• 5 things to remember while picking the best contract phone

    Once you buy your favorite smartphone, the next step is to find the perfect carrier that fits your budget and has some exciting plans and unlimited data. A whole lot of service carriers are offering smartphones on a contract basis. A contract phone means you are committed to the carrier and you cannot move out till your contract expires.

    With contract phones, you pay a one-time, monthly fee while the contract is on. Hence, be sure to select one of the best phone contracts. Though the contract phone system has been washed out, there are certain pointers to consider before you pick a phone contract.

    • Hidden charges: Often advertisers try to put “too good to be true” messages that sound so nice to hear. But much more than the advertising, there are hidden charges somewhere.
    • Customer service: Users with contract do get a good customer service as compared to the ones who are not on contract. Carriers want the customer to be happy so that they renew their contract again.
    • Family plans: Some carriers do have contract plans for families that are cheaper than prepaid or no-contract phones.
    • Options: While having a contract can be good, but it is always better to weigh your options. Ensure that the amount you are paying justifies your purpose of getting into the contract in the first place. Suppose, you are paying USD 200 for a contract and you don’t get proper coverage, then there’s no point in getting into the contract.
    • Cancellation fees: Carriers charge hefty amount as cancellation fees and moreover, if you travel a lot, then contract phones may not be a good idea as you cannot carry your phone overseas with you due to limited network and coverage.

    There is no such thing as the best phone contract, as one plan does not fit all. When you get into a contract with your carrier, you are committed to that carrier for at least 12 to 24 months. One sure shot way to get the best phone contract is by experimenting with different networks and see which network gives you better coverage and value for money.

  • What to know about the latest iPhone XS Max

    Since its unveiling in September 2018, iPhone XS Max has been a hot topic in the tech community. Primarily, its generous screen size and steep pricing have grabbed a lot of eyeballs. However, apart from these obvious factors, there’s a lot more to this latest flagship model. Continue reading to explore the best features of the iPhone XS Max.

    An intelligent dual camera powered by the A12 processor
    Apple’s A12 Bionic processor in iPhone XS Max elevates the benchmark set by its past iterations such as iPhone XS and others, especially when it comes to camera performance. Equipped with a 12 MP dual-lens system (wide-angle and telephoto lens), the A12 Bionic Chip’s superfast sensors arrest an amazing detail. Moreover, the bokeh and depth control, new additions to the camera’s software, enable users to make alterations after capturing the photographs. The camera also shoots high-quality videos in environments with poor lighting.

    A vivid OLED display
    The gaming, streaming, and photography experience on iPhone XS Max is elevated because of its Super Retina OLED display. Coming with a 2688 x 1242 (458ppi) resolution, the iPhone XS Max delivers wonderful color accuracy on its mammoth 6.5-inch screen. Furthermore, the A12 Bionic processor utilizes 50% less battery than its predecessor due to the A11 Bionic chip, automatically making it a suitable pick for users who fancy streaming movies and TV shows on platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

    Longer battery life
    Apart from the big screen, iPhone XS Max comes with the biggest battery Apple has ever manufactured. The smartphone giant claims that this newest iteration can deliver 1.5 hours of more running time than iPhone X.

    iPhone XS Max pricing details
    Listed below are the prices of different iterations of iPhone XS Max:

    • iPhone XS Max 64GB: $1,099
    • iPhone XS Max 256GB: $1,249
    • iPhone XS Max 512GB: $1,449

    These models are available in 3 standard colors, i.e., gold, silver, and space gray. When it comes to carriers, they are compatible with all the major wireless networks, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. If users wish, they can also purchase an unlocked variant at the same prices.

    iPhone XS’s base model, on the other hand, starts with the base price of $999. The iPhone XS has all the same features as iPhone XS Max, and the only major difference is its screen size (5.8-inch display) and battery.

  • Selecting the best top up plan for prepaid phones

    Cell phones can be used for various purposes. The user might be a professional or a business person that needs to talk for long durations on cell phones with the clients or colleagues. Someone would be interested in chit-chatting with friends for a long time. Some people use the Internet connections much frequently for browsing, chatting or may be for online work. Therefore, it is crucial to decide on the best prepaid phone plans that would typically suit the requirement of any particular user.

    On many instances, our friends and even nearby retail outlets may not know the best prepaid cell phone service providers that offer top up plans for prepaid cell phones. Some online portals that offer instant prepaid recharge may not display all the available prepaid plans, and thus there is a possibility to lose the best-suited plan due to lack of knowledge.

    We need to properly estimate our usage of services in a typical period say one month. From our previous use and future requirement, we can decide on actual talk time we utilize every month. Similarly, we can estimate our data usage as well.

    There are many options to top-up prepaid cell phones. We can choose a full talk time recharge that would allow us to cost effectively manage our calls. We need to check for the validity of the particular full talk time top-up. Some top-ups have a limited validity, and if we don’t use those minutes in stipulated time phase, we may lose the remaining talk time. However, there might be full talk time top-ups that have unlimited validity.

    We need to wisely select the data plans as well according to our actual usage in a typical period. Best prepaid cell phones would allow us to get combo packs or top-ups that allow sufficient amount of talk time and data usage as well in the same top-up amount. This can be an optimum choice for prepaid top-up as we can get the privilege of making calls and using speedy internet connection through a single plan. Therefore it would be advisable to go for a suitable combo pack of data and talk time for increased cost efficiency.

  • Getting a look at comparison of best phone plans

    An insight to various cell phone plans prevailing in the market and a summary of Cell Phone Plan Comparison depending upon the usage amongst different age groups.

    Demographic comparison:
    Cell phone plans for kids and teens
    – ‘Family plans’ are recommended for kids and teens which facilitate parents to monitor and control the cell phone usage of their kids.
    Suppose the carrier is Sprint. It can have a plan name ‘Unlimited Plan – Free for one year if you switch.’ It offers unlimited national talk time, data and text and is recommended for people who need unlimited usage. It costs about $ 51.96 on an upfront basis.

    A carrier like AT&T offers monthly plans named AT&T $30 Monthly Plan with unlimited nationwide talk and text along with 1Giga Byte full speed data. It is a prepaid plan costing about $30 and $0.99 upfront.

    Cell phone plans for Senior citizens– Typical pocket-friendly ‘pay-as-you-go plans’ are designed for seniors with lesser talk minutes and text as compared to other standard plans. Cell phone carrier Republic Wireless offers the Republic Wireless Small that offers 1Giga Byte data with unlimited text and minutes and suits tech savvy people at the cost of $ 20 per month.

    Carrier T mobile offer the T – Mobile Basic Monthly plan that offers 100 minutes and 5GB high-speed data and unlimited texts. It is considered one of the best data plans with lesser minutes at the rate of $ 30 per month.

    Cell phone plans for business – Unlimited plans for large business groups.
    Verizon offers a flexible Business Plans with unlimited data, text, and talk, which can be connected to an unlimited number of devices at the rate $ 105 per month for 10 Giga Bytes.

    AT &Toffers the AT&T unlimited Plus for the business that offers unlimited talk and text options along with 10Giga Bytehigh-speed tethering and High Definition video streaming that is recommended for additional lines and devices that can be connected to additional charges at the cost of $ 40 per month per line.

    Compare the various Cell Phone plans mentioned above and select the best plan suitable to your requirements.

  • 4 of the Best Cell Phones Costing under $300

    Not many of us need or can afford the expensive Apple phones or its constant rival Samsung. To join the elite fray, big names such as Google, LG, Sony, and many others are always coming up with better phones.

    In midst of all this commotion are the common folk. Customers who just want to have a phone that will get them through the day without compromising on certain aspects. For these customers, we have listed out the best cell phones that you can get within $300. Let’s start out without further ado.

    Moto G Series

    G5S Plus: This is the best phone within this price range. With a beautiful metal design, the phone has a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and has 4GB RAM to back it up. It comes with a dual camera of 13MP rear-end camera and dual flash. The front-end has an 8 MP camera. With 64GB internal space expandable up to 128GB, you would not have to worry about running out of space. It has a fingerprint reader for security. The battery life is fantastic and it has a 3000mAH Lithium-ion battery with turbocharging. This phone is good for gaming and multitasking. With all this, it is among the best cell phones available under $300.

    G5 Plus: The other variant in the Moto G series is the Moto G5 Plus. The G5 Plus has almost the same features as G5S Plus but falls short in the size, camera, RAM, and storage. It is a 5.2-inch phone with 16GB storage and 3GB ram. You can also find the 4GB RAM variant of this phone with a slightly higher price. The camera has 12MP in the rear-end and 5MP in the front-end.

    Both the phones are splashproof and have Corning Gorilla Glass V3. The price is perfect for both the phones. With all this, they are the best cell phones right now under the $300 margin.

    Honor 7X 64 GB

    Honor has released some great models over the years in this price range. The only other phone that can add up to the features of the G5S and G5 Plus is the Honor 7X. With a metal body design, it beats the Moto phones in camera with a 16MP rear end camera and 8MP front camera. It has a better battery of 3340mAh. It does not have a turbo-charging option though, increasing your battery charge time. The processor is not as powerful as the Moto G Series, with HiSilicon Kirin 659, but it does have a 4GB RAM to support it. The storage space is 64GB and it is expandable. It does not have any kind of waterproof protection. The price is almost the same as the G5S plus. On the whole, this phone deserves the third place in the best cell phones category under $300.

    Samsung Galaxy J7

    Samsung is a big name as we mentioned before and it has good devices in all price ranges. In this price range, Samsung has their Galaxy J7. It can only compete with the G5S plus but it cannot surpass it. Let us tell you why. It does not have a metal finish and the processor is not as powerful as the G5S plus. It has an Exynos 7 Octa 7870 processor and it has a 3GB RAM to support it. It does come with a fingerprint scanner, 64GB storage expandable to 256GB and a powerful battery of 3600mAh. The camera is good with a 13MP back camera but does not have dual pixel autofocus like the G5S plus. However, it does have a powerful front camera at 13MP. It is not waterproof. Though it has fewer features than the Moto G Series, it is more expensive than them just because of the brand name. With all these pros and cons to the device, we place it at number 4 on the best cell phones available under $300.

    These are some of the best cell phones that you can buy without spending a lot of money and that do not compromise on your working ability. There are many electronics sales that happen. Check for good offers before buying a cell phone.

  • All you need to know about cell phone batteries

    Whether you are talking to your long lost friend or a special someone or if you are an expert talebearer then ensure that you keep the call precise. Talking for long hours on the phone leads to exuberant usage of the cell phone battery. This also cuts down on the battery life. It is a general human tendency to keep the call going till the battery dies down. Make sure you excuse on your talk and save on some energy before the next charge.

    Keep a tab
    We are witness to cases of battery explosions, and one of the reasons behind these explosions is that we fail to keep an eye on the initial signs of an overused battery. Cell phone batteries have a certain battery utilization life beyond which it needs to be discarded or changed. If you see that your cell phone battery is giving you a tough time, then go to your nearest service center and get it checked. If you witness regular fluctuations in your battery charging, there might be a possibility that the battery has swollen up. In such situations make you change the battery as early as possible.

    Consider the cell phone batteries
    If you are a person who loves multitasking, then this information is of utmost help to you. While juggling between watching your favorite show and sending a crucial presentation to your boss, make sure that you don’t heat up your phone. Prolonged usage of cell phone heats up the battery thereby cutting down on its lifespan.

    Avoid keeping your cell phone under direct sunlight or in places with excess heat. If your battery is heating up while getting charged, switch off the charge and keep the phone switched off for it to cool down. In addition to this, avoid plugging into defective connections as that too will hamper the life of the battery. If you keep your battery in check and follow the caretaking instructions, then your battery would be your forever partner. So get off the hook and check for the signs.

  • Here are a few things to know about the best mobile networks

    The mobile network is the biggest issue buyers face while using cell phones, as some carriers have good plans but poor network coverage. The best way to choose any network is to look for an area where that particular network has good coverage.

    Which is the best network?
    One of the popular networks is Verizon. Verizon tops the list with its coverage and flexible plans for different user needs. It even offers an unlimited 10GB mobile hotspot data and HD quality streaming.

    The best mobile network is usually decided by its uploading and downloading speeds, network reliability, coverage quality, and call quality.

    If you are not sure about the network you selected, then go along with a prepaid plan to check its effectiveness. Some phone services do offer corporate, federal, and student discounts. However, veterans and military members of the armed forces also get discounts.

    Shop for networks
    When looking for a best mobile network, do some research too. Some competitors in a bid to get more users, offer freebies and even extend their offer to some credit dollars when you use less data in a month along with other freebies like movie tickets, or a dinner voucher. For example, T-Mobile has a rewards program which gives freebies every Tuesday called T-Mobile Tuesdays. It even gives data rollover credit which is a very attractive offer.

    Then some phone services offer budget plans for those who do not need unlimited data. This is similar to Metro PCS spinoff MVNO, which offers a prepaid option so that you can pay as you go.

    Some carriers offer phones as well along with their plans. So prices and plans may be different from their competitors. Today any plan can be in a range of USD 50 to USD 70. If you are purchasing any phone from a carrier, then you may get their plans at a discounted rate.

    Be wary of services that offer free unlimited data, of course; the data is unlimited till you have maxed your limits and then it is throttled till the end of the billing cycle. So unlimited does not mean ‘unlimited’ in the literal sense.

    Some carriers that claim to have the best mobile network also charge for connecting smart watches, tablets, or hotspots to your existing device.

  • History of landline phone services

    Landline phones have come a long way from the days of electrical telegraphs to electromagnetic telegraphs to a phone available in every home. In the year 1804, Catalan polymath and scientist Francisco Salvá Campillo took the simple electrical telegraph to the next level by creating its electrochemical substitute in the form of the basic electromagnetic telegraph. This was followed by a more sophisticated electromagnetic telegraph created by Baron Schilling. Carl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Weber soon followed suit.

    The first home phone came about in the year 1876 at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, when Alexander Graham Bell presented the telephone to the world. It was then a point to point system that was changed to a system that could call greater distances through the use of exchanges.

    The growing popularity of the home phone service came about after the 1930s when telephone lines were neatly connected between smaller towns and Metropolitans. The rotary dial up system was changed to the touch tone signaling system by the 1960s.

    The modern home phone features include a call display to display who is calling every time there is a phone call. Automatic with hold is another feature, where calls can be placed on hold indefinitely. The automatic anonymous caller rejecter helps turn on the feature where anonymous calls can be rejected automatically. Another advantage is the free calls to customer service departments that are available in a lot of numbers that otherwise require a premium to be paid when called from a mobile. Some add on features like three way calling, ring back, and call diversion is other facilities available.

    The future of the home phone service is reflected in smartphones, mobile broadband networks, Voice-Over-IP services, and tablets. The landline is still a favorite mode of communication in many nations. Some of the benefits offered by traditional landlines include saving money on calls to other landlines, options for free anytime calls, bundling international calls with line rental and other features that can help reduce the payment for additional mobile phone services. The future of home phone services seems compelling due to the advent of all these benefits.

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  • Top electric cars in the US

    Like your mobile phone or hair dryer, cars powered by electricity?! Sounds like a fantasy possible only in futuristic movies? Believe it or not, this is not only a looming phenomenon in the 21st century, but the choices of electric cars in the market are wider now than even a couple of years ago. In a range of sizes and prices, many car brands are jumping into the fray.

    Energized by rechargeable batteries using common household electricity, these cars provide a slick, silent ride. Definitely more efficient than its gasoline-powered counterparts, electric vehicles, although involves a high initial investment, are not so expensive in the long run, considering its advantages. With meager maintenance costs, some also come with an optional backup range-extending engine.

    The all-electric BMWi3 is powered by performance, design, innovation, and efficiency. Launching from 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds, it is one of the fastest BMWs. Also, the materials used in the manufacture of this model are not just beautiful, but sustainable too.

    Fun to drive, the award-winning Chevrolet Bolt EV has a battery that powers 200 hp and delivers 96 MPGe. This rides well with great acceleration that launches the car to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds.

    The charming Fiat 500e has a delightful exterior and interiors that are brimming with well thought out features like the power sunroof, GPS Navigation System, visual LED illuminated indicators to show the current charge level during charging, amongst others.

    Very similar to its gasoline-powered sibling, the Ford Focus Electric that estimates a range of 100 MPGe in the latest model, has a 143 hp electric motor that drives the front wheels and a cabin packed with amenities.

    Currently available only to California residents, the Hyundai Ioniq Electric with a 124 mile range on 118 hp, has, apart from the regular features, a Proximity Key that enables power folding side mirrors to swing out to attention, illuminate the pavement below the door and even slides the driver seat backwards to accommodate your entry.

    With an incredible seven-year warranty, the Kia Soul EV boasts a large 8 center touch screen with satellite navigation, reverse camera and USB and Bluetooth connectivity. Also fitted is a Japanese-standard Chademo fast-charging socket, which delivers 80 percent charge in a little over half an hour.

    A classy 5 door design and spacious cargo area distinguish the Mercedes B-Class Electric from the rest. It possesses a premium cabin with multifunctional, electromechanical power steering, multi-color ambient cabin lighting, dual-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstered powered front seats and a truckload of other favorable features!

    Getting up to a 107-mile range, the Nissan LEAF is equipped with 9 range-maximizing features that help it go farther with every charge. The NissanConnect feature helps find public charging stations.

    Boasting up to 337 miles of range, the Tesla Model S is the all electric dream car that blasts off to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds flat. An air filter that can possibly protect occupants from bioweapons and pollutants is new indeed.

    Lessen pollution. Charge your electric car with a hydro/solar/wind-powered renewable source now. This is a new ride. Start a clean revolution.

  • Top 3 conditions that affect eye health

    Many people face eye health issues at some point in their life. While some of these issues are minor and tend to resolve on their own or with basic treatment, others are severe and require a specialist’s care. There are multiple reasons for poor eye health, which might lead to partial or total blindness. In this article, we have listed the three most commonly diagnosed eye conditions, along with their symptoms and risk factors.

    Glaucoma is the second biggest cause of permanent blindness among people in the country. The aqueous humor is a watery fluid found in the eye’s anterior chamber where the camera, iris, lens, and pupil are located. This fluid is vital to the functioning of the eyes, as it maintains the requisite pressure called the Intraocular Pressure (IOP) and provides nutrients to help maintain the shape of the eye. An increase in this pressure leads to glaucoma.

    In most cases, glaucoma is asymptomatic and progresses gradually, but the symptoms may appear gradually in some cases. Here are the common signs of this eye condition:

    • Nausea
    • Blurry vision
    • Severe eye pain, along with nausea and vomiting
    • Redness of the eye
    • Headache
    • Tenderness in the surrounding area
    • Viewing halos around lights

    Risk factors

    • Ethnicity
      African-Americans face a higher risk of this condition that affects eye health.
    • Family history
      People whose siblings or parents had glaucoma are at a greater risk of developing it.
    • Age
      The risk elevates with age, especially after 60 years, but African-Americans face a greater risk after 40 years of age.
    • Vision problems
      People with short-sightedness or myopia are at a higher risk of glaucoma.
    • Medical conditions
      Diabetes increases the risk of developing glaucoma twofold.

    Cataract refers to the appearance of cloudy patches in the lens of the eye. With the progression of the disease, the patch grows and results in blurry or misty vision. It can also aggravate and lead to blindness.

    Some signs of cataract are:

    • Misty or blurry vision
    • Faded appearance of colors
    • Lights appear too bright or glaring
    • An inability to see in low light

    Risk factors

    • Age
      Although this eye health condition is majorly diagnosed in older adults, babies or young children might also develop it.
    • Family history
      People whose siblings or parents had cataracts are at a greater risk of developing the disease.
    • Substance abuse
      Excessive drinking, substance abuse, or steroid use increase the risk of cataracts.
    • Medical conditions
      Diabetes increases the risk of developing this eye health issue.

    Diabetic retinopathy
    One of the key complications of diabetes is diabetic retinopathy. Sometimes, diabetes mellitus can damage the retina, and undiagnosed or untreated diabetes can also lead to blindness.

    Diabetic retinopathy is asymptomatic in most cases and can be detected only via routine eye tests.

    Risk factors

    • Diabetes
      People with high blood sugar levels and type 1 or type 2 diabetes are at a higher risk of developing diabetic retinopathy.
    • Ethnicity
      African-American, Native American, and Hispanics are at a higher risk.
    • Pregnant women
      Pregnancy increases the risk of this condition among women.
    • High cholesterol or blood pressure levels
      People with high blood cholesterol or blood pressure levels are highly susceptible to developing diabetic retinopathy.
  • Buying an Iphone? Read more to know the things to look

    Apple is the leading brand, which always provides the latest technology to their customers. The apple products are known for the amazing quality and latest use of technology. When it comes to the popularity of this company, the apple iPhones are the best example of it. The apple iphone comes along with great features, which always amaze people and make them crazy.

    When it comes to buying an iphone, people always ready to buy the latest model of iphone. As we all know that iphone is a big investment of money. These phones never come at a cheap price. But, after launching the new model of iphone series the price of old model drops and people get an advantage of a price drop. But, the new iphone price remains same for a long time. The high price of iphone put people in confusion and plays a role of a barrier.

    Apart from the high rate, the crazy of iphone always high in all age people and the company breaking records by selling more and more products. If you are the one who is strongly willing to buy a new iphone, then you need to look few things. Yes, buying an iphone is the most exciting event in the life of every person. But, you should consider few things for enjoying a new iphone without any issue.

    So, do you know what you need to look before buying an iphone model?. In this article, we are going to discuss all the considerations that you have to look. So, read more to know.

    The popularity and demand of the new iphone always remain high in the people. So, the first thing, which you have to look, is availability. Yes, you will find iphone model at many stores. But, it is not sure that a store has stock at all the time. In the starting month, the sales of new iphone stay at the top and it is the most demanding time. People like to get the latest model as soon as possible. It may be possible that you can’t get the stock of iphone in the stores at all the time. So, always check the availability of iphone at a store. If you want to buy the latest model after the launching, then do contact with a store to know when the stock will come. It will help you to get an idea of availability and you can make your purchasing easy.

    Apart from this, most of the time, the latest model of iphone can’t reach soon at stores. In this case, you have to look the online websites as well. Yes, the online portals are one of the best options, where you can get the latest iphone at the surprising price. The online stores didn’t add so many taxes including a store and directly purchase the model by manufacturing contractor. That is why a store provides the new iphone at a lower price as compared to the retailers.

    It is better that you always do good research before buying an iphone. It will help you to get the latest model at a discount price and you can keep your savings in your pocket. So, take the decision wisely and always go with the reliable service provider. After all, you are going to spend money. And, it is better that you spend your money at the place and get the best model without any complaints. Just keep these two things in your mind while planning for an iphone. Both will help you to have an iphone with a hassle-free way.