• Reasons Why Ray-Ban Glasses are a Great Choice

    Sunglasses are a form of eyewear which are designed to protect the eye from sunlight, and UV rays, high-energy lights from damaging the eyes. They are sometimes also used as visual aids and also as an accessory to enhance the look of an individual. Having colored, darkened or polarized lenses, sunglasses or sun shades were referred to as ‘sun cheaters’ in the early 20th century.

    Sunglasses are recommended when a person is out in the sun to prevent the eyes from getting damaged by blue light and UV rays. Sunglasses are also worn by people who have just undergone some surgical procedure of the eye.

    Ray-Ban glasses

    Be it a bike ride or a beach party, sunglasses are a favorite fashion accessory among fashionistas since the 1940s. Ray-Ban is a brand of eyewear and sunglasses and was founded by Bausch & Lomb, an American Company in 1937. Ray-Ban is best known for their range of Aviators and Wayfarers.

    In the year 1999, the brand was sold to the Italian Luxottica Group. Among all other eyewear brands available in the market, Ray-Ban has carved its name as the most iconic. Originally Bausch & Lomb manufactured Ray-Ban sunglasses for American airmen but today, having a trendy pair of Ray-Ban glasses is definitely every fashionista’s dream. Their most popular sunglasses are Aviators and Wayfarers.

    Ray-Ban Aviators

    While flying high and fast, pilots reported that the glare they experienced was leading to headaches, vision problems, and altitude sickness and reduced their ability to function at the altitude required for military action. The only solution to this was a pair of dark glasses to protect the eyes while at the same time allowing one to see what is around.
    Bausch & Lomb were approached with a request to manufacture a pair of glasses that would limit the sun’s glare without restricting the vision of the pilots. After several experiments, the first Aviator made of a green lens with plastic frames were produced. Soon, metal frames replaced the plastic ones.
    After a couple of years, these Aviator Ray-Ban glasses were marketed as premium eyewear for the general public who could afford it. The use of these pairs had now moved beyond just military use to others who worked and lived outdoors. Need to make a style statement? Ray-Ban Aviators are what you need to wear.

    Ray-Ban Wayfarers

    The 1950s was a glamorous era. The first Ray-Ban Wayfarer was manufactured in 1956 and was completely different in looks from the aviator. The frame was made of the then modern technology of molded plastic. The frame of the sunglasses flared out like pointed wings, it had lenses shaped like an almond. The silver screen of Hollywood became the ultimate fashion trendsetter during those days and Wayfarer was a favorite, both on and off the silver screen.

    Polarized lenses from Ray-Ban

    A polarized lens is coated with a special film of chemicals which helps to reduce the glare of the sun. This helps to see objects clearly and reduces the effect of harmful UV rays. Normal sunglasses only help to reduce the amount of light transmitted through the lens both vertically and horizontally. The chemical film on the lens of sunglasses that are polarized is designed in such a manner that they allow vertical light waves to pass through while absorbing horizontal waves. Because of this, in polarized lenses, light travels only in one direction and thus eliminates glare. So if you are a fashion freak who cares for your eyes, this is the lens you need to look out for.

    This famous brand has definitely made a huge difference in the world of eyewear. It is an essential style statement for fashionable men and women around the globe for decades. Ray-Ban glasses are the perfect pair of sunglasses for people who are in search of sophisticated and premium quality sunglasses.

  • Simple nail art designs to spice up your look

    Staying fashionable and well-groomed is not an indulgence for women anymore. It boosts their self-confidence, feel-good factor and helps them to take on the world with style! This also offers some precious ‘me time’ and makes a lady feel special. Today, apart from regular manicures and pedicures, one can also get nail art done as per the outfit as well as the occasion, to make a unique fashion statement like never before.

    While there are many elaborate nail art designs that you can indulge in for specific and special occasions, there are simple nail art designs that can be rendered quickly and easily so that you look awesome every day. So take a look at these simple nail art designs that you can try at home.

    Loofah look: Tighten a loofah layer over your painted nail and dab on a contrasting shade which will form a scaly pattern. This will give your nails a cool look and texture with minimum effort. Gloss over at the end.

    Dotted: Use a bobby pin dipped in nail paint to make dots on your nails. But before you do that, you need to remember to paint your nails in a color that will stand out. For example, you can paint your nails golden and apply black dots. Also, if you want to make it look more interesting, you can easily keep one of the fingernails black with golden dots. This will give it a chic look when you splay open your palm.

    Polka dots on the edge: You can take the dots and create a whole new look as well. To start with, paint your nails white. Then, using the same bobby pins, dip into various colors of nail paint and apply even dots only to the edge of the nail. Use a different color for each nail. Let this dry before you stick on a glossy layer for a sleek yet playful look.

    Diagonal beauty: You can stick a tape diagonally across your nail and paint one-half in a certain color and the other half in a different color. This will give it an extremely edgy and structured look. Also, you can use black and white on all the nails, diagonally. But paint one of the nails in a single color like pink or lime green. This will add an interesting pop of vibrancy.

    The stone effect: For this look, you will first need to paint your nails turquoise blue or shocking pink. Then, you can apply some paint on a piece of cling wrap. For the blue nails, you can use gold, and for the pink nails, you can use silver. Scrunch up this piece of cling wrap between your nails for an abstract, stone or parchment-like effect.

    Sponge gradient: For this, all you need to do is color your nails in a nude shade. Then apply a glossy layer and before it dries up, you can dab a sponge on each nail for a natural texture to emerge. If you want, you can also put some paint on the sponge and dab it on the nail. Our favorite experiment is with white on nude!

  • 8 Tips to Identify Real Leather Handbags

    Since the dawn of civilization, bags, purses, and pouches have been used by men and women equally for the purpose of carrying their belongings. Leather pouches, stacks with clasps, long drawstrings were widely used during the medieval centuries. However, with the inventions of pockets toward the end of the 16th century, bags for men slowly disappeared and handbags became exclusive to women.

    During the 20th century, big brands like Gucci, Prada, Loui Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermes reintroduced leather handbags to the luxury segment of women handbags and set the trend for classy leather accessories. Soon, however, people began imitating them to make profits and the market was flooded with cheap knockoffs. In this article, we are going to tell you how to spot real leather and ensure you get what you pay for.

    Genuine leather vs. faux leather

    Lately, the market has been swamped with the so-called genuine leather bags, selling cheap knockoffs, making money off of our oblivious attitude or incapability to differentiate the two. Most leather handbag brands have been copied. These are either sold at the original prices, robbing us of our hard-earned money or sold openly as first copies, trivializing the quality of genuine products. So, let’s learn how to recognize real leather before you end up investing in a fake bag:

    If They Haven’t Mentioned it as “Genuine Leather”, That’s Because It Most Probably Isn’t

    A genuine manufacturer will never shy away from mentioning this. They might label it as “Genuine Leather,” “Top/Full Grain Leather,” or “Real Leather.” Mentioning it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true, but if it isn’t mentioned at all, it definitely is not.

    Roughness around the edges screams original

    Is the bag too smooth and perfectly lined? Sorry to break your bubble but it isn’t leather. Leather handbags have coarse edges and are hard to line. Sturdier and rougher the edges, better the quality of leather used.

    Real leather is ornate with wrinkles

    Like any other skin, leather looks wrinkly. When you press it, the wrinkles form and the color changes. Upon release, it goes back to normal slowly. Faux leather remains pretty and perfect.

    Water test

    Take the water test, pour a few drops on the product and see what happens. Did it get absorbed or got rolled off? Leather absorbs water while the fake one lets it slide down.

    Feel the warmth of real leather on your skin

    Real leather is always, always and forever, warm to touch and gives a cozy comfy feeling. As opposed to this, faux leather is cold and hard and gives an icy feeling.

    Leathery smell is a dead giveaway, like literally

    The old-fashioned smell test tells the truth unfailingly. A leathery smell, when you open your new leather handbag, is what you have; as there is skin involved, whereas, the fake ones smell synthetic, too man-made, and too convincing.

    Always buy from the genuine outlets of the manufacturer and you wouldn’t get cheated

    Seek out a genuine store near you and buy your next leather handbag from a reliable shop. They usually give guarantee cards as well, which ensure, your purchase is genuine.

    Always remember: if it’s leather, it would be super expensive

    The leather bags are usually handmade and demand long hours of labor. Also, the supply of suitable animal hide has its expenses. So, if it is expensive with the abovementioned features, it probably is real leather. For that matter, any leather good will be pricey and undeniably a luxury to own.

    It is easy to manufacture a counterfeit but the quality of a real leather handbag cannot be copied. So, the next time you shop at your favorite store or order online, make sure to check all the points mentioned above. Be a proud owner of one of these elegant yet chic must-have leather handbags today and stay ahead of the trend.

  • Online marketplaces to buy authentic Belk handbags

    One of the top cult brands that make women sway with elegance in the fashion world is Belk. When you think of buying a high-quality handbag, then you should definitely consider investing in a Belk handbag to flaunt your fashionista statement. Belk has established its reputation across a wide range of products from watches to the most covetable Sutton bag. And buying one of these is not cheap per se. There is so much demand for Belk’s fashion statement, that the black market itself is competitive with the array of street replicas. However, we do not really value a cheap replica as even being close to the original Belk handbags, and therefore its all the more the reason for you to pick up an authentic Belk bag at a cheap discount price from one of these online marketplaces.

    House of Fraser
    This high-street department store is not just any shop on the market but one of the best places to get the latest of the Belk handbag collection at a cheap price. If you are looking for your best Belk statement piece, then all you have to do is get a coupon on the internet.  When you look for coupons online, you can get your favorite bag at a discounted price with free delivery as well.

    We buy almost anything on Amazon today, and this is indeed one of the best places to get your Belk handbag for a discounted rate as well. All you have to do is search and find a Belk handbag that you like, and if the price is not already discounted to something you can afford right away, then you can always add it to your wish-list and wait for one of Amazon’s big sale days. You can sometimes find discounts close to 50% off, and what better way to get the best Belk bag at an authentic marketplace.

    Some of the other online marketplaces that can help you score your Belk handbag at a really good price are THE OUTNET, Shopbop, and SECRETSALES. If you look for offers during the general seasons or during the online marketplaces’ exclusive sale days, you can definitely get a good Belk handbag at a good deal price. Also, you get more options online than at a physical store.

  • Grab the limelight with these trendy jewellery pieces

    Beauty is a very subjective term, and like Keats said, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if people indulge themselves in things that make them feel beautiful. Getting a facial has its benefits, but what can make someone eternally and perpetually beautiful? So, what gives you the confidence to venture out of your house on a bad-hair day? Well, if you are wearing the latest star-studded ear cuffs, there is a high possibility that instead of looking at your frizzy hair, people would be admiring how brilliantly your ear cuffs shine. Thus, the answer to this dilemma is, your jewelry would always be there to rescue you in dire circumstances as these.

    Your tendency to wear dazzling jewelry or the way you were crushing on Audrey Hepburn’s “tear-drops” earrings shouldn’t alarm you. Women always dote on their jewelry. However, similar to how changes affect almost every part of our life, our jewelry options too undergo a change. Since you are living in the year 2017, it would be advisable for you to update your jewelry box and fill it with the latest jewelry trends of 2017.

    Here’s a list of the top trends that are currently governing the fashion realm.

    Single earring- If you are the one who loves to go for an edgy look, then opt for single earring. You turn on any fashion channel, you might witness their top models flaunting a stunning single earring. Since you like breaking away from the established style statements, then a single earring that is either studded with pearls and has dangling chains around it or an earring with different colored feathers should do the trick.

    Ear cuffs- Ear cuffs have become quite a raging trend among teenagers and adults alike. These ear cuffs are a designer’s favorite piece of jewelry, since they can be worn with almost any kind of clothes. These ear cuffs are available in different forms: with feathers, diamond studded, chains, beads, etc. you name it.

    Choker necklaces- When one thinks of a choker, you immediately think of an edgy look coupled with black leather pants. Well, it’s not the case anymore. Choker necklaces are such pieces of jewelry that can mold the wearer’s personality as per their wishes. It is no longer the barbed-wire kind of jewelry, it comes in sophisticated laces and pendant patterns as well.

    Multilayered chains- These chains never go out of style. The different layers of chain, with different charms attached to it can alter the simplest of the outfit into something gorgeous.

    So, get your hands on any of these trendy jewelry and make a style statement!

  • A Guide to Designer Handbag Sales

    Handbags hold different value for different people. Some individuals use it to make a style statement while for others, it is a basic necessity. Some people prefer backpacks while other prefer clutches. Some base their buying decision on the color while others worry over the pattern of the handbags. Luckily, buyers have many choices and options today. A select few choose to purchase designer handbags that set them apart from others. Moreover, designer handbags can give shoppers an elegant and sophisticated look.

    If you can manage to snag a designer handbag on sale, you are sure to make many heads turn. If you’re planning on investing some money on a designer bag, you can wait for sales during the Labor Day, Black Friday, or for the Spring Sale, Clearance Sale, etc. Here are a few tips that will help potential buyers while shopping for a designer handbag on sale.

    • Designer sales happen twice a year, Memorial Day and Black Friday.
    • However, sale policies and practices vary from one retailer to another. Some websites host a sale twice a year and publicly announce it while others host sales throughout the year.
    • The products that go on a sale are mostly seasonal, so one needs to be flexible.
    • While most shoppers opt for the most famous online luxury retailers, one can also check small boutiques and other international sites for getting the best designer handbags on sale.
    • One may get the biggest and best deals on designer handbags at discount-only websites, like Barneys Warehouse or THE OUTNET. However, some of these products have been on sale for a long time, so there’s a chance
    • that you might get bags that are out of fashion. So, you need to sort through the choices carefully before making a decision.
    • Keep your hopes in check as your favorite handbag may not even go on sale.

    There are many outlets and online websites that provide designer handbags on sale. Here are a few of them:

    • Macy’s: Macy’s offers a sale on the best designer handbags like MICHAEL Michael Kors, Dooney & Bourke, etc.
    • Bloomingdale’s: They offer discounts on brands like MARC JACOBS, Rebecca Minkoff, Botkier, etc.
    • Neiman Marcus
    • Nordstrom
    • Barneys New York

    There are many more stores that you can check out for sales on the best designer handbags. Here is a list of some bags that you can purchase:

    • MICHAEL Michael Kors Signature Whitney Medium Tote is available for roughly $89.93.
    • The White Dooney & Bourke Pebble Small Lexington Tote available for nearly $118.80. You can get an extra 30% off on using some coupon codes.
    • The Mini Grind Leather Crossbody by MARC JACOBS is on sale and is now available for $206.50 approximately.
    • Love Small Chevron Quilted Leather Crossbody from Rebecca Minkoff is now available for a price of around $146.25.
    • Maya Leather Tote by Kate Spade New York is available for nearly $208.60 at Bloomingdale’s.

    There are many more designer handbags available on sale. So, before you shell out the full price for a designer bag, do check out the sale section.

  • 3 Burberry Bags to Accessorize Your Attire

    Burberry is a fashion house company established in the year 1856 and the Burberry stores are located all over the world. They are popular for an extensive and luxurious range of clothing, fragrances, bags, fashion accessories, cosmetics, and eyewear. Let us check out three of the most popular Burberry bags that would help you to accessorize your attire.

    Porter Continental Wallet
    This beautiful Burberry product has a design of checks at the bottom and Burberry logo shines at the upper front, which is made up of leather. Featuring a sleek design, the wallet has a well-organized inner section with a cotton lining and is divided into three compartments. The wallet comes with a snap-flap closure. One of the compartments of the wallet has a zipper, while the second one is a slip pocket, and the third one is a small pocket.

    The Small Leather Belt Bag
    The design of the wallet is inspired by the Burberry trench. This bag has a design of the belt at the front of the bag with two-toned leathers. There is one handle at the top of the bag and the shoulder strap can help you wear it as a shoulder bag. You can also adjust or remove the strap according to your requirement. The interior pockets have a magnetic closure, offering great security. There are two slip pockets inside the bag as well. The polished metal hardware used in the bag gives it a rich look.

    Small Perforated Logo Leather Crossbody Bag
    This is a compact bag and you can have four color options to choose from. Smooth and perforated 100% calf leather is used for making this bag. The interior lining has a vintage look accentuated by the checkered design and it is made up of 48% cotton, 47% of polyester, and 5% polyurethane. This crossbody bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and can also be removed, in case you do not want to use the strap. The bag comes with an external zip pocket, zip pockets, and interior pockets and the front of the bag is foldable and features a clip closure. The Burberry logo is engraved at the front closure.

    These are our top picks for Burberry bags. You can find various other options on the Burberry website such as the Leather barrel bag, Nylon backpack, Jute tote, and many more.

  • Save money at the Børn shoes clearance sale

    Constructed by a special handcrafted technique, each pair of Børn shoes is cushioned and flexible. Using the highest-quality leathers, suede, nubuck, and other raw materials sourced from around the world, these full-grain or veg leather, Suede, and nubuck styles are designed for men, women, and children. Børn shoes are on clearance sale now at all their stores countrywide, and for those who wish to take advantage of the luxury of shopping from your desk, visit their website to find some of the most durable leather shoes.

    The gladiator-type sandal Angeles, in a bronze metallic color, is now only about $69, which is reduced from its original price of around $100. This Børn footwear is on clearance sale comes with a zipper closure in the back for easy wear and removal. With a small 0.5 inch heel, the Angeles is an all-day shoe that is designed from full grain or metallic leather.

    Tamara, which is their summer style design that is good for travel, is now on sale for around $59 and was originally priced at about $100. These Børn shoes on clearance sale come in six colors: Cognac, Floral, White, Black perf, Light Pink perf, and Dove perf. Made with full grain, textured or perforated full-grain leather upper and a suede lining, this BORN shoe comes with a rubber outsole and an Opanka hand-crafted construction.

    For men, the Sawyer in Black, Tan, Cognac Brown, Navy Natural, Taupe Fabric, Sunset and Moon Mist colors, these 1-inch-high-heeled full-grain, embossed full-grain leather, or suede shoes with a lightweight Evon outsole costs only around $90 now in the Børn shoes clearance sale. This classic design is handmade for durability.

    The Børn Baby Blossom in Baby Pink for girls is on sale with a 30% discount and is priced at around $21. These sparkly flats with chiffon and tulle flower appliqués design and an adjustable hook-and-loop for easy wear and removal are tiny sneakers for babies between one and four.

    For boys between the age of 3 and 10, the Børn Bailey Baseball-t shoe that was originally priced at around $40 is now around $28 with a 30% off on their clearance sale. These Navy sneakers have a real rubber sole for a comfortable fit and are made from faux suede/faux leather with a cute baseball stitching detail.

    Do you need any more reasons to go shopping at the Børn shoes clearance sale?

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  • Revamp your wardrobe for cheap with coupons

    Your wardrobe is your real personality and the fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar one. With fashion, you can express yourself, your moods and occasions. from flea-market steals to high-end couture fashion choices are aplenty. You can easily shop for the new season and get a completely updated wardrobe at superstores that dot the country. But when you are on a budget, you do not need to stop shopping. That’s when you can use deals and coupons that can be availed from various sources including online and offline. You can get coupons and deals as well as updates for the season’s sales by subscribing for the various newsletters and emailers that are sent out by stores like Target, Walmart, Costco and many others, so that you have a great wardrobe at half the cost. So here are the things you can get for your wardrobe this spring and summer! 

    • Light cardigans: Just because it is spring, it doesn’t mean that you need to completely do away with winter wear. Yet, this is not exactly the season where you will require heavy jackets and coats. So how does one deal with that nip in the air? One of the best ways to do that is to get plenty of light cardigans so that you can clad yourself and be comfortable during the evenings. These shrugs and cardigans can be paired with skirts, dresses and other such items of clothing. You can also go in for a light linen blazer so that you have a formal look in place for work as well as those date nights during spring and summer.
    • Skirts: This is a spring and summer staple that many ladies have in their wardrobes once spring sets in. You could invest in a few skirts with varied styles so that you can dress up accordingly for work and play. The short, pleated ones are ideal for work as well as outings. You can pair these with blouses and patterned tops, which will bring out the weave of the skirt and define the pleats in a better way. You can also invest in pencil skirts that are great for work wear. For a fun day out in the sun – just throw on a cropped top and watch the cool quotient rise!
    • Shorts: Shorts are the rage for every spring and summer wardrobe. You can buy them in various and styles so that you have a wholesome statement. You can pair these with camisoles and tee shirts and even throw on a light jacket for the evenings to keep the chill out.
    • Tee shirts: Once the cold months are over, it is time to let those arms breathe. Let tee shirts in various colors and style do all the talking. You can also choose the sleeveless variety that will bring in plenty of style and comfort for your Spring Summer wardrobe with coupons from big box stores or your favorite brands.
  • Guide to picking the right jacket for your body shape

    When it comes to buying BB Dakota jackets, it is not just the brand, the make, and the style that is important. For women, functionality and style alone would not do. They need jackets that flatter their figures. To find the kind of jacket that best suits your figure, here are some tips on how to define your body shape and what fit of jacket works best for it.

    A body that carries more weight at the waistline is called apple shaped. Those whose body is apple shaped should not go for puffed jackets and coats since they add bulk. Jackets that fit snugly across the chest, a V-shaped neckline, with lengths that come below the waistline to the hips or all the way down to the thighs work best because they give a slimming effect. Besides BB Dakota jackets, Kenneth Cole Reaction jackets for women carry a wide selection of jackets that cater to this body shape.

    A body that carries more weight around the hips and thighs is called pear-shaped. A line jackets or trapeze-shaped jackets that flare out at the hips work best for this shape. The length should be up to mid-thigh. To draw attention away from the middle region and towards the face, go for jackets with fur collars, broad lapels or wide sleeves. Juicy Couture jackets for women carry a good range of jackets for this body shape.

    A body with a wide chest, a big bust, wide shoulders, a slim waist and slender legs are considered strawberry shaped. Trapeze BB Dakota jackets that fit snugly on the upper body and widen at the hips will flatter this shape best. The lapels and collars should not be loud or attention attracting, and the jackets should preferably have a single row of buttons as opposed to double.

    A curvy body with a slender waist, wide hips and large bust is called hourglass. Women with this body shape should opt for cropped, fitted jackets. They should avoid loose, baggy jackets and those with a drop waist. A jacket with a belt is a good idea to emphasize their narrow waist.

    A body that does not have a bust or hip as big as the hourglass but has a slender waist is considered to be rectangle shaped. This body shape is considered athletic. Jackets that work well in this shape include those that emphasize the feminine shape. Double-breasted jackets, cinched waists, and wide bottoms go well with this shape.

  • Value added services for boosting customer turnouts

    Business that want to be dynamic in their respective fields and want to conquer a large and reliable customer database need to understand the simple function of payment processes in order to be able to take their business revenues to the next level. When there are only limited options available for paying for services, customers tend to be distracted with better offers from other similar businesses and may just ignore the businesses that does not have even the basic payment processing features.

    The business that provides the best and updated payment methods in terms of the payment methods available due to technological advances will be the business that will always look sparkling in the eyes of the customer. Merchant services is a singe domain through which a business can maintain all payment collection and processing modules in order to ensure that every single dollar from the customer is properly routed to the business’ bank account and their is none lost at transaction. Most importantly, beyond processing just credit or debit cards, or electronic fund transfers, businesses are required to provide other value add on options for customer satisfaction.

    Merchant services in collaboration with other resources have started panning out attractive offers for customers based on the type of businesses to ensure that the customers can gain more from their purchases than just the services ordered for.

    The common value add-ons that merchant services regularly provide are:

    Discounts and Promotional Offers: Every customer looks forward to surprise offers every now and then, and merchant services based on inputs from the customer and existing market trends can set up a offers page in the course of a customer’s transaction page in order to allow a offer that the customer could pick either free of cost or a discounted price as part of its purchase. These offers not only attract customers but also give other businesses an opportunity through tie-ups with varied businesses. For example, for a purchase above a certain amount, a restaurant coupon in the customer’s proximity would definitely make the customer happy. The offers could be on varied products like credit cards, or collection of redeemable points for future shopping, etc, will facilitate the required sales figures targeted by businesses.

    Mobile Payments: Today’s updated customers would like to free themselves of using a credit or debit card for every single transaction. In such cases, customers who are frequent e-wallet users can simple use the application on the phone to process instant payments at any given point of time. Merchant services can ensure that these payments reach the business without any delay even if it beyond the businesses’ working hours.