• The essential Barbour jacket buying guide

    When buying your classic, much-coveted Barbour jacket, there are a few things to remember. With some helpful tips here, you will be able to navigate important aspects. This includes the right time to buy, the right fit, and how to ensure you buy the right size.

    Size matters
    The first thing to be aware of when buying a Barbour jacket, is to understand that the sizing is always given in the UK standards. You will find US sizing alongside the UK sizes. Most people report that the Barbour jackets are a bit narrower than average. So you should order one size up particularly if you are intending to wear layers underneath.

    Tick tock
    Barbour jackets will never drop out of the latest fashion trends. This makes you endlessly chic, but means there are very few sales. So, you will have to keep a keen eye out for when Barbour jackets go on sale.

    Decide which style suits your preferences
    Barbour jackets come in a handful of great styles to select from. The two most popular styles comprise of quilted and waxed cotton. Neither is inherently better than the other, and you will have a hard time deciding which one is right for you. Choose the one that fits your wardrobe best- these jackets will last a lifetime.

    Maintenance is key
    According to the makers, every Barbour jacket needs a re-coating once a year. This is because the wax which keeps the jacket waterproof tends to wear away with the passage of time. If you can maintain a regular upkeep for the jacket, it will save you from costly repairs in the long term. Waxed Barbour Jackets Are Not Exclusively For Winter. If you hail from that part of the USA that gets enough snowfall during the winter, putting on a Barbour jacket may not be sufficiently warm. The jacket can be worn all around the year because of its weatherproof and dustproof technology. You can add in some zip-in accessories with the jacket so that it can make the fit more snug and warm.

    Color Color
    Barbour jackets come in a variety of colors to select from, and each color has many shades. The most common colors of Barbour jackets includes green, black, navy, rustic and bark. The modern sage green shade has an elegant shine.

    These few tips will help you choose the best Barbour jacket for yourself and your loved ones. You can rest assured that you will never regret your decision to invest in this world-class jacket.

  • 9 ways to wear leather jackets

    Winters have set in. It’s time to get yourself layered and look your winter best. As the temperature drops, there’s only one winter staple that will stick around. Expand your winter wardrobe with a cute leather jacket that will get the spotlight on you wherever you go.

    Here are several ways you can swirl away with cute leather jackets as showcased by celebrities:

    • For an endearing yet badass look
      Pair your leather jacket with a printed top and slim fit pants, a micro floral one that gives off a flirty vibe. Complete the look with a pair of metallic heels, preferably loafer heels.
    • For an instant cool look
      Match your little black dress with a vibrant colored leather jacket. You definitely can’t go wrong with such a smashing equation.
    • For a night out with your girls
      Complement your monochrome dress with a bright colored jacket and complete the look with strappy heels or gladiators. Grab those envious eyeballs with this chic and trendy look.
    • For a classic evening date
      Who doesn’t love to dress up for a classy date? Pick up your coral dress and match it up with contrasting clutch and sandals. Complete the look with a cute leather jacket over your shoulders. We are sure, he won’t take his eyes off you.
    • For an after party look
      Get your 9-5 job ensemble a 360 makeover with a cute leather jacket. Pair a crop-top with a pencil skirt. Don’t forget those pointy high heels.
    • For a casual yet trendy look
      If you want to be a fashion risk taker, go for a graphic tee, waist-high boots, and a leather jacket. This ensemble will definitely give you the limelight you deserve. Also, a tee shirt with a striped mini skirt and checked sneakers, teamed with a leather jacket, makes you fit to step out in style.
    • For an animal lover
      If you’d like to showcase your love for animals with a fashion statement, wear a graphic animal tee shirt coupled with a skirt and matching footwear and throw on a leather jacket over the tee shirt and you are good to go.
    • For a hot and happening look
      Team up a crop top with a long skirt or a skin fit jeggings or jeans and complete the look with a leather jacket. Don’t fret if you have all the eyes on you. If you want to go for a tough and rugged look, pair your outfit with a leather jacket embellished with studs and spikes.
    • For a black-tie event
      Every woman wants to look the best and bag the belle of the ball title. Opt for a tulle gown and, instead of a stole to accompany it, team it with a leather jacket to break the mold. This minimalistic look will load you with compliments for the night.
  • Popular stores to get affordable jackets from

    Every man and woman should have a great blazer, jacket, or any coat which is well tailored and comfortable to wear, whether it is the summer season or whether one needs to layer up during the winter. However, wearing the usual colors such as the regular grey, black, and blue can get a little boring. So, invest in a few colorful sports jackets that are not too expensive. You can go to many retail shops and buy a few. They are ready to be worn to a party, function, wedding, and almost any occasion. Here a few which will add considerably to your jacket wardrobe. Choose your sports jackets from the choices given below where you can get affordable jackets.

    Banana Republic
    This is the place to find affordable jackets. They have on offer nice, classic cuts, peppy colors, great fabric, and details. They have Tailor-Fit Grey Herringbone Cotton Blazer with hidden detailing in blue and the Modern Slim-Fit Grey Knit Blazer, which is lighter and has great elbow patches. They have a long and short sizes in store.

    It is also the destination for blazers with a vintage look. They are made from fabric that resembles tweed with contrasting lapels and elbow patches. They have detailing like leather detailing and contrasting shoulder patches. Try Grey Donegal Blazer, the Camel Checked Blazer, or the Harris Tweed Green Contrast Blazer. The Homme Blazer is single-button, slim, and lightweight, while the Charcoal Cut and Sew Checked Blazer have a combination of different checks.

    Jos. A. Bank
    They have a wide selection of affordable jackets that are priced from $100 to $200. Their style is two-button and boxy. Head to a store for a wide selection, they also have great camel blazers perfect for fall. If you want to order online, go for the Signature Imperial Blend 2-Button Sportcoat in khaki.

    This brand is for those who love double-breasted jackets. But they have two huge styles one in black and the other in herringbone. The coats are slim fit and a little cropped, so pay attention to the measurements. Still, they’ve got a jacket style in spades.

    Scotch & Soda
    If you are on the look for out or a linen sportcoat or an affordable jacket, Scotch & Soda have one just for you. Their summer blazers are mainly in blue denim blue, cobalt, and chambray blue. You can select the shade for yourself.

  • All you need to know about Lucky Brand

    The Lucky Brand was initially a jeans company which is headquartered in America as a denim company around 1990. The founders of Lucky Brand are Gene Montesano and Barry Pearlman. They moved on to jackets, sportswear, accessories quite slowly and by the end of December 2013 Lucky Brand jeans were acquired by Leonard Green & Partners for around $225 million. This jeans brand had a lot to do with denim, and they were a similar icon like Levi’s to the Americans. They always tried to stay true to their ethics, values, mission, vision and the rich heritage because they produced authentic American denim jackets and some were inspired by a vintage model and started up in California. The name as it sounds Lucky Brand has gotten lucky many a times, and they do spread a positive vibe through their clothes because of the design, material, patches, pockets, flaps. Many customers want their Lucky Brand jackets to be ripped, and they get the same with the faded colors or solid colors as they intend to buy and certain personalized and customized touch is excellent. These Lucky Brand jeans are for art lovers, free thinkers, and dreamers. Now Lucky Brand after acquisition also has around 251 stores all over North America and their website is amazing as well.

    Lucky Brand is a beautiful style brand that has always promised to give the bohemian style being this as the major value proposition for customers. Some Lucky Brand jackets even have phrases “LUCKY YOU, ” and this is behind the shield. When the brand expanded its product line to kid’s section for children aged 10 and above, the company started earning more revenue. Now Lucky Brand has stores around the globe, and the products are made in Indonesia, China, Peru, Vietnam, Mexico, Sri Lanka, etc. The next best part about Lucky Brand is that these Lucky Brand jackets are all handmade. The chairman and chief executive office of Lucky Brand jackets have marketed the brand as quite premium but worth it. The ranges in their website had Lucky Brand jackets with as low as approximately $99 to as high as approximately $149. Their competitors were Levi’s, Diesel, Flying Machine, Frame, Banana Republic, Gap and guess even for their apparels section. Brand ambassadors of Lucky Brand are the fashion apparel industry stars mostly models and those who choose to stay with bohemian outlook. This is around $225 million shares company, and they globally present themselves with more than seven times.

  • 3 Levi’s 501 jeans to wear this summer

    The bold, classic and versatile Levi’s jeans is a staple for any fashion conscious person. Actually, any functionality conscious person. If you have a pair of Levi’s jeans, you know that they become an extension of your personality.

    With Levi’s 501 Vintage collection being evergreen, one must wonder what are the other styles one can wear. Well, with their ruggedness and longevity, Levi’s jeans are as versatile as they get. And the good thing is, the older the get, the better they look. So can you wear Levi’s jeans all the time?
    The answer is yes! So, if you are on a lookout to try different styles, especially from Levi’s 501 jeans collection, stop! Here is a nifty guide to choosing from the other ranges for this summer season.

    Levi’s 501 Selvedge Jeans
    According to Levi’s website, selvedge is a play on the word “self-edge”. Selvedge jeans have a strip of denim inside, that adds an edgy look when you roll up the jeans. The Levi’s 501 Selvedge jeans fit according to your body type, once you have washed it.

    It is a perfect summer denim, since it is not only light weight, but also looks incredible when rolled up at the hem. This Levi’s 501 jeans comes in a skinny variation for women as well and tends to be relaxing and fresh.

    This look is not only clean but also lasts for quite a long time. Wear it depending on your mood and pair it up with ankle socks and low cut shoes for the ultimate summer wardrobe!

    Levi’s 501 Original
    As they say, nothing beats the Original. Quite literally too! Levi’s 501 Originals are perfect for the summer, as they are no nonsense, straight cut and 100% cotton! It keeps you cool, without hindering your performance.

    The Levi’s 501 Original jeans come in blue and other shades. You can look up for other various variations available too. They come in stretch style, fit style and even in a specifically cooling material.

    The Original Jeans can go with any ensemble, be it boots or converse, a jacket or a simple t-shirt. Choose whatever pleases your heart this summer, and pair it with Levi’s Original jeans!

    Levi’s 501 Shorts
    Nothing screams summer like a pair comfy shorts! If you already own a pair of Levi’s jeans, you can turn them into one. Or you can just pop into your neighborhood store and buy one too. In fact, the simple shorts come in so many styles that you would be hard pressed to choose only one for your wardrobe.

    You can try out the tutorial on the website to make your own shorts from an old Levi’s jeans. You can also choose from long shorts, frayed/slashed shorts or Bermuda shorts. There’s no dearth of great style and comfort when it comes to a pair of Levi’s jeans!

    So which one is it going to be this summer?

  • Why quality men’s underwear is important

    Women are constantly under pressure to look as perfect as possible, and now men are facing increasing scrutiny. When you are putting effort into looking good, it’s important to invest in quality underwear.

    Why Is Underwear Important?
    Most men think that underwear is a simple and small piece of clothing without any significant impact. But this is absolutely wrong. Poorly fitting underwear, as well as looking bad, feels bad. Underwear that fits properly without sagging and holes will make whatever you wear on top look better as well. Not to mention, the better you feel, the better you look.

    What Makes Some Underwear Better Than Others?
    Regardless of the pricing of the underwear, there are qualities which help it to stand out of the crowd. Materials that breathe, such as merino wool and cotton, feel better to wear than acrylics. The fabric should be soft and smooth, as it’s worn against the delicate skin. It should make you feel as pleasant as possible so you are comfortable all day long.

    Of course, you also want to look good for your wife or girlfriend. No woman wants to have their man in threadbare, saggy, unattractive underwear.

    What Are The Options Available?
    Long gone are the days of white y-fronts. A variety of designs are commonly worn now and are available in a rainbow of colors and patterns.
    Loose boxer shorts are generally either in satin or cotton. Loose, they allow freedom of air and body movement.

    Boxer short briefs are now the most popular underwear style. In woven cotton or soft merino wool, these hold everything snug and prevent jiggling. With a thigh leg cut, these mean no visible underwear line in your trousers.

    Y-fronts are the traditional kind of underwear. Offering the most support, they come in many colors.

    What Is Best For Me?
    Only you know what feels good to you. Some men like the airy feeling that loose boxers provide, some enjoy a snug fit. Once you have established what you prefer to wear, you can go shopping and minimize the choices you have to look through.

    So now, you are educated and empowered. Shopping, whether in menswear shops or department stores, should be simple. Go and find the style and cut that you find most comfortable. Find the colors that are appealing and will look good with your existing wardrobe. Ensure the fabric is natural and breathable (you don’t want sweaty underwear). Sizing is simple, usually with small, medium, large, and extra large options available.

    Then, go home, and throw out your holey, threadbare, cheap underwear. Your wife or girlfriend will thank you for it!

  • Popular short leather jackets for women

    A great short leather jacket is an absolute must-have for a wardrobe. If you are a biker, then it’s a necessary gear. For women who seriously bike as an activity, a short jacket protects them from the harsh sun, dust, wind, and bugs. A short jacket provides comfort and can protect one if he or she goes down accidentally. Fashionistas prefer a short jacket to be paired with cool shade, tight denim or short skirts. A short leather jacket just goes with anything, and the best part is that it is more affordable now. One can even go in for sleeveless jackets paired with full-sleeved t-shirts as well. Some of the best short leather jackets for women are as follows:

    Exemplar Women’s Black Lambskin Leather Moto Jacket
    This short leather jacket made up of genuine lambskin is soft and lightweight. Made to fit the body and flatter one’s curves, these jackets have detailed stitches which give the wearer a tough, feminine look. The high collar can be zipped to prevent the wind and can be left unzipped and folded when the sun is scorching hot. It’s best to measure the body and get a perfect fit before grabbing this piece of beauty. The jacket offers great value for its price of $145 and is made up of 100% genuine leather.

    Cole Haan Women’s Asymmetrical Collarless Leather Jacket
    A perfect leather jacket for Vespa rides and office commuting, Cole Haan is creamy, collarless short leather jacket. The jacket has zippered slash pockets and sleeves which goes perfectly well with a blouse and slacks. The curvy fit just flatters any curve. The design is clean and looks extremely fashionable. The jacket isn’t suitable for heavy outdoor wear. The jacket costs around $192.

    Retro Brando Chestnut Brown Biker Leather Jacket
    Cutting edge style and classic elegance are what that defines this jacket. Retro Brando is a slim fit jacket and is a must-have fashion accessory. The leather is made up of excellent quality leather and has a very soft finish with rich chestnut brown shade. The fitting is a concern, and one has to order a couple of sizes larger and doesn’t fit well in every body type. The jacket costs around $190.

    Vince Camuto Women’s Leather Moto Jacket
    Vince Camuto is a super soft top quality short leather jacket for women. His jacket looks trendy and comes in many shades. Having a zippered chest and hand pockets, this jacket is a perfect jacket for a biker babe. Quilted patches over the shoulder and the sleeves give this jacket an uber-cool look. The jacket costs around $270.

  • Tips to buy summer and spring jackets

    Most of the guys would love to travel shirt-less or walk cool with T-shirt and wag around in converse sneakers or boxers or even shorts made from cotton. Its advisable to wear comfortable clothing during summers because the weather gets too harsh for the body. If you still want to layer your outfits and at the same time keep the summer heat at bay, then investing in summer or spring lightweight jackets will do no harm. Mostly lookout for summer jackets that are sporty and trendy with warm colors as dark shaded absorb heat. They are fashionable and will double up your style quotient too during summers. Summer and spring jackets have a thin line of difference, i.e., material. These outfits are men’s wardrobe essentials. One can pair them with casuals, formals as well as dressy outfits and look the best. To make the most of your purchase, follow certain tips that will make summer dressing easy-going and convenient.

    Colors play is an essential factor while choosing your clothes during summers and spring. Light colored clothing reflects light whereas dark ones absorb heat. Hence, it is advisable to buy summer jackets in colors like yellow, white, grey, light blue and even orange. Also, these colors help you feel cooler during summers. These colored lightweight jackets can make great combinations of casuals and formal clothing. Another solid color would be blue that is as bright a color that any American can have and the jackets are really cool during summer because it is not black and can’t absorb much heat to the body. Guys usually use have their sleeves tucked up for spring jackets and summer jackets.
    Let us look at certain styles for spring jackets and summer jackets. Pair a spring jacket or summer jackets with a t-shirt, and when it’s too hot, you can remove the lightweight jacket anytime and have the best duo combination like a linen jacket or so. Make sure these jackets are lightweight and not heavy. They are more convenient and comfy than the latter ones. You can try block solid colors like yellow, pink, white, light blue, purple, etc. to let cool off the fantastic combination. Leave the jacket open and stay cool or you can even roll up the sleeves of the jacket with the shirts length inside or the elbow length. Also, dress according to the occasion or the event. Look at the material of the jacket and check if it is worthwhile and economical buying the same. The durability, coolness, weight and water resistance at times do matter if it’s a summer jacket with down jacket look. Avoid over- layered clothes too, they might make you feel hotter than usual.

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  • Kitchen Appliance Bundles – All Things Good, all at Once

    The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home. Therefore most people want the best quality kitchen appliances available in the market.

    It can sometimes be tiresome to pick out the different appliances required for a kitchen. This is where the use and importance of kitchen appliance bundles are realized. Kitchen appliance bundles are packages or bundles of various small and large kitchen appliances that are sold together.

    Kitchen appliance bundles you cannot do without:

    • There are different types of kitchen appliance bundles designed and offered to suit the requirements of customers. Not all homes require the same kind of kitchen appliances, and hence there is a range of bundles available which would include a fridge, gas range, dishwasher, microwave and other gadgets.
    • In some kitchen bundles, the refrigerators come with an internal organizational configuration and an inbuilt ice maker. The racks are made of tempered glass. A large freezer at the bottom of the unit and door alarms could be the features of the refrigerator being offered.
    • The kitchen appliance bundles that include gas ranges offer ranges that are made of stainless steel. In addition to the stove or a burner, there might be an arrangement of an oven for baking and grilling purposes. The stainless steel dishwashers are inbuilt and come with up to five washing cycles with half a dozen set capacity.
    • There can be bundles which include microwaves, cooktops, and dishwashers. The cooktop can be easily lit with a switch. These gadgets would come with customized options which allow the user to cook a wide range of foods like pizza, popcorn, entrees and more.
    • The most commonly used kitchen appliances come in different combination bundles. These kitchen appliance bundles are cost effective and do not burn a hole in one’s pocket, making them the perfect solution for one and all.

    The features and functionality of kitchen appliance bundles are diverse to ensure that they meet the needs of all customers. Look for best deals on kitchen appliance bundles on online website or your nearest retail store today.

  • Popular meal kit delivery options for wholesome meals

    Buying delicious hot meals without leaving the comfort of the couch is a luxury everyone wants. Hence, the use of online food delivery services has seen a substantial rise in the past few years. Online delivery has become an extremely accessible and convenient option for everyone.

    To help you choose the best one, here are some of the best online delivery options in terms of delivery fees, reach, and seamless user interface.

    Grubhub is one of the best online delivery options since it has an extensive reach and a wide variety of restaurant tie-ups. It is present in over 4000 cities across the country, and the app offers a simple user interface. Grubhub allows individuals to filter options based on fastest delivery, ratings, cuisine, and location. They also allow users to place advance orders up to four days prior. Restaurants decide their own fee and minimum order requirements. One can pay on Grubhub through cash, credit cards, Apple Pay, Andriod Pay, PayPal, and eGift vouchers. They also have special deals that are available exclusively on their mobile app.

    Uber Eats
    Uber Eats is serviceable in 24 countries across the globe. It is an extension of their ride-sharing app that facilitates users to order food on the go or make scheduled delivery. It charges a minimum fee of $2-3 on orders less than $10-15. They also charge a 15% service fee. However, a Marketwatch study found that Uber Eats was the cheapest in comparison with identical orders from other food delivery apps. Their $9.99 monthly plan offers free delivery with additional discounts. This service allows users to pay through credit cards or credit earned via the app. Individuals can track their orders in real-time and have the option to tip delivery agents.

    DoorDash is one of the best options for ordering food online due to its easy interface. By simply entering one’s zip code, one can see nearby restaurants. Just like Grubhub, DoorDash also allows users to filter restaurants according to ratings and food preferences. They also have a food quality rating feature called “Yum Score,” as well as an option to order alcohol from local liquor stores wherever state laws permit. There is no minimum order on DoorDash, and fees charge vary from restaurant to restaurant. They also have a $9.99 monthly plan if one wishes to save on delivery fees.

  • Benefits of stainless steel kitchen appliance packages

    A beautiful kitchen is what almost every homeowner would love to have and there’s no denying that. Over the past 15 years or so, kitchen appliance packages have taken over most yesteryear appliances in American kitchens. These kitchen packages can make any kitchen look not just aesthetically appealing, but also classy. This is why the era of the modern, compact, sleek, and hi-tech kitchen is here to stay.

    Back in the days, it was only the top restaurants that had stainless steel kitchen appliances, but today almost all domestic kitchen appliance packages available in the market have stainless steel bodies too. And there a couple of reasons for this.

    A stainless steel kitchen set is not just pleasing to the eye, but it also coordinates and compliments any décor it is placed within. With its sleek edges and cuts, a stainless steel kitchen package brings about a professional and modern look to your kitchen space. One of the classiest looking kitchen sets available today is the Black Slate series from the GE appliance kitchen package.

    Long lasting
    Stainless steel is highly durable, which also makes it long lasting. With their high chromium and nickel steel bodies, these appliances do not succumb to cracks and dents as easily as wood or any other material would. These kitchen appliances are also highly resistant to rust as well as to high temperatures. Therefore, you could place a stainless steel fridge next to a cooking range and not worry too much about the fridge heating up. Isn’t that great?

    Easy to maintain
    Stainless steel is non-porous, therefore it prevents any substance from going through it. This also ensures that none of your appliances have food stains on them. Also, stainless steel is known to be odor resistant, which ensures that your microwave or gas tops will be pretty much free of odor despite all the food they cook. Most brands like LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, GE appliance kitchen packages are also fingerprint resistant. These appliances simply need a clean dry cloth to be cleaned and in case of spills or smudges, special cleaning substances would do the job.

    Being non-porous, stainless steel ensures that your kitchen appliances are germ-free. And this is especially important in kitchens, as this is generally where most germs make their home. Also, if you have babies at home a stainless steel kitchen appliance set would be a great idea.

    Stainless steel has earned its reputation as an eco-friendly material and is also recyclable. Thus, opting for a stainless steel kitchen appliance package would be your way of helping Mother Nature.

    A more spacious look
    Stainless steel reflects light away from all angles, thus creating an illusion that makes your kitchen look more spacious and brighter. Your kitchen’s lighting also adds to this effect.

    When they first entered the market, these packages were rather expensive. However, today considering the number of brands that supply them, the costs of these kitchen appliance packages have now become a little more pocket-friendly. Among the many brands available in the market today, some of the famous ones are Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Bosch, Thermador, GE appliance kitchen packages, etc. Almost all of the above-mentioned brands offer you stainless steel kitchen packages.

    Although these stainless steel kitchen packages aren’t very cheap, one thing’s for sure – buying one of these packages will ensure that you have a kitchen that looks not just sparkling but also new for the longest time, thus saving you maintenance and upgrading costs. Stainless steel kitchen packages are worth the money you spend on it. So when are you getting your hands on a stainless steel kitchen appliance package?