• Factors Considered by the Retail Industry for Women Fashion over 60

    Age is just a number and women prove that often by their dressing, whether they are 16 or 60. To dress right befits every woman and many of us want to get that skill right. To keep this concept alive, there are special occasion dresses for women over 60.

    Clothes for older women is a category that the retail sector is quite focused on right now. However, many retail companies have special occasion dresses for women over 60 included in the fashion chain. This attracts older women to make a purchase as personalized marketing is a powerful tool. Here are some of the factors that top retail stores consider before designing special occasion dresses for women over 60.

    Classic looks

    When a company designs a dress for women over 60, they imagine a classic look. This age has been through many trends and it makes it difficult for the brands to make something out of the blue for them. In that case, they go for a simple solid color or a classy print that makes the woman look in-fashion and young. Through the classic looks, women can convey their health and status which is an important reason for dressing up.

    Dress the part

    Special occasion dresses for women over 60 also means dressing for the part you want. This means that the retailers try to understand the reason for purchase. Once that is known to them, they make tailor-made dresses. For example, the work dress for women over 60 would be a simple wrap-around dress. Understanding the reason for purchase makes it easier to design the dress. This also shows the variety in your wardrobe satisfying you with the dresses you have. Variety brings in satisfaction and having the right dresses gives you that satisfaction.

    The iconic style

    Another guide to designing special occasion dresses for women over 60 is understanding the dressing of fashion icons above 60. This will help the designer in doubt and will also bring out something nice that you would like to buy and wear. Fashion icons are highly respected in the market and their dresses give confidence to those who want to try out a new style. However, not all dresses that suit them can suit you so following them blindly will only make you look silly.

    Retro style

    One of the safest designs of special occasion dresses for women over 60 for retailers is going retro. Tailoring something that used to be worn when they were young gives them a nostalgic feeling and some confidence to put it on. Retro outfits are evergreen and to be worn by a woman of that era marks some significance. There are a few colors like black and white, styles like long pants and butterfly sleeves that define the retro period and will be accepted by almost every woman in that age and stage.

    Embracing the age

    The retailers are particular about designing the special occasion dresses for women over 60 to embrace their age. The most important factor is that women should look comfortable in what they wear and that part happens when a woman thinks that she looks her age. Nobody prefers to wear something they aren’t comfortable in. It is important for women to feel easy in the dress they wear and once that is established, they can try different colors and patterns.

    Special occasion dresses for women over 60 is an excellent concept of design for clothing manufacturers. They not only have to think about what they design but also have to make sure that the sentiments of these ladies are kept in mind. This concept is gaining value in the retail industry and many see this as a business opportunity. It feels great to see a woman over 60 dressing fashionably and making a style statement wherever she goes.

  • Spring Refresh Collection at BHS is a must see

    While spring may be ready to make an exit, we are not particularly sure if we want to bid adieu to the beautiful season of flowers and freshness. This can be seen in shop windows all over the country, and the British Home Stores or BHS Online is singing the same tune. It has even launched a nationwide campaign called the Spring Refresh Collection which features a number of products that will help you hold on to spring even as you get your wardrobe summer-ready. Come and take a look at these versatile pieces that go from spring to summer in no time at all!

    • Blouses: To begin with, one of the best trends of the season can be seen at the BHS show windows. These blouses are floral pieces in formal neutral hues with little pops of color. But the best part about many pieces from this collection is the length. The part-tunic part-long blouse length is a replica of the Kurtas that one can see in East India. These go from blouses to dresses in one neat swipe. You can pair them with capris, ankle length, and pencil trousers in the spring, and then wear them as dresses when summer rolls around.
    • Tapered trousers: The tapered trousers are another versatile piece available in various colors here at BHS Online. You can buy these in white so that they go well with your spring blouses and your summer tee shirts with collars or V-necks. These trousers will keep you looking and feeling cool with their cotton, linen and polyester fabrics. You can choose from a plethora of styles and hues so that you have a piece which can be worn both during the cool spring times and the hot summer months.
    • Skirts: The British countryside comes alive with this collection of genteel skirts. The knee length and longer skirts that skim the calves have been designed to help you usher in a casual vibe for both spring and summer. These skirts come in the latest trend-setting color of the season – blue. The beach-inspired shades of blue have been used generously for the skirts featured by BHS, so that you have a plethora of styles in these hues for a soothing and casual look.
    • The Bold and the beautiful: Just because it has so many soothing pieces, does not mean that BHS has forgotten what it means to be bold and beautiful. For those who are always ready for a party or always looking for some drama, the collection has plenty of garments in bold red hues along with robust stripes, solid shades as well as structured necklines and pleats. This gives the collection and your wardrobe a definite edge and a piece or two from this collection is a must buy! Pair with neutral accessories to make a statement like none other!
  • The quintessential Burberry bags

    Burberry, the British luxury fashion house, has around 63 stores in the country alone, and hundreds more around the world. Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, this upscale brand sells ready-to-wear outerwear, fashion accessories, fragrances, sunglasses, and cosmetics.

    Available at its flagship stores across the country in many states, online luxury brand retailers, and at many high-end luxury department stores, Burberry bags are a staple accessory in the wardrobes of the rich and famous. Burberry offers a wide variety of bags, leaving customers spoiled for choice.

    Burberry bags are made in many styles for men, women, and even children including backpacks, briefcases, clutches, cross-body bags, holdalls, messenger bags, pouches, shoulder bags, tote bags, travel wallets, wash-bags, wristlets, and even baby changing bags/rucksacks. For example, the slim satchel designed with a monster motif animated in leather and faux shearling for kids can be enlarged to be made into a rucksack.

    Alligator leather, canvas, cotton, faux shearling, leather, nylon, plastic and laminate, silk, and velvet are some of the materials used to make Burberry bags. The Check & Leather Small Cross-body Bag in Black for women is made with the signature Burberry grained leather and check canvas with a detachable shoulder strap, while the Giant Reversible Unisex Tote in 12 different color combinations is made of Tartan cotton. It has contrasting sealed seams for highlighting the colors, and its trims are made of 100% calf leather.

    The House Check and Leather Baby Changing Bag from Burberry’s selection are made from leather with checked details. With adjustable handles, detachable straps, multiple pockets, a zip compartment, and a roll-out changing mat, the design is perfectly fit to suit practicality and style rolled into one. Also, the Rucksack in Technical Nylon and Leather available in black and ink blue can be monogrammed with initials for an additional $75. The raised Burberry lettering is done using a traditional goldwork technique. Equipped with lightweight and cushioned shoulder straps and leather trims, this bag comes with multi-zip pockets.

    In timeless styles, Burberry bags have been designed with modern sensibilities to suit the tastes of the refined.

  • Top 3 branded denim jackets on sale

    Gone are the days when denim meant sturdy cotton clothing in indigo color worn by workers such as laborers, teamsters, surveyors, and miners who needed heavy and durable work clothing. Now denim can either be casual relaxed wear or a swank and jazzy fashion statement, as it has been made so versatile by fashion designers. Whatever be the reason you are looking for denim jackets on sale, whether it is to add to an existing collection or to gift it to someone special, check out these online stores that have fabulous deals on denim jackets.

    The Ramones Distressed Denim Jacket that is on sale for around $34 from its original price of around $50 features a faded wash. Designed for women, it is patched with a Ramones emblem with “Johnny, Joey, DeeDee, and Tommy” graphics, a back-stitched graphic of the band members, a button front with basic collar, long sleeves with button cuffs, chest button-flap pockets, front welt pockets, and button-straps at the hem. It is made of 100% cotton and is available in sizes XS to L.

    The Bleached Cutoff Denim Jacket for women with an original price of $80 is now at a low price of $40, a 50% off sale. This denim jacket is designed with oversized slouch and a hacked-off, frayed hem. It is 18-inch long and is created with a front button closure, spread collar, long sleeves with single-button cuffs, chest button-flap pockets in 100% cotton material. It can be machine washed and carries a dry flat label to prevent stretching.

    The Levi’s® NFL Denim Trucker Jacket for men, which was originally sold for $108 is on sale now for $70. This classic sporty denim jacket is good for any day, but especially is the best choice for game day. The Levi’s® NFL Denim Trucker Jacket carries the details of the iconic Type III Trucker. If you are a fan of the NFL, the distinct team features displayed at the arm and back will make heads turn, and have no one doubt whose side you are on. Made of 100% cotton in a non-stretch denim fabric, this dark indigo colored jacket with Levi’s® branded copper shank buttons, chest pockets with button flaps, Levi’s® signature red tab at the chest is available in many sizes between S and 2XL.

  • Guide to buying Pandora bracelets and charms

    The charm of a bracelet is an unparalleled one which can invoke the feminine side of you with just a few tinkles. A charm bracelet by a well-known fine jewelry brand like Pandora is especially a great fashion accessory that you can pair with many different kinds of outfits, for different occasions.

    Pandora is a well-known American name that creates and distributes branded silver fine jewelry. Its bracelets are especially well known because of the quirky patterns rendered with great finesse, and the various charms that slip in and out of the durable pieces. Come and take a look at this guide for selecting the best charms and bracelets for a fashionable statement.

    Individuality is Key:
    • Remember, a charm bracelet is more than just a fashion accessory. Your choice of charms will speak volumes about your personality as well as preferences. So you would do well to select your charms based on your own individuality so that the piece expresses just who you are.
    • For example, if you like to travel, an Eiffel Tower charm or a globe for a charm would be the perfect addition to your bracelet. Similarly, if you are still secretly in love with Disney movies (who isn’t!), then you can try the Pandora Disney collection, which is a collaboration between the two great names.

    Know Your Type:
    • We are talking about the types of charm bracelets here! You should know all the various kinds of charm bracelets that have traditionally been around before you make a choice.
    • The most traditional style is one that has a link chain rendered in platinum, gold, silver or any other kind of metal.
    • The Pandora Bracelet sale will give you a whole range of options in fine silver, since this is one metal that matches all kinds of outfits, be it formal or casual!
    • You can also choose to have a more temporary kind of charm bracelet like the Italian charm bracelet which hugs the wrist instead of dangling from it. This kind of a bracelet is generally made with a more elastic material.
    • Moreover, the European charm bracelet will have changeable beads that are smaller in size, while the links of the main bracelet will be more squared or abstract. You can choose from a plethora of Pandora’s charms to do up such bracelets.

    • Now that we are done talking about the type, we can move on to the metal of choice. You will need to put some thought into this so that you select the metal that will complement your outfit, occasion as well as your lifestyle, in case you want to wear it on a long term and more permanent basis.
    • Gold and silver are some of the most common choices. You can choose sterling silver or other silver options for everyday wear, much like the range available at Pandora bracelet sale.

    The joy of wearing silver comes from the fact that it looks good with most outfits and can also be worn with formal and casual attire. But make sure that you do not mix metals!

  • A brief overview of Sperry boat shoes

    Boat shoes by Sperry is a first-of-its-kind shoe that was specifically designed for boating. However, with time, the footwear has become a style statement. The sheer comfort and ease with which it could be worn have rendered to its tremendous success and it has now found a place in every man’s wardrobe.

    Sperry boat shoes are immensely popular for those who enjoy boating every often. The footwear is handcrafted with a rubber sole and treated leather or canvas. Sperry boat shoes offer a diverse choice in color, material, and design. It is, notably, a below-the-ankle shoe with laces. The shoe has proven to be very sophisticated and comfortable and is an essential summer footwear. However, people wear the shoe even in winters, preferably with socks.

    Sperry boat shoes give one a dressed down look. The footwear is considered a semi-formal wear and is the best footwear choice to go with chinos. It goes well with jeans and shorts as well. Color choice of clothes and shoes should be complementary rather than matching to give a smart casual spirit. Boat shoes can be worn with business casual dress-line as well. It counters the stiffness of the traditional business suits. Nevertheless, care should be taken to select the occasion when one can opt for boat shoes in a business meeting. Dark tan or brown combines well with the navy, grey, and black suits that are the hallmarks of business casual wear.

    Paul A. Sperry an avid sailor and inventor introduced the first Sperry Top-Sider shoe into the boating footwear market in 1935. Over 8 decades, the shoe has gone through tremendous improvisation and has transformed from the boating shoe to a casual wear.

    Sperry co-partnered with Commonwealth shoes and leather and released the Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoe. In 1939, Sperry sold the manufacturing rights to the US Navy for making shoes for sailors at the naval academy. Since then, the brand Sperry changed a number of hands. Today Wolverine Worldwide owns the Sperry brand.

  • Trends in the Apparel and Accessories Sector

    The apparel and accessories industry is one of the fast-growing sectors of the economy. One thing that never goes out of fashion is fashion itself, and apparel and accessories define the fashion industry.

    They refer to clothing and ornaments of men, women, and children of the country. There are several apparel and accessories outlets and thus the choice you have is plenty. Each of it is unique in its own way of pricing, or the stuff that they sell.

    It becomes important for a company to be a trendsetter if it wants to be the face of the competition. However, there are certain trends that affect the apparel and accessories segment. These trends help to understand the market, as well as forecast the future share. The trends are as follows:

    Fast fashion

    People now believe in ‘being-in’ which is nothing but keeping pace with the fashion market. Apparel and accessories segment need to stick to the fast fashion lines, where they should move the goods in and out of stores quickly. New products should be kept in stores under fast marketing pressure, and the old ones should be dumped. Only in this case will a company stand out in comparison with others. However, the fast fashion segment is, it will usually be followed by all companies in the sector.

    Growing competition

    Another trend of the apparel and accessories industry is the growing competition among retailers and to curb that, retailers must believe in smart pricing and outlet decisions. The price is one major factor to stand out from this sea of competitors. It becomes necessary to maintain attractive outlets at fashion growing locations as this will make it easy for you to reach and make a purchase. However, a lot of retailers are always preoccupied with reaching the top, and in no time this will keep growing.


    One of the most disruptive trends in the apparel and accessories industry is personalization. In order to curb the market demand and be on the top, the retailers have started working on personalizing the customer experience. This is done through addressing the customers demand personally and analyzing their individual needs. Personalization can also be done by personal marketing techniques or by sending friendly reminders of purchase-again messages. The customer retention rate is higher when you know your customer, and that is possible through personalization tactics.

    New retail concepts

    Nobody prefers normal as it is out of fashion. Due to the various choices provided to the customer, it becomes important for you to innovate in the apparel and accessories industry. This will not only bring you sales but will mark you as a trendsetter. New retail concepts can be applied in the way you sell or manufacture a product, and also in the way your store looks. Customers are attracted to different looking stores that sell apparel and accessories. This can increase the number of walk-ins and thereby the sales. Breaking the traditional retail concepts will be one big advantage to modern retailers.

    Online shopping

    Online is becoming the next big thing in the apparel and accessories segment, and an attractive online store will gain the trust of the consumers. Make your online store reliable so that customers purchase from it, and they will also have the desire to walk-in your physical stores. The smartphone can do more magic than a real store, which can benefit the company in many ways. It also becomes financially cheaper to maintain an online store rather than a real store.

    Understanding the above trends becomes vital in the apparel and accessories industry, enabling you to remain in the competition and to estimate future sales. Internet shopping is on the top now, and planning along in that field can benefit you.

    Nothing defines you better than the way you look. This depends on the apparel and accessories you choose. So, compare different options and make the right choice!

  • The success of Duluth Trading clothing line

    Duluth Trading is a famous name in work-wear clothing category in the country. Each clothing made by Duluth Trading is actually field tested by real-time workers or different streams such as construction workers, dock hands, cycle riders, old hippies, and even other hard-as-nails characters. The real reason for Duluth Trading’s success can be attributed to the fact that the company caters to all sizes, including the big sizes that are left out by many popular brands. This is indeed a true American brand with actual sensitivity towards American Sizing.

    One of the most common pieces of clothing that are obsessed over by many men who are fans of Duluth Trading is the Buck Naked Performance underwear. If you are planning to go for one of their four iterations of the underwear – boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, and long boxer briefs, then you can go through online reviews of the same.

    People who diligently buy the Duluth Trading Brand testify that this is indeed an underwear that is true to its name. This Duluth Trading underwear series ensures comfort and does not make it uncomfortable for the wearer in any disturbing way. People have even reviewed that this underwear is so comfortable that they often cannot even remember that they are wearing one due to its light textured fabric. These reviews from customers have been valuable to Duluth Trading, that the branding team has also used the reviews as part of their marketing ideas with funny videos.

    While the Twitter account may have only a little over 6500 followers, the Duluth Trading brand has a much greater number of patrons. The very reason why this brand is a hit and has many ardent followers is due to the very simple fact that the clothing provided by Duluth Trading is very very comfortable. Another reason that Duluth Trading has been able to be in business for time immemorial is that they have an incredibly passionate customer base which is the center of focus for Duluth Trading’s further development strategies in clothing. The brand Dutch has a lot of loyal customers as their products are good.

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  • 6 best face moisturizers for dry skin

    Moisturizing is the key part of any beauty regime, and it is especially vital if you have dry skin. However, to accomplish great looking and healthy skin, it is essential that you pick the best face moisturizers for dry skin. The best face moisturizers for dry skin will get rid of the flaky texture and even out any discolored patches while replenishing your skin with lasting hydration. Moreover, regularly moisturizing dry skin will also help prevent any fine lines or the onset of premature aging. If you are planning to switch to a new product, then continue reading to know about the best face moisturizers for dry skin.

    COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream
    This non-greasy moisturizing cream can be used during the day as well as the night. The COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream instantly blends in the skin, enhancing the hydration levels and locking in the moisture to prevent the skin from getting dry. Furthermore, the COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream formula comprises buckthorn oil, known for its fatty acid and antioxidant content which helps in repairing damaged skin cells and controls redness. You can buy a 100g COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream container at approximately $16.

    L’Occitane Ultra-Rich 25 Percent Shea Butter Face Cream
    The L’Occitane Ultra-Rich 25 Percent Shea Butter Face Cream can be your best skin defender, especially during harsh winter temperatures. Its shea butter content effectively shields the skin from becoming dry. Moreover, the vitamins and fatty acids in shea butter renew the collagen, providing the skin a velvety feel. Moreover, the cream effortlessly blends within the skin, without giving it an oily appearance. At the moment, the estimated price of L’Occitane Ultra-Rich 25 Percent Shea Butter Face Cream is $34.

    Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm
    Developed with edelweiss flower extract, this moisturizing balm helps fortify the skin and inhibits moisture loss, maintaining an adequate hydration level for 24 hours. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm has a creamy, thick texture that wonderfully melts into the skin and protects it from growing dry even in the harshest cold climates. Therefore, this is an ideal pick if you have to deal with unforgiving winter seasons or are traveling to someplace with extremely low temperatures. Currently, this nourishing face moisturizer for dry skin costs around $56.

    CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
    This product is closely developed with dermatologists for treating very dry skin textures. It is even effective on eczema or psoriasis affected skins. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is rich with ceramides and hyaluronic acid that retain the skin’s hydration without making the skin greasy. It has a fragrance-free preparation, which makes it apt for people with sensitive skin. Its MVE® Delivery technology sustains the moisture levels for up to 24 hours. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream approximately costs $14. You can also get discount coupons on CeraVe’s official website.

    Weleda Skin Food
    This moisturizer is made with a mix of gentle viola tricolor, calendula, beeswax, chamomile, and different types of natural oils. Not just on the face, Weleda Skin Food can be used for hydrating the hands, elbows, knees, and feet. It can also be used as a makeup primer for achieving flawless foundation finish. Moreover, Weleda Skin Food can heal cracked or damaged skin. You can buy this plant-based, multi-purpose moisturizer for around $19.

    St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer
    If you are dealing with dryness as well as fine lines or wrinkles, then try using St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer. It includes a formulation of elastin, collagen, and safflower seed oil that rejuvenates the skin cells, making it smoother and radiant. Furthermore, this moisturizer plumps up the skin by minimizing any visibility of aging signs on the face. You can buy St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer around $46.

    Unfortunately, no one face moisturizer for dry skin will suit every consumer. Therefore, before settling on one product, ensure that you try some best dry skin lotion samples. These will give you a fair idea whether the face moisturizers go well with your dry skin.

  • 3 reasons why your organization may need asset tracking

    Across organizations, a major part of the capital is tied up in assets and inventory. This is true regardless of the size of the organization. Most organizations tend to use traditional methods of inventory management to keep track of these assets. However, these traditional methods often cost a lot and incur additional expenses. Also, if asset tracking and management are not given priority, it might lead to unnecessary and avoidable overhead costs.

    Not managing and tracking assets efficiently can also lead to a drop in the productivity levels of employees in the organization. Without asset tracking, it can be time-consuming and frustrating to look for replacements for damaged or malfunctioning assets and to wait for someone from the maintenance team to repair or replace assets. It can also cause deadlocks in the workflow. Here are a few reasons why an organization requires asset management.

    Finding correct information on the availability and usage of assets
    Asset tracking and management provide accurate information regarding the availability and usage of each asset in the organization. An organization will get timely and detailed insights and reports regarding the management of assets. This can improve the business workflow and decrease unnecessary overhead costs related to the organization’s inventory and equipment.

    Increasing asset productivity and efficiency of maintenance practices
    With asset tracking, employees of an organization can quickly get hold of a tool, software, device, or equipment. This will save a lot of time and effort. This saved time and effort can be redirected towards increasing employee productivity. Asset tracking can also help in setting up timely maintenance schedules. This will help to reduce equipment downtime and avoid any deadlocks associated with malfunctioning business assets.

    Centralization of asset management activities
    Earlier businesses had to use multiple platforms to manage the different stages of an asset’s lifecycle, from procurement to retirement. The use of multiple platforms increases costs and effort. With asset tracking software and tools, the various activities associated with businesses assets can be centralized and managed from one place. This will not only decrease costs but will also make the asset management process seamless and simple.

  • Things you must know about cell phone lookup

    It has become very easy to lookup for a person or a number online. One of the popular searches made online is for listings belonging to particular numbers. This method of looking up people using a cell phone number only is called reverse lookup as compared to other cell phone lookup practices which are used for looking up a person’s cell phone number using details like name and address.

    Looking up cell phone numbers and their listings have become very common and easy as there is a number of online number directories where one can find associated listings for a number. While most of these are free, there are several websites that won’t give you the results without a small fee.

    Let us talk about why you should not pay for cell phone lookup services online. If you make a non-specific search for cell phone directories online, then the results will bring up both paid as well as free services. So if you are not willing to pay for looking up the cell phone numbers than you need to specifically search for free online cell phone directory.

    If you are asked to share your credit card or other financial information online on websites that lookup cell phone numbers, it is always a good idea to stay away from these. A lot of the times these websites are unreliable and sharing your financial and personal details can put you at a risk. And most of the times, these websites will have the same information as the free cell phone lookup websites. The information that such paid service websites offer can easily be dug up online.

    Now if any of these free resources do not seem to help you and you really need to know perform a cell phone lookup, then you should always check the authenticity of the website that is asking you to pay for the information. One of the best ways to do so is to check whether their contact number and email ID mentioned on the site are correct and responsive.