• 4 basic questions answered about reverse mortgages

    A reverse mortgage is a loan that allows individuals older than 62 to improve their financial well-being. They can convert part of their home equity into lump sum cash, fixed monthly payments, or line of credit, according to their preference. The money can be used to pay for medical bills, in emergencies, or to pay off a mortgage. Here’s what you should know about reverse mortgages in case you’re looking for one.

    How much can you borrow?
    For reverse mortgages, the loan amount can’t exceed the value of the property against which it is borrowed. Federal regulations require lenders to ensure that the loan amount doesn’t exceed the value of the house by structuring the transactions accordingly. Additionally, these regulations state that the owner/borrower is not liable to pay off the balance amount in case it exceeds the property value.

    How are reverse mortgages paid for?
    A reverse mortgage is payable when the borrower sells the house, relocates permanently, or dies. Unlike forward mortgages, reverse mortgages don’t need the borrower to make any monthly payments. They are only liable to pay interest on the money received, which is rolled back into the loan balance. While the owner gets to keep the title to the home, their home equity reduces over the loan tenure.

    Who can take a reverse mortgage?
    This type of loan is ideal for seniors and retirees whose net worth comes mostly from the value of their home. Seniors who don’t qualify for a home equity loan or can’t refinance due to limited cash flow or poor credit can opt for reverse mortgages. Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) for purchase is a reverse mortgage that allows seniors to buy another property. That said, it is complex, and you should study the risk factors before getting one.

    What are the risks associated with reverse mortgages?
    Reverse mortgage scams are not unheard of. Unreputable vendors could offer to help seniors secure reverse mortgages by undertaking house repairs. They don’t provide quality results and get away with the homeowner’s money instead. For spouses living together in a home with only one spouse named as a borrower on a reverse mortgage, the other spouse can lose the home if the borrowing spouse dies first. Besides, reverse mortgage lenders charge fees and closing costs and may also charge mortgage insurance premiums for federally-insured HECMs.

  • 5 documents required for hassle-free land sales

    The decision to sell one’s land is indeed not an easy process. Unless you are in the business of real estate, the processes that are involved till the transaction gets through could be appalling. The seller of the land should be in possession of certain crucial documents which have been listed below:

    Purchase agreement: This document will be signed by the buyer when an offer is made on the land up for sale. This legal document confirms the intent of the buyer based on all the clauses in the purchase agreement. Once signed, the document becomes legally binding on both parties. The crucial points of the sale, including terms of sale, agreed price, and other deliverables of the deal need to be mentioned in the purchase agreement.

    Disclosure documents: The owner is bound to disclose all liabilities and defects of the property. These disclosure requirements vary from state to state, and hence it would be advisable to draft the document with the guidance of a real estate attorney. This form needs to be filled completely and honestly based on the seller’s experience of the property.

    Land contract: This document becomes necessary if the seller offers self-financing. This is a separate legal contract that specifies the terms and conditions between the buyer and seller. This document will include the location of the land with its address and detailed description. This document will list out the price agreed on, the initial payment, the monthly payment schedule, the amounts worked out, the dates of payment, grace period, and mode of payment. Once the contract is signed, the buyer will be treated as the property owner, and he would become responsible and liable to pay all bills and taxes for the said land on sale.

    Sale deed: This is the document which transfers the ownership from the seller to the buyer. If the buyer pays cash, a deed is made and filed with the appropriate government agency at the time of closing the deal. If the seller provides financing, the deed will be held in escrow till the last payment is made.

    Closing statement: This is required to document the financial transactions between the buyer and the seller. This can include an amortization schedule.

    The above-mentioned documents certainly ensure a hassle free sale process when you are selling your land.

  • 5 effective strategies for listing properties online

    When it comes to real estate, 9 out of 10 buyers look for properties online. With the Internet reducing travel time and distances to our fingertips, it makes sense to bring out property sale to a wider market. A well-planned and executed listing online could make a difference by creating an impression in the eyes and minds of potential buyers sitting across many cities in front of a computer or a mobile phone.

    Here are few simple and time-tested strategies for listing properties and lands for sale online:

    Photos: Many good quality photographs, taken from different angles attracts attention. A couple of decades or so back, there weren’t many options to take good photographs. Times have now changed and so have the way in which real estate is being marketed. Whether you are selling your own land or you are into the realty business, placing drone shots would certainly attract a lot of potential buyers. Take enough photographs of amenities around as well. Photographs of the neighborhood are also crucial. People make decisions to buy lands/homes also based on how safe the neighborhood is.

    Detailed description: Once the pictures have attracted the attention of a potential buyer and he or she clicks on the land listed for sale, it is important to give all relevant details that are basic and vital for a buyer to make a decision. Remember most buyers are looking at multiple or sometimes hundreds of pictures online and the details provided could be the one that makes the buyer proceed one step closer to strike a deal—details like total area, buildable area, sitemaps are crucial when listing a land for sale. Most websites also allow uploading of documents. All these put together can interest the buyer and helps them assess the property and take one more step to shortlist the said land on sale.

    Choosing the right website: To ensure that the property gets maximum visibility, choosing the right website to display your ad becomes crucial. Identifying sites that specialize in the type of land that is being sold is the best choice so that there are genuine buyers who are looking for exactly what is being sold.

    Impress the buyer: Customizing the property listing with correct tags and keywords to be visible to the probable buyer is very crucial. With the right information and pictures, it is more likely to catch the attention of a potential buyer

    Stay patient: Online websites have a huge database of properties. Once your listing reaches the website and its database, the probability that the listing will get an immediate response is not very high. Keep updating the listing with newer pictures. Moreover, make sure that the price quoted is competitive so you get a good deal on your land sale.

  • Advantages of Affordable Living Apartments for Seniors

    Technological and scientific advancements are playing a huge role in increasing the life expectancy of men and women all over the world. In our country, there are over 40 million people who are aged 65 and above. It is normal that as one grows older, their activity levels and ability to perform routine tasks reduces or slows down. Along with that, after retirement, seniors have a limited amount of money to spend, and this is where affordable housing for seniors help.

    After retirement, when their priorities and lifestyle changes, seniors have many living options. Seniors can choose to live with their children or other family members and share the living costs with them; this is a win-win situation for both parties. While the youngsters can take advantage of the wisdom of their elders, seniors are not besieged by loneliness either. However, if living in a large house with the family is not a feasible possibility, one can consider shifting to one of the many affordable housing apartments for seniors available these days.

    Senior apartments are housing areas specifically created for people over the age of 65. That is, at least one of the residents of the house must be 65 years or older. There are many advantages of these affordable living apartments for seniors:

    • The rent is lower for these apartments. Additionally, residents also receive financial assistance for repairs and maintenance of the space.
    • Senior citizens can choose to share this space with others who are of the same age. This way, if they both have similar tastes and interests, then apart from having company, housekeeping tasks and monthly expenses can also be shared between the housemates.
    • On the other hand, seniors can age gracefully without any worries at affordable senior housing communities where people are employed to take care of housekeeping, preparing meals, and other such activities.
    • Without denting their retirement savings, these community living spaces allows seniors to pursue their goals and passions without any external obligations or responsibilities.
    • Whether it is wanting to go back to college to study a new subject, hiking in the mountains, exploring art galleries or listening to music concerts, whatever be their objective in their retirement years, senior living apartments lend a hand in assisting them.
    • For seniors who need skilled nursing care, the shift from assisted living facilities is accessible and more affordable too.
  • Pros and cos of getting a reverse mortgage

    A reverse mortgage is a type of loan that allows homeowners to receive payments on their house as opposed to them making payments to the lender. At first glance, this option seems too good to be true. But, before committing to it, there are some nitty-gritty details that people must consider when opting for this type of financing. So, here is some information regarding the pros and cons to consider when getting a reverse mortgage.


    • Multiple options of disbursement
      One of the biggest advantages of opting for reverse mortgages is that you can choose your payment method: whether it is in the form of monthly payouts, or receiving it in bulk.
    • You retain ownership of your home
      As opposed to other mortgages where you have to vacate your house, in a reverse mortgage, you can continue to own and live in your house without any interruptions. It is a great way to improve your immediate finances and is preferable to moving or selling the property.
    • No tax liability
      The payments that you receive as a part of a reverse mortgage are not considered to be taxable by the IRS since it is considered to be a loan advance instead of taxable income.
    • Retirement safety
      These mortgages are actually a great option for retired and senior citizens, since it allows them to have access to funds, which might otherwise be stuck in the form of a fixed asset like a house or a property.


    • The property must be occupied
      For properties that have been reverse mortgaged, it is important that it remains occupied at all times. Lenders visit the houses from time to time to verify that the house is occupied throughout the year.
    • Risk of foreclosure
      If you fail to pay your property taxes, HOA fees, homeowners insurance payments, and other costs on time, your house is at a risk of being foreclosed for violation of tax laws.
    • High fees
      When signing up for a reverse mortgage, information you must know is that there are several expenses involved in completing the entire procedure, which may include the mortgage fees, FHA insurance charges, as well as closing costs.
    • Accumulation of interest
      Since there is no monthly payment plan or schedule involved in a reverse mortgage, the amount that you borrow incurs interest over time. As a result of this, one needs to be careful to not default on any payment to avoid accumulating further debt.
  • Benefits of renting a duplex

    There are a number of options when it comes to renting a place, ranging from single bedroom apartments, to duplex, to condos, to townhouses and more. but with so many options available at attractive prices, it just might become a bit difficult to choose from.

    Here are a few reasons why a duplex should be preferred over renting other residential properties.

    Work from home: Duplex homes are designed in such a way that you can easily create a separate office space for yourself. Apart from spacious living spaces and communal spaces, duplex offer the flexible option to people who work from their homes or have a job that requires them to commute only a couple of times to office in any given week. The layout of a duplex helps balance both your work life and home life, keeping them separate at all times.

    Rent out the extra space: If you just happen to own a duplex, you can let out he additional portion of the house for travelers and tourists searching for vacation homes. Vacation rentals are generally for a shorter duration and the occupants keep on changing, but you are free to charge good rates and people will generally prefer a full apartment to rent instead of jus renting out a single room.

    Shared backyard or garden: Nowadays it is impossible to find a decent space in the city which also happens to have a decent backyard or small garden. But duplex are designed by default to have a garden space which is of course shared with your neighbor next door. This is any day better than having no garden at all, for a number of reasons.

    The occasional breath of fresh air, and a nice little garden for you kids to play will be a good change form the over polluted and crowded parks and so called recreation facilities in the city. No matter how well they are maintained, public parks will always be over crowded on a nice warm sunny weekend where you kids have to wait for their turn to get on the slide. Build a small one in your backyard with a nice porch swing to go with where you can relax and have all the privacy you need, provided there is a wall which splits the shared backyard space.

    Plenty of space: Compared to renting two bedroom apartments or even a nice condo in the city, duplex will always feature more space and all the power outlets you can install to make sure there is enough for the number of appliance and kitchen utilities you can install. The living space and communal areas will also be spaced out to maximize comfort and promote a cozy living.

  • 4 essential tips for first-time home buyers

    Buying a new house can be an enthralling and a nerve-wracking experience especially if you are a first-time home buyer. There are so many things you need to take care of while buying a new house; everything, right from applying for the loan to ensuring that you choose the right home for you and your family has to be taken care of. However, even though the process of buying a home can be challenging for first-time home buyers, there are certain tips that can ensure that you go about this process without facing many obstacles.

    • Know your financial strength: Before you browse through the online listings or start visiting realtors to buy your dream home, ensure that your financial health is at its peak. You wouldn’t want to risk losing your dream home because you didn’t plan your finances appropriately. It is imperative that, as a first-time home buyer, you audit your finances. You will have to check your savings account, and only if you have three to six months of living expenses saved is it advisable to contemplate buying a new home. Also, it is imperative that you keep a tab on your monthly spendings since it will give you a fair idea of how to manage your monthly mortgage. Getting your finances in order is one of the first things that every first-time home buyer must do.
    • Check for first-time home buyer’s benefits: Before you decide on applying for a loan and calculating your monthly payment, check for programs that offer benefits to first-time home buyers. Such programs can effectively reduce the burden on first-time home buyers who would otherwise have to make higher monthly payments.
    • Compare mortgage rates: It is common knowledge that the mortgage rate offered by one lender would vary from the mortgage loan offered by another lender. To ensure that you choose the right lender, it is imperative that you compare the mortgage rates offered by different lenders and choose the one that adheres to your needs and proves beneficial. For a first-time home buyer, comparing the mortgage rates can help them save a lot of money which can be used elsewhere.
    • Meet the lender: Instead of meeting the realtors, first-time home buyers should consider meeting a lender. The lender will help you assess your credit score and determine the amount of money you will qualify for on a loan. This proves beneficial in case you are trying to qualify for a loan, and looking for the right lender can help you get into the program you were aiming for.

    It is imperative that, as a first-time home buyer, you go through these tips to ensure that you make the right choice when it comes to money matters.

  • 3 Tips to Follow While Looking for Cheap Houses to Rent

    Over the last eight years, our country has seen a steady decline in homeownership, and this directly implies that more and more people are turning towards renting houses; this has lead to a lot of competition for both rental homes and rates. One of the best ways to find cheap houses for rent is to plan ahead of time because renters tend to change their decision until the last minute before finalizing an option. When you are on the lookout for the best house to rent at an affordable price, then you shouldn’t look for houses randomly as this will not be beneficial. Instead, you should go house hunting with a clear strategy when you are adequately prepared.

    Here are a few tips to help you plan ahead of time and pick a cheap house for rent:

    • Begin your house search earlier in the month as this is the time when most houses are up for grabs, and you get a wider pick in terms of price, amenities, location, etc. Your search for a home must begin at least 60-30 days ahead of the date when you’re planning to shift. When you’re house hunting, you need to learn all that you can about the locality that you want to move into, as well as other essential parameters that can help you zero in on the best house that suits your needs.
    • You can start your search for a cheap house for rent online, but don’t rely on that option alone. Most renters look up apartments on Craigslist or Zillow and go with what is available or whatever looks good to them. You can use the online renting sites as a stepping stone to understand the pricing and amenities available in houses, and then go on to look for one in real time. When you begin the physical search, there’s a chance that you might stumble on some great options accidentally.
    • Get some professional help as real estate agents and brokers can help you narrow down your search according to your specific needs. Remember to pick a rental broker as opposed to a sales broker. When you get the help of a broker, you get access to different pricing ranges, and most of them have different holds on different buildings; so finding a cheap house for rent becomes easier.

    Always remember to check the authenticity of the houses you view so that you do not fall prey to a scam. In case you choose to share a house for rent, then get a little background on your housemates as well. Following these simple steps can help you start your house search without much trouble.

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  • Symptoms of heartburn

    What is heartburn? When stomach acid flows up into your esophagus, it causes a burning feeling in your chest and throat. This feeling is known as heartburn. This feeling becomes difficult to handle after eating food and can last for several hours. Heartburn is common and can be taken care off with over-the-counter antacids. Heartburn is also known as acid reflux, reflux, acidity, or acid indigestion. If you suffer from heartburn frequently, then you must talk to your doctor immediately. It is an indication of gastroesophageal reflux disease.

    Symptoms of heartburn
    The burning feeling occurs just after eating and usually takes place behind the breastbone. It can last from few a minutes to several hours. Heartburn is aggravated due to lying down, eating or bending over. You must always remember to see a doctor immediately if you experience chest pain. Never assume you are suffering from heartburn unless the doctor diagnoses it. Burning sensation occurs at the back of your throat. There will be a lingering taste of sour, hot and acidic liquid at the back of your throat. You experience difficulty in swallowing food. You will have a feeling that the food you have eaten is coming back to your throat.

    A sore throat, chronic cough, and chronic hoarseness are other symptoms. The feeling of heartburn does not spread out to the neck, arms, and shoulders but it always can. Heartburn gets worse when you exercise or are anxious. The symptoms of heartburn usually get better when treated with antacids. Heartburn is rarely accompanied by excessive sweating.

    Difference between heartburn and heart attack
    Chest pain is one of the most common troubles people face today. You will find many people visiting the emergency room with symptoms of a heart attack. But some people do come into the emergency room with a severe case of heartburn. The difference between heartburn and heart attack is very minute. A sophisticated medical investigation is required to tell the symptoms of a heart attack apart from a heartburn. To complicate the matter further, both problems have similar symptoms. They even occur to the same kind of person, for example those who are aged or overweight due to a bad lifestyle.

    If you are suffering from these symptoms, then it is important for you to understand that you must talk about your symptoms to a doctor. You must always let the doctor decide if it is a case of heartburn or a heart attack. Your doctor might prescribe certain medical tests to understand and diagnose the severity of your problem. This is usually done to prescribe a proper treatment. If you are suffering from severe case of heartburn, then your doctor might prescribe special medical tests. Then they provide medications to help you recover from it.

  • 3 well-known email marketing tools

    Email marketing has become an essential part of a business’s digital marketing campaign. Unlike social media marketing, email marketing allows a business to lend a personal touch in its communication to the potential or the existing customers. Email marketing tools help a business send out autoresponders and newsletters to their subscribers and customers. Below are some of the most-used email marketing tools available online right now.

    This is one of the easiest email marketing tools. The user interface (UI) is well designed, and it can be easily used by beginners to build a good email marketing campaign. One of the significant features of this tool is that it offers a 100% free account. Another significant feature is that MailChimp can be integrated with other marketing tools and social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Hubspot, and so on.  MailChimp allows you to send autoresponders and newsletters to your clients and customers. It has two payment plans—monthly subscriptions and pay-as-you-go plans.

    With monthly subscriptions starting at around $9, ActiveCampaign is one of the most affordable email marketing tools. It is rich with features and has a customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage leads and automation tools to turn the leads into customers. With ActiveCampaign, you can automatically create a targeted campaign based upon consumer behavior. The automation tools let you send pre-built, as well as conditional content emails to consumers and subscribers. This email marketing tool has a Zapier integration that allows you to connect the tool to other services like Salesforce, QuoteRoller, LeadFormly, Xero, Acuity Scheduling, Calendly, GotoWebinar, and Evernote.

    Affordability and ease-of-use are two of the most notable features of this email marketing tool. While other services may charge more as your list of subscribers grow, GetResponse is known to keep subscription charges stable irrespective of the size of the list. With more than 500 well-designed email templates, GetResponse makes it easy to create newsletter and autoresponders, whether you are an expert or novice. These templates have been designed to be compatible also with mobile devices. One of the most significant features of GetResponse is the application program interface (API) that allows you to perform the custom integration. This is in addition to the off-the-shelf integration available with Salesforce, WordPress, Zendesk, Shopify, and PayPal.

  • Benefits of Bluetooth wireless headphones

    Regardless of whether we are on the move or at home, majority of us spend quite considerable amount of time using headphones to listen to music. While most people settle for the ear buds that come along with iPods, there are some who want to invest in a good headphone that will provide excellent sound quality and noise cancellation too. Wireless headphones have become quite popular these days. Given below is all the information you would like to know about headphones if you are planning to purchase these in the near future.

    Various styles and features of headphones
    Headphones are available in a commendable variety of models and styles that fit the ears differently and even sound different when adorned. So, you need to first come to a decision about what kind of headphones you are looking for and will be ideal for your personal requirements. The various styles include ear buds, ear pad headphones, wireless head phones, and full-size headphones. If you plan to go in for a Bluetooth wireless one, given below are some of the features of wireless headphones that will help to make your choice easier.

    Benefits of wireless Bluetooth headphones
    You will come across a stunning range of wireless headphones to suit every budget in any electronic store that you walk into. These headphones permit you to enjoy your most loved numbers anywhere and anytime without the nuisance of wires that most conventional headphones come from.

    They have wide range: They have excellent range with the Bluetooth wireless headphones.

    Free of cables: This is beyond doubt one of the best advantages of wireless Bluetooth headphones. These phones are hands free as well as cord free too. Cords always seem to tangle and even push earphones out of your ear while travelling. This feature makes them the best option when you are a person who travels a lot. And Bluetooth technology requires comparatively lesser energy to release signals too.

    Excellent sound quality: Bluetooth wireless headphones are equipped with bass boosting technology that helps magnify sound and better the quality of beats. Noise isolation is yet another attractive feature of Bluetooth technology that ensures you have no disturbances from outside while listening to your music.

    Trendy and stylish: They have a sleek and classy appearance that appears stylish with all outfits and makes you feel technologically advanced in every sense of the word.

    Cost effective: These headphones have now become quite affordable for every stratum of society where you can purchase a decent set for a reasonable price.