• Top 5 mascaras of 2021

    Finding the right kind of mascara for your features is not an objectively easy task. The prime factors that influence our purchase are the mascara formula, wand shape, color, desired lashes (thick or long), and the actual condition of lashes. There are many options out there, and to make your mascara dig a little less taxing, we have shortlisted five best of the mascaras of 2021.

    Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer by Honest Beauty
    This two-in-one mascara can be the perfect one for someone who’s looking for a long-lasting feature in this beauty product. If you don’t like to carry the wand with you to a party, consider applying one coat of primer and two coats of mascara to get the desired results.

    Lash Paradise™ Washable Mascara by L’Oreal Paris
    This is a well-formulated mascara that gives long and thick lashes. It also lasts long, so you don’t need to worry about reapplying and carrying it along at a party. If you prefer thick lashes, try two coats to get the desired result. Also, this mascara is absolutely hassle-free when it comes to removing, and we love that about mascara because we hate any extra work after a long night.

    Lash Brag Volumizing Mascara by Anastasia Beverly Hills
    If you’re a fan of dramatic lashes, you won’t need many strokes with this Anastasia Beverly Hills mascara. The wand is shaped to give those perfectly fanned-out lashes and the formula eliminates the clumpy, flaky consistency that we all hate.

    Clinique High-Impact Curling Mascara
    We hate those flat lashes and have a hard time giving them shape without an eyelash curler. But that no longer will be the case with the Clinique high-impact curling mascara. This product boasts of a wand that not only gives our lashes a brilliant shape but makes the application much easier, courtesy of the curved wand.

    Lash Star Beauty Full Control Lash Sculpting Mascara
    This mascara has two wands, one for upper lashes and the other for shaping lower lashes. Once you use Lash Star Full Control, there’s no going back! We mean it! The two separate brushes make application easier and the skinnier wand reaches those inner lashes easily. It also helps separate the lashes well before one goes all out with layering the lashes. One stroke will give a more natural look, however for thick lashes, one may have to try multiple layers.

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  • How to choose the right college degree

    College degrees are tremendously imperative as they carve a path for your professional ambitions. However, with the vast variety of majors available, selecting the right kind of college degree can often be an overwhelming process. And, that’s okay! Because as a young individual you could have several inclinations at once. But since you have a limited time to dedicate, you should smartly weigh the pros and cons of all the considered options. Still a bit flustered? There is no need to be. Here are some tips which can help you make the most important decision of your academic life.

    Interest – While perusing through college degrees, you should focus on your interests rather than wondering about what your peers are doing. So be open to suggestions, but always objectively learn to separate your own goals from what others are expecting from you. This will help you envision a better and bigger picture.

    Flexibility – Choosing college degrees can be especially tough when one has multiple directions in their mind. If you identify with this situation, then shortlist a college which offers you with the convenience of switching majors. By the end of the first semester of the college, you will obviously get a clear idea of what you want to pursue.

    Potential – Don’t forget that a college degree is a gateway to your career. While your shortlist options, emphasize on one question, “what can this degree do for me professionally?” This is because you invest in a significant amount of capital in your education. And this becomes even more important if you have taken an education loan to fund your academics. Whether it’s an intellectual interest or a financial one, your college degree should deliver an anticipated outcome.

    Additional factors – Remember that your college degree is beyond its structured syllabus and grading system. So, there are some essential aspects to be considered while narrowing down the best college degrees. The faculty, culture, additional opportunities, core values, and beliefs, diversity, etc. also equally matter, as they can help make an educational experience richer and productive.

    Currently, the academic space is quite exciting as there are numerous courses an individual can explore. Universities too are becoming increasingly innovative with their program inclusions and teaching methods. Which is why you need not worry about stagnancy and restricted approach.

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  • Top Louis Vuitton handbag collection to adorn your closet

    There are women all over the globe who have the habit of collecting high-end handbags. If you are an avid lover of premium bags, then your list of must-have brands probably features Louis Vuitton somewhere at the top. If you have never worn any of the Louis Vuitton handbags then it is high time that you consider opting for one. Here are some of their more iconic collections.

    Neverfull Collection
    If you are in search for one of the best LouisVuitton handbags, then you should opt for the Neverfull collection. Many fashion industries are of opinion that there is a decline in the popularity of totes. However, the ones from Louis Vuitton remain in vogue with their timeless spirit. A periodic price rise and high demand amongst the class and the mass has ensures this collection’s longevity.

    The Neverfull range is an all-time favorite and is one of the most successful creations from the house of Louis Vuitton. Even stars like Cara Delevingne, Reese Witherspoon, Diane Kruger and Sofia Vergara have donned this collection.

    Speedy Collection
    If the Neverfull collection doesn’t suit your type, there are other ranges of Louis Vuitton handbags as well. The Speedy is an affordable piece in the world of premium handbags. Regardless of how old you are, Speedy handbags are versatile and functional for all. The crossbody strap and the mini-duffle shape is an ideal fit for any modern woman.

    Quite similar to the Neverfull collection of the Louis Vuitton handbags, the Speedy is favored in the monogrammed canvas. You can also choose between the epi leather or the Damier canvas. Try getting the limited edition with fanciful pop-art and artist’s collaborations.

    Noe Collection
    The inception of this collection is as incredible as the design of the bags. Back in 1932, a champagne crafter requested Louis Vuitton if he can create a bag sturdy enough to carry 5 bottles of bubbly. Noe was created with a classic bucket silhouette, adjustable strap. Most importantly, it came with a drawstring closure.

    The style created a new consumer base. So much so that it has given birth to the hipster chic bucket bag by other designer houses. With the Noe collection, you are hands-free. It is a practical and stylish bag, which appeals to the youth. You can choose between three different styles and designs including Damier canvas, Epi, and monogrammed canvas.

    You will be surprised to know the Louis Vuitton handbags retain as much as 85 percent of its original value. And in case you own something from the rare and limited edition, you can get double the original value.

    Regard the Louis Vuitton handbags as the perfect investment to offer high value if ever you want to sell your bags in the near future.

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  • Everything you need to know about epilepsy

    Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain that has consequences wherein a person suffers from seizures and periods of unusual behavior. It is particularly the disruption of the functioning of the nerve cell activity in the brain and can also lead to a loss of consciousness for long periods of time.

    The seizure particularly takes place when the nerve cells in the brain send out the wrong signal to the body, thereby leading the body to behave in an unusual manner. The effect or the manner in which symptoms reflect will vary from one person to another. While some people may become very nervous and fidget with their fingers, others may behave strangely during sudden periods.

    The cause of epilepsy remains unknown in most patients, however, some common factors may include – genetics that may run in the family. The genes will affect the type of seizure that the persons undergo, head injury during an accident and at any point in one’s life can trigger epilepsy. It is seen as one of the most common reasons, diseases that are infectious such as AIDS and meningitis may also lead to causing the disorder. Also, brain damage during birth can be a cause of epilepsy among children.

    Although epilepsy can affect people from any age groups, younger kids and senior citizens are at a higher risk of being attacked by this disease. People who heart disease too may be at a risk of a stroke can trigger a sudden damage in the brain and thereby lead to epilepsy. Moreover, the family history plays a key role. If an immediate or close relative suffers from epilepsy, chances are that you may be at the risk of developing epilepsy.

    It is important to see the doctor as soon as one is alarmed by a seizure. If you suffer from high fever followed by lack of consciousness, feel a sudden dizziness when involved in your daily activity, experience long periods of seizure, etc you have to seek medical help at the earliest. Parents should pay attention and carefully notice if there is any unusualness in the behavior of their kid.

    If you are diagnosed with epilepsy, you will be required to undergo several tests in other to confirm the disorder. Blood tests may be the be the first, followed by several other examinations to check brain activity.

    Once diagnosed, a patient will be treated with medication to bring the seizure under control. Although, most medicines have side-effects, taking a combination of medications can eventually result in a seizure-free life.

  • Top 5 foods to feed wild birds

    There is no better way to attract wild birds to your lawn than to offer something they would like to eat. The only problem is, many people don’t know what birds like. Although there are wild bird food supplies readily available in the market, you need not splurge on them. Many foods found in our kitchens are suitable for wild birds. However, remember that not all bird species prefer the same food. Below, we’ve listed foods that many wild birds commonly eat.

    Sunflower seeds
    Dozens of bird species enjoy feasting on sunflower seeds, and many people consider them the most popular foods among birds. There are multiple varieties of sunflower seeds. Among them, black oil and hulled sunflower seeds are birds’ favorite. That’s because black oil shells are thin and easy to crack open, and hulled seeds already have their shells removed. Another great thing about sunflower seeds is that they are inexpensive and easy to find.

    Nyjer seeds
    Commonly known as thistle, nyjer seeds are tiny, black seeds full of healthy oils and fats. These seeds are particularly liked by birds with small beaks, such as a goldfinch, purple finch, house finch, and chickadee. Since these seeds are imported from different parts of the world, they can be expensive. Also, keep in mind that wild birds prefer nyjer seeds fresh, so make sure you’re not offering spoiled ones. Some people also recommend buying a feeder that is designed to help birds eat tiny seeds.

    Nearly all homes have peanuts, so you don’t need to go looking for food supplies in the supermarket to feed wild birds. Peanuts are rich in fats and protein, and birds are constantly on the lookout for such nutrient-dense meals. So, crush or grate a bunch of peanuts, put them in the feeder, get ready to watch flocks of jays, titmice, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and chickadees in your lawn.

    Safflower seeds
    Safflower seeds are oil seeds that are slightly smaller than black oil sunflower seeds. They also have a tougher shell, so it’s not suitable for all birds. Some colorful species like finches, chickadees, and cardinals are obsessed with safflower seeds. Another reason you must consider putting these seeds in your feeder is that squirrels don’t find them attractive, so they likely won’t gobble them up, leaving everything for birds.

    Various species of wild birds, including some elusive ones, love fruits. If you’re particularly interested in attracting orioles, try laying sliced oranges around your house. You can even offer grapes and sliced apples and bananas at your feeder to draw many birds. Many people also feed dried fruits like raisin, as they’re easy to store in the house. Before offering raisins to birds, soften them by soaking in warm water for a while.

  • How to pick the right anti-aging product for you

    As your approach mid-forties, a realization of sorts sets in. You start noticing more changes in your skin hair and body and realize that you probably need to add something more to your beauty routine that a splash of coconut oil and the occasional oatmeal scrub. And while there’s no dearth of anti-aging products in the markets from the best anti wrinkle serums to the best moisturizing lotions and while you might be bombarded with these bottled potions in forms of moisturizer lotion samples and more, here’s what you need to remember before you go ahead and splurge on anti-ageing products.

    Understand your skin type: What has been your skin type through your twenties and thirties? Oily, combination, dry, sensitive, or normal skin? One shouldn’t always go by the myth that mature skin needs more moisture. While this might be true, you still need to invest in the kind of moisturizer your skin needs- it can be of creamy consistency, gel type that gets absorbed quickly, or a night time oil for more pampering and reverse any lasting damage.

    What are your main concerns: Do you have crow’s feet or is puffy under eyes your problem? Do you have dark spots or is the appearance or fine lines a problem? A consultation with the dermatologist won’t hurt. If the brighter skin is what you are after, then products with retinol are what you might want. If you want to treat fine lines, then go for natural moisturizing extracts like jojoba, avocado or shea butter.

    Body care: You need to pick the right kind of moisturizer for your body too. If you want to improve your skin’s texture, then it might be an oil you need or you might need the right cream for your cellulite problems.

    Hair care: The same goes for your hair. Today a variety of anti-ageing products are available for aging hair. Pick the right one depending on whether on not you are coloring it, or if you are facing hair thinning or you simply want your hair to be stronger.

    Your face and body ages with time. But with the right care, diet and exercise, you can look and feel young without a fuss. But remember, the key to aging, is to age gracefully and not end up looking like someone who is trying hard. The combination of right lifestyle changes and products should do it!

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