• Tune Into Your Favorite Tracks With These Popular Portable Players

    Tune into your favorite tracks with these popular portable players

    Right from the days of the chunky Walkman to sleek, pocket-sized media players, portable media devices have come a long way. The evolution of portable audio and video players picked up speed in the past couple of decades. Earlier you had to carry around a set of batteries, your portable player, audio cassettes or CDs, and headsets. Now you just have your compact media device with all your playlists stores in the device. You now have thousands of songs or movies at your fingertips.

    Whether you are a keen audiophile or just like to listen to music or watch movies while you are commuting to work, portable audio and video players can be quite useful for you. A portable device can be used for playing games, reading books, streaming videos, and recording audios and videos as well. If you are looking for portable audio and video devices, here are some popular options available in the market for you:

    • Apple iTouch: This is one of the most popular and coveted portable audio and video player that you can find. With its 32 GB storage capacity, this media player can store around 7000 songs, 2 videos, and 10000 photos. It is one of the most compact devices with dimensions 4.4×0.28×2.3 inches and with a weight of 3.6 oz. This portable audio and video device has a touchscreen interface with the LCD screen measuring about 3.5 inches. Other features of this device include an Internet browser, radio, Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi. It supports a wide range of audio and video formats. The battery life is about 40 hours. The device comes bundled with earphones and a charger. The price is this device is around $200.
    • Samsung Galaxy Player 5: The Samsung Galaxy Player 5 has a storage capacity of 4 GB. The device can hold about 5 videos, 1000 songs, and 10000 photos. It has an LCD touchscreen display that measures nearly 1.7×0.4×3.7 inches. The device is quite light with a weight of 1.8 oz. This Samsung portable audio and video device has an Internet browser, radio capability, Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth. Earphones and a charger are provided along with the device. The battery life is about 25 hours. You can listen to music or watch videos for 25 hours straight on a single charge. The price of this device is around $150.
    • Zune 80 GB Digital Media Player: This portable audio and video device has one of the largest storage capacities with 80 GB. You can store nearly 25000 photos, 20000 songs, and 5 videos. It looks quite sleek and weighs about 4.5 oz and measures about 2.4×0.5×4.3 inches. It has an LCD touchscreen measuring approximately 3.2 inches. The features of this device include an Internet browser, radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB. The device supports almost all popular formats of audio and video files. The battery life is about 24 hours. The device package includes a battery charger and earphones. The price is this device is around $270.
    • Archos 604 30 GB Ultra Slim Portable Multimedia Player: This device is relatively bigger and heavier than the other portable audio and video; its size is about 5.1×0.7×3 inches and the device weighs about 9 oz. The device can store 40 videos, 150000 songs, and nearly 300000 photos. Its storage capacity is about 30 GB. Its touchscreen LCD display measures about 4.3 inches. Similar to other devices, the Archos Portable has an Internet browser, radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB capabilities. It supports all video and audio formats except AIFF. Its battery life is about 16 hours. Earphones and battery charger are bundled with the device. The price is this device is around $300.
  • 4 amazing Canon DSLR cameras to consider buying

    Digital single lens reflex (DLSR) cameras are the most commonly used type of photographic equipment by amateurs and professionals. DSLRs have become much more affordable and offer a ton of features. Canon is one of the popular brands featuring an eclectic mix of entry-level and professional-grade cameras starting from just around $500 and going up to the thousands. Here are the key features of the top four Canon DLSR cameras trending today: 

    EOS Rebel T7
    With the T7, you get an amazing 24.1-megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor designed to take high-resolution images. Remember, the bigger the sensor, the more pixels it can accommodate, which gives the camera its ability to click and shoot in full HD. And if you enjoy taking pictures in the evening or early in the morning, the Rebel T7 supports low lighting conditions with an ISO setting of 6400. More importantly, a 9-point autofocus system enhances your ability to click the clearest picture using dedicated viewfinder guidance systems. For around $500, the EOS Rebel T7 mirrorless DSLR is a great starting point for learning the basics of photography. 

    EOS Rebel T8i
    One of the first features of the T8i is that it can record in 4K. This model is one of the few beginner cameras to have a 25600 maximum ISO, so you can take sharp pictures in ultra-low light conditions without compromising quality. This camera is also capable of shooting time lapses in 4K. You can set it up pointing towards the night sky and enable this mode to capture an amazing time-lapse of the stars and comets with every color detail recorded in clarity. A more impressive feature is the autofocus with 45 dedicated points. No object will be out of focus within the 4K resolution frame. At about $900, the Canon EOS Rebel T8i is a premium camera among the entry-level specs to go for if your budget permits. 

    EOS 90D
    Canon’s EOD 90D has a slightly better CMOS sensor with 32.5 megapixels, supports 4K UHD, and even 10 fps high-speed shooting. Capture the fastest moving objects with precision quality with these settings. Also, the highest number for the shutter speed is set at 1/16000th of a second. You can capture an F1 car hurtling down a track at full speed, and there would be no chance of blur created by fast-moving objects. This striking feature is why the EOS 90D made this list of popular Canon DSLRs. Other settings also get a major upgrade for a decent price tag of approximately $1,200.  

    EOS 1D X Mark III
    This DSLR camera is the ultimate innovation in photography that every professional photographer must have in the inventory. Now let’s talk about the sensors: you get a 20.1-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor with an advanced light pass filter system, so the minute details are noticeable once the pictures are processed. Mark III also has one of the most impressive ISO settings ever manufactured in a camera of this scale. The DIGIC X image processor can be amped up to a whopping 102,400 setting to capture the sharpest details in the lowest lighting conditions. This ISO range is expandable for experimenting with diverse types of photography. The EOS 1D Mark III is one of the most expensive cameras in the Canon lineup, priced at a whopping price of around $6,500.

  • Different Types Of Camera And Photo Kits

    Technological advances have changed the way we take pictures today, with camera brands manufacturing products across basic and advanced camera and photo kits. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have been taking pictures all your life, you will still want to work with the best camera and photo essentials available in the market.

    Here is a comprehensive guide to buying from the six different categories of camera’s available across major brands in the market:

    Basic Camera and photo kits:

    Also known as your consumer grade camera, the functioning of these cameras is pretty similar to that of any high-end smartphone that offers professional camera modes inbuilt. The only difference being, these cameras can only take pictures and shoot videos, unlike your smartphone which is capable of doing other stuff as well.

    Basic modes of any consumer grade camera include limited control over the exposure settings and unlike DSLR professional grade cameras, you cannot use interchangeable lenses for the desired composition within the frame.
    Basic camera and photo kits are also categorized according to their price and utility into the following:

    Portable basic cameras: Simple and portable, with some that are even designed to fit in your back pocket. Some of the features include optical and digital zoom, depending on the brand and variants within. These portable cameras are suitable for taking small group shots and pictures from a close distance. Basic portable cameras are priced in the range of $100 to $450. Fujifilm, Panasonic, and Sony are some of the popular brands manufacturing portable cameras.

    Zoom portable cameras: Zoom cameras also being portable are recommended when you want to take pictures from a distance, but still, maintain picture quality without pixelating the image. These cameras have optical zoom over digital zoom which means actual lenses elements are used to magnify the image. Ideal for people who love to go to sporting events and music concerts.

    Waterproof camera and photo kits: Many popular brands have taken it a step ahead by introducing waterproof cameras which will enable you to take some candid shots underwater, up to a certain depth for adventure enthusiasts. There are cameras which can be used up to a depth of 50 feet also.

    Advanced camera and photo kits: Advanced and professional grade cameras give you immense control over every element and settings available inbuilt, which is why professional grade cameras also give you the best photos. These can also be divided into a number of categories, depending on their make and model.

    Advanced point and shoots: These are professional grade cameras with manual controls available for adjusting just about every aspect of your picture, but the only drawback is the camera does not support interchangeable lenses unlike your DSLR camera and photo kits. Even though these cameras fall under the category of professional grade, without interchangeable lenses suited for different purposes, it just doesn’t appeal to the more specific crowd of professional photographers.

    Mirrorless cameras: Mirrorless cameras offer both manual control and interchangeable lenses, but with the exception of a mirror inbuilt that snaps up and down to click the image controlled by shutter speed. The only disadvantage of a mirrorless camera is that there is no viewfinder for you to as you will have to look through and focus on the picture manually. This is where DSLR’s come in handy since they offer the best of both worlds for almost the same price. Mirrorless camera’s cost anywhere from $500 to $1500.

    DSLR professional grade camera and photo kits: Every professional photographer’s ultimate dream is to own his very own ultimate DSLR kit which will include the best camera body, an array of interchangeable lenses, additional accessories like Speedlights, UV filters, tripods and high-end camera bags to carry it all. DSLR’s cost anywhere from $500 to $3000.

  • 4 Things To Consider While Setting Up A Home Audio System

    4 things to consider while setting up a home audio system

    If you want to enhance your viewing and listening experience, all you need is to have a powerful home audio system. It is an exciting entertainment as it not just restricted to movies, you can play music and you can also connect some systems to your phone or computer. You can have a simple 32-inch TV and an in-box home audio system or a huge projector with and in-wall speakers. There are a lot of factors that come in between and need to be considered before you settle on either of the two options or an in-between.

    Things to consider while setting up a home audio system:

    • Room space: It is important for you to study the room that you will be setting up the home audio system in. The size of the room should ideally determine the size and type of your entire system, if it is a small room you do not need to set up too many speakers as it could be too loud. And, if you lower the volume, it would be an incomplete use of the speaker’s potential. The lighting of the room is important, as ambient lighting can result in screen glare on the TV or a washed-out image of the projector. If the room has a carpet then the output of the sound will be different from the one without a carpet, so you have to consider that as well.
    • Audio reproduction: This is a very important factor of your home audio system, you do not want a system that does not satisfy you with the music output. You must choose between a home theatre receiver or a preamp/amp combination. A home theatre receiver usually has three components: A radio turner or in some cases a HD radio, internet radio, or XM. A preamplifier that switches and controls which audio device your TV is connected to, it also selects which speaker the output is supposed to go to. A built-in amplifier that sends the signals and the power to the speakers.
    • Loudspeakers: The next most important thing in line for your home audio system are the loudspeakers. Just as the size and type determine the type of video device you need; the loudspeakers are also set up on the same phenomenon. Before you buy the new speakers, get through a thorough research, listen to various speakers and setups. If you are buying a set of speakers, consider buying the same brand for the other parts of the home, this will improve the connectivity and the output. You need a sub woofer, there is no other way around it. A sub woofer is a specialized speaker that only reproduces the extremely low frequencies, this works well for movies.
    • Source components: You can stick to old school DVD and cd players, but the main source component you need for your home audio system is internet. An internet connection can get you all the action you are looking for. Once you get a Wi-Fi connection, you can connect your smartphone, computer or any other device with in-built Wi-Fi to your home audio system. A smart TV will also expose you to directly playing things from the internet on your TV, you can access Netflix and watch all your favorite shows on the TV as well. The antenna, cable or satellite is also as important as the internet, because what is a TV without TV channels?
  • Things You Might Not Know About A Home Theatre System

    Things you might not know about a home theatre system

    Whether you like watching TV or not, you would not mind having a good home audio system for your watching experience. A home audio system is becoming exceedingly popular between families and furnishing options. For those who like watching TV, it has become a must and for those who aren’t very fond of watching TV are owning it to enhance the experience for the little time that they will be watching it. With the popularity growing, there is a lot of confusion and hype about which home audio system is good and things that must be bought along with the home audio system. Read along to get rid of some of the misconception that come with owning home audio systems:

    • Doesn’t have to be expensive
      There is a misconception that home audio systems must be expensive if you want good quality movie and audio experience. It is luxury that is being adopted by most of the households, but there is a misconception that it is not for people who have a little financial difficult. A home audio system does not have to be expensive. The best way to set it up at affordable rates, is by getting separate things and then combining them. The basics you need, is a good flat screen TV and a surround sound speaker set. The fancy couch and other sound enhancers can take a backseat if you are running on a low budget.
    • An LED TV is not a different type of TV
      Since the introduction of LED TVs there has been a lot of hype about them, as they are being considered as a new technology as the image chip generates the picture. Some salesmen are using this technology in their sales pitch to lure more customers in buying the LED TV. Buying an LED TV is the right decision, but it works on the same technology as the LCD TV. The light that brings the image to you from the TV is in an LED form which goes easy on the eye.
    • An OLED TV is different
      LED and LCD TVs are the most common TVs around the market and are being bought by most people looking to setup a home thatre system. There is another elite player in the TV market, it is the OLED TV. The OLED TV is different from these two TVs as it does not require a backlit display, this is because each pixel in this screen is self-emissive. This is also the reason OLED TVs can be made thinner than the LCD and LED TVs. The OLED screen works on a technology that allows the display to be absolutely black, thereby making colors look richer. The price for OLED TVs is a lot higher than the LCD and LED TVs, but it has been going down by the year.
    • High definition stares from 720p
      The picture quality in your home theatre system is one of the most important things for you. If you are setting up a home audio system, the picture quality of the TV is the last thing you would want to compromise on. Most consumers are misled to believe that only 1080p is high definition. It is the best quality available in the market, but 720p is where the high definition picture quality starts. Other than 1080p, 1080i is also a high-resolution format of picture quality. While, you might want to opt for the 1080p TV, it might not be harmful to settle for a 720p screen resolution if you are on a tight budget.
  • 5 Affordable And Portable Media Players To Listen To Music On-The-Go

    5 affordable and portable media players to listen to music on-the-go

    You can listen to your favorite tunes or watch your favorite movies wherever and whenever you want with a portable audio and video device. Yes, it’s true that you can use your phone as well for these; however, you use your phone for a lot of things apart from listening to music or watching videos. All these additional features will consume substantial storage and battery power from your phone. But with a dedicated portable audio and video player, you do not have to worry about all these. You can store thousands of songs, a few videos, as well as photos on your portable audio and video device. And you do not have to spend much on these devices, especially if you are on a budget. Here are a few portable audio and video players that pack in a lot of features at quite affordable costs.

    • AGPtEK M20S: With a price of around $30, this is a portable audio and video player by AGPtEK. The M20S is one of the cheapest models that is quite perfect for people who do not want jazzy features on their portable device. It is quite compact, and its size is about 3×0.3×1.2 inches. Its internal storage is 8 GB, and the storage is expandable to about 64 GB. It supports nearly all audio formats. It has 14 hours of battery life; you can listen to 14 hours of music with a single charge.
    • Sony NW-A35 16GB Walkman: The original Walkman was a game-changer; however, it was bulky and could barely fit into your pockets. The Sony NW-A35 is the lighter and sleeker version of the classic Walkman. This portable audio and video device has a high-resolution audio quality that is sans any distortion and noise. It has a 3.1-inch touchscreen interface that is quite intuitive. It has an internal storage of 16 GB. 64 GB models are also available. The memory can be expanded to 192 GB. This affordable portable audio and video player includes a Bluetooth feature as well. The battery life is a solid 45 hours. The price, however, is a bit on the steep side with the approximate cost being $218.
    • MYMAHDI MP3/MP4 Music Player: This sturdy portable device from MYMAHDI costs approximately $26. Its internal storage is about 8 GB, which is expandable to 128 GB. The supported audio formats include MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE, AAC, and so on. The device’s weight is relatively more as compared to other portable audio and video devices. This adds to the durability of the device. There is a speaker on the backside of the device; so, this can be used as a voice recorder as well.
    • Sony NWE395: This portable player from Sony costs around $68. It can play 35 hours of songs or four hours of video on a one-time recharge of the battery. The internal memory is about 16 GB. The display screen is about 1.77 inches and is suitable for watching short and quick video clips. Typical to Sony, this device is known to have quite good audio quality. The control functions can be operated through buttons.
    • AGPTEK A01T 8GB Bluetooth MP3 Player: This is one of the best looking portable devices in the affordable range. It costs around $37 and has slim and compact design with buttons for control functions. The audio quality is good since it is supported by a noise reduction feature. It has a 1.8 TFT display and storage capacity of 8 GB. The memory is expandable to 128 GB. The battery life is 45 hours of audio playing or 16 hours of videos. It takes about 1.5 hours to recharge the battery.
  • Popular Smart Jewelry Products You Need To Know

    Fitness trackers and smartwatches might be the current rage in the market, but another form of wearable technology that is becoming increasingly popular is smart jewelry. Sounds interesting, right? This innovative variant combines the aesthetics and intelligence in the most practical manner. However, they all differ in terms of features and design. So, some of them might be used as fitness trackers while others might be designed for smartphone connectivity. When it comes to the form, you can find them as bracelets, necklaces, and rings. The one you pick solely depends on what fulfills your purpose. If you are not acquainted with the smart jewelry, then read further to get an insight into some of the most popular products in the market.

    • Bellabeat Leaf Urban – This piece of wearable technology is an elegant fitness tracker that monitors your daily activities, sleeping habits, reproductive and mental health. Depending on your lifestyle, this device can predict stress and motivate you to pursue deep breathing and meditation via alerts. Bellabeat Leaf Urban’s geometric structure is designed using stainless steel and water-resistant wood. Priced at $139 approximately, Bellabeat Leaf Urban can be worn as neckpiece or a bracelet. You can find it in rose gold and silver colors.
    • Tory Burch Fitbit – Looking for something ultrachic? Then try Tory Burch’s designer bands for Fitbit Flex 2. This designer bracelet houses your Flex device in the most stylish way possible. You can find these bands in stainless steel and leather variants in beautiful colors. On the other hand, the wearable technology used consists features like a smart tracker for all-day activities and sleeping, phone notifications and long battery life. Its waterproof design makes it perfect for swimmers. However, it is to be noted that both these elements are sold separately.
    • Ringly Luxe – The finger ring offered by Ringly Luxe is created with a pyramid-cut purple jade on a gold-plated base. It tracks physical activity and provides smartphone connectivity with customized alerts. Its battery lasts for one to two days, depending on usage. This water-resistant model helps you relax with guided audio meditation and breathing exercises to subside stress. It costs around $165.
    • Sona Bracelet by Caeden – This beautifully designed tracker can be easily mistaken for a wristwatch. Apart from observing physical movements it also has a one of a kind heart sensor that gauges your stress fluctuations and predicts your overall health condition. It also offers five specially tailored calming techniques to cope with tension. Sona Bracelet is valued at $199 and is offered in three colors, i.e., rose gold, gunmetal, and gold.
    • Senstone – Designed like a little charm jewelry, Senstone is a different concept altogether. It’s not a tracker but a type of wearable technology that records your voice and translates it into text via its smartphone app. These recordings can be related to your to-do lists, weekly goals, personal diary, etc. It can be donned as a brooch, neckpiece or bracelet. You can get this product for $145.
    • Watch Hunger Stop Michael Kors Reade – This special edition tracker by Michael Kors is available in rose gold and gunmetal shades. It is put together using stainless steel, glass, leather, and mother of pearl. Apart from looking fashionable, this device keeps a tab on your physical activities, sleep and assists you in designing useful health goals. You can buy it for $145 approximately.

    Apart from the six popular smart jewelry pieces mentioned above, you can checkout Misfit Bloom, Ringly Luxe Smart Bracelet, 5. Ringly Luxe Smart Bracelet, Michael Kors Access Bracelet, etc. These wearable technology products can be found in stores as well as on e-commerce websites. However, before shopping, ensure that you check the features, prices as well the consumer reviews to make the best pick.

  • Top 5 feature-rich tablets for kids

    Gone are the days when tablets offered mediocre performance and only basic features. Today, tablets are as good as miniature laptops. You can buy them for your personal use or give them to your children for school work and entertainment. Here is our list of the best tablets for kids.

    Apple iPad 10.2 2020
    Apple iPad 2020 is easily one of the best tablets for kids. This model comes with a super-fast A12 Bionic processor and works stress-free. You can add a screen guard to protect the device and give it to your kids for their school work or to catch up on the latest videos. The best advantage of this tablet is that it can double up as your work gadget when needed. Besides, it is among the more affordable Apple laptops in the market.

    Amazon Fire 7
    If you are on a very tight budget, Amazon Fire 7 is one of the best tablets you can buy for your kids. The device has pretty decent front and back cameras and a microSD slot too. It weighs just 0.6 pounds and can be easily handled by your little ones at home. If you think your kids are too young to use expensive tablets, this model is a perfect pick.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
    This is another top tablet for kids due to its affordability and quality. The Galaxy Tab is slim and comes with a 10.4 inch HD screen and 32 GB storage. Your kids can easily take video classes through the tab or listen to songs and rhymes.

    Lenovo Tab M10 Plus
    This 10.3-inch FHD tablet runs on Android and comes with 64 GB storage and 4 GB RAM. The model is also equipped with two microphones, one at the front and the other at the back, and two side speakers. You can also choose Kids Mode on the gadget to hide unsafe websites, content, and apps.

    Fire HD 8 Kids
    With an 8-inch HD display, the Fire HD 8 Kids tablet is perfect for children between three and seven. This comes with a two-year warranty and a protective case too. Free online books, audiobooks, games, videos, and other kid-friendly apps come preloaded on the tablet, making it one of the easiest and best tablets for kids.

    Make a note of all these best tablets for kids and pick a suitable model for your child. Age-appropriate gadgets really make a difference!

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  • CAME-TV HDMI-to-USB 3.0 Video Capture Adapter with 4K Input/Output PRIZM-4K
    Free Express Shipping! CAME-TV HDMI-to-USB 3.0 Video Capture Adapter with 4K Input/Output For Streaming, Gameplay, Webcam, Storage, Run HDMI Signal to Mac/Windows Computer, Up to 4K HDMI Input, 4K USB 3.0 Output, UVC Video and UAC Audio USB Standards,...

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  • Here’s why vitamin D supplements are vital for our health

    Our body requires nutrients to function at its optimal level, and the deficiency of these nutrients can create a lot of issues for people. One of the common deficiencies that people suffer from is Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is a vital nutrient that is required by our bodies in order to stay healthy. Extremely low levels of vitamin D can cause malicious diseases like osteomalacia in adults, and rickets in children. Both these conditions cause soft, brittle bones, joint pain, muscle pain, and weakness. Osteoporosis is also a condition associated with reduced bone density.

    In addition, a number of medical conditions also contribute towards a lower count of vitamin D in an individual’s body. Some of these diseases are as follows:

    • Kidney and liver diseases – They are known to reduce the amount of the enzyme needed to change vitamin D to a form in which it is used in the body. Lack of these particular enzymes leads to an inadequate level of vitamin D in the body.
    • Cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease, and celiac disease – All these diseases make intestines incapable of absorbing enough vitamin D.
    • Gastric bypass surgery – This removes a part of the stomach and/or the intestines, which in turn reduces the size of these organs and lowers the amount of vitamin D-containing nutrients that can be absorbed.
    • Obesity – In most cases, a body mass index above 30 is associated with lower vitamin D levels. Researchers believe that fat holds onto the vitamin D, and does not allow it to be released into the bloodstream.

    Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency
    All vitamin D treatments and prevention procedures are directed towards the same goals, i.e., to reach, and then maintain adequate levels of vitamin D in the body. The first and the foremost measure most doctors recommend is to get moderate exposure to sunshine.
    Doctors recommend 5 to 15 minutes of sun exposure, approximately two to three times a week to the face, arms, legs, or back. You must avoid the use of sunscreen, and stand in the balcony to treat the deficiency as it prevents vitamin D from being produced in the skin.

    The next best option to treat vitamin D deficiency is through some of the best vitamin D supplements available in the market.

    Role of Vitamin D supplements
    Often your regular diet doesn’t help your body in producing enough vitamin D. That’s when you have to opt for the best vitamin D supplements to stay away from unwanted ailments that result from the deficiency of it.

    Vitamin D supplements are available in two forms:

    • D2 (ergocalciferol)
    • D3 (cholecalciferol)

    These two forms of vitamin D supplements are equally good for your bone health. However, a blood test for detecting the deficiency of vitamin D is recommended in order to determine the exact condition of the patient before recommending the dosage of any supplements.  Based on the results, the amount of vitamin D supplement to be administered needs to be customized for each person.

    Your doctor can also suggest you the best vitamin D supplements available in the market.

    The consumption of some of the best vitamin D supplements helps enhance the vitamin D levels in your body in the following ways:

    • Calcium absorption – vitamin D, in combination with calcium, helps to build the bones in our body.
    • Interrupts the release of parathyroid hormone – Vitamin D aids in blocking the release of parathyroid hormone. This hormone has the reverse function of resorbing bone tissue, thereby making bones thin and brittle. By blocking the release of this hormone, vitamin D helps in restoring our bone health.
    • Plays a role in muscle function and immune system – The immune system defends the body against infections and other illnesses. Regular consumption of vitamin D is known to fortify the inbuilt immunity of the body, helping it safeguard an individual against various diseases and infections.
  • 6 Best crossover SUVs under $20,000

    If you don’t need too much of passenger or cargo space, but you still want to upgrade from a sedan to an SUV, then there are a lot of sub-compact SUVs that will fit your needs perfectly well. These new crossover SUVs are also affordable but give you great riding comfort. Let’s take a look at the top-tier new crossover SUVs that come with affordable prices:

    Honda HR-V: This is by far the best new sub-compact SUV that you can buy as it offers plenty of value for money. It comes with a spacious cabin, quality interior, and excellent cargo space. To top it all, this new crossover SUV offers one smooth ride.
    Mazda CX-3: This is an excellent pick as the CX-3 comes with great safety credentials. It resembles a car in its sporty handling capacities rather than an SUV. It also has a comparatively low base price although its interior is marked by impressive materials and it comes with a handsome design.
    Jeep Renegade: This is quite an impressive vehicle as it comes with surprisingly serious performance credentials. The Renegade is ranked for its on-and-off road performance. This crossover is the best pick if you are looking for an affordable off-roader.
    Fiat 500X: The Fiat 500X is probably the best affordable new SUV. Although quite stylish, it falls short when it comes to equipment and features. The standard features available are less when compared to other crossover SUVs. Still, the 500X comes with a high safety score that makes it worth the buy.
    Mitsubishi Outlander Sport: This crossover SUV stands out in two areas, its affordable price and its amazing warranty, thereby making it a decent choice for people who do not want to splurge and exceed their budgets. Features that are standard in other SUVs, like the infotainment system cost extra in the Outlander Sport.
    Jeep Patriot: The best attribute of the Jeep Patriot is its price. The engine provides sluggish acceleration, but due to its low price, you do have the option of upgrading to a larger engine.

  • Breast pain – Types and ways to manage it

    Breast pain is the feeling of discomfort and tenderness in the breasts and the region that surrounds the breast. Symptoms of several reasons may cause this pain. Contrary to popular belief, breast pain is not always caused by or is not a sign of breast cancer.

    Most women experience breast pain, at least once in their lifetime. However, a tiny percentage discover to be a symptom of a major problem. The severity of the pain differs, especially based on breast pain causes. Also, breast pain can occur in one breast or both breasts. Hormonal changes in women may have a significant role to play.

    Breast pain is categorized under two types: One is cyclic breast pain, and the other is noncyclic pain

    Cyclic breast pain is one that is related to the menstrual cycle. This pain occurs a week before a woman’s period cycle. Tenderness is felt in both breast and even around the underarms. Women between the age of 20 to 40 years are likely to experience cyclic breast pain. However, the pain subsides after menstruation.

    Noncyclic pain, on the other hand, is likely to be experienced by older women. This kind of pain is nowhere related to one’s menstrual cycle. The pain can be described as burning or soreness. Noncyclic breast pain causes include injuries and trauma to the muscles in the past.

    If the breast pain does not resolve in a few days, consulting a doctor and determining the cause of the pain is essential. Here are a few practices that will help manage breast pain:

    One should stop or limit the intake of caffeinated foods as it can worsen the trauma. These include products like chocolates and drinks such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks. Also, consumption of sodium should be reduced to the minimum.
    Practice relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation as these activities reduce stress and tension.
    Maintaining a healthy body weight is necessary. Being underweight or overweight can worsen the pain that comes with different breast pain causes.
    Using the right kind of bra is extremely important as the correct bra supports the breast well. Avoid wired bras and wear sports bras during workouts or exercising.
    A cold press can lessen the burning sensation and soreness. One can also use a hot press as it aids in better blood circulation.

    Speaking to a medical professional before using any self-administrative technique is a good precaution. Also, in cases of severe trauma that goes beyond 2 weeks, undergoing a few test will help determine the breast pain cause.

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