• Healthy and nutritious foods that our body needs

    A healthy, nutritious diet has to be necessarily balanced. Only if it is balanced can a diet supply all the nutrients and build the body with all the wherewithal to fight all the infections and other diseases. Many seasonal foods in the season have higher nutrition and some of them inhibit certain diseases. Listed below are healthy nutritious foods that our body needs:

    Apples: Apples are high in antioxidants. Researchers have found consuming an apple daily for six months reduces LDL cholesterol and increases the HDL. They reduce stroke risk also. Nutritionally they contain lots of fiber, vitamin C, and other nutrients.

    Almonds: Almonds are found extraordinarily nutritious and contributing to health. It contains important trace nutrients like magnesium, iron, and fiber, vitamin E, riboflavin, vitamin B2 and calcium. It is a very heart friendly food and very beneficial if included as part of the balanced food. If 1½ oz. of almonds are roasted lightly salted almonds are eaten daily it was found that appetite is reduced, increased vitamin E and fat intake without weight intake. Among other attributes, it makes to the list of healthy protein foods.

    Broccoli: Broccoli belongs to the cauliflower family and is rich in fiber, potassium, calcium, folate and phytonutrients, vitamin C, beta-carotene and antioxidants. Lightly steamed it has an enzyme Myrosinase which helps reduce the risk of developing cancer. Studies in the UK has shown its effect in reducing osteoarthritis.

    Blueberries: Blueberries are abundant with nutrients like fiber, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. Phytonutrients help body fight diseases and act as a tonic than an essential nutrient. Studies have shown elderly who ate plenty of blueberries had better cognitive skills than their age group. Another study has seen that these discourage fat formation and encourages lipolysis.

    Oily fish like sardines, salmons, mackerelshaveOmega 3 oil. Studies have shown these oils reduce inflammations and thus reduce arthritis while benefits heart ad nervous systems. These oils contain vitamin A and D. Fish oil extract has found to reduce the progression prostate cancer. These fishes are indeed very healthy protein foods.

    Dark leafy vegetables: If consumed regularly in good quantity, dark leafy vegetables have been found to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. I, when uncooked or lightly steamed, is found to be abundant in antioxidants, fiber, vitamin A, B6, C, E and K and trace nutrients like selenium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, iron, niacin. Folic acid, betaine.

    Sweet potatoes: Sweet Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, beta-carotene, complex hydrocarbons, vitaminC and B6, and carotene in the pink and yellow varieties.

    Wheat germ, avocado, and Oatmeal are other excellent nutritious foods.

  • How to decrease the risks of health problems through a low-carb diet

    A low-carb diet is not just beneficial for athletes, but also for non-athletes who want to get rid of some common ailments. Consuming bad carbohydrates can be a health risk in the long run. Getting rid of these carbs can also add to your overall health. Check out some of the health problems and conditions that can be corrected by following low-carb diets.

    Type 2 diabetes: Carbohydrates are the cause of raised blood sugar levels in the body, as they are broken down into glucose. Quitting carbs by following a low-carb diet can reduce the levels of blood sugar and the fat-storing hormone called insulin. As people with insulin resistance are unable to lower their blood sugar levels, they develop type 2 diabetes. However, going on a low-carb diet can eliminate the need for insulin and reverse diabetes.
    Blood pressure: High blood pressure may lead to depression or hypertension, as well as kidney problems, stroke, and heart diseases. To reduce BP and cut the risk of such diseases, low-carb diets work wonders.
    Metabolic syndrome: Due to problems like high BP, high triglycerides, low HDL, high blood sugar, and abdominal obesity, the medical condition called metabolic syndrome occurs. As a low-carb diet can correct each of the mentioned health problems, it can be the most effective treatment for metabolic syndrome. If untreated, the metabolic syndrome may lead to heart diseases and diabetes. Thus, cutting down carbs from your diet can save you from all such diseases and health issues.
    Epileptic conditions: While you may not believe, but a low-carb diet can even treat a few brain disorders like epilepsy. The brain can burn ketones formed due to low consumption of carbohydrates. That is why it is also known as the ketogenic diet. Such diet is given to those who may not respond to the drug treatment for epilepsy. Ketogenic or low-carb diet can reduce seizures and even cure epileptic children. In fact, it is being tested in the cases of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
    Muscle mass loss: Moving to low-carb snack foods and meals can help you gain muscle mass. A low-carb diet helps in increasing the levels of leucine (branched-chain amino acids) in the blood. As leucine supports the buildup of muscle mass, the problem of muscle loss can be addressed effectively by moving to a diet with low carbohydrate content.
    Heart diseases: As a low-carb diet is effective in reducing triglycerides, it helps in decreasing the risk for several heart problems. Following such diet can also increase the HDL (good cholesterol) concentration, which is good for the health of your heart. Apart from that, controlling blood sugar, reducing inflammation, and lowering the chances of obesity makes a low-carb diet ideal for heart health.

  • Make vitamins and calcium a part of your diet to keep arthritis at bay

    Arthritis affects your joints as the joints are the places in your body where the pressure of your body or work gets absorbed and evenly distributed. Hence it is mandatory to have your weight in control and in proportion to your height. Having said that, arthritis does not have any real cure on its own, it becomes mandatory to keep a tab on your lifestyle habits. In case you are overweight, consult with your dietician and put a chart in place to lose weight systematically. A healthy diet is not only about eating the right types of food, but also having a regular intake of food that are rich in essential nutrients. It has already been established that certain vitamins and supplements can reduce the symptoms of arthritis and can be beneficial for the overall health. Eating smart has never looked right and let us warm up to some of the vitamins and supplements that can aid in curbing arthritis.

    Every time your heart pumps blood or every time your muscle contracts, your body has to use calcium. Your body gets this calcium from the bones; hence you can imagine the amount of calcium needed in order to maintain the robustness of the bones. Have supplements or diets that are especially rich in calcium. The intake should significantly increase when you are pregnant and after child birth.

    Vitamin D
    Vitamin D has often been associated with building bones. Vitamin D significantly reduces bone loss and can increase bone density. You can have them in supplement form or in foods like fortified milk and oranges.

    Glucosamine is found in your body in between the bone cartilage. They act like a soft tissue and help in avoiding the friction when two bones meet or work together. Naturally, a reduction in glucosamine levels can lead to joint pain and can cause inflammation. Try to get these supplements naturally from the shells of shrimp, lobster, and crabs rather than from medications.

    Chondroitin is another supplement that is found naturally in the bones. It is believed to have shock absorbing properties and can put a check on the enzymes that control the bone breakage. They are also very beneficial in keeping the joints lubricated and can aid your joints in performing the free range of movements.

    Omega3 Fatty acids
    Omega-3 fatty acids are widely researched upon in recent times and their benefits are simply amazing. They are considered as one of the safest forms of nutrients and supplements, and they have an enormous cleansing effect on the body as a whole. They are found in walnuts, soya beans, and seafood such as salmon and tuna.

  • Find out if you have been using your inhaler properly

    Inhalers are used by people suffering from the various symptoms of asthma, to provide respiratory relief. The apparatus works as a simple pump which is filled with prescription medication, to provide relief from breathing and wheezing problems.

    There is a proper way to use an asthma inhaler to ensure maximum effect. You might have been using your inhaler in the incorrect way which his why even short-term relief has not been that effective.

    The old way to trigger an inhaler is to place it in your mouth, activate the pumping action and breathe in. However, this is not very effective since most of the medication doesn’t go all the way down to your lungs. The correct way to do this would be to exhale first, breathe in and simultaneously trigger the inhaler to then hold your breath for as long as you are comfortable for maximum effect. When you are using popular inhaler products like Symbicort inhaler or Spiriva, it is also important to rinse your mouth and gargle after each use.

    Always a good idea to use a metered dose inhaler since this will help keep track of the number of doses inhaled in a day. This will also allow your local physician to keep track of how frequently you have to use an inhaler in order to find more effective options for a cure. The dosage used will help determine if the current medication is effective or whether alternative medication can be tried. Symbicort inhaler or Spiriva is available in a metered dose variant which will help you keep track of your daily dosage.

    Inhalers are effective than nebulizers. Nebulizers add mist to your nasal spray medication, but it is not as effective as the product is being propagated. Instead of sticking to the old-fashioned inhaler or nebulizer, using popular products like Symbicort inhaler or Spiriva is a better option. Nebulizers anyways are mostly recommended for older adults by physicians.

    There are side effects to using inhalers, be it some of the best brands available in the market. A cough, hoarseness, and thrush experienced in the mouth are the possible side effects due to the corticosteroids in inhaler medications. Long-term leukotriene modifiers can also cause flu-like symptoms which is why use inhalers recommended by your physician.

    Atrovent, Symbicort inhaler, Spiriva, Airomir, Asmasal, Oxis international, Alvesco, Proventil, Ventolin, Asmabec, Becodisks are some of the popular inhaler products available in the market among many others. For people who are suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Anoro Ellipta COPD inhalers can be used for treatment.

  • 5 Ways to Deal with Shingles Nerve Pain

    Shingles is a common disease that affects people above the age of 50 years. The virus that causes chickenpox when you are young instigates shingles. While there are many issues that might develop when you have shingles, one of the most common problems that old people face in this duration is nerve damage in the affected area. Usually, the pain goes away when the rashes and redness fade with time. Here are five simple ways to deal with shingles nerve pain.

    Healing baths
    Shingles nerve pain is caused because of the blisters on the skin. One of the most common ways of dealing with it is to give healing baths on the affected area. Taking a cool water shower will ease the pain, and calm down the itchiness as well as the redness on the skin. You can also add cornstarch into warm water and soak the affected area for 20 minutes before cleaning it off with a soft cloth.

    Cool compress
    If you use a cold compress on your affected area of shingles nerve pain, it will give you a lot of relief. If you do this more than five times a day, you will feel instant pain relief in the area. However, it is suggested that you should refrain from using an ice pack in this area. This kind of cold feeling can make the skin so sensitive that it will worsen the pain.

    Baking soda and cornstarch paste
    A tried and tested home remedy for dealing with shingles nerve pain is applying baking soda and cornstarch paste. All you have to do is mix one tablespoon of soda and cornstarch with water and apply a thick paste on the area and leave it for 15 minutes to soothe the pain. You can also repeat the process as many times as you like, as there are no side effects of the same and as long as the paste is on the area, you will not feel the itch.

    Soothing lotions
    You can purchase non-prescribed medicine or lotions for shingles nerve pain. Even though these lotions are not meant to speed up the healing process in any way, they will definitely cool the required area and provide you the comfort that you need during this time. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before applying soothing lotions.

    Dietary changes
    If you are suffering from shingles, then you must include foods rich in vitamin A, B, C, and E in your diet.

  • Ways to find free and low cost dental clinics

    Every morning we brush our teeth and floss them. But most of the time, our dental care, and dental hygiene stops right there. Not many of us are aware of the complete dental care and how to do it. Dental care is not restricted and limited to brushing and flossing in the morning. There is way more to it than just that. When the health of your teeth goes wrong, you need to visit a dentist as it is almost impossible for you to perform daily activities because of the pain in your gums. But dental treatments are not low cost. They are expensive and can cost you a dent in your pocket. But there are ways to find low cost and free dental clinics.

    Here are the things you can try to get low cost of free dental clinics:

    Go for community health centers The federal government’s health resources and services administration funds the community health centers. Some of these community health centers have the dental care to offer and take dental emergencies and chronic oral health problems. Though this is a better alternative when it comes to getting low cost or free dental treatment, you cannot expect it to be like a regular dental clinic where you are given an appointment. Here you have a waitlist and might even have to show up early to get to your treatment.

    Medicare and Medicaid These two facilities are for the low income and there are also some limitations you will have to face. If it is not a regular dental treatment, then you can avail your Medicare. You must know that the government does not let Medicare cover routine dental procedures. But if there is a serious/emergency illness related to the dental issue, such as reconstructing of the jaw after an injury, then those costs will be covered. You can, however, try Medicaid for dental treatment but you also need to check with the office to find out more details on the same.

    State oral health programs There are many oral health programs offered by various state governments. These programs are therefore funded by the state government. You can get through to the local resources that provide information about quality dental care. You can get more information about the state oral health programs by visiting the government website. You may check Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site online and get more information.

  • Treatment options for stage IV kidney cancer

    Kidney cancer, also known as renal cancer, is a cancer that develops in the kidneys. The real cause of kidney cancer is not known. But abnormal cell growth causes all cancer and it occurs due to changes in the DNA of the affected cells.
    Risk factors for kidney cancer can be hereditary factors, obesity, kidney disease, exposure to chemicals like cadmium or benzene, certain genetic conditions like von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease and lymphoma.

    Kidney cancer symptoms usually do not appear in the early stages of the disease. In the later stages of kidney cancer, the patient may experience one or more of the following symptoms.
    â Extreme fatigue
    â Blood appearing in urine
    â Appetite loss
    â Lower back pain
    â Unexplained weight loss
    â Anemia
    â Lump in the abdomen
    â Fever that occurs not due to infections but other reasons
    â Swollen legs or ankles
    â Pain in bones or in the waist or sides

    Some kidney cancer symptoms like breathlessness may appear when the disease has spread to other body parts. Depending on the patient’s symptoms, the doctor may order tests such as a biopsy, X-rays, MRI or a CT scan to confirm the diagnosis of kidney cancer.

    The treatment of kidney cancer depends on the stage of the disease. The stages and the numbers in the stage determine the severity of kidney cancer.

    â Stage 1 When the tumor is 7 centimeters in size or smaller and is confined to the kidneys.

    â Stage 2 When the cancer is larger than 7 centimeters but still in the kidney.

    â Stage 3 When the tumor has spread to nearby parts such as the adrenal gland, one or more of the major veins or a lymph node.

    â Stage 4 When the cancer has spread to surrounding tissues or to lymph nodes (more than one) or other body parts.

    Another aspect of the kidney cancer staging is the system of TNM, which refers to tumor, node and metastasis.
    â T refers to the tumor size (T0 to T4).
    â N refers to the presence of kidney cancer cells in one or more lymph nodes (N0 to N2).
    â M refers to the spread of kidney cancer to other body parts (M0 to M1).

    Stage 4 kidney cancer treatment depends on factors like the severity of the cancer and the health of the patient.
    â Surgery is the main treatment for less advanced stages of kidney cancer. For stage 4 kidney cancer treatment, the doctor may plan a surgery along with other types of therapies.
    â Additional therapies may include radiation therapy, targeted therapies, biological therapy, chemotherapy, arterial embolization or cryotherapy.
    â Biological therapy, also known as immunotherapy, is one of the main stage 4 kidney cancer treatment methods. This therapy is an attempt to strengthen the immune system to effectively fight or stop the spread of cancer cells. Different types of biological therapies use different drugs for the treatment.

  • Types of tubal reversal surgery you should know about

    Tubal ligation sterilizes you, but thankfully it is a surgery that can be reversed when needed. A tubal reversal surgery is known medically by a variety of names that are specific to the procedure that a surgeon follows. They include tubotubal anastomosis, microsurgical tubal reanastomosis, microsurgical tubal anastomosis, tubal reimplantation, tubouterine implantation, neofimbrioplasty, and several others. These surgeries are performed by almost all tubal reversal surgeons. Just ask your doctor about the surgery he/she is going to perform on you.

    There are mainly three types of tubal reversal surgery performed to ensure the re-functioning of your fallopian tube.
    If you are looking for an economical option for your surgery, then mini-laparotomy should be your choice. It provides the most affordable surgical option and that is why it is the most common among the surgery procedures.
    The mini-laparotomy needs a small 2-4 incision. This incision is done just above the pubic line and below the bathing suit line. This is done to ensure that there is no publicly visible scar, once the cut is healed. The recovery time with mini-laparotomy is at max 2 weeks. Even with the larger incision, most women return to work after a week’s rest. Consult your doctor on the same.

    Laparoscopy provides a less invasive method than the mini-laparotomy. In this procedure of surgery, three small incisions are made to allow the insertion of surgical instruments and a microscopic camera. These instruments guide the surgeon throughout the procedure without having to cut open your abdominal area, preventing any major incisions and thus preventing any huge scars.

    Robotic surgery
    This new technique of surgery allows even smaller surgical tools to be used in the surgery. The smaller the surgical tools, lesser the recovery time. Robotic surgery is the least invasive surgical procedure for tubal reversal. However, it is also the most expensive one. The surgeon will control the surgical tools, attached to a robotic machine, from a station placed beside the patient’s bed. Robotic surgery ensures for an extreme quality of precised incisions and suturing as they are done with the help of a microscope attached to the robotic machine. Patients who underwent a robotic tubal reversal surgery typically recover fully within just one week.
    Using one of the above surgical techniques, a surgeon is able to access the fallopian tubes. The surgeon will then carefully remove the occluded tubal segments, being extremely careful at the same time, not to remove anything extra than the necessary.
    Once the surgeon removes the blocked portion, he/she will use the microscope and other surgical tools, inserted through the incisions, to reconnect the remaining parts of the fallopian tubes. The restored tubes are then sutured with extremely thin stitches. These stitches are easily absorbed by the body during the recovery period. The incisions are also sutured with thin stitches as well. A careful and a meticulous surgical procedure allow the surgeon to maintain as much as the original tube as it is possible.

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  • 5 best dog collars for tick and flea protection

    Tick and flea season can be extremely frustrating for your furry friends! The bites and infections cause consistent itching, but some bites can also lead to infections that cause tick fever and other potentially fatal complications. Always speak to your vet regarding medicines and methods used for avoiding ticks and fleas all year round. And to make sure that your pooch stays clean, here are some of the best options for tick and flea collars.

    TevraPet ProAct™
    TevraPet uses a waterproof design for their collars to keep the deltamethrin effective through the six months of usage. This chemical kills both fleas and ticks on your dog’s fur and skin on contact and gives the whole body protection from these insects. Say bye-bye to tick or flea bites that can irritate your furry friend.

    SENTRY® Dual Action Flea & Tick Dog Collar
    Sentry uses a chemical called deltamethrin to protect your dog from fleas on your pet. The collar is designed to work against adult fleas by killing them quickly and thus preventing any eggs from being laid in your pooch’s fur. You can use the collar for up to six months and also not worry about keeping it dry as it is waterproof.

    Virbac PREVENTIC® Tick Collar for Dogs
    Collars made by this brand comprise an insecticide called amitraz that works on different types of common insects found during tick season, like deer ticks, lone star ticks, and of course dog ticks. The collar kills and detaches the tick from the body and is good for 90 days. This is a short-term tick solution compared to the other collars.

    Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs and Puppies
    This collar works well on both ticks and fleas owing to the a combination of tetrachlorvinphos and methoprene. This amazing product kills and repels pests from all their life stages—from eggs to larvae to adults. One of the many concerns about these pests is their eggs, but with the insecticide used in this, it gives a full-body protection against them.

    Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Repellent Dog Collar
    Vet’s Best uses natural ingredients like cedarwood and peppermint oils on their collar to help prevent fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, the collar can be worn only for four months. However, it is also water resistant and does not contain harmful insecticides that you or your dog may be allergic to.

    Apart from flea and tick collars, there are various medicines that help keep fleas and ticks off the dog. One such medication is Simparica (sarolaner). It is an FDA-approved chewable tablet that kills fleas in three hours and ticks in eight hours. When administered monthly, Simparica can protect dogs from flea and tick infestation for up to 35 days. Simparica Chewables are known to kill five types of ticks including the Gulf Coast tick.

  • 5 popular Roth IRA funds to choose from

    Every individual spends a lot of time and efforts in planning for their retirement. The income generated throughout your life will help you live a comfortable life once you retire. A Roth IRA (individual retirement account) is an ideal place to park your funds for retirement. You can put money into the account after paying income tax on the same and then your account will grow tax-free. During your retirement, you will not be required to pay any taxes on the withdrawals if you follow the rules. It will give you more financial freedom than you have right now.

    Here are the best Roth IRA funds for 2018.

    The fund is an extensive planning tool and has a simple and quick account opening process. You may enjoy robust customer service at minimum account fees.

    Merrill Edge
    The fund has no minimum account balance requirement and offers robust customer service for minimal processing fees. It has a seamless integration and a single login access to the Roth IRA account and the Bank of America account.

    Ally Invest
    Ally Invest has a low commission and no minimum account balance requirement, which makes it an ideal choice for investors. It also has no annual fees and offers a solid suite of research for customers who are active and like to make investment decisions after thorough research. It also has the lowest fee per trade.

    E-Trade has a large lineup of mutual funds in addition to an extensive library of retirement advice and tools. There is no minimum account balance requirement and no transaction fee for a number of mutual funds.

    Buffalo Discovery Fund
    The Buffalo Discovery Fund is a growth fund worth considering. It is fairly small, which means that the managers can make meaningful investments across small and midsized companies. It has performed well in the last five years and the portfolio managers have a disciplined approach to finding opportunities that will increase their returns.

    Fidelity Balanced Fund
    The Balanced Fund is also known as an asset allocation fund, which invests into assets and bonds. It brings stability and maintains a certain level of growth. It has generated significant gains in the last five years and it targets large-cap stocks. However, the bond portfolio remains conservative and that is how the balance is maintained between stocks and bonds.

    Investors need to consider the retirement annuity rates when making an investment decision. Starting early is the key here. In order to generate wealth in the long term, it is important to make investment decisions at an early stage and choose funds that have a strong growth history and meet your financial requirements.

  • Here’s how you can manage knee pain

    The knee is one of the most critical and most often abused joints in the human body. This, considering the fact that it is the second highest weight bearing joint after the hip joint and has the largest range and degree of movement. It is not surprising that knee pain is the most common complaint that takes one to the doctor. The pain has many different causes and the remedy depends on the cause. Generally, the cause of pain is inflammation in the knee. Inflammation is the physiological reaction to fight an injury to a tissue. It brings in more blood and with it white blood cells to the site. However, if the inflammation continues for too long without any signs of decrease in pain, it starts to cause additional damages to the other structures in the joint as well.

    Treatment for knee pain

    • Immediately after an injury, normally a cold compress is applied to the area to reduce the rush of blood. Give the joint rest and keep the limb elevated all times to help drain the fluid from the area. Common over the counter NSAID like ibuprofen helps in controlling inflammation and reducing pain. If the situation is slowly resolving it is fine. However, if the situation is worsening or lingering beyond a week or ten days it is better to call your doctor and proceed by his advice.
    • Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and osteoarthritis are major causes of knee pain. Gout can be cured while the other two can at best be managed. Injections of corticosteroids into the joint is often employed to control inflammation.
    • Hyaluronic acid is a very thick fluid similar to the natural lubricant in the knee. It sometimes reduces inflammation and pain.
    • Arthroscopy may be used to visually inspect the inside of the knee. Arthroscopy is an instrument with a fiber optic camera and light. It illuminates the inside and with the help of a few instruments introduced through small holes around the joint the surgeon will be able to carry out some repairs to the damaged cartilage and remove some of the particles floating around in the joint.

    In extreme cases, one may have to go for knee surgery total or partial knee replacement.

    There are some alternative treatments which have proven to give a mixed result. Glucosamine and chondroitin have been effective. Exercise to strengthen the musculature around the knee and improve flexibility would also help. Acupuncture is also found to effective in some. Losing weight would significantly improve things.