• Top 12 types of needlework

    In the good old days, you might have heard or seen images of knitwear and wondered how painstakingly the artisan has put it. You might even have seen your grandmother making one and marveled about the needlework. But did you know that there are 12 major types of it? Let us take a sneak peek into their types.

    1. Applique: It is an ancient type of needlework, where the decorative pieces of one layer of fabric are applied to another base, or another textile or layer.

    2. Bead embroidery: As the name suggests, it is simply the submission of beads to a fabric and weaving a pattern in them. The possibilities are endless with this.

    3. Crocheting: This type of needlework is made by inter-looping yarn or thread with a hooked needle. It has been practiced for centuries and is one of the common types during medieval ages.

    4. Cross stitch: This is a common type of needlework used in a regular pattern of stitching. It can be used on a wide variety of fabrics.

    5. Hand embroidery: This is the type where a yarn is used to decorate a piece of fabric. This can be done with beads, jewelry, and even gold.

    6. Knitting: This is a household needlework method. Usually done with 2 knitting needles, loops are created in the yarn and the loops are interchanged using the needles. This is a great stress buster.

    7. Needle felting: This type of needlework is usually done using wool yarn. More professional artisans prefer this method over conventional means.

    8. Needle lace making: Laces are an integral part of needlework. They throw the attention towards them in any fabric. They can be made with just a thread, pair of scissors, and a needle.

    9. Needlepoint: This is a type of artwork where you will need to count the number of threads across your canvas. The stitches have to be laid over the surface area and depend on the size of your pattern. Many factors are taken into consideration while making a needlepoint.

    10. Punch needle embroidery and rug making: This is a separate art in itself and a hollow needle is used to determine the type of thread to use. Usually, these types of work require a frame and have to be tight to the core.

    11. Quilting: Most of us might have heard of quilting, but may not have realized that it is a type of needlework. In this type of needlework, a thread is used to join at least three layers of fabric and forms a padded quilt material. The fabric can be of multiple types.

    12. Tatting: This is an art of lace making and a crochet hook is used for making the laces. Patterns are created through this and are looped into the spaces where the decorative richness can be exhibited.

  • 3 famous coins coveted by coin collectors

    Whether you are an enthusiastic numismatic or a novice, or whether you are into American numismatics, world coins, bullion or ancients, there are probably certain coins that are you covet than all coins. There are some coins that are the crème de la crème in the world of numismatics. Not only are they significant in terms of their value, but these coins are quite rare.

    Each of these coins have interesting stories attached to them, which adds to their value. Avid coin collectors covet these coins not only for their artistic value, but also for their historical significance. It is quite interesting to note that all these coins are worth more than their face value.

    1955/55 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent
    This coin is an error coin. Nonetheless, keen Lincoln penny collectors have an avid interest in this coin. This coin was the result of a simple error during minting. While minting this coin, the United States Mint used a coin die that had two impressions that were offset from each other. After minting, a batch of this coin (about 20,000 to 24,000 coins) were mixed with a batch of correctly minted coins. Since, it was not worth melting the whole batch of pennies, the mint decided to keep the doubled die cent in circulation. However, after the story was published in newspapers, many people pulled the coin from use.

    $1 Million Gold Canadian Maple Leaf
    This coin is the first, and perhaps the only, million dollar coin to have been ever minted in the world. With 3cm thickness and diameter of 50cm, this coin was minted by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007. It is made of 3527 ounces of 99.999% pure gold. On one side, the coin has an impression of Queen Elizabeth II. On the other side, it has three maple leaves printed on it. There are five of these coins, owned by investors all over the world. The last of these coins was auctioned at a value of approximately $4.02 million in June 2010.

    1974 Silver Dollar
    The first dollar coin minted by the newly formed US Federal mint is worth approximately $10 million. This coin made of 10 percent copper and 90 percent silver was issued by the US Federal Government in 1794 and 1795. Also known as the Flowing Hair dollar, this coin has an image of the bust of Liberty with flowing tresses. The most expensive coin possessed by a private collector, this coin is quite significant historically.

  • Things you need to know for sewing machine repair help

    Who could have not seen a sewing machine? Hardly anyone. It is a machine that can be used for stitching fabric and other materials together with the help of a thread. The first sewing machines are believed to have been invented during the first Industrial Revolution to reduce the amount of manual labor needed to do sewing work in the clothing companies. The sewing machines have greatly improved over the ages since its invention by Thomas Saint in 1790. The sewing machine can be considered to have been one of the huge pillars that have supported the clothing industry through increased productivity and efficiency.

    The sewing machines available today are diverse in design depending on their purpose and environment. The ones for personal uses in households are designed to be handled by a single person to sew items and use a single stitch type. Industrial sewing machines are, however, more diversified in their size and appearance.

    With every machine comes the problem of repairs and if you own a sewing machine you may also be experiencing problems with the sewing machine every now and then. Here is how you can deal with the sewing machine repairs.

    Sewing Machine Problems
    Let us look into more detail the various problems that can grasp your sewing machine:
    – The needles may have been broken.
    – The presser foot may be improperly attached or bent.
    – The needle may be misaligned.
    – There could be incorrect pressure on the presser foot
    – There is also the possibility of an insecure needle foot.
    – The tension disks could be worn out.
    – The feed dogs may be clogged.
    – The presser foot may need adjustments.
    Though these problems are quite common, you might be in need of help from a professional.

    Sewing Machine Types
    You need to get appropriate help depending on the type of your sewing machine.
    Mechanical – These models are older and could get quite difficult for repairing if there are specific parts that are no longer available in the market. These machines run with the help of mechanical power and there would be dials or knobs to change the settings. The models are quite basic in comparison to the more advanced systems available now. The stitches can also be less precise. You need to get in touch with a technician who is more prone to handling older models.

    Computerized – The computerized models are believed to have a longer lifespan and are hence, more expensive. The most exciting things about these are that they can handle exquisite embroidery designs and can handle a variety of different stitches. Some of them can even be linked to the desktop. The professional you should be looking for in this case should have quite a lot of experience in handling such models. It would be better if he has some expertise in your particular model, thus giving him an edge with your machine.

    Electric – These are sort of a hybrid between the older and newer models, sort of a transition model. These are capable of creating many varieties of stitches and buttonholes. They also have LCD screens that allow the user to use little effort in adjusting stitches. These machines are also quite reliable and have longer lifespans. Lots of professionals would be readily available for these machines.

  • 4 celebrity coin collectors to be inspired from

    Coin collection, or numismatics as it is known, is one of the oldest hobbies in the world. This fascinating hobby of collecting coin requires a lot of patience and a good eye for detail. You have to be quick to identify the value of a seemingly innocuous coin and be obstinate enough to know the history of the coin.

    Numismatics is a hobby that can be picked up by anyone irrespective of age, gender, profession or socioeconomic standing. It is something that can be pursued by people across demographics. If you thought collecting coins is for those with too much time on their hands, you are wrong. Here we list 5 famous people who have been and some still are ardent coin collectors.

    Nicole Kidman
    This Hollywood superstar is very much into the old-school and old-fashioned hobby of numismatics. It is rumored that the Moulin Rouge star collects Judean coins. Judean coins are ancient Hebrew silver coins that originated in Judaea, which was a part of the Persian empire in 6th century BCE. Although Kidman’s connection to these ancient coins is a gossip column rumor, it never hurts to speculate on the numismatic side of the actress.

    Thomas Jefferson
    The founding father of USA and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence was known for many things, numismatics being one of them. The third president enthusiastically collected gold coins. The period of these coins ranged from contemporary Europe to ancient civilizations from the past.

    Franklin D Roosevelt
    Roosevelt was another president who was an enthusiastic numismatic. He was an ardent collector of coins and later became associated with the humble dime. Roosevelt started the March of Dime, a fundraising campaign to fight polio. This program invited people to contribute at least a dime to help find cure against polio. To commemorate Roosevelt’s legacy, the US Government and the US Mint decided to put Roosevelt’s image on the humble dime (10 cent).

    John Quincy Adams
    The sixth president of United States was also a keen collector of coins. Adams’s specialty was collecting ancient Roman coins. He was known as one of the most prominent coins collectors in America. His interest in coin collection began in Europe when he started collecting coins from Greek and Roman civilizations along with his father John Adams, the second president of the country. The great coin collection of the Adams family was acquired by the Massachusetts Historical Society. In 1971, this collection was auctioned off.

  • Arts and crafts as a therapeutic experience for adults

    Arts and crafts can be an amazing medium to help children communicate. But it’s not just limited to kids or artists, it is proven to be an effective form of therapy for adults as well. There are times in life where words spoken or otherwise cannot comprehensively express what one is feeling. The major goal of therapy program incorporating the use of arts and crafts is to help you acknowledge your uncertainties and fears, through a creative platform. It can be a refreshing experience for people struggling with depression and anxiety disorders. The best part about such kind of therapy is that it doesn’t label or quantify your state of mind. Human feelings are even more complex than rocket science, every person is different, and that is why the healing techniques also vary from person to person.

    One can easily seek the help of an art therapist who will implement a creative process for healing, depending upon their core issue. They deal with all kinds of clients who may have psychological, traumatic or physical setbacks. It is also used for couples and in groups. An art therapist aims to capture the crux of the client’s issue, by observing how the client responds to the creative healing process. But, anyone can enroll for an art therapy program. It is a great opportunity to rejuvenate and escape from the usual stress of life. In the past, few years art therapy has gradually gained momentum in medical facilities, educational and developmental centers and in cultural communities too.

    Depending on your problem, your art therapist will design certain forms of activities for you to do. They could involve drawing, painting, craft, maintaining a journal, anything that will allow you to have the freedom to creatively express the chaos you cannot articulate verbally.

    Art therapy is still an emerging form of therapy. Some people might feel hesitant about trying it, as it involves art and the most common misconception about art therapy is that you need to have a talent for it. For instance, if your creative healing process involves painting then don’t get worried, it’s your masterpiece with only one person as an audience that is your art therapist. Take advantage of this liberty. The key is to keep it honest and not perfect. Similarly, if you are told to make a collage or maintain a picture journal, go ahead and find that favorite magazine of yours. Find visuals that inspire you, that make you happy, and include them in your project.

    Remember anyone can seek out for the assistance of art therapy, so the next time you feel the dire need to get out the monotony go ahead, it’ll give you an opportunity for introspection and self discovery.

  • Wedding guest book – Design, presentation, and DIY ideas

    The moments that lead up to a wedding and the ones that follow are something most couples treasure throughout their lives. Some frame their wedding invitations, flowers, or even décor, while others hold on to their wedding attire and pass it on to the next generation. But one special keepsake that couples treasure is their wedding guest book. These books help couples personalize their big day and revisit and cherish those memories on anniversaries.

    Couples can design a wedding guest book in several ways. For instance, they could visit shopping websites to source personalized wedding guest books that include pictures of their liking. That said, there are a few essential tips to follow while designing the book.

    A great way to begin is by writing the couple’s name, wedding date, and other details on the first page, like the lyrics from their first dance. While other information can follow, the pages should match the wedding colors or theme that is being planned. Moreover, the book’s design should complement the couple’s home, where it will be kept after the wedding. For example, if a couple wants to keep the wedding guest book on their coffee table, they should design it to complement their home décor. Most importantly, the book should have sufficient pages for the guests to write, doodle, or paste photographs as they prefer.

    Correctly presenting a guest book at the wedding is the key to getting the maximum number of guests to participate in the activity. One tip is to display the book near the reception entrance so guests can sign it upon arrival. But sometimes, the venue layout may make it difficult to do this. In such situations, couples can place the wedding book in an open space where it is easily visible. This location should be spacious for family, friends, and guests to hang out comfortably without being rushed or cramped for space to sign the book. Another way to get guests to sign the book is to dress the table with decorations to make it visually appealing. If possible, the couple should also designate a close family member to remind people to sign the book as they pass by.

    Popular wedding guest book ideas
    Traditionally, a wedding guest book is a bound book where friends, family members, and other guests sign their names and sometimes leave well-wished or inspirational messages to motivate the wedded couple. Using a bound book is still lovely, but couples have started personalizing this wedding detail. Doing so makes it much more fun and memorable for the newlyweds and the guests. Here are six non-traditional wedding guestbook alternatives to try:

    Thumb impressions
    Thumb impressions are among the most creative ideas for a wedding guest book. The couple draws a giant tree with several branches to set the idea in motion. During the wedding, the couple or the person in charge places an eco-friendly ink pad next to the artwork. Now the guests press their thumbs against the ink pad and make an impression on the tree’s branches, creating the leaves. They sometimes also sign over the imprint so the couple can identify who it belongs to.

    Jenga set
    Implementing this idea could make playing Jenga way more fun. The couple purchases a blank Jenga set (or two, based on the expected number of people at the wedding) and has their guests sign the blocks. Each time the newlyweds have friends and family over in the future, they play the game and revisit the wishes scribbled into the set on their special day.

    Beach and nautical keepsakes
    Couples who enjoy spending time at the beach love this idea. They use objects like a surfboard, a model sailboat, stones, oars, a wooden anchor, or seashells to collect signatures and written wishes from guests at their wedding. Some couples get friends, family members, and guests to sign on parchment and then put the paper in a bottle.

    Signature tree
    A signature tree is among the prettiest guest book ideas. Couples create a tree using craft paper and shape the leaves as hearts or another object of their choosing. At the wedding, guests sign on the leaves or write well wishes. Once the event is over, the couple frames the tree or hangs it on a wall to cherish it forever.

    Wooden sign board
    This type of signboard is a beautiful guest book DIY idea any couple could use. The craft requires the couple to purchase a large wooden board of a style they prefer and inscribe their wedding details. With guest signatures on it, the wooden board serves as an attractive piece of wall art at the newlyweds’ home.

    Music records
    Using records as a medium for a wedding guest book is ideal for newlyweds who are all about music. Couples create this keepsake by purchasing circular MDF boards from a local craft shop in a suitable size. Next, they paint the boards to make them look like music records and get their guests to sign them. The record labels include details like their wedding date, favorite lyrics, and the names of special dances.

  • Why you should know how to use a sewing machine

    Being a grownup has its own challenges, especially the ones where you don’t have your grandma around to fix that unruly button of your shirt when you’re just getting late for class or work. But isn’t it little convenient to label sewing as something that only your grandma knows! Keeping aside all the stereotypes, possible hand-eye co-ordination issues or the classic excuse of not having enough time, sewing could prove to be an extremely valuable skill for you.

    Knowing how to use a sewing machine is not sorcery, it just needs a little time to get accustomed to, and can prove to be a fantastic investment if you go beyond the obvious repairs of hems and zippers.

    Here are four reasons why you should know how to use a sewing machine.

    Saves time and money
    If you learn how to work a sewing machine it can be a wonderful last minute hack, for those unreliable buttons and mischievous zippers. You can’t be unnecessarily running off to your tailor or dry cleaners for minor fixes. Once you learn to sew, you definitely will not want to spend your money on something you can do by yourself, as for time, it will be saved, all though sewing cannot guarantee fixing the procrastinator within you.

    You add a new skill on your personal portfolio
    Now you might not be the Parisian tailor who’s got an appointment list and assistants, but learning some basic sewing will always mean fostering a practical skill. You can also show off this new talent to your friends and family, and help them as well. Your grandma will surely be proud of your new-found achievement.

    Enhances your creativity and distinctiveness
    If you are fortunate enough you can transform your need to be functional into an opportunity to be inventive. You can make a hobby out of it, develop home improvement projects for yourself. This also means everything that you choose to make, will be uncommon and unique. Deliberate or accidental, sewing can prove to be your thing.

    Makes you a better consumer
    If your interest in sewing intensifies it can help you refine your tastes in terms of what kind of brands you invest in. You might want to switch to recyclable and environmentally secure products for your home. If you take it further with a serious thought your lifestyle habits will witness a sustainable shift eventually.

  • Be a part of the DIY culture of arts and crafts

    Do It Yourself, these words surely must be ringing some bells in your mind. A popular hashtag of the social media websites, DIY somehow translates into the Arts and Crafts Movement of our century. The Arts and Crafts Movement of the 1800s defied the factory production which was mediocre, both in taste and in quality. Today DIY is more about the unique creative expression, self reliance, building sustainability and a sense of self achievement.

    With the arrival of the Internet, sharing ideas and causes of creative nature gradually became simpler, and then the age of social media struck, building a community of like minded people all over the world. Anyone could build a blog and in a matter of months, gain thousands of followers and an impressive revenue. But more than making a career out of DIY, it is more important to recognize why DIY! Here are a few reasons explaining why you should be a part of the DIY Culture!

    Exploring yourself
    It is important to consistently seek and chase creative ambitions, as they are intimately related to our happiness. DIY will give you an opportunity to discover and develop a unique talent. As you keep learning new techniques, you can realize where your true passion lies.

    Sustainable approach
    Once you adapt yourself into the mold of DIY, you will tend to choose your products and brands with absolute precision. It’s but natural that you will want to be on the greener side of whatever creative endeavors you pursue. You will automatically switch to the agenda of reuse and recycle. That’s the power of making something, you want it to be a part of a better tomorrow, and not something that adds to the clutter.

    A sense of accomplishment
    How many times do you buy a product, and remember it because it has a special story related to it? When you do it yourself you have a certain emotional value and euphoria attached to it. It has a story and motive behind its existence. You don’t take on projects in DIY just for the heck of it. Your idea can be deliberate or accidental, but never random, and that’s its subtle beauty. As you progress towards completing a creative project, it will leave you feeling accomplished and fulfilled.

    Finding Value
    You will develop an ability to discern between what’s valuable and what just comes with an expensive price tag. You will not only save time and money but will also make a creative resource out of yourself. Although it cannot be guaranteed that if you will be able to control your splurging habit on arts and crafts supplies. It’s true once you’re hooked, there is no going back.

    Building trust in yourself
    Self doubt is often the primary reason because of which you constantly keep limiting yourself. DIY requires a lot of patience and the eagerness to try again. This resilient attitude will not only help you succeed in your personal projects but will also make you a person who’s afraid of uncertainty, but will try anyway because the curiosity within always wins.

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  • History of landline phone services

    Landline phones have come a long way from the days of electrical telegraphs to electromagnetic telegraphs to a phone available in every home. In the year 1804, Catalan polymath and scientist Francisco Salvá Campillo took the simple electrical telegraph to the next level by creating its electrochemical substitute in the form of the basic electromagnetic telegraph. This was followed by a more sophisticated electromagnetic telegraph created by Baron Schilling. Carl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Weber soon followed suit.

    The first home phone came about in the year 1876 at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, when Alexander Graham Bell presented the telephone to the world. It was then a point to point system that was changed to a system that could call greater distances through the use of exchanges.

    The growing popularity of the home phone service came about after the 1930s when telephone lines were neatly connected between smaller towns and Metropolitans. The rotary dial up system was changed to the touch tone signaling system by the 1960s.

    The modern home phone features include a call display to display who is calling every time there is a phone call. Automatic with hold is another feature, where calls can be placed on hold indefinitely. The automatic anonymous caller rejecter helps turn on the feature where anonymous calls can be rejected automatically. Another advantage is the free calls to customer service departments that are available in a lot of numbers that otherwise require a premium to be paid when called from a mobile. Some add on features like three way calling, ring back, and call diversion is other facilities available.

    The future of the home phone service is reflected in smartphones, mobile broadband networks, Voice-Over-IP services, and tablets. The landline is still a favorite mode of communication in many nations. Some of the benefits offered by traditional landlines include saving money on calls to other landlines, options for free anytime calls, bundling international calls with line rental and other features that can help reduce the payment for additional mobile phone services. The future of home phone services seems compelling due to the advent of all these benefits.

  • 3 tips for creating effective safety signs

    In the past couple of years, there have been thousands of fatal workplace injuries. Hence, it is vital to take the necessary steps to improve workplace safety, and policy signboards are an ideal way to do so. These boards assure higher efficiency and better visual communication all throughout the facility. However, how can you make the most of the installed policy signboards? Let us find out. 

    Examine potential hazards

    First, you need to assess the possible hazards in the area where your workplace is situated. This includes the industrial and office areas and the location outside the central facility. Now, beyond the apparent hazards, you also need to identify unexpected risks, which may not be that obvious. Checking your establishment’s past injury records and gauging how physical tasks are carried out on a daily basis are two of the many ways to do so.

    Opt for color coding and safety words

    Color codes are an inseparable component of compliant policy signboards. It is because both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have designated specific colors for every kind of hazard. OSHA primarily needs three kinds of safety words—danger, warning, and caution.

    The OSHA-compliant danger policy sign should have the word “danger” written in black font with a red background. Similarly, if it is a caution policy signboard, then it must have the word “caution” written in black letters with a yellow background. It is important to note that safety instruction signs may not come with pre-designed signal words.

    Be careful with the placement and positioning 

    Policy signboards need to be carefully positioned to ensure that they are legible even from a distance. Further, the placement should be such that it immediately attracts the attention of the intended person and makes them aware of any existing hazard. Hence, it is important to put proper thought into deciding the placement location of signboards around your facility. If needed, you may even have to reposition signs over time—especially when you make modifications or changes to them—in order to increase their usefulness and visibility.

  • Top yogurt brands for a perfect start to your day

    Did you know that a cupful of Greek yogurt can help you meet the recommended dietary requirements? You can savor the tangy taste of Greek yogurt even if you are lactose intolerant. It is full of proteins, required for building hair, skin, blood, muscles, bones and cartilage. Also, Greek yogurt is known to have the highest amount of probiotics, which help in boosting the immune system and reduce stomach problems.

    Why should you eat yogurt every day?
    The human body requires a good dose of the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract for proper functioning. Greek yogurt is rich in probiotics content, which refers to the living organisms that can offer enormous health benefits when consumed in the right proportion. Plus, it is rich in animal protein, and you get about 9 grams of protein per serving along with other nutrients such as Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-6, magnesium, and potassium.

    Moreover, Greek yogurt is much lower in carbohydrate content than the regular yogurts. This is particularly useful for people who are willing to limit the consumption of carbohydrate or are following a low-carb diet. Considering that many people are lactose intolerant, they can also consume Greek yogurt without any worries since the amount of lactose in this food is very low. In short, Greek yogurt is high in protein and vitamin content, but low in lactose and sugar. This, in turn, can promote a healthy digestive system and your gut health.

    Top yogurt brands for a lovely snack
    When it comes to top yogurt brands, Chobani Greek Whole Milk Yogurt is a winner. Its perfect balance of buttery richness and healthy ingredients makes it an ideal breakfast meal. In each 2/3rd cup, you will find 127 calories, 5g carbohydrates and 6g fat. According to some consumers, this is the most nutritious yogurt and tastes almost like sour cream. Opt for this yogurt as a hearty granola and make sure you replace the mayo dip with this when you prepare your next dip recipe.

    The most nutritious yogurt with the next level creaminess, Stonyfield organic Greek plain 0% Fat Yogurt, is widely popular. If you have newly entered the Greek Yogurt league, it is a good option to start with. Most users have reported that it is thicker and tarter than others in the same category. The best part of including this into your daily diet is that it has 0% fat, 87 calories and 6g of sugar and carbohydrate.
    If you are a great fan of the best Greek yogurts, you must try Skyr at least once. It is the Icelandic version with a thick consistency. People love its smooth creaminess, which is particularly suitable for those who are new to the Greek yogurt aisle. The tanginess of the yogurt resembles sour cream or cream cheese, and you can add delicious toppings to make it a perfect snack. With Skyr 0%, you will consume 100 calories, 3g sugar, 0g fat and 19g protein.

    If you are looking for low-fat foods to include in your daily meals, then you must check these top yogurt brands to make your dishes tastier and tangier.