• Spring Refresh Collection at BHS is a must see

    While spring may be ready to make an exit, we are not particularly sure if we want to bid adieu to the beautiful season of flowers and freshness. This can be seen in shop windows all over the country, and the British Home Stores or BHS Online is singing the same tune. It has even launched a nationwide campaign called the Spring Refresh Collection which features a number of products that will help you hold on to spring even as you get your wardrobe summer-ready. Come and take a look at these versatile pieces that go from spring to summer in no time at all!

    • Blouses: To begin with, one of the best trends of the season can be seen at the BHS show windows. These blouses are floral pieces in formal neutral hues with little pops of color. But the best part about many pieces from this collection is the length. The part-tunic part-long blouse length is a replica of the Kurtas that one can see in East India. These go from blouses to dresses in one neat swipe. You can pair them with capris, ankle length, and pencil trousers in the spring, and then wear them as dresses when summer rolls around.
    • Tapered trousers: The tapered trousers are another versatile piece available in various colors here at BHS Online. You can buy these in white so that they go well with your spring blouses and your summer tee shirts with collars or V-necks. These trousers will keep you looking and feeling cool with their cotton, linen and polyester fabrics. You can choose from a plethora of styles and hues so that you have a piece which can be worn both during the cool spring times and the hot summer months.
    • Skirts: The British countryside comes alive with this collection of genteel skirts. The knee length and longer skirts that skim the calves have been designed to help you usher in a casual vibe for both spring and summer. These skirts come in the latest trend-setting color of the season – blue. The beach-inspired shades of blue have been used generously for the skirts featured by BHS, so that you have a plethora of styles in these hues for a soothing and casual look.
    • The Bold and the beautiful: Just because it has so many soothing pieces, does not mean that BHS has forgotten what it means to be bold and beautiful. For those who are always ready for a party or always looking for some drama, the collection has plenty of garments in bold red hues along with robust stripes, solid shades as well as structured necklines and pleats. This gives the collection and your wardrobe a definite edge and a piece or two from this collection is a must buy! Pair with neutral accessories to make a statement like none other!
  • 5 tips for choosing the perfect evening dress

    Evening dresses are knee- or ankle-length flowy gowns or body-hugging dresses of varying lengths that women wear usually on special occasions. Choosing the right evening dress can be an overwhelming process as you have to pick something that matches your style and taste and fits you perfectly. Let us not forget picking the right color for the occasion.

    The following article offers tips to help you in choosing an evening dress that is perfect for you.

    One of the interesting things about wearing evening dresses is irrespective of the occasion, they can be simple yet alluring for any event. Pick a dress that puts focus on your best features and a color that looks the best on you. A simple little black dress with a chunky neckpiece can make you look stunning.

    This is one of the main factors to consider when choosing an evening dress. An event could either be a formal dinner with work-related people or family; a casual evening with friends; or a night at a club with your girls. It is important that your outfit corresponds to the nature of the event. Thus, consider the type of event and its location before deciding a dress. You would not want to be looking out of place by wearing a glamorous outfit at the local pub down the street.

    It is important to pick a dress with a color that best complements your skin tone. A dress or a gown, no matter how beautiful, might not look impressive if it looks too dull or too bright in comparison to your natural skin tone. You could take a friend along or take advice from the sales personnel to help you get an idea about which color looks good on you.

    Body shape
    The thumb rule for choosing an evening dress is that you should pick a dress that enhances your best features. Fashion experts suggest sticking to V-line or A-line dresses if you are not sure as to what kind of evening gown would suit you perfectly.

    It is ideal to accessorize your evening gown. A flashy or elaborate gown should be dressed down with simple accessories like a pair of stud earrings or charms bracelet. Whereas, a simple evening gown can be made jazzy by carrying a bling clutch or a pair of beautiful chandelier earrings or a layered neckpiece.

  • Tips to wear your jewelry elegantly

    When it comes to making a fashion statement, women love getting everything right. If it’s your prom or your first date, you have to look perfect. Everything, right from the hair to the makeup to the jewelry and lastly, the dress, has to be in sync with each other. However, even if your uncut diamond chain is worth thousands of dollars, it doesn’t mean that it would look great with whatever your wear. There are certain jewelry etiquette to be followed, which would give you the poised diva look you aimed at. There are certain jewelry items that can be worn with your casual outfits and with your cocktail dresses alike. For instance, your diamond stud earrings suit the bill perfectly. But, this isn’t applicable with every jewelry.

    You might love that crochet choker, but you need to know what to pair it with, here are some jewelry etiquette you need to follow.

    The lesser the better- These days people prefer everything minimalistic. Gone are the days when you would see your favorite movie star on the red carpet, wearing diamond necklaces with diamond earrings and a matching bracelet. These days, you would see them sporting a very sober look. Nude lipstick, minimum makeup, and normal jewelry. You need to wear your jewelry in accordance to your attire. If your dress is dark in color and has shimmer, opt for lesser jewelry.

    Simple yet stunning- There are individuals who love flaunting their big jewelry pieces. Everybody loves the honeycomb-like chain, but you cannot wear it with your fit and flare dress. You need something subtle. The secret of looking elegant is keeping your jewelry simple.

    Stop playing “match”- Everyone has the tendency to wear jewelry that “matches” their attire. You must not wear an entire jewelry set just because it matches. Long earrings and a heavy necklace don’t go well together. Instead, either opt for the earrings alone and if you are very keen on wearing the necklace, pair it with studs or don’t wear earrings at all.

    Adorn your arms carefully- Every woman loves their cocktail rings. The big lustrous rocks are a sight to behold and when you have them in your jewelry collection, you would obviously flaunt it. Freshly manicured nails make it more tempting to wearing these rings. However, take care that the color of your nails and your rings don’t clash. If it does, then the result would be quite garish.

    The bottom line is, no matter how much you love all your jewelry, you simply cannot wear them without thinking of the total outfit. It has to go with the outfit and not match it. This mantra would help you wear your jewelry elegantly the next time.

  • Apparel and Accessories for Different Occasions

    Apparel doesn’t define your character, but it defines your personality. Hence, choosing the right apparel is important as it reflects your personality. While going for an important occasion such as meeting, interview, date, or party, the first question that clings your mind is, “what to wear?” followed by, “how to accessorize it?” All you want is an outstanding look and a remarkable appearance. This is possible only if you dress up according to the occasion and your body type. Read on to know what to wear on different occasions.

    Apparel and accessories for a meeting

    Whether it is meeting, conference or an interview, never wear anything that makes you look unconfident or exaggerated. Try to look simple, confident, and professional. So, choose for formal dresses and accessories.

    For men

    Do not opt for anything other than a suit with a tie. Try avoiding casuals such as t-shirts, hoodies, track pants, and shorts. Wear a clean, body-fit suit with well-polished shoes. You can wear a formal chain or leather wrist watch. Do not wear any broach on your coat, it may look clumsy.

    For women

    Keep it simple but classy. You may wear a formal shirt with a coat and trousers or with a knee-length pencil skirt. You need not wear earrings or other jewelry, but if you want to, choose simple tops. Keep your makeup light by applying a base cream with a face powder and a light lip color. It is better if you wear a toe covering footwear either white or black in color. It must be clean and must not contain shimmer.

    Apparel and accessories for a date

    Dates are always special. It is a quality time that you spend with your loved ones. So, you always want to look stunning. However, it is also important to feel comfortable in your dress. So, always wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel good.

    For men

    Most women like a dainty look. A suit with a broach, pocket square, tie or a bow will do. If you are choosing all the three, keep your tie or bow simple but stylish. Make a combination of dark and light. If your coat is dark, your tie and pocket square must be light in color. The tie must blend with your shirt.

    If you are wearing jeans, pair it up with a t-shirt and sneakers. Wear light color during the day and dark one on a night date.

    For women

    If you are going on a dinner date, choose slightly shimmering clothes or accessories. If you are planning to wear a glossy dress, keep your accessories simple and elegant. Your dress must be classy, body fit, and comfortable.

    If you are meeting on a lunch date or anytime during the day, keep your makeup simple and natural. Your dress must be light colored may be white or peach. You may accessorize it by complementing jewelry. Do not forget to practice sitting and walking in the dress so that you do not feel uncomfortable when you are with your partner. Try to be yourself and avoid overdoing with your makeup or jewelry.

    Apparel and accessories for a party

    Party is the time to enjoy and have fun. So, your dress must be classy, comfortable, and according to the mood of the party. If it is a theme party, do not spoil it by dressing up differently. If it is a wedding party, opt for bright colors like red, blue or any other dark color. If you are preparing for a club party, choose a hot dress with shimmers. If it is a casual party, opt for a casual apparel.

    For men

    You must dress according to the mood of the party. You may try something formal or ethnic when going to a marriage party. Maybe a suit or tuxedo will look good. But if you are on a casual party, choose a casual t-shirt, jacket and a pair of ragged jeans. You can also add some accessories like chains, cap, and rings if you want.

    For women

    You can wear a gown or a knee-length dress for a wedding. Colors like blue, red or peach may look good for a wedding. Add on accessories such as earrings, finger rings, neck piece to your dress if required. You may wear heels if comfortable. If you are going to a casual party, wear a casual dress like jeans and jacket with a stylish top and some casual jewelry like a bracelet, necklace, and earring. If the party is in a club, wear a shimmering dress. Keep your jewelry plain and simple if your dress is heavy.

  • Commons factors for all handbags

    While every handbag you pick is unique, the ultimate purpose of all handbags is similar to some extent. There are two types of handbag buyers, ones who prefer the designer handbags, and the others who like the designers but look for more functionality over a  particular design. Each has their unique taste, but as stated, the criteria to finally pick a bag apart from design are based on the following:

    All handbags need an element of functionality. One cannot be guaranteed a handbag of great quality on the basis of the price and a designer label. Your all-purpose handbags are the ones that are functional and support your everyday routine. A good handbag can be worn on your arm or your shoulder or across your body in style. When you pick your all-purpose handbag, you need to see if the straps are long enough to be worn on your shoulder and across the body, and if you want to wear it on your arm, then it should have shorter handles and ensure that the strap can be pushed back into the bag without being a clutter. Depending on what you need is whether you need your all-purpose handbag for office, for kids, for shopping, the space of the compartments, the number of compartments, everything matters. When you buy a handbag think of the functionality of its design in the long term so that you can use your handbag conveniently.

    Beyond functionality, is the sustainability of the handbag. When you pick an all-purpose handbag, you need one that can weather through any form of rough use. You don’t want it tearing easily, handles being flimsy, or the strap getting cut, etc. It’s not enough if the bag looks good, you need it to endure with you for a few years at least. A handbag that will easily snap the next day is not something that you can consider for your all-purpose handbag.

    Two other key important factors that you need to watch out for when picking your all-purpose handbag is wearability and versatility. Will your handbag blend well with all your clothing or will it look out of place as an accessory? Lastly, when you think of the versatility, you definitely need a good color, the functionality of all handbags is important, but picking a good color is important as it is something you will pick to complement your attire as well.

    One great approach toward finding luxury designer handbags is through online sales. You may just end up finding the all-purpose handbag that fits all your requirements.

  • The success of Duluth Trading clothing line

    Duluth Trading is a famous name in work-wear clothing category in the country. Each clothing made by Duluth Trading is actually field tested by real-time workers or different streams such as construction workers, dock hands, cycle riders, old hippies, and even other hard-as-nails characters. The real reason for Duluth Trading’s success can be attributed to the fact that the company caters to all sizes, including the big sizes that are left out by many popular brands. This is indeed a true American brand with actual sensitivity towards American Sizing.

    One of the most common pieces of clothing that are obsessed over by many men who are fans of Duluth Trading is the Buck Naked Performance underwear. If you are planning to go for one of their four iterations of the underwear – boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, and long boxer briefs, then you can go through online reviews of the same.

    People who diligently buy the Duluth Trading Brand testify that this is indeed an underwear that is true to its name. This Duluth Trading underwear series ensures comfort and does not make it uncomfortable for the wearer in any disturbing way. People have even reviewed that this underwear is so comfortable that they often cannot even remember that they are wearing one due to its light textured fabric. These reviews from customers have been valuable to Duluth Trading, that the branding team has also used the reviews as part of their marketing ideas with funny videos.

    While the Twitter account may have only a little over 6500 followers, the Duluth Trading brand has a much greater number of patrons. The very reason why this brand is a hit and has many ardent followers is due to the very simple fact that the clothing provided by Duluth Trading is very very comfortable. Another reason that Duluth Trading has been able to be in business for time immemorial is that they have an incredibly passionate customer base which is the center of focus for Duluth Trading’s further development strategies in clothing. The brand Dutch has a lot of loyal customers as their products are good.

  • How fashion accessories enhance your personality?

    Wearing fashion accessories has become quite popular among the people around the world. They have so many benefits that you can ignore them at their own peril. For instance, jewelries, when worn with the ethnic costume, can make you the darling of the functions and events. Amazing accessories go a long way in creating an instant impression on the people. One of the most important benefits is that they help to enhance the personality by many notches.

    Scarves and beautiful shawls can be adorned during the winter season. It is important to search new styles and designs hitting the store. Some people like trendy clothes that become the cynosure of all eyes. You can log on to the website and browse through the numerous items available on the page.

    Traditional and contemporary appearances drive the popularity of the accessories. The biggest issue in buying the necessary stuff is to find a reliable retail store. The reputation of the retailer is essential or else you might get stuck up with the substandard product. When you are choosing the accessory, always examine the size as it should fit nicely on the neck, hands or fingers. Mismatch in size may force you to change the product and it would take more time in the long run.

    Since the cost of the jewelry doesn’t break the back, one can easily buy many accessories depending on the requirements and specifications. The color is an important parameter that has to be taken into account. It might be wise to wear neutral colored pieces of jewelry so that they can impart contrast with bright colored costumes.

    Wedding occasions call for celebrations and not only the bride, but also the guests should be dressed to the kill. Metal accessories can be extremely handy for the people. You should make sure that they are of high quality and last for a very long time. Defective products do not arrive with a warranty and can do more harm than good.

    Some people may like to adorn items that have numerous embellishments as over the top designs tend to enhance the personality of the individual. You can always consult the retailer or check the specifications of the product before the purchase. The majority of buyers like to purchase the diamond ring or necklaces as they shine on the body. Some of them glisten and appear quite expensive.

    While going for shopping, take your friends or family members along. It will help you to take right decision as far as fashion accessories are concerned. Prior to purchasing, formulate the budget so that the product is not only of high quality but is also cost effective. There are numerous online retailers who can provide the same, therefore read the testimonials of the customers to understand whether they have a good track record of providing long lasting accessories.

  • Why Moissanite rings are becoming the popular choice

    Every girl loves diamond rings but Moissanite rings are being considered a popular choice these days. The stone is chosen for its luster and brilliance and yet the Moissanite is far more beautiful than you would have ever known. It came to Earth by a meteor and possesses a sparkle and brightness not seen in a diamond. It was in 1893 that the Noble Prize-winning scientist Dr. Henri Moissan discovered the Moissanite while doing research in Diablo Canyon, Arizona. He discovered that the new mineral had a brilliance and fire that was not seen on Earth. The mineral he concluded was made of silicon carbide.

    It is beautiful and durable and affordable. This makes it a perfect stone for every occasion, especially for Moissanite rings. There is no stone that compares to the Moissanite. The Moissanite stone possesses a fire, brilliance, and luster which makes it a popular and affordable choice in place of diamond rings. It sparkles unlike any other stone found on earth. It comprises carbon and silicon and is one of the hardest and toughest known elements on earth. This makes it extremely resistant to scratching, chipping, and even breaking.

    This is now becoming a popular center stone for an engagement/wedding ring. It comes in many shapes and sizes and is used to create a unique ring called Moissanite diamond rings or the Moissanite ring. While shopping for Moissanite rings/jewelry, its sparkle makes it stand out. This sparkle is not just on the surface, as there is science behind it. The beauty and the sparkle of the material lie deeper within the stone.

    Brilliance is the flash of white light that exits at the top and sides of a gemstone. The higher the refraction, the more brilliant the jewel/diamond looks. The Moissanite’s superior refractive index makes it one of the most brilliant gemstone on earth. Its fire, flashes of color light, is impressive. The luster is the amount of light that reflects back to the observer. The Moissanite has 18% more luster than a diamond and 50% greater luster than a CZ.

    When giving Moissanite ring as a gift or proposing with a Moissanite diamond ring, you can be confident that your gift will endure a lifetime. Moissanite is made of the material that is tougher than diamonds. The atomic structure of Moissanite diamond differs from that of a diamond. It is durable and the Moissanite can be exposed to heat and chemicals during manufacturing or jewelry repair which often damage other gemstones.

    It is one of the hardest gemstones on earth. It is harder than popular diamond stimulants. The beauty and the value of the Moissanite diamond makes it a clear choice for the best sparkle and great value.

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  • Eye Floaters and Flashes – Causes and Treatment

    Spots in your vision are called eye floaters. These spots drift through the field of vision when you look at bright objects. Although eye floaters do not cause any pain, they can be annoying. Large eye floaters may cause a shadow over your vision. These large floaters appear only when exposed to certain types of light. Eye floaters and flashes move around in your eye and seem to move away when the focus is on them.

    Change in the protein fibers that make up the vitreous part of the eye is what causes eye floaters. There are some serious eye disorders that can be associated with eye floaters, such as, a torn retina, detached retina, inflamed vitreous, vitreous bleeding, and eye tumors.

    Causes of eye floaters
    Eye floaters and flashes are mainly caused by the changes in the protein fibers (collagen). These changes are part of the aging process. Collagen is the protein that makes up the vitreous of the eye. Floaters are flecks of collagen that shrink as you age. Once they shrink to little shreds, they bind together to cast shadows on the retina of the eye. Although very rare and unlikely, floaters may be caused by eye injury, diabetic retinopathy, eye tumors, or deposits in the vitreous.

    Eye floaters may be of different shapes and sizes. They may be in the form of black or grey dots, thread-like structures, rings, cobwebs, or squiggly lines. These changes in collagen can happen at any age, but 50 to 75 years is the most likely age range when they can occur.

    Eye floaters treatment
    When you start noticing a large number or large-sized floaters or rapid changes in floaters, you need to consult a doctor immediately. Flashes of light, loss of side vision, eye pain, or rapid changes in floaters are a cause of concern and require immediate medical help.

    The treatment would depend on what causes eye floaters. Benign floaters do not require any treatment. Shifting your focus will help get rid of them. Too large floaters or too many floaters may, however, require surgical treatment.

    Eye floaters do not cause any pain. Most people who experience eye floaters learn to live with them since they do not interfere with their vision. Age-related change in the protein composition of the vitreous is what causes eye floaters. People with nearsightedness or who have just had a cataract surgery are more susceptible to developing eye floaters.

  • 5 things to remember when buying appliances online

    Online shopping has become a trend, where people buy almost everything online, even furniture and home appliances. Shopping online might not be easy as you don’t get a first-hand experience of the product you may want to buy, but it sure has the best deals which you won’t get in showrooms. But with that said, there are a lot of factors you need to consider before buying home appliances.

    Buying appliances online is not an easy task, but it is not a difficult task either if you go with some planning. When shopping for online appliances attention needs to be paid to every single detail. To make your task easier, prepare a list of brands, features, budget, and every other thing that comes to your mind. Then all you got to do is read reviews of the products you are planning to buy.

    Here is a list of things you should remember when buying online appliances. This list will only make it convenient for you to remember the things that need attention before you buy

    •  Determine your needs

    When buying online appliances, the first thing you have to do is take a closer look at your needs. Not just your needs but your family’s needs as well. This means that your online appliances should be able to meet the basic needs of you and your family.

    • Take measurements

    Taking the measurement of the space you are going to keep your appliance will be very beneficial for you; otherwise, if the appliance won’t fit then you will end up having to figure out where to keep it. If possible measure the old device you had, before selecting the new one. This will give you an idea of the dimensions needed for the new appliance.

    • Research

    Before selecting any product, do some research on the brand you are going to buy. This will give you an idea of the brand’s policies and about the products or services they offer. Also, read as many reviews as you can, this will give you an in-depth knowledge of the product you are going to buy. While reading reviews, also read reviews of the online store you are purchasing from to find out about the delivery speed, packaging, and return policies.

    • Track your online appliances purchase

    When you are done ordering your appliance, keep a regular check on the day your order is expected to arrive. You might get updates of your order in the form SMS or emails, so keep in touch with the retailer. Online appliances usually take two to four weeks to ship, but it might also depend on the retailers. It is always better to get rid of the old machines before the new one arrives otherwise, both the appliances will unnecessarily occupy extra space.

    • Inspect the online appliances thoroughly upon arrival

    When your online appliances are delivered to you, the first thing you should do is carefully check the appliances for damages or dents. Don’t sign the papers unless you are satisfied with the product.Before signing the documents, ask the delivery man what you are supposed to do if you find any damages in the product. He will usually be able to advise you on the same. You may also call on your retailer’s customer service helpline to find out more. Also, always check for the easy return or exchange policy with the retailers.

    These are a few important things that you should pay attention to when you are buying online appliances. Always plan the list of things you need to focus on, that will only make your shopping easy.

  • Maximizing cabinet space in kitchens

    Small kitchens are cozy, convenient and perfect for whipping up a delicious meal in a jiffy. As is with small kitchen owners, there are times when they lack enough space to store their kitchen utensils, electronics and other paraphernalia. Let us find out some tricks to maximize cabinet space in the kitchen:

    Uniformity in storage: One great way to maximize the cabinet counter space is by freeing up the space where you overload staple items like sugar, flour, salt, etc. and instead store them in uniform jars. Pick up some pretty Mason jars from a local store and store staples in them, which will not only make them look uniform but also attractive.

    Adding shelves: Depending upon the woodwork of the storage cabinet, adding a small shelf inside the cabinet to separate a huge space and create two storage spaces will help maximize the size of the square cabinet.

    Eliminating doors: Eliminating cabinets doors, especially on wall cabinets and those beneath the kitchen countertop gives a sense of openness and frees up a few inches that the door would have taken off the storage. Choose natural, light accents and shades rather than dark shades for the cabinets.

    Hooks for mugs: Mugs stored within a cabinet is not only inconvenient but also make an unholy noise every time you open the cabinet, and also leave room for breakage. Use hooks on a wooden beam instead to hang mugs.

    Bar glasses: Having a separate space for wine glasses and beer mugs is an impossible task in a common home, and even more impossible in studio apartments. Instead, hang a wire holder on the side of the kitchen wall cabinet and mount your bar glasses on them.

    Kitchen towels: Instead of wrapping kitchen towels around the fridge handle adding a holder onto the side of the counter table would make it perfect choice for everyone, including the little ones, to keep their hands dry.

    Extra space: If your dining space is within your kitchen limits and if there is any wall cabinet in the dining area, don’t waste the space beside the cabinet. Install hooks on the side to create a hanging storage space for keys, veggies, herbs and extra paraphernalia.

    Kitchen tools: The chunky and heavy kitchen tools and cutting boards always tend to occupy a lot of cabinet space. Instead, hang them on the window or the sides of the wall cabinets to free up space.