Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01. Once your boxes start arriving, you need to have just a few ingredients and tools on hand. Typically you need cooking oil, salt and pepper, and maybe eggs, as well as basic cooking tools (pots and pans, kitchen knives, a grater, and so on). Everything else is supplied.
  • 02. HelloFresh Family Box, Blue Apron Family Plan, Sun Basket Gluten Free ,Green Chef Gluten-Free and Plated.
  • 03. Sun Basket Vegetarian Plan, GreenChef Vegetarian Box, Terras Kitchen, Hello Fresh Veggie Box and Home Chef.
  • 04. There are many delivery apps that deliver only within the continental region of the country, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Hence, before you download any app, you might want to check if it is serviceable in your area. In case they do deliver, check for the promised delivery times to pick the fastest and most efficient one.
  • 05. Check for promo codes before you order that first box. There's a lot of competition right now in this category, and you can frequently find discounts—maybe even get an entire box.  If you're considering a meal delivery service for health reasons, you should also consider a fitness tracker and a fitness app or two, too. If you're looking to