis.