• Popular Analog Watches Under $600

    Popular analog watches under $600

    In an era of digitalization, keeping buyers interested in analog watches seems quite intricate. However, several mechanical watch manufacturers continue to invest a great deal of both time and attention to the creation of these traditional timepieces. While 2017 saw the digital watch market launch several do-it-all wristwatches, the conventional models of watches were believed to be rendered obsolete. The truth, however, remains that despite the availability of so many wrist bands that claim to be at your beck and call, many takers still consider finely crafted traditional watches as one of their most prized possessions.

    Considering the demands of old time watch lovers, manufacturers have launched uniquely detailed, timeless designs with universal appeals to retain and attract customers. Here’s a quick rundown on what the best analog watches under $600 have to offer this year.

    Michael Kors Large Lexington Chronograph Bracelet Watch, 45mm
    This classy watch comes in a neatly designed chronograph style with brezel textures and a beautifully crafted bracelet. The dial measures 45mm in case and has a band width of 22mm. This is one of Michael Kors’ popular watches that comes in two stainless steel or gold variants. The watch, quite like most analog metal watches, has a characteristic deployant clasp closure and adjustable metal bracelet. The link too are adjustable and can be removed at your will. This gorgeous time piece fits well, looks elegant, and is priced adequately.

    Shinola The Runwell Leather Strap 47mm Watch
    Shinola’s stunning leather timepiece quite like its name not only performs brilliantly but also looks super stylist. This three-handed beauty dons an elegant pumpkin and sapphire crystal case, a sharp matte faced dial, and a durable Largo Tan Aniline Latigo leather strap. Some of its striking features include comfortable nubuck backing for added comfort, durable whip-stich buckles, and customizable straps. The Runwell model from Shinola comes in 15 incredible dial and strap combinations. What’s more, this incredible timepiece comes in a handsome superior quality Hickory box.

    Tissot Couturier Chronograph Leather Strap Watch
    This highly fashionable timepiece is the perfect blend of superior fabric and sophisticated finish. Tissot is one of the most reputed brands that has stood the test of time due to its uncompromising attention to details, classy designs, and top of the class performance. This particular model wears a vintage look in its uncomplicated stainless-steel casing, simple accents, and classic crocodile leather strap. What’s best, this no-fuss Tissot watch comes at a reasonable price.

    VOID V03C chronograph watch
    Despite the unnerving presence of renowned brands that have been serving customers with timeless masterpieces for several decades, VOID V03C chronograph is a newbie that is completely impossible to miss. Void is making waves in the watch industry since its recent launch in 2008 for its playful, classic, and versatile designs. These watches are a hot favorite among folks at both work and play. Apart from its clean appearance, what makes this one of the most popular watches of 2017 is its ability to display each passing split second through its able six hands.

    Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic Old Paper Dial Brown Leather watch

    This Swiss made men’s watch comes with a fixed stainless steel bezel and a brown strap around it. The timepiece features calendar, second time zone, date display, and water resistance upto 100 metre. What makes this particular watch especially unique is the beige dial that look fantastic with glowing hands and Arabic 24 hour markings. The watch is scratch resistant and is made with sapphire crystals. Its crown comes with a pull and push feature.

  • Identifying and purchasing authentic Coach handbags

    If you have heard about Coach, then you know that this is one of the best brands in the market for handbags and their top quality leather bags have kept them ahead of their competitors at all times. The best thing about Coach handbags is that there is one for every shopper looking for their own fashion statement. The retail stores across the country make it all the more accessible to shoppers. While you can find a Coach handbag at a local store, the handbags you find there are not the same top-notch products that they set up in their exclusive factory outlets. Coach has a policy to house the best in-house in its exclusive factory outlets. This ensures that their quality is supreme and not compromised in any way.

    While a majority of Coach handbags are exclusively manufactured for the brands’ outlets only, there are a few exceptions when Coach’s best handbags go outside to other tie-ups. This happens only when Coach is bringing a new line for its exclusive showroom and therefore moves the older lots to outside retail stores. Most often, the Coach handbags available at normal showrooms are usually the discontinued handbags from Coach or are from a previous season.

    There is a way that shoppers can actually check whether a Coach handbag is made exclusively for an outlet. There is a small circle that is pressed into the creed of the handbag and it bears a square leather patch that has an exclusive serial number embossed onto it. This is a unique identification that is sewn into each Coach handbag. The way to identify if the handbag was made exclusively for the showroom is by spotting the creed symbol with a circle on it. The price tags usually bear the Coach Factory hallmark on the exclusive outlet handbags. On the other hand, merchandise which is shipped from the retail stores will not bear this unique identification signature. Just because a Coach handbag does not bear this identification, it does not mean that the bag is inferior in any way. All that it symbolizes is that Coach has moved to a new style and the old line has been shifted to retails.

    You can keep an eye for Coach handbags sale at any Coach factory outlet and buy a nice handbag for yourself.

  • Tips For Buying The Right Running Shoes

    Running is a great exercise that keeps you fit. A run in the morning keeps you energetic throughout the day. It also helps you lose weight and stay healthy. However, your choice of running shoes is very important, so you must select carefully.

    There are various factors that you need to keep in mind while buying running shoes. Among the top running shoes brands, ASICS running shoes are the best and provide a comfortable experience. But how will you know which shoes are best for you? This article tells you what to keep in mind while buying running shoes.

    Consider how you are going to run

    The first step to take while buying the right running shoes is to know your running profile. It is important for you to know what you are going to do with your running shoes. Know the terrain on which you are going to run and buy the shoes accordingly.

    Brands such ASICS and their excellent ASICS running shoes range are suitable for a wide range of terrains. You can buy online ASICS running shoes after checking the specifications carefully. You should also consider whether you are a runner or a jogger and buy running shoes accordingly.

    Consider your body type

    While buying running shoes, you must keep your body type in mind. Brands design shoes according to the needs of different body shapes and sizes to ensure maximum comfort. If you wear the wrong kind of shoes, you will not be able to run comfortably. So, you must buy shoes meant for your body type and optimize the benefits of your running sessions.
    Wearing running shoes that are not suited for your body type may also cause pain in your feet, legs, and back. This is why you must be careful while choosing running shoes. Consider the multitude of body-type oriented options offered by companies such as ASICS running shoes.

    Buy according to your arc

    Examine the arc of your foot while buying running shoes. Your arc’s shape will help you know whether you roll your foot’s inside or outside while running, i.e., whether you pronate or supinate. Although supinators are pretty rare, it is always wise to check. Check out ASICS running shoes suited for different arcs in order to avoid injuries.
    If you have flat feet, you are going to need running shoes that stabilize your activity, preferably a pair of shoes with a higher arc. While buying shoes from a local store, wear it and walk around a bit to check arc comfort. While buying online, check the detailed specifications.

    Know your measurement

    A primary step while buying running shoes is to know your accurate measurement. Otherwise, you might end up making a grave mistake. You can draw the outline of your foot on a paper and measure it if you want to buy online. You should take help of the measuring guide or tool available of the running shoe brands’ online stores in order to know the proper size of your feet.
    You should also keep in mind that shoe sizes often tend to differ according to brands. So, check the shoe measurement each time that you buy. Most shoes manufacturers like ASICS running shoes offer a wide range of foot sizes. Consult a chart when buying online or the attendant in the store from where you buy your running shoes.

    Comfort and fashion

    It is always wise to buy running shoes that are a blend of both comfort and fashion. Buy shoes with the right fit and style according to your comfort, usage, and taste. There is a multitude of options available online. ASICS running shoes can add some spunk to your style.

    Keep track of the various sales, deals, and discounts on running shoes available online. While buying at a discounted price, do not compromise on quality. Select after careful consideration of the specifications. You can order ASICS running shoes of your choice online and have them delivered to your doorstep.

  • Pro tips to keep in mind while buying a luggage set

    If you are about to travel and need a  good luggage set, you might wonder what factors to consider. The answer to this question is as simple as it depends on what you need your luggage for, do you have a lot to carry or do you need something more simple? All kinds of luggage sets including suitcases, carry-ons, etc., have a few common traits such as wheels, zipper, and handles, and the overall durability depends on how you care for and maintain the luggage sets after purchasing. It is mostly through the course of your travel and frequent trips that you will probably realize the value of your luggage sets. A costly luggage set does not necessarily mean that your luggage set will endure any amount of travels for time infinite.

    There are some basic factors that you have to consider when buying luggage sets, and they are:

    Durability depends on the zippers and the wheels
    One of the things you cannot compromise on when you travel are the zippers of your bag. You have to choose between a chain zipper or a coil zipper. The former one is the one that has two sets of interlocking teeth which is most commonly made of metal. The chain zipper is more durable as it cannot be broken into as easily as a coil zipper which is made of polyester. Take a closer look at your luggage set so you know you are picking the durable one for your trips.

    Check the wheels
    Wheels are considered the most common weak spots on luggage sets and you definitely don’t want one breaking or getting stuck when you travel. Check the wheels’ functionality when you purchase your luggage set and ensure that the wheel rotation is smooth. See how they are fastened as well since the one on rivets break easily while the ones fastened by screws are more durable with rough handling. Go for luggage sets that have 4-wheels because the 2-wheeled ones may sometimes not be able to withstand the weight.

    Don’t forget the handle
    A good handle is one that doesn’t rattle or wiggle when you pull your luggage sets. Get one that has handles retracting into the bag so as to avoid damage in transit.

  • Facts about the best brands offering extra-wide men’s shoes

    When it comes to shoes, style matters as it completes your outfit, but so does comfort. Thus, you should ensure you purchase the right shoes suitable for your feet. One of the best ways to take additional care if you have broad feet is by wearing extra wide shoes.

    Nowadays, various brands have come up with extra wide shoes meant for men, but it could be time-consuming to search for the best brands that offer the best fit shoes within your budget. So, for your convenience, here is a brief about the top brands that manufacture extra wide men’s shoes which could be of help to steer your research in the right direction to make an informed decision.

    New Balance
    If you wish to maintain your fitness goals in comfort, then you may rely on New Balance. This brand will provide you with various extra wide men’s shoes, each with exceptional features, different colors, all of it at an affordable price range. Some of them have padded collar and tongue whereas others may be lightly cushioned. Other features include durable rubber outsole, lightly cushioned footbed, perforated and smooth leather upper, flexible QUIX technology for improving traction, molded foam insole, etc. The price ranges from $64.95 to $95.00.

    Deer Stags
    This is another brand which has proved its efficiency in offering top-notch quality extra wide shoes for men. Men who are looking forward to a pair of extra wide shoes which will help in enjoying their leisure time with ease and to the fullest may look to this brand. Though the shoes of Deer Stags are extra wide yet they are light in weight with exciting features too. The sole is made up of thermoplastic rubber along with compression nodules meant for absorbing shock. Another unique feature that provides warmth to the feet is the soft microsuede upper and a lining of faux fur. The shoes are priced at around $40.00.

    Another outstanding brand that serves this purpose is INOV. People who have a practice of running for long distances and that too in scorching hot weather may try the extra wide men’s shoes of this brand. You will receive lightweight cushioning along with the flexible response and lace-up closure. For providing a superb in- shoe feeling, INOV offers breathable fabric lining, and the power flow midsole helps in shock absorption. Though the extra wide shoes of this brand possess many other features, the one which requires an appreciative mention is that the outsole has multi-directional stud pattern which provides maximum grip, extra wide fit, and comfort. These shoes are priced at around $120.00.

    Nunn Bush
    If you always wish to be the center of attraction and also crave for gaining positive compliments for your outer appearance and style sense, then you may want to take a look at the extra wide men’s shoes of this brand. You can forget painful rubbing as well as abrasion associated with some shoes as these shoes offer smooth interior lining and the dual density midsole of Kore technology will provide comfort throughout the day. The rubber outsole is slip- resistant and comes with a comfort gel foot bed. All such features make the shoes flexible and durable for an extended period. You can get them at the cost of $85.00.

    This is just a sneak peek into the world of extra wide shoes for men as numerous brands are offering innumerable variants out there in the market. And with little patience, you will be able to choose the right one by comparing the features, pricing and customer reviews online easily. Remember to be stylish in comfort!

  • Different Types of Casual Dresses For Women Over 60

    Fashion and age are a peculiar pair and one that many try grasping in the wrong way. While a change in fashion is required with age, it does not always mean that you are prepared to let go of modern fashion trends. The solution, of course, is to dress as per your heart’s wants. However, you can make modern fashion make look good on you with just a few simple tricks. So in this article, we talk about the different dresses and casual fashions styles that go perfectly with women over 60.


    Skirts are one of the best fashion choices and definitely one of the most comfortable. The trick here is of course how you style it to go with your aura. Tennis shoes or boots are a perfect combination to go with skirts, which give out an aged feel but not an old look. Coming to the top, a simple cut shirt or t-shirt work best but ensure to tuck it into the hem of the skirt. Colors such as white and beige are great choices and can be combined with other simple colors, making it a great casual dress combination for those over 60.

    Fleeces and cardigans

    Body type is an important aspect to keep while selecting your wardrobe; however, no matter which body type you are, a comfortable and body-hugging fleece jacket is the perfect companion for your evening walk. When it comes to an evening party it is time to ditch that fleece jacket and sport a long-line cardigan to ensure your fashion stays spot on. Structured cardigans, or “coatigans” as they are now called, are also a brilliant choice when it comes to occasions that require a smarter choice of dressing. A few things to look out for are a lesser number of buttons, a slight nip at the waist, and avoiding a hooded coat. Longer length cardigans do a great job of giving women over 60 a casual look as well, giving them more dresses to choose from.


    While many can retain their proportionate body types long into their old age, not everyone is blessed with such a tender physique. For such people, tight elastic waistlines can be a major fashion disaster. While elastic waistlines may seem like a pretty comfortable option, it is not a good fashion statement at this age, and especially with a slouching tummy. Two simple ways to steer clear of this mishap is to either wear a long top to simply cover up the waistline or if you want to put an emphasis on the waistline then you can tuck your top in and pull out a little bit of it just to cover up the waistline of the sweatpants. Trousers with loose tie waistlines are also very much in fashion so you can opt for those as an alternative too. This combination is another great option for casual dresses for women over 60.

    Denim skirts

    Denim has made a huge comeback in this era’s fashion lines although you want to jump back into the wagon. However, the days of flaunting denim are long gone so there are a few small snips women over 60 need to make while sporting out the denim look to suit a casual dressing sense. The cut is an important aspect to pay heed to. Clingy skirts are to be avoided, rather look for airy denim skirts that will allow your structure to breathe. Getting caught in a denim death grip is the last fashion disaster one wants.

    Leggings and full sleeves

    Leggings have never gone out of fashion, and they never will, and are probably your best friends if you need to steer clear of tight trousers. Go for simple and sober leggings and make sure to not repeat them without washing or it may lead to a lot of itches. The golden rule is to cover up the buttocks with a long shirt or top. Full-sleeved tops are also a great fashion choice for women over 60 with the three-fourth sleeve being extra popular. A black legging and a three-fourth sleeve shirt combo are sure to make a subtle statement. Such a combination brings a comfortable element in the options of casual dresses for women over 60.

  • All that you need to know about Allen Edmonds shoes on sale

    Allen Edmonds is a brand that has original American shoes for men who look for quality and sophistication. And especially for those who do not mind the premium price tag for the remarkably well made handcrafted shoes. Apart from the all-year clearance and factory outlet sale, the Father’s Day sale is on right now and you can walk into any of the Allen Edmonds shoe store in the country or log onto their website and choose a pair of solid, good looking shoes from their several large collections.

    Since it’s founding in the year 1922 in Wisconsin, Allen Edmonds has had a huge fan following from the US Army and Navy to whom their shoes were supplied during World War II. This earned them customers for life because the defense personnel were loyalists to the Allen Edmonds brand of shoes. Apart from the exceptional quality products they design and manufacture, another reason for this loyalty was because Allen Edmonds shoes were never thrown away or replaced, they were usually repaired. The company themselves offer special services for repairing and rebuilding shoes with new bases or creating a new finish. This is possible because of the robust Goodyear-Welt construction that allows for more resolving and an extended lifespan of the shoes.

    The selection of dress and casual Allen Edmonds shoes come in sizes from 6 to 16 and widths from AAA to EEE. While a regular pair of Allen Edmonds shoes can cost anywhere between $200-$700 per pair, on sale these have huge discounts of $100 on the Italian Leather collection and $75 on the boat shoes and driving mocks set of shoes. The Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill boots that comes in Premium Chromexcel® leather in two colors now costs only $257.99, while its original price was $395. Fitted with lace up closure, this Allen Edmonds shoe on sale is made of a soft leather lining and is lightly cushioned for added comfort for all-day wear. Similarly, the Allen Edmonds Strandmok, a style of oxfords also with a lace-up design has a 50% off and is available for $172.99 after discount.

    Quality, service, and integrity are the guiding factors of the Allen Edmonds brand of shoes, and shoemaking is an art here. Which of the Classic Heritage American Allen Edmonds shoes on sale are you eyeing now?

  • All you need to know about embroidered patches

    There are some items of everyday use that have originated thousands of years ago in many different civilizations around the world and are still in popular use all over the world. Extensively produced by hand in ancient cultures in India, China, Egypt, the Middle East and even in South America, embroidered patches or cloth badges are a very old tradition. However, after the industrial revolution, and especially in the current world of mass production, embroidered patches are machine made in bulk and put to countless uses. They can be affixed to clothes, bags, shoes, upholstery and so on in a myriad of creative ways. Embroidered patches can be affixed with safety pins and button loops can be sewn on, can be ironed on, and can be attached with hook-and-loop fasteners.

    Boy and Girl Scouts, the Military and Police, emergency hospital services, sports teams, and bikers are just a few examples of those commonly using embroidered patches. There are usually standard patches made for different ranks or grades, but customizing patches are now in vogue. To be able to modify or create embroidered patches according to the individual or personal specifications or preference is preferred. Embroidered patches in specific width and height with different ways to fix them on its reverse side can be easily ordered in many online stores. Moreover, the number of patches required, when they must be delivered, their cost and mode of delivery, everything can be scheduled online in specific company designed websites.

    Most custom embroidered patch suppliers follow the regular delivery of custom embroidered patches in less than two weeks time, while rush orders are done in less than a week’s time. Low minimum quantity orders, exceptionally high quantity orders that run into tens of thousands of patches, innovative design and fastening options are the rule of the day. For some companies like The Studio, the Stadri Emblems, Quality Patches, Patches for Less, and Beauty Emblem that offer customizable embroidered patches, every order is a challenge and a motivation to do better than their earlier ones; furthermore, every one of their clients’ orders are given special attention in order to retain their customer base in this fast-growing manufacturing sector. This has led to the creation of advanced production techniques and special custom embroidered patches with rhinestones, frayed edges, puff patches, vintage styles, glow-in-the-dark and even fire-retardant patches.

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  • Get Rid Of Ugly Wrinkles With These Creams

    Every woman wishes to have a flawless and a wrinkle-free skin. Using wrinkle creams can easily uplift their skin and make them look younger. As per clinical studies and renowned dermatologists, using the best wrinkle creams can prove quite beneficial for the skin. The only thing one has to examine while purchasing wrinkle creams is to look for the ingredients used in it. Different creams work effectively for different ages. To ensure that you have the right one, do a good research before you pick the one that is right for you. Meanwhile, here are some of the best wrinkle creams that help to reduce fine lines and make the skin feel young.

    37 Actives High-Performance Anti-Aging Cream
    The world’s finest anti-aging ingredients are formulated and are incorporated into intelligent skill design by using 50 cosmetically relevant ingredients that relates any skin problems and effectively works on anti-aging. It is designed with advanced modern and intelligent skincare that helps in smoothening and reduces skin blemishes. It is one of the best wrinkle creams around and is priced at about $295.

    Kate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment + Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment
    Irrespective of your skin type, the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment + Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment works well. It is formulated with an exfoliator that drastically reduces any skin problems, tightens the skin, and gives it a brighter look. Within two minutes, the face becomes healthy and looks reflective. The cost of the treatment is around $105. Note, this one smells really great.

    Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream Rich
    This clinically-formulated product has made advantages over normal face creams. Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream Rich is one such product that has been formulated to give you a wrinkle free skin. This 50 ml face cream is available at $190 and it is really said to pamper the skin. It completely moisturizers and rejuvenates the skin quickly. Additionally, the cream has excellent healing power that reduces dullness. It does not simply work on the surface of the skin, but it penetrates deep into the skin cells to repair them effectively.

    Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic + Retinol Anti-Aging Moisturizer
    One of the richest and most luxurious anti-aging moisturizing creams, this one improves skin condition. It is formulated with visible improvements in the skin complexion and nourishes the skin, thus providing all essential requirements. It is easy to purchase the product via online at a price of about $72 and has an anti-aging power of retinol in it. The trademark-pending ECG Cellular Complex completely target the skin cells and improve fine lines and reduces wrinkles all over the face color

    Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer
    Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer is rated as one of the best wrinkle creams to target wrinkled skin. The moisturizing effect of this cream works to repair dead skin cells and improve skin condition. The effectively formulated wrinkle cream is best to use during the day or even nights which easily stubborn wrinkles all over the face. The budget-friendly products come at a price of about $21, which give an everlasting look to the skin.

    Lancome Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector
    The product that is the gel to an oil formulated perfect moisturizer that easily nourishes and blends into the skin. It not only reduces wrinkles what is also effective in reducing foods and smoothening the skin. It is available at a price of $88 that definitely gives a bouncy look from the first use itself. Apart from the visible improvement in skin texture it also uplifts the skin and gives young looking radiance.

    Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Eye Cream and Neutrogena Age Shield Face Lotion Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 110
    It is one of the best creams for reducing wrinkles with the super potent anti-aging that effectively works on the skin. It is made out of the finest ingredients that definitely takes care of the skin and also has advanced technology that uplifts the beauty of the skin. The product can be applied all over the face and neck, which gives an everlasting and natural look.

  • Saving big with Wayfair coupons

    Wayfair is one of the leading commerce company that retails well online. With a plethora of household items to shop for, the site can never leave you with enough. Moreover, who does not love to beautifully decorate one’s abode with every fascinating thing that he/she can get their hands on. Wayfair acts as a pandora’s box to every interior lover.

    But hey, how can you shop without turning into a popper after shopping from Wayfair. Well, the company has you covered with a some very cool Wayfair coupons that you can avail of. Lay your hands on these coupons and watch as you go click, click, click on your order without having to think too hard. And yes, you can then save the money that you kept aside and maybe take your kid to the play zone. Here are some ways in which you can save big with your Wayfair coupons.

    Internet search – Surf through the internet and you will some super saving Wayfair coupons that you can apply while making a purchase through the site. You can enjoy up to $50 of off on several items that may be on your wish list.

    Organize – If you are lucky to get coupon make sure that you keep the code safe if you have a future purchase in mind. Also, do keep track on the expiry date of the coupon or you may end up losing on the golden jackpot. Keeping the coupon pinned on the desktop or a place that is visible will help you remember before finally shopping.

    Subscribe to Newsletters – Many online pages give out Wayfair coupons. Subscribing to newsletters with your email may surprise with coupons in your inbox. Well, imagine being greeted with a big value Wayfair coupon, doesn’t that feel good already.

    Look out for sales – Wayfair is always putting out amazing stuff on sales. Keep your eyes on the website regularly and who knows, the coach that you have been eyeing since forever may be up on sale.

    Loyalty – Loyalty always pays off, well, at least most of the times. Purchasing your requirements from the same store can leave you with some great saving loyalty points.

    Stockpile – If you have a coupon for a certain product and find that the deal is great, then most definitely go ahead and buy it. Products available on Wayfair aren’t perishable and purchasing things that you may need in the future does no harm.

    What are you waiting for, save big already!

  • All about the best new gaming consoles in the market

    Gaming consoles have changed the world of online gaming since their origin in 1972. The gaming community has never looked back ever since, and it doesn’t look like the craze is going to slow down anytime in the near future. Even today, new game console releases excite the gaming community. And why shouldn’t it? A new console offers a world of new possibilities and experiences.

    New gaming systems aim to improve the overall gaming experience for the player. This usually implies blurring the lines between the virtual world and real world. So, what do the new gaming systems on the market offer today?

    Two gaming console companies battle head-on with each other. Each one releasing one or two new video game consoles every year. Players have been spoilt with a variety of options available in the market. Have a look at the benefits and offers of the two new game console releases.

    XBox One X

    Microsoft isn’t calling their latest update “The World’s Most Powerful Console” for no reason. Apart from its predecessors like XBox 36O, this new console is already gaining eyeballs in the world of gaming for all the right reasons.

    One of the best features of this new gaming console release is that it has a high level of horsepower. This can beat the competitors as well. A graphics performance of 6 teraflops makes a visible difference in the gaming experience. This new release has made a drastic update from the 1.31 teraflops. You also get an impressive 1TB storage and 12GB of RAM.

    It is compatible and shares its gaming library with the whole XBox One series. It simply means that it won’t be missing out on any games from the previous generations. This new gaming console supports a 4K display and HDR gaming at 60 frames per second, making your gaming experience realistic, sharper and much smoother. This new gaming console is priced at $499.

    PlayStation 4 Pro

    On the other end, you have Sony’s ever-evolving console, PlayStation. This new console, though being a part of the standard PlayStation 4, is still a classic. It is targeted to high-end gamers and cosumers. Just like the XBox One X, you can enjoy the benefits of a 4K display and HDR game quality, along with 1TB storage.

    The PS4 Pro is the ultimate newest game system as it has the ability to upgrade the visual fidelity on your standard 1080p TV or display screen. This way you can live through the 4K experience solely through your console. This latest gaming device can also avail video streaming through the pre-installed YouTube and Netflix apps that come with new and exclusive shows that suit your interests.

    Sony has also released some new gaming systems, the DualShock 4, is one of them. It is a wireless controller that comes with Bluetooth, a 2 point touchpad, and few other fascinating features. Although this game system was released in 2016, the PS4 Pro has paved the way for some of the latest gaming consoles by providing them new levels to aspire. This latest gaming device is available in the market for $399.