• 4 Popular Living Room Furniture Stores in the Country

    You don’t need to move out of your house to get new living room furniture. With so many online furniture stores, you can save a lot of money and time. You just need to browse through the collection and buy the furniture you need.

    This gives you ample time to think about the product that you are looking for. Additionally, you will be given more freedom of choice and you will be able to make a decision wisely. Whether you know what you want or whether you are in an exploring mode, you are going to love the furniture that some of the stores offer.

    It won’t be right to say that there are only a small number of living room furniture stores that are worth your time. There are a lot of stores from which you can choose from. However, some of them have been popularized due to their fine quality of furniture items.

    The living room is one of the most important rooms in your house. Why not decorate it the way you want to? You don’t need to buy everything from one particular store. Mix and match to suit your style, until you make it perfect. Want to know about the best stores for your new living room furniture? Read on!

    Popular new living room furniture stores


    This furniture store is for anyone looking for furniture pieces that make a statement. There are thousands of options you can choose from. If you are a picky person then this is a fantastic option for you. There are all types of new living room furniture available at this store. From modular storage collection to sleeper sofas, you will find everything here. You can select from type, color, materials, and features.

    You will be able to redesign your space with the help of the ‘virtual makeover’ option that you can try online. This gives you the option of clicking photos of your living room and redesigning it virtually on your computer.

    If you want to redesign from scratch, then it is a great option for you You will be asked a series of questions with regards to your living room. After that, you can see how the living room space can be styled with furniture pieces.


    If you want unique pieces then check out this store. It has furniture from all around the world. Though some of the furniture might seem a little pricey, the products are really worth it. If you look at their modern designs and appeal, you won’t have second thoughts about buying them.

    Bold and beautiful furniture pieces are perfect for a home that wants to stand out. You can get antiques from all over the world and you can also choose according to sellers.

    In the ‘Interior’ section, you will find the ‘Living Room’ option. Here you will be able to choose from various design ideas and styles for your living room. These include preppy, transitional, eclectic, modern, rustic, and mid-century.

    There is a huge collection of furniture from 1stdibs. They have collections from wall decorations to tables, and from seating to lighting. You will find attractive pieces that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

    One Kings Lane

    One of the widest ranges of furniture can be found here. You will find a dedicated section for your new living room furniture. There are elegant furniture pieces for you to choose from, which can uplift the simplest of living room settings.

    The furniture items include media consoles, ottomans, accent chairs, settees, cabinets, bookcases, and sofas, among others. You will also find all types of amazing décor like throws, indoor accents, and storage furniture items. There is a separate section for vintage items. You can also find rugs, decorative accents, and lighting among others.


    If you want your furniture pieces to stand out then you should shop at this store. There are loads of vintage and handmade items available here. There is no dedicated ‘living room’ section here, but you will find lots of home decor furniture pieces. There are attractive lighting options, rugs, storage units, cushions and wall décor items available here. All the pieces are unique and vibrant.

    These furniture pieces will stand out from the rest and will beautify your living room like none other. There are lots of colors you can choose from, which makes it a great option for people who love colorful furniture.

  • Prime Aspects to Look out for While Buying Over-the-range Microwaves

    Over-the-range microwaves are generally installed over the cooktop, in the position of the range hood. Similar to the functions of a counter-top, the over-the-range microwaves have the potential to get rid of smoke and steam. Additionally, the cooking odors are eliminated as it comes with an efficient inbuilt ventilation system.

    Things to keep in mind while buying over-the-range microwaves
    If you have decided to buy over-the-range microwaves, then you should consider the following factors:

    • The inbuilt light can brighten the cooking surface, helping you see how the food is being prepared from the outside.
    • You need to look closely at the venting features. The external venting feature can eliminate any smoke.
    • The energy consumption matters and keeping it in mind, these heating and cooking machines come with a different range of wattage capacity. It is generally seen that they are over 800 watts.
    • 0.8 to over 2.0 cubic feet can be general sizes of over-the-range microwaves.
    • You can go with the over-the-range microwaves that have sensor cooks to get an easy option for reheating food. Additionally, the convection feature is a must for enhancing cooking skills.

    Best Products of All-Time
    Over-the-range microwaves have become the best friends of people because not only for the purpose of reheating, but it can help you with cooking too. If you are buying it for the first time, here are some popular products that you can glance through.

    Kenmore Elite 8073
    One of the popular over-the-range microwaves in the county, this offers the highest wattage. Therefore, cooking food in a jiffy is not a problem. The sensor cooking along with the preset feature helps it to stand out from other models. Additionally, there are eight presets that provide a super-easy way of cooking. Through the sensor cooking, the humidity is detected and even the heat can be adjusted according to its need.

    • Advantages: Not every over-the-range microwave comes with the both preset and humidity options. Additionally, the range hood can move 400 cubic feet air in sixty seconds. The convection feature lets you bake cakes and brownies in the easiest way possible.
    • Disadvantages: The cooktop light settings are not bright enough, and as per the size, it is not even that big. There are many microwaves that have better power levels than this. Moreover, the price may be little higher than other similar products.

    Samsung ME21F07MJT
    If you are looking for a microwave with large capacity, then this can be the ideal option for you. Cooking even four pounds of chicken is not a problem if you go with this microwave. The sensor cooking and easy reheating process of leftovers are other prime features of the product.

    • Advantages: This product is great for preparing a large family meal. Additionally, the long warranty period can reduce your stress levels. For enhancing the cooking experience, the wide range of controls and bottoms are great additions.
    • Disadvantages: This kitchen appliance does not have a convection mode which lets you bake. The lack of a delay-start option can be another drawback for users. Moreover, as the color is counted a big factor for consumer buying behavior, the only black option can de-motivate people from buying this product.

    Hence, it can be discerned that when you are buying an over-the-range microwave, there are certain factors that can motivate you. Cabinet or counter space is one of the prime features that everyone should pay special attention to get the best model. Apart from the sensor cooking, heating options, convection mode; look out whether is any dent or scratch on the model. Moreover, compare the online deals with the offline stores as this can let you get the best appliance at the lowest cost.

  • How to get the best credit card online

    A credit card must be used properly so that you don’t have to subsequently bear unnecessary debts. Monitoring your credit card usage will also help you smartly gain some benefits and rewards in the long run. But to enjoy these advantages you must choose the best credit card. If you are looking for a credit card online, consider the following factors to make the most viable choice for yourself.

    Personal spending habits
    Even before you choose a card online, the first question that you need to answer is how you want to use it. Can you pay off the full balance at the end of every month? Or do you intend to carry off the balance to the next month? It’s also important to think of whether you’ll use the card for all your purchases or just for emergencies.

    • If you’re sure that you can pay off the whole sum at the end of the month, then you don’t need to worry about interest. Search online for cards that have zero annual charges and an extended grace period. This prevents you from getting entangled in a financial mess.
    • If you intend to carry a balance, then compare different cards online and find a card that gives you the lowest possible rate of interest.
    • If you’re looking to use it as a go-to card for everything you want to buy, get a card that comes with a high credit limit and provides a lot of rewards.
    • If you want to go for a cards that you’ll only use in emergencies, then find one that has low interest rates and reduced fees.

    Choosing the best credit cards online
    When choosing online, you should ensure that the cards align with your spending goals and habits. With the wide array of online cards available, it can be difficult to choose the one that will suit you the best. Some of the best cards online include:

    • Chase Sapphire Preferred card
      With this card, you can gain double points while dining and traveling along with signup bonus. With this card, you will be able to access super-flexible Chase Ultimate Rewards program. You can easily apply for this card online. Chase Sapphire also offers 1:1 loyalty program to the leading hotel and airlines.
    • Chase Sapphire Freedom
      You can also go for the Chase Freedom cards online to reap the benefits of the rotating 5 percent cash back o. But the best decision would be to apply for both of these cards online in order to maximize your benefits. It will help you accumulate the Chase Ultimate Rewards Points much quicker.
      These two are considered as one of the best cards online, and are becoming increasingly popular with the consumers, mostly because of the interesting reward programs.

    If you have already earned points from other cards online, those can be easily added to the ones earned from these cards. Another important factor that contributed to their widespread popularity is that you can earn 20 percent more rewards when they are retrieved with these cards.

  • 5 things to help furnish your outdoor kitchen

    Outdoor kitchens are among the favorite things that a homebuyer would love to have. A house with perfect and comfortable outdoor kitchen is a great deal. But you must understand the difference between the types of materials and techniques first in order to crack a great deal. Here are some amenities and brands that are worth noticing. If an outdoor kitchen sale is going on, make a list first of “to ask questions” and then check the list properly so that no point is missed.

    Things to help furnish your outdoor kitchen
    It’s all about your choice and budget. The brand and appliance style are some points which determine the decision when you’re opting for buying appliances and kits from an outdoor kitchen sale. Henceforth, narrow down your choices first so that you can purchase good and effective appliances.

    • Grill islands, counters, and storage: When purchasing for these, it’s important to check the counter dimension as this must be at least 36 inches in height and 24 inches in terms of width. You can go for porcelain or stainless steel and cement surface, although tile and plastic are also options you can consider. The choice of choosing the material for your outdoor kitchen depends entirely on you.
    • The type of grill: You can choose from portable and fixed grills. Ensure to note the side burners, unit dimension, grillers, quality of the grates, etc. You can choose from grills with covers, gas, or electric grills, smoke vent hoods, etc. as this will ensure that you have made a purchase that would enhance your grilling experience.
    • Outdoor kitchen sinks: Outdoor kitchen appliances and corners must be made of something which cannot be destroyed with rust. Stainless steel is the best choice for the material for outdoor kitchen sinks in this regard.
    • Refrigerators and coolers: An outdoor kitchen refrigerator must have a UL-approved safety certificate. Check this while purchasing along with the material (metal or tempered glass), position of the freezer, and shelves. Check whether is it frost free or not. Energy efficiency is an important criterion to check in case of an outdoor kitchen refrigerator. If the kitchen has ice maker or wine cooler, the rate of that unit goes high in case of outdoor kitchen sale. Ensure to check the capacity of making ice in a day as well as the types of beverages it can make.
    • Decks and floor: Don’t get slippery surfaces as they are accident prone. Concrete tiles, bricks, or natural stones are good.

    You can look for these appliances and more for your outdoor kitchen when shopping at an outdoor kitchen sale.

  • 3 popular advantages of using Copper Chef cookware

    Copper Chef Cookware has been an integral part of every other kitchen that has been graced by the best chefs in the world. They prefer cooking their exquisite meals in Copper cookware over other utensils because of various reasons. They believe this does their cooked meals wonders and leaves a unique flavor lingering in the food that the customers recognize. Let us take a look at some of the advantages of the Copper chef as seen on TV and find out why the chefs all over the globe personally recommend them. Here’s why people prefer Copper Cookware.

    Superior heat conductivity: Heat conductivity is something that is a must when the professional chefs are cooking their meals. It is quite obvious that their recipes involve a lot of heat and a lot of frying in pans. It is, therefore, essential to have a superior copper coating on their cookware that helps absorb a lot of the heat and prevent it from over-cooking.

    Balanced weight: The coating of the copper on the cookware is extremely balanced, giving the perfect weight to that cookware that is used by the chefs. For example, a frying pan will have to undergo a lot of juggling and swaying of food in order to roast or deep fry a food item. Having a perfectly balanced pan in the form of copper cookware will enable the chef to move the frying pan to perfection and the outcome will be a delicious recipe.

    Beautiful shine: Copper chef as seen TV has that shining look on them that makes it a fascinating and a desirable cookware to look at. Professional chefs like to keep their utensils clean and shining throughout their time in the kitchen and nothing beats the glow of the copper cookware. The coating makes it more presentable and adds to the aesthetics of cooking.

    These are some of the reasons that make Copper chef as seen TV advantageous over all the other sort of cookware.

  • A Technical Overview of the GoPro Hero7 Black

    GoPro is one of the most popular companies when it comes to compact and portable camera technology. The mini cameras give most commercial grade cameras a run for their money by featuring stunning designs and sleek dimensions. The camera fits right into your pocket but packs everything you’ll ever need for capturing professional photos and videos.

    Here are a few points to consider and a technical overview of the latest in GoPro technology, the Hero7 Black.

    Points to consider

    • In comparison to DSLR and commercial grade cameras, GoPros are stunningly compact, portable, and very easy to handle.
    • GoPro cameras are waterproof and using a special casing for outer layer protection, you can even use the camera for deep sea shooting.
    • GoPros are made with durable materials, making it super tough to withstand drops and sudden jolts to the unit.
    • It is one of the most popular wearable devices that allows you to shoot on the go with different types of mounts available for your head, chest, wrist, helmet, and even your face.
    • Note that most GoPro devices have a fixed focal length and predetermined settings for image capturing and video recording.
    • This means you will not have the liberty of manipulating the aperture and shutter speed, which is all possible in a professional grade DSLR camera.
    • There is a learning curve involved in using GoPro cameras as the technology is different from what professional and amateur photographers mostly work with.

    Technical specifications

    Photo and video
    The Hero7 Black is capable of capturing 12 MP images. There are multiple options for time-lapse photo, continuous photo capture, SuperPhoto, RAW Photo Capture, and Exposure control to ensure quality images. The camera is capable of recording 4K resolution footage at different aspect ratios with a maximum video bitrate of 78 Mb/s and saves the footage in mp4 format. A 60 fps frame speed allows you to edit and publish videos in slow motion.

    Key recording features
    Although there is no provision for 360-degree spherical capture, the camera does feature HyperSmooth video stabilization to maximize the smoothness of the video capture. Other key features include voice control, wake on voice, auto offload content to your phone, time-lapse video, and an 8x slow-motion record feature, live streaming, and the time warp video feature.

    Advanced settings
    Hero7 Black is also the only GoPro that has Protune settings, allowing you to manually control color, white balance, and shutter speed with advanced image and video settings. A 3-mic processing system helps in wind noise reduction with support for stereo audio and a slot for 3.5 mm audio Mic. You can also outfit Karma drones with the Hero7 Black to shoot amazing footage with flawless quality.

    Underwater recording
    Hero7 Black has a removable battery and is waterproof for up to 33 ft (10 m) with support for touch screen. It is also Super Suit dive compatible to shoot videos over a depth 196 ft (60 m). Note that the quality of the recording and color settings will adjust depending on your dive depth and location.

    The Hero7 Black can be purchased from the official website for a price of approximately $399.99.

  • STIHL Chain Saws – A pioneer product

    Life in today’s world has been made increasingly easy and comfortable with the help of various tools and machines. Hand-held tools, for example, help in a lot of household chores and other activities like cleaning. Gardening is also one of the areas where hand-held tools come in very handy and effective. They help you save your skin from the occasional cuts and bruises and save much of the hard labor and time. STIHL is one of the few companies which have proved its merit in the manufacturing of precise gardening tools. From hedge trimmers and clearing saws, all types of gardening tools are available from STIHL; even mist blowers and sprayers. Now let us take a look at STIHL chain saws and their prices.

    STIHL chain saws- efficient and effective
    Many companies in today’s market produces good quality chainsaws. But STIHL has made its mark among them with its consistency in production quality and optimum design capabilities. Along with that, STIHL chain saws have high power and low weight, which is destined to put much less pressure on man and the environment.
    The STIHL chainsaw is available in a large variety of equipment versions, which can be used for different purposes. Power ratings ranging from 1.3kW to 6.4 kW are available. Thus, STIHL makes sure that products are available for all everyone, from amateurs to professionals. The chainsaws available may be petrol chainsaws, cordless power systems or even electrical chainsaws. Even chains, bars, and accessories for these products are separately available from STIHL. Advanced technology and safety features might be the primary reason for you to choose these compact chainsaws from STIHL. They are ideal for dealing with shrubs and small trees.

    STIHL chainsaw prices
    STIHL chainsaw prices vary from a meager $159.99 to about $1829.99. The prices vary due to design, technologies as well as the various sophisticated methods employed in making the chainsaws. The chainsaws have different weights and different engines to determine the power that needs to be generated for different gardening purposes. As expected, the professional chainsaws cost way more than the usual ones. Due to their superior qualities and reasonable prices, STIHL is popular not only in the United States, but also in the global market.

    Why should you opt for the STIHL chainsaw?
    STIHL is a very popular brand with superior quality gardening tools. It has an enormous international market and is very popular with its customers.
    STIHL has a wide range of products to meet your everyday needs. It has the perfect product that will be specific for just the job you need to be done.
    STIHL chain saws can be driven by different fuel sources – petrol, cordless power systems and electrical.
    A STIHL chainsaw is manufactured using advanced technologies and safety features to ensure your safe-keeping first.
    STIHL chainsaw prices vary according to their design sophistication and the type of chainsaw, that is, whether or not it is to be employed in professional uses.

  • Proteinuria – The process of protein in urine test

    Protein is present in the bloodstream of every individual. This protein is necessary for the healthy functioning of the body. It promotes the growth and aids in the building of muscles and bones while carrying out other important functions such as controlling the excess formation of fluid in the body. However, when the kidneys do not function well, the protein escapes the filters and enters into the urine. This condition is known as protein in urine or proteinuria.

    People who suffer from diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are at a greater risk of having protein in urine. However, an individual who has a family history of kidney disease too can be affected by the condition. A weak kidney system can trigger this problem too. If one notices indicators such as foamy urine and abdominal swelling, the doctor will suggest undergoing a protein in urine test. In some cases, a patient may also be asked to undergo a protein in urine test in case of abnormal kidney functioning or urinary tract infection (UTI).

    A protein in urine test measures the amount of protein in the urine. During the urine test, a doctor may examine a one-time sample or a sample that is collected over a duration of 24 hours.
    A one-time sample test can be undergone at home or at the doctor’s clinic. During this kind of test, you will be asked to collect a sample of your urine in a container that will be provided. Do ensure that you do not touch the inside of the container or the test sample can get contaminated.
    A 24-hour protein in urine test is carried out after the one-time sample test detects the presence of protein in the urine. Urine must be collected in a collection container over a period of 24 hours. This activity can be performed at home post which the sample has to be returned to the clinic for testing.

    Preparation of a protein in urine test
    Before taking a test, the doctor must be informed of the of medications being taken or medical conditions that one suffers from. Some medications that you take can have an effect on the protein levels in urine, thus, the doctor may ask you to pause consumption a few days before the test. Also, urine tests require one to be well hydrated. A dehydrated body produces urine that may give out inaccurate results.

    It is a good idea to undergo the protein in your urine test in at least two different labs as this will give you absolutely accurate results for you to be sure.

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    Free Express Shipping! Contemporary Research 232-ATSC 4K HDTV Tuner Analog/Digital ATSC, NTSC, QAM Support, MPEG2/H.264 Tuning up to 1080p60, IPTV Streaming Output via Ethernet Port, HDMI (4K), Component, Composite, VGA Out, Simultaneous HDMI, SPDIF,...
  • Apple TV 4K (128GB, 2022) MN893LL/A
    Free Express Shipping! Apple TV 4K (128GB, 2022) Stream TV/Movies over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, View Apple TV+, Netflix, Live TV & More, Powered by the A15 Bionic Chip, Works with Thread Mesh Networks, 128GB of Built-In Storage, Access Apple Fitness+, Arcade...

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  • Essential Vitamin D Supplements You Need to Know

    Vitamin D is one of the most important Vitamins in the human body which can have adverse side effects if your body lacks the required level. Lack of vitamin D or vitamin D deficiency can cause severe health conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, bronchitis, depression and many such life-threatening diseases. The main source of vitamin D is sunlight which means that your body needs to be exposed to sunshine for at least 20-30 mins every day for it to absorb vitamin D into the body’s fats. However, for people working in regular 9 to 5 desk jobs where they are always in air-conditioned cabins, receiving adequate sunlight every day might be easier said than done. People who live in colder countries where summer is only a two-week long season and winters are harsh, getting adequate sunlight is a huge issue. This is why people in these areas develop skin, joints, bone and breathing problems in the longer run.

    To avoid all of this, it is important to take the best vitamin D supplements which are easily available online, at drugstores and every a few leading grocery stores. But how do you pick the best vitamin D supplements for your body? Here’s a list of the best brands that you choose from for your vitamin D supplements.

    NatureWise is a leading manufacturer and seller of vitamins, proteins and calcium supplements and one of their most widely sold product is the vitamin D3 supplement. With the goodness of certified organic olive oil, the NatureWise vitamin D3 supplements are the perfect solution to your vitamin D deficiency. Each tablet has the exact amount of daily dosage needed by full-grown adults which is 5000 IU. These are soft gelatin gel tablets which can be easily taken once daily for strengthening your bones, teeth, immunity as well as your muscles. The best part about these soft gel tablets is that they are non-GMO and gluten-free which easily makes them the best vitamin D supplements.

    vitafusion™ Extra Strength gummies
    vitafusion™ is one of the very few brands that creates fun chewable vitamins for adults. The vitafusion™ Extra Strength gummies with vitamin D3 are some of the tastiest chewable vitamins that you can ever have! These are prepared without gelatin and high fructose corn syrup and completely enriched with natural strawberry flavors. They have a total of 3000 UI of vitamin D which is lower than the everyday intake needed for a full grown adult but this is completely normal if you get a minimum daily dose of sunlight on your way to work and back.

    NOW® is another famous brand that is a common household name for vitamins and one of the most sold supplements are their vitamin D3 supplements. These are of potency 2000 IU which is quite low however, it is the perfect dose for people living in areas where you get good sunshine through the day albeit for a few hours. These are soft gel tablets which are enhanced to support good dental health, the bone structure as well as muscle growth. NOW® Vitamin D3 tablets can be easily found online on websites like Amazon or in grocery stores and drugstores across the world. These are some of the best vitamin D supplements that you can invest in to get your hands on them today!

    Nature Made®
    Nature Made® is a very popular supplement brand widely recommended by pharmacies and doctors. Not only are the Nature Made® products easily available online and at medical stores but they are also budget friendly. In a value pack, you get 250 soft gel tablets for a very affordable price! These tablets have a 2000 UI potency which is perfect for you if you live in an area that receives decent amounts of sunlight. These tablets are specifically formulated to strengthen the immune system while working on strengthening the bones and teeth.

  • 5 enterprise password management software you should know about

    We at an individual level feel that our personal data should be secure under a password cover. However, the scenario at an enterprise level is just not the same. If in an enterprise, an IT personnel loses his or her access to the user ID, he/she will need to be assisted by a team password manager or a central point of collection called the centralized dashboard that looks into the user’s aggregate data and his or her online activities.

    Administrators may also be in a position to manage the data files of various formats for the accounts shared and also to set or decline permissions. For easing the enterprise from such additional difficulties, the enterprise management software takes charge. The enterprise password management software assists in separating personal, shared details, and single-use accounts. Most of these software solutions come with visualization tools that make it possible to monitor the behavior and security practices of the employees. This helps to improve the business’s password practices.

    Here is a list of effective enterprise password management software solutions that offer good password management tools for the company.

    • LastPass Enterprise
      It is one of the most reputed enterprise level software. The software allows the user to generate and store many logins in the master vault. The access to this vault is limited by multi or two-factor authentications. Users can access the master vault through any device from the website of the developer. The premium edition of this enterprise password management software solution provides cloud protection for all different types of files. This enterprise password management software also makes use of a database of phishing websites. The master vault further extends its protection cover by offering text notes.
    • Dashlane
      This is also another enterprise password management software solution that provides services which are pretty much similar to those offered by LastPass. Among the good features is the bulk password changer that allows the user to immediately change a lot of data in case of a breach.
    • Keeper Security
      This is another business level password management software that offers a highly secure vault that can store all the types of files in it securely. Keeper Security has various versions for iOS, iPad, Mac, Android, Blackberry, Kindle Linux, and Windows.
    • Centrify
      This software offers features such as password capture, autofill, and password generation and has proved to be the most effective solution for monitoring and capturing information across accounts as well.
    • CommonKey
      This is an affordable enterprise password management software solution for the small size businesses that focus on password protection. CommonKey operates on a Chrome extension due to which it is only useful while using websites and other services.
  • 4 healthy and quick breakfast recipes

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Period.

    This crucial meal provides the body with the energy it needs after fasting for an entire night. Hence the name, breaking the fast. Without breakfast, a person working on empty stomach is human equivalent of trying to start a car without petrol.

    Why you need a quick and easy breakfast?
    That being said, breakfast is also one the most difficult meals of the the day.

    With an urgency to get to work or school, making breakfast can seem like a pain in the neck. As a result, most people choose to miss breakfast or indulge in quick takeaway from some not-so-healthy food chains. Both of these choices are unhealthy, and can cause you a number of health issues in the long run.

    Here are 4 breakfast recipes, which are both healthy and quick. These options will save you plenty of time, and give you the kick start you need for an energized day.

    Apple and cheddar tartine


    1/2 small baguette (cut vertically and horizontally)
    2 tablespoons apple butter
    1/2 apple (remotely cut)
    2 ounces cheddar, cut

    Warm the broiler, broil the baguette until it is faintly toasted (around 1-2 minutes).
    Cover the baguette with apple butter, sliced apple and cheddar evenly.
    Broil further for 2-3 minutes, until the cheddar melts.

    Oatmeal with apricot and raisins


    1 cup oats
    1/4 cup low-fat milk
    2 tablespoons golden raisins
    2 tablespoons chopped dried apricots
    2 tablespoons chopped roasted almonds
    1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

    Soak oats in warm milk in a bowl.
    Garnish oats with raisins, apricots, almonds and nutmeg.

    Mushroom and egg white omelet


    2 tablespoons olive oil
    2 sliced mushrooms
    2 sliced scallions
    4 egg whites
    1/4 cup shredded cheddar
    Salt according to taste
    Black pepper

    Heat half the oil in a nonstick skillet in medium medium heat.
    Add the mushrooms and scallions and cook until they are tender, around 2-3 minutes. Stir so they don’t burn.
    When cooked, remove the mushrooms and scallions from the skillet.
    Beat the eggs with salt and pepper in a bowl.
    Put the skillet on medium heat again. heat the remaining half of the oil. When the oil is heated, cook the eggs for 1-2 minutes, until they are set.
    cover the cooked egg whites with the previously cooked mushrooms and scallions. Add the shredded cheddar as well.
    Fold the eggs over the filling.

    Yogurt with grapes and granola

    1 cup yogurt
    1/4 cup red and green seedless grapes
    1/4 cup granola

    Place the yogurt in the bowl.
    Top it up with the grapes and granola.
    A quick and easy breakfast is just what the doctor ordered to beat the tiredness you get from skipping this crucial meal.