• How to choose a phone system for your business

    For small businesses, it is crucial to identify the right phone system to implement in your offices. There are umpteen manufacturers and service providers in the telephone and Internet bundles for a small business to choose from. A small business phone and Internet bundle is a service that is comparable to other providers when you are looking for a phone and data service. The below-mentioned providers are the shortlisted top companies for small business phone plans. You can even find out local deals that are private companies and have better deals. These companies that are picked are compared nationally and are not based on particular areas.

    8 x 8
    Their benefits, coverage area, savings are all highly rated. This, being one of the best small business phone systems, is a great pick with affordable features. They boast about 99.97% of uptime, which means customers can rely on their range and online data services. There is no assembly required. A phone is connected via Ethernet and it’s a plugin through an 8 x 8 router. They take care of all maintenance and upgrades hence no customer support calls required.

    Ooma Office
    This is a low-cost and excellent customer service company. The monthly pay is as low as around $9.99 and you get the best service, though you may not receive all the extended features like other suppliers. You can choose from the two options of traditional or virtual small business phone plan. The drawback is it can support only 20 employees, but it is the only cheap plan at this rate.

    One of the best virtual small business phone system. They have many features at a price of just around $9.99 per month. If you have a small team, you can use this service for connecting with your mobile devices or even the personal landline numbers. They are very easy to connect as well. Customer satisfaction is the main core for them.

    ShoreTel Connect
    Call center businesses can make use of ShoreTel, which works great as a small business telephone solution or a small office telephone. This requires a technician to set up because the traditional system is indeed connected virtually as well. They have a built-in fail-safe option as well that acts independent and switches the landlines when that doesn’t work. ShoreTel has a cloud-based system that is fail safe and it is easy to deploy once taken out of the box. The cloud-based system acts as a technician to take care of the traditional system.

  • Features of the LG Stylus 2

    An enhanced sequel to the LG G Stylo, the LG Stylus 2 comes with a large 5.7-inch screen. Lighter and slimmer in design and looks, it is one of the best LG cell phones. The LG Stylus 2 is to make its physical debut at the Mobile World Congress. The Stylus 2 is one of the most robust LG cell phones and comes with further enhancements such as:

    • A 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor
    • A display of 5.7-inch
    • A pixel resolution of 1,280×720
    • Dimensions of 155mm by 79.6mm by 7.4mm and 145g
    • A RAM chalked up at 1.5GB
    • 8 MP front camera with a rear13-megapixel camera
    • A 3,000mAh battery
    • A 16GB storage
    • An expandable storage along with a micro SD card
    • Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS

    A nano coated tip makes for the mystery element of the stylus that comes with the phone. It is touted to increase the accuracy and calibration and is superior to the rubber tipped stylus of the previous generation. The stylus feels fragile and thin and is also narrower, with a tip that is very fine. A new software feature gives the user the pop-up menu similar to the one seen in the Samsung Note range which gets activated when the stylus is removed.

    For people who tend to lose their keys on an everyday basis, the design of the pen keeper is a boon. If the pen bag is empty and the phone is moving away, a warning is sounded. Similarly, a beautiful new Calligraphy font has been made available for people who are blessed with a good handwriting and wish to show it off via their phone.

    The stylus is solid and can stay secure within the phone. The design of the phone has not tampered and the control buttons on the back are a familiar aspect. The aesthetic of the design was elevated just a bit with the help of a metallic like sheen that the stylus provides, which is very similar to the predecessor that was Stylo 2.

    A 13-megapixel camera is an added advantage, coupled with a minor reduction in the overall weight of the LG Stylus 2. The battery size and the storage capacity remain the same as the previous models of LG cell phones.

  • A guide for MetroPCS new phones buyers

    Mobile phones or rather the smartphones have become an indispensable part of human life. Be it a college student, a homemaker or a busy professional, mobile phones are something needed by everyone. Nowadays, having a mobile phone is not enough. A stable internet connection is something quite essential to the device. Yet, browsing the internet on the mobile phones often leads to excess bill at the end of the month. That is why many people prefer to get mobile phones with pre-paid plans. When it comes to prepaid mobile plans in the United States, especially in Dallas, Texas, one just cannot ignore the popularity of MetroPCS. Almost everyone here is looking out for MetroPCS new phones to get the best value for their money.

    Anyone, who is looking to buy a new mobile phone with data plan, can consider using MetroPCS new phones without any hesitation. Yet, anyone who is still not quite sure about the decision making can check the buyer’s guide, which speaks in detail about the telecommunication service provider. Being part and parcel of none other than the reliable T-Mobile company, MetroPCS has always prioritized the need for the customers. The company has always made a keen observation of the changing requirements of the customers and designed different data plans. This is done to suit the requirements of each customer in the best way.

    As the company offers unlimited data service along with hotspot facilities, there is no need to get multiple connections for browsing the web on different devices. Just get the device connected to your hotspot and use. Also, there is no complaint with the browsing speed or the downloading speed of the MetroPCS new phones. Like T-Mobile, MetroPCS too offers 4G LTE services all around the day. That means you can connect and download at lightning speed even if you are using social media on the mobile phones.

    Though MetroPCS new phones can be a good choice for anyone interested to get a new smartphone. It is the best choice for people who are in search of prepaid plans. All the data plans offered by the company are prepaid. That means you pay for what you would be using. And, you don’t need to be concerned about excess billing at the end of the month. Also there is no hidden cost. Therefore, if you need higher usage opt for bigger plans and for minimum usage go for cheaper plans. Decide everything and make your selection. In case, your existing plan is unsuitable for your use, you can always change over to a new plan from the next month.

    MetroPCS is known for offering data and devices at a much competitive rate than other players operating in the field. However, that does not mean, they offer lesser known brands. You can find a collection of all the latest devices by the leading mobile phone manufacturing brands. Therefore, you can select your device without any compromise. When you are looking for MetroPCS new phones, you might also be considering customizing the device. Each and every new phone offered by this company have matching accessories available in the market. Special accessories are designed for women, who want to make their mobile phones a style symbol.

    Though the company has a wide range of devices, some people do not find it as expansive as others. However, that should not deter your selection. Browse through the catalog of the company to know about the MetroPCS new phones added to their collection. Depending on your preference, you can easily place the order online.

  • How to get all the best features of display in Galaxy S8

    How To Extract All The Best Features Of Display In Galaxy S8

    Samsung Galaxy S8 is nothing less than an all rounder in terms of features, apps and quality. It boasts a good number of display features which some people may overlook. The display features are quite drool-worthy. When it comes to the AMOLED panel, it stretches from one end to the other that can give one 5.8-inch display in case of the S8 and huge 6.2-inch screen in case of the S8 plus.

    Apart from the display which is awesome as soon as it gets out of the box, this device has the settings which can be tweaked to create a genuine and cooler impression. Galaxy S8 display can be adjusted starting from customised screen to resolution fix.

    Fix the Galaxy S8 Screen to Full Resolution

    The Galaxy S8 comes with an impressive resolution of 2960 x 1440, but it’s not prefixed. So you can adjust and fix it on your own, so that every pixel can be utilised to the most and provide clearer picture. Go to the Settings and the tap on ‘Display’, now select ‘Screen Resolution’.
    Next slide the bar to the right side until the option WQHD+ (2960 x 1440) isn’t selected. Moreover, it’s possible to change the resolution to further FHD+ or HD+ as per the user’s choice. This option can boost the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The resolution is a big thing as it can give better clarity to the picture, to the video and other visual stuffs.

    Set The Apps to Use the S8’s Wide Display

    When it comes to the ratio, Galaxy S8 display is having a ratio of 18.5:9 which is more wide as compared to maximum smartphones. Although, every single app has not been updated with respect to the wider screen of S8 Samsung, the user can always set and adjust the apps for using the Infinity Display. Go to the Settings, and choose the option ‘Display’. Now press the Fullscreen Apps, a full list of bundled (preset) as well as third-party apps will be shown that are downloaded from playstore. Now scroll down the list, toggle on any of these apps for using that specific app in the full screen width.

    Fix the Edge Screen On the Galaxy S8

    Irrespective of the model of Galaxy S8 or S8 plus, the device has an Edge screen aspect which can contain mostly used apps, important contacts, galleries and other crucial information. Swipe from one side of the display, to choose the Edge screen on left/right you can go as per the direction. Now a bunch of useful shortcuts will appear at that moment. Although, at first, you must configure the Edge screen as per your liking. Go to the settings and select Display, now tap on Edge screen. Next, toggle the Edge Panels to turn on and think if you want Edge light for notifications or not. If you switch on the Edge Panels, it will let you to get the apps along with their information on the right. In doing so, the device’s sides or edges will illuminate when notification arrives. People who remain busy in offices or meetings, this feature is helpful for them to notify when the set is placed at face-down position.

    Now return to the home screen, swipe from right at a tiny strip to reveal the first Edge Panel. Toggle or tap on the symbol of Gear which is located at the bottom of the screen. At the Edge Panels, select the demonstrated Edges. It will instantaneously and automatically turn on the contacts, information and apps. But you can get other choices if you scroll down these options. Now go back to Edge panel, add new items just by pressing the plus symbol. A lot more are there to finish with, but this is a gist of what you want most.

  • Things to keep in mind if you are buying a used Apple computer

    It goes without saying that not everyone can afford to buy a brand new Apple computer. So, if you are one of them, then here is what you can do. You can instead buy a used Apple computer like the iMac series.

    But with that said, make sure that you check the used product thoroughly before you bring it home. If you are not aware of what to look for, here are some things to keep in mind when you are checking out a used Apple computer:

    • Know how old the system is – It is not a secret that Apple products last for a long time. But with that said, when you are buying a used Apple computer, try avoiding systems that are more than three years old. This is because old systems might seem to be in a good condition but they might not be well equipped and compatible with your needs.
    • Scrutinize the display – One of the most common reasons why people sell their old MacBook is broken display. So, make sure that when you are buying an old system, that the edges and the corners of the screen are maintained.
    • Check for the keyboard and headphones jack – Make sure that all the keys on the keyboard function properly. Also, ensure that the microphone and the headphone jacks are in good condition.
    • Look for any physical damage – It is highly recommended that you check for any severe scratches or dents before you purchase an old system. Check if all the screws are in the right places and that the Apple computer closes and open properly.

    You never know how long a used Apple computer will work, but by checking for the factors mentioned above, you can ensure that the system is functioning properly at the time of purchase.

  • 4 simple-to-use cell phones for seniors

    In a world of ever-changing technology, senior citizens can sometimes feel like a fish out of water. This is because they aren’t used to the latest technology and prefer the old school and simple way out. In fact, many senior citizens struggle with the latest handsets and take a lot of time to learn how to use them well. Due to this, a lot of them prefer using a simple mobile phone that is good for basic functions like calling and texting.

    Keeping this in mind, the market sells not just AARP cell phones for seniors but also some other handset brands that are simple and hassle-free. A few of these are:

    • Consumer Cellular: This service provider offers Doro handsets that have large buttons, a well-lit display, and impeccably clear sound for just about USD 25. This carrier provides AARP cell phones for seniors at discounted rates where calling plans are offered at the rate of just 24 cents per minute. Or, you could also opt for a USD 19 plan per month that gets you 300 minutes. This also includes a fee of USD 35 as a one-time activation fee and a USD 9.50 service fee per month.
    • Just5: Although this pricey handset at USD 90 doesn’t come under the gamut of AARP cell phones for seniors, the service plans it offers are as low as USD 10 for a whole 100 minutes of talk time, with 50 free text messages and a zero activation fee.
    • Great Call: This service provider sells Jitterbug AARP cell phones for seniors at about USD 40, and its calling plans cost about USD 15 for 50 minutes, with a USD 35 charge as an activation fee.
    • TracFone: Here consumers are provided with Samsung T155G handsets costing USD 15 that come with easy-to-use features. Their cellular plans start at about USD 20 per month, with 125 cell phone minutes. Here, customers are not charged an activation fee or a cancellation fee if they wish to opt out of their plan.

    All of these handsets come with big buttons and features that are senior citizen friendly, thus, simplifying their lives.

  • List of best tablets available in the market today

    With the various options available, shopping for a tablet is difficult nowadays. Thus, to make things easier, it is always advisable to base your shopping on the different features available. You can find some of the bestseller tablets as far as their specifications and price are concerned.

    Apple iPad: Apple is a pioneer of tablets in the world. Whether it is a 10.5-inch iPad Pro or an iPad mini 4, you can be assured that your money has been well spent. The former comes with the fastest mobile processor that Apple has to offer along with True Tone display. It comes with a 2224 x 1668 screen resolution and uses an A10X fusion chip, a 64-bit architecture Embedded M10 coprocessor. The iPad mini 4, moreover, boasts of an A8 processor. It comes with an 8MP rear camera. It is available in three variants divided on internal storage: 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

    Microsoft Surface Pro 4: This tablet is the best choice for designers. It is a full Windows laptop shrunk to the size of a tablet. It comes with specifications like Core m3, i5 or i7 processors, and Iris or Intel HD graphics. This tablet’s RAM can go up to 16GB and has an internal storage of up to 512GB. The tablet also includes an adjustable kickstand which can be set to any angle.

    Huawei MediaPad M3: With the best screen display, Huawei MediaPad M3 is a strong contender in the war of tablets. Its size is 8.4-inch with a 2560 x 1600 display. The tablet runs on Android 6.0 and has Hisilicon Kirin 950 processor. With 4GB RAM, it offers performance which is the best in-class. On a single charge, you can use the tablet for up to 9 hours.

    Lenovo Yoga Tab 3: The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 does not only look stellar but also has a super long battery life. It can last for almost 15 hours which is an entire day for both work and play. It comes with Snapdragon 652 processor, 32GB SSD, 3GB RAM, and has a 2560 x 1600 Full HD screen with crystal clear IPS display.

  • Prepaid phone plans vs. postpaid phone plans

    A cell phone is the need of almost every individual as it allows the person to stay connected with other people by making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages and also allows to access the internet for various applications. Another important advantage is the use of mobile apps for communication, searching for information and making purchases online.

    Majorly there would be two types of plans for phone usage. One of them is prepaid plans, and the other option is postpaid plans.

    Prepaid phone plans can be beneficial in many ways compared to postpaid phone plans.

    • Documentation required for getting a prepaid plan is quite easier than postpaid plans. As the user has to pay for services in advance in case of prepaid plans, there will be no question of any financial liability with the service provider. Whenever the available credit gets over, or the validity gets over, service to a prepaid phone is automatically terminated.
    • Prepaid users can have a better control on their usage of service. Especially for people that usually have limited usage, prepaid plans are much preferable because they can save on monthly rentals. It is practically possible to top up credit for prepaid plan almost anywhere at any convenient time.
    • Uninterrupted services provided by postpaid plans are considered as a boon. However, this can turn into a curse sometimes. As there will be no control on the usage of service, users might go on using services, usually data plans in a very higher amount, leading to heavy bills by the end of the month.
    • Due to intense competition between the prepaid service providers, prepaid subscribers can avail best prepaid phone plans that allow making unlimited calls and using an adequate amount of data at an affordable monthly charge.
    • It is considerably easy to switch to another service provider when someone has a prepaid plan. The user can retain the same number and easily port to another service provider submitting the same document which was used for initial prepaid plan connection.
    • Availability of prepaid SIM cards in various shops and outlets and convenience in top-up provided through online portals and net banking is another important advantage of prepaid phone plans.

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  • Tips to Remember While Ordering a Pizza

    Pizza cravings are real, and some of us give in to these cravings because pizza outlets have one of the best food delivery systems around the world. In this country, it’s easier to order given that we have at least one pizza place around every corner. While we are so comfortable with pizza delivery, how well do we know our pizza delivery system?

    Here are a few tips to remember while you order a pizza delivery:

    • When you pick up the phone to order pizza, you must know the place or at least have an idea of their menu. You can always find the menu of most pizza delivery outlets online. So, do a simple search in advance and know what they serve. You can take time to ask a few questions when you are unsure about the toppings or have other concerns. However, deciding what you want before calling is better than calling up and staying on the phone for too long. You must follow these calling etiquettes while ordering food on the phone.
    • Learn to be patient. When you call for pizza delivery, you set a long process in motion. Once your order is taken, a ticket raised. Then, your pizza is prepared before it is sent out for delivery. A pizza typically takes about 20 minutes to go from the raw dough mode to a baked and packed pizza. And only then, a delivery agent can bring your pizza home.
    • There are chances that an accident could take place on the way. We often get furious when our pizza delivery is delayed even by a minute. But we need to consider that some grave reasons could be behind this delay. Try to avoid yelling at the pizza delivery agent at such occasions.
    • Every pizza delivery agent has to run several rounds during a shift. While they may choose this job, that does not mean that we’re entitled to be harsh with them, and make them feel bad for late deliveries or mixing up an order. At busy pizza joints, delivery mix-ups happen quite often. Instead of screaming at the person, try to resolve the situation by asking for a change or some discounts.

    Apart from being kind to the pizza delivery agent, we can show some appreciation by giving them a good tip. It doesn’t have to be much, but 10% or close to 10% of your bill is a decent amount.

  • Here’s why you should get a wine cooler

    The wine coolers are used for cooling wine. They refrigerate the wine to the ideal temperature so that you can serve them readily. The wine coolers regulate the temperature of the wine to 45-65 F. Some people prefer to chill the wine up to 40-43 F.

    The wine coolers preserve the taste and richness of the wines. They must be placed indoors where the temperature is stable. You can choose to buy the thermoelectric wine cooler, compressor style cooler and much more.

    Here’s how you can decide which wine cooler you do need to buy:

    Single zone cooling: These wine coolers have a single cooling area with one temperature control unit. The single zone wine cooler is good for people who like white and red wines.

    Dual zone cooling: This wine cooler is perfect for those who have a bigger wine collection. It offers more cooling space and is expensive than the single zone. They adjust the temperature in two separate zones such as 65F for the red wines and 45F for the white wine.

    Built-in wine cooling: If you want to add style to your kitchen, the built-in wine coolers are a perfect choice. They come in rich designs and can be easily integrated with the kitchen cabinets.

    If you want to buy new wine cooler, you must know what type of wines you want to cool in the wine cooler. Also, you must know how much wine bottles you want to refrigerate and the total cooling area you need. The temperature of the room along with your geographical location plays an important role in the selection of the wine coolers. You can compare wine coolers and know which one would ideally suit your need and budget. Explore the images of the wine coolers and check the wine cooler reviews to make the right selection.

    Features are the most important parameters to be considered when you compare wine coolers. You must know the industry standards, operating temperature, and cooling technology used in the wine cooler. Check for insulated glass doors, light protection, and temperature ranges when you compare wine coolers.

    The design of the wine cooler is another important fact to be considered. You must also check the color, type, size, and shelves of the wine cooler. Some wine coolers have the reversible doors which can be reversed in either direction. Stainless steel doors are quite popular. The locking doors have safety locks which keep your bottles protected from kids or other accidental bumps.

    You must check the online wine cooler reviews before purchasing the wine coolers. You can get proper information about the features and functionalities of the wine coolers and then proceed to buy the wine coolers.

  • Modern blinds for improving the building conditions

    Building owners these days focus more on creating a better living environment in rooms and other living rooms. As a result, blind products are gaining popularity over the recent years due to several advantages. They allow people to safeguard their buildings from harmful ultraviolet rays and extreme weather conditions to avoid unwanted risks. There are different types of blinds exclusively available for both interior and exterior areas in a building which ultimately help to increase the quality of life. Many people prefer high-quality blinds for widow and door treatments to block UV rays effectively. The blinds involve different types, and building owners should determine a right type which fits their budgets and needs. This gives ways for minimizing expenses on energy bills to save money. It is an important one to get more ideas about the types, styles, patterns, and materials before investing in blinds for completing a project successfully.

    Anyone who wants to increase privacy levels in their living rooms and other areas can choose the blinds to experience the peace of mind. The blind products provide methods for preventing the damages of valuable materials and other belongings in a building. Moreover, they play the main role in improving the aesthetic values and other conditions with innovative styles. A wide range of blinds are available for buildings, and building owners should select a right one among them for achieving the best results. Modern blinds come with latest features, and one can install a product with options and choices. In addition, they show methods for ensuring high comforts in buildings to gain more advantages. Buildings having small windows can choose 72 inches blinds for improving conditions to a great extent. However, it is advisable to know more about them before investing money in a product. Most blinds are available with outstanding features which help to transform the appearance of a building with attractive styles.

    One should always make a research about the several types of blinds for executing the interior designing works with unique ideas. It is possible to order different types of blinds online at the best prices for saving both time and money. Several online stores offer a wide collection of products for buildings allowing the customers to order them accordingly. A blind is a perfect choice for making changes in buildings with excellent styles. Those who want to learn more the installation of 72 inches blinds can consult with professional interior designers for meeting exact needs. The blinds show ways of decorating a home and office with outstanding styles to gain a high reputation. In addition to that, building owners can clean and maintain them with ease for experiencing more satisfaction. Free samples are also available for those who want to select them at flexible rates.