• Useful Travel Accessories That All Women Should Invest In

    It is no secret that traveling is fun, but the planning that goes behind is not fun at all. Packing for a trip is stressful, time-consuming, and is something you would rather escape.

    But the good news is that today we have the luxury of smart travel accessories that our folks did not have.

    Read this article to find out about some amazing travel accessories that will change your travel experience.

    • Carry-All Travel Cosmetic & Jewellery Pouch

    All women travelers would know the pain of finding all your jewelry tangled to your toiletries as many of them stuff their jewelry and cosmetics in the toiletry bag. But you can save yourself from all the trouble in the first place. The Carry-All Travel Cosmetic & Jewellery Pouch is the answer to your prayers.

    This cylindrical pouch has a net and band that act as compartments to keep your makeup, shampoo, lenses, and jewelry. It also comes with a separate mini pouch in which you can store your delicate earrings and rings that you are afraid will get misplaced.

    If not as a travel bag, this easily washable pouch can be used to be kept in your home bathroom to organize your everyday toiletries.

    • The Traveler Makeup Bag

    It goes without saying that women carry their makeup when they are traveling so that they can retouch their makeup and always be ready to dazzle. But it often becomes a hassle to take your entire makeup stock in your handbag, and there is a risk of your liquid foundation or lipstick spilling and ruining your bag. That is when the Traveler Makeup Bag comes into the picture.

    Designed specially for keeping makeup, this compact bag comes with many slots, pockets, and compartments where you can keep everything right from your makeup to credit cards and phone.

    • Packing Cubes

    Packing cubes are becoming popular among travelers as they are the best way to keep your stuff organized inside your travel luggage. You can buy them online where you can either purchase individual pack or invest in a set of three, six, or more.

    These packing cubes are wash proof, dust proof, foldable, and come in different sizes for you to choose from.

    • Anti-theft travel bag

    Regular travelers would know how stressful it is always to keep a check on your travel accessories when you are on a trip. But now you have nothing to worry about. The new age anti-theft travel bags ensure that your bag is secure throughout your journey. And the best part about these anti-theft travel bags is that they do not compromise on the style and the look of the bag.

    Travelon and Pacsafe are two of the popular brands you can opt for when you are buying anti-theft travel accessories.

    • 1Voice Weekender Garment Bag with Built-In Battery

    If you want to invest in one multitasking all-in-one luggage, then this bag can be your option. This bag transforms from a duffle bag to a spacious bag for clothes to a 10,000 mAh lithium-polymer phone charger all within seconds. The built-in charger can charge your phone 3-6 times at one go, ensuring that always you stay connected to the world.

    This is the best bag to pick if you are looking for a bag that you can take on all your weekend getaways.

    The 1Voice Weekender Garment Bag is spacious with multiple compartments and comes with adjustable straps that make it easy to carry them for your trips.

    Just remember that travel is all about having a good time. With the travel accessories mentioned above, you can make sure that you have a stress-free trip.

  • 4 tips for buying women’s discount shoes

    Slingbacks, peep-toes, gladiators, ballet flats, pumps, platforms: the choice for women’s shoes is endless. The choices can be overwhelming, with every hue and style available. The quality of shoes can be variable, you never know if your shoes will last more than just a walk around the block. Worst of all, what if you buy a gorgeous pair of shoes that gives you blisters and are uncomfortable to wear?

    Truth is, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style. You can even get decent shoes at great discounts. You can get the best of both worlds in the same pair. Here’s some guidelines for buying awesome discount shoes for women.

    Shop for quality and during the evenings: If you find discount shoes that don’t fit your feet, they probably won’t do you any good. Swelling of feet occurs more at the end of the day. This is the best time to shop for shoes and try them out at your favorite designer brands. Test out the sizes and see if they fit comfortably. Don’t obsess over a number since feet measurements or shoe size measurement units can differ from one designer label to another.

    Remeasure your feet yearly: It’s a known fact, but still surprising when you hear it out loud. Feet sizes change every year. It can be as a result of weight loss, weight gain, old age, or pregnancy. Remeasuring your feet can help you make better buying decisions for getting that golden pair of perfect shoes.

    Check with the retailer: Whether you are buying online or offline, check with the retailer. Some retailers offer bulk discounts while others let you snap up good deals if you frequently buy from them. You may be eligible to use coupons too. Discounts don’t just stop there. If the staff and retailers know you well and you’re a frequent shopper, you may be able to rack up on your discounts even further by using multiple coupons. Again, check with the retailer.

    Watch out for clearance sales: Getting discounted shoes in clearance sales can be an amazing deal. If you don’t like the idea of buying at market rates, keep your eyes peeled and watch out for these events. Chances are, you might be able to grab a pair for substantially lower rates than normal. Clearance sales are like hubs for sellouts. Sometimes you may get a pair of expensive Birkenstocks for as low as 30% of the original price! If that’s not discount, then what is?

    If you’re lucky, you may be able to buy in bulk in clearance sales too. Take note that clearance sales sell at rock bottom prices in limited stocks. This means these can be your only chance to get those never before seen deals.

  • Save Money Through Designer Handbags Sale

    Handbags are useful accessories that help you carry around essential items like money, makeup, smartphones, and other items. They are also fashion pieces, helping you complete and complement your attire.

    Designer handbags

    Designer handbags are from leading fashion labels and they convey a sense of status and style. Expensive as they are, they can also signify a woman’s financial independence if she can afford to buy them. Most of us can only dream of owning one. Even those who can afford to buy one or two of these handbags would like to find ways to save money through a designer handbags sale.

    Ways to buy designer handbags at reduced prices

    If you are willing to spend some time and effort, you can buy some branded handbags at discounted prices.

    Browse the aisles of your local fashion outlets for marked down designer items. Buy from international online retailers that sell worldwide. Sign up for memberships and newsletters at luxury brand outlets.

    Classic colors are always in demand, but some colors that are in demand in the current season might lose their popularity with time, so they are less expensive.

    Shop online. Many designer brand retailers and some regular retailers who do not exclusively deal in designer labels stock top brand items at reduced prices.

    Online retailers offering designer handbags sale

    TJ Maxx is not a luxury fashion store, yet they sometimes sell handbags from the best designer labels. These are limited stock items and they disappear quickly, but you can sometimes buy these bags at much lower prices than the regular market value.

    Outnet is an online retailer that frequently holds designer handbags sale, sometimes even up to 50% off. You can choose bags from labels like Anya Hindmarch, Alexander Wang, Maison Martin Margiela, etc.

    Bluefly is another online shop where you can get designer handbags at reduced prices. You can get bags from designers like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Longchamp, Furla, and Rebecca Minkoff.

    Overstock often sells bags from different designer labels, at discounts of 20 to 30%. The shop sells these items quickly and the next time you visit, you may find accessories from different designer labels.

    Online retail sites like Rue La La often hold flash designer handbags sale. Check these flash sales sites often. If you sign up for membership, you will get alerts about the items that will be on sale each day. You can get bags from designers like Prada, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, and Tumi.

    Other options

    Buy second-hand bags. Look for used bags that are in good condition. Check out these sites – LuxeDH, Fashionphile, and Etsy. LuxeDH specializes in selling very lightly used high-fashion bags from brands like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, etc.

    Fashionphile buys and sells pre-owned designer handbags, and they also offer to buy back from you in case you want to trade this bag in for a new one. They even tell you how much they will pay for it.

    One of Etsy’s specialties is vintage designer handbags sale. If you are interested in a bag that was in vogue some time back but is now hard to find, shop at Etsy. These bags will probably cost a lot less than new, high-end designer label bags.

    Even eBay is a good source to look for second-hand designer handbags. Users buy and sell wares that they own, and a lot of top brand designer accessories can be found for sale. Just do some research to make sure that the bag is in good condition and that it really is a genuine designer label bag and not an imitation.

    If you like buying designer accessories, there are ways you can fit these items within your budget. Special designer handbags sale, marked down items, clearance sales, dealer discounts, flash sale sites, used bags in good condition – explore your choices if you can’t afford the high price of a brand new designer handbag.

  • Laundry coupons – The Cleanest way to save money

    It’s funny how we never think of our daily chores as a burden, till we actually have to do it. Chores like doing the laundry, for instance. It seems senseless to give such a meager task a second thought, but it is a fact. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about that. Now, the most a person worries about laundry is choosing which laundry detergent to use. Picking the right kind of laundry detergent could be difficult and confusing with so many brands selling various products. So then, how do we select the best brand? By seeing who gives the best offers! After picking your favorite detergent, it wouldn’t hurt if you got a good deal on it and if you happen to save some money in the process.

    How else could a brand of laundry detergent differentiate or increase its sales apart from perfecting their product? A homemaker, surfing the internet might just go and buy a Tide detergent from the store to redeem a Tide coupon found on a portal that day. Or Tide might just lose a customer because their competitors posted their own discount coupons that day. However, this also draws attention to the problem of balancing competition with status. A brand cannot just keep on giving discounts till a point where it loses its credibility.

    We all love to get good deals and save some money; may it be in cash, kind or coupons. Even the popular laundry detergent brands in the USA such as Persil, Arm & Hammer, Purex, All free and Clear, etc. provide with laundry detergent coupons and offers for customers. A homemaker, who has to manage the entire budget for the month will definitely look in saving each penny. And their keen eye does keep a lookout for all the discounts that they can find.

    The coupon culture is no more restricted to paper cut-outs. The Internet has long back made this practice obsolete. Popular online portals like e-Bay and Groupon and many others do the same function which used to be done by newspapers, magazines, and retail stores earlier. A message on the mobile phone is all it takes to redeem a voucher or coupon. Search on the internet for a coupon code for any product out there, and a few websites are sure to turn up which will provide with the same. In fact, many of the grocery selling stores, both online and retail, promote the use of such laundry detergent coupons.

    No matter what the outcome, it is for sure that the ones benefitting from this culture are the customers. The satisfaction of having purchased something at a lower cost is pure bliss followed by a sense of achievement. And though, it may change its form, shape or presentation, the coupon-mania is bound to continue and exist for as long as currency system does.

  • Eye infections from improper contact lens use

    Contact lens users have a higher risk of contracting eye infections. Lack of proper care of contact lenses and their improper use can cause mild to severe eye infections requiring immediate medical attention.

    Types of eye infections from incorrect contact lens usage

    There are different types of eye infections that can occur if you don’t follow proper medical guidance for contact lens use.

    One of the most common types of eye infection amongst contact lens users is keratitis. It occurs in the cornea, which is the outer layer of the eye. Keratitis mostly occurs because of bacterial contamination, but can also present itself due to fungal or viral infections.

    Eye injury such as minor scratches while wearing contact lenses can cause eye infections. Even if the injury or trauma in your eyes is because of other reasons, contact lens use can aggravate it and cause infections.

    There is more risk of catching conjunctivitis as contamination can occur very easily.
    Symptoms of eye infections

    If you wear contact lenses and experience the following symptoms in your eyes, the right thing to do is to immediately see a doctor about the problem.

    • Redness
    • Itching
    • Pain
    • Swelling
    • Blurry vision
    • Thick eye discharge such as tears or a sticky substance
    • Watery eyes
    • Sensitivity to light
    • Dry eyes
    • Any kind of discomfort
    • Avoiding eye infections from contact lens use
    • It is possible to keep eye infections at bay, if you follow proper protocol to clean and wear your contact lenses.

    Clean your hands with soap before handling your contact lenses.

    When you remove them, use a lens cleaning solution to disinfect the lenses. It is very important to not miss this step. After cleaning them, store your lenses in fresh solution. Throw out the remaining stale solution from the lens container and add fresh supply to it. Just adding extra solution to the remaining one in the lens container is one of the most common ways to invite infections in your eyes. It is also advisable to never reuse the cleaning solution.

    Thoroughly clean your lenses before wearing them. This step is very important to remove any remaining contamination or dirt from your last use.

    Also, regularly clean your lens case. It is best to replace it every few months or even earlier, if needed.

    Always remove your contact lenses before you sleep. If you sleep while wearing your contact lenses, it reduces the supply of oxygen in your eyes. This makes your eyes more susceptible to getting bacterial infections. Sleeping in your contact lenses also increase the risk of injuries and abrasions in the eyes, further putting your eyes at a risk from infections.

    Remove your contact lenses when in the swimming pool, shower and bath. Essentially, avoid contact with water while wearing your lenses to avoid eye infections. Pollutants or germs in the water and those present in pools and hot tub can infect the lenses.

  • The art of staying fit with Michael Jordan shoes

    Staying fit is a matter of taking small steps towards better health, every single day. In order to be fit, you do not necessarily have to have an athletic streak. You can be fit with a moderate amount of exercise, a nutritional diet and a positive attitude in life. Also, to stay fit, you will have to indulge in at least one hour of some form of exercise. Starting from getting the footwear right with Michael Jordan shoes and similar brands, to getting plenty of fresh air, there are a number of measures you can take to make this a comfortable experience for your body. So take a look at these fitness tips to stay fit!

    Eat Right: The first aspect of staying fit is to take a look at what you are putting into your body. Food is the fuel for the body and what you eat is literally what you become.
    • You will need to follow a balanced diet with the right quantity of all kinds of food so that your body gets the best in terms of wholesome nutrition. All the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are important for the body, and you must make sure that you do not miss out on any of them.

    • If you indulge in heavy physical activity on a constant and routine basis, then you will need to have plenty of carbohydrates and proteins in the body as these are stored in the muscles once they are absorbed. This will also give you much endurance.

    • Apart from this, you will need to consume a daily dose of fruits and vegetables. You can also go in for protein shakes and smoothies layered with fruits and cereals. Take care to find out if you have any nuts or dairy allergy before you have dry fruit and dairy products like milk.

    Choose your Exercise: You can choose many kinds of exercises, which can be practiced with your Michael Jordan shoes.
    • Walking is one of the best forms of exercise that the newbie fitness enthusiast can take to. This will help in charging up those joints and muscles even as it releases favorable hormones and keeps you in good overall health.
    • Furthermore, you can choose cycling and swimming for a little more intensity. Ensure that you always have the right equipment on hand for any such exercise and get proper instructions from a trainer or an expert before you indulge in the same.

    Rest: Apart from eating and exercising, there is another important element that can keep your body fit. This is called rest.
    • You will need to get the right amount of rest so that your body can rejuvenate and replenish all its lost energy.
    • Also, this will make you perform better on the field and for any other physical activity that you choose. Sleeping well and waking up on time also helps the mind align with the body in a better manner, which promotes fitness.

  • Payless shoe coupons – The secret to best shoe deals

    Shoes are a woman’s weak spot. Whether she has 20 pairs in her cupboard or 30, women are always looking for more shoes. Payless shoes, as the name suggests, is a family footwear retailer where people can find a wide range of designs at lowered prices. If you have Payless shoes coupons, you get them even cheaper. Now who doesn’t want that!

    Payless was founded in Topeka, Kan in 1956 with the idea of selling high quality shoes at affordable rates. Today, it has an international presence with over 4400 stores in Europe, Asia and Africa. It also operates an ecommerce website for online shopping where you can redeem your Payless shoes coupons.

    When it comes to buying shoes, there’s a lot you need to keep in mind. To keep up with trends, you need to choose a design that is fashion forward while to be able to wear them, you must keep comfort and sturdiness in mind. However, before you start shopping, it is a good idea to get acquainted with the different types of shoes available.

    Sports shoes
    Though they are called sports shoes or athletic shoes, you need not wear them only on the court. Designs range between high top to low top styles depending on the sport or exercise they are designed for and usually feature a dense, flexible rubber sole. Sneakers are the most common form of athletic shoes and are a great way to stay stylish and comfortable simultaneously. While an office might frown upon sneakers being worn as part of a formal outfit, you could pair the sneakers you bought using Payless shoes coupons with a dress for a lunch date.

    Shoes which elevate the heel of your foot to a higher level than the rest of your foot can be termed as heels. Heels vary by height and by design. Closed toe heels with an open back are known as mules while closed back, low cut shoes without any straps or ties are known as pumps. Stilettoes are the most well known of all heel designs and can be described as having tall very thin heels. Wedges and platforms are another popular design today as they give a woman height without compromising on comfort.

    This classic shoe is loved by both men and women. They can be described as a slip on moccasin crafted from soft leather with a rubber sole. If these shoes have laces upfront that you need to tie together, they may also be known as oxfords. People love using their Payless shoe coupons on these shoes as they are perfectly suited for formal and informal wear.

  • 3 Popular Wireless Portable Speakers

    Wireless portable speakers are a must-have for music lovers who like to carry their music everywhere they go. Most portable speakers currently available in the market are waterproof. So, you can use them in the shower or near the pool without having to worry about water damage. Here are some of the most popular wireless portable speakers that you can buy.

    Bose SoundLink Revolve+
    Bose is renowned around the globe for its speakers. This brand makes high-quality speakers in both the wireless as well as wired segments. Bose SoundLink Revolve+ is a wireless Bluetooth speaker. According to industry experts, the sound quality of this portable speaker is extremely good for its size. It is easy to handle and carry around because of its inbuilt handle. It is also water resistant. This speaker has a 360 degree omnidirectional sound, which means it spreads sound in all directions. Bose has fitted this speaker with good batteries that last for almost 15 hours. Furthermore, it has a threaded tripod mount and comes with an integrated microphone, which is handy if you have to make calls using the speaker.

    UE BOOM 2
    This powerful and compact wireless Bluetooth speaker produces high-quality sounds. It is stain-resistant, shock resistant, and completely waterproof. UE BOOM 2 has a solid battery that lasts for 15 hours. It can be connected to another UE speaker if you want to enjoy stereo sound. This speaker lets you stream audio from your smart devices as well. It is available in six color variants and costs around $200. The company has changed the design of the drivers, which has resulted in the better and louder sound as compared to its predecessor. UE has also added gesture controls to this speaker. You can now tap on the top of the speaker to pause the music and double tap to forward the track.

    Tribit XSound Go
    Tribit XSound Go is an excellent speaker for its price. It has great sound quality, and it is water-proof too. It costs around $36 to $40, and it is one of the cheapest yet high-quality speakers that you can buy. It has an auxiliary input and an inbuilt microphone to help you make calls. It has an impressive battery life, which lasts for 24 hours on medium volume. Therefore, this product is probably the best wireless portable speaker that you can buy on a budget.

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  • The combination of retirement and Roth IRA

    Humans have been known to plan each and every phase of life before it arrives. Sensible planning has become the identity with which they attach themselves with habit and practice. Since the very beginning of one’s adult life when one starts earning, savings become a top priority that is introduced in our lives by our employers and guardians who suggest us the best that is to be done with our hard-earned income.

    This is the time when most of the companies have a mandatory savings option for retirement. A certain percentile of every person’s income goes towards a pre-planned fund that can be utilized after the individual reaches a certain age. Over this period of time, the accumulated sum of amount may or may not earn interest depending on the time period the fund is kept active.

    There is a huge array of reasons why savings should be kept. Retirement is a time of a person’s life when they expect themselves to be relaxed after working hard for a finite number of years and saving up to have a peaceful and hassle-free age of retirement. Health is usually a major concern over which savings are of prime importance. As much as the government has a huge array of funds that can be used for medical purposes, there is always a certain amount of sicknesses which are almost never covered by normal health coverage. Such are the unfortunate situations wherein savings tucked away for one’s savings comes to the best use.

    A Roth IRA is a custom-made retirement plan wherein taxes are paid only for the amount which enters an account, the same account is exempt from taxes for any future transactions. The benefit one can avail from Roth IRA depends on the kind of tax bracket one belongs to at time of employment and at time of retirement. The most important thing to keep in mind is that Roth IRA holders are entitled for tax free benefits only when certain rules are abiding by.

    Roth IRA is most beneficial for an individual if their tax rate during retirement is predicted to be more than the current tax rate at time of employment. Roth IRA s are considered best for individuals in the lower age bracket with a lower income range. This helps the individual nor missing on the upfront tax deduction and benefit from decades of tax free savings.

  • 3 Best Dog Food Brands For Pregnant Dogs

    Dogs are a blessing and definitely man’s best friend. Female dogs are generally more affectionate, motherly and caring as compared to the naughty male dogs that are testosterone-fueled and are active all day. When your female dog is impregnated, she will be calmer and will choose not to be active much and be by herself most of the time. There are days when she might get fussy and not eat the regular dog food and meals that she usually ate before her pregnancy. Similar to female humans, female dogs also have a change in their smells, tastes, and hormones which make them fussy eaters during the entire pregnancy. Nutrition is of utmost importance during this phase and it is crucial to feed your dog healthy food instead of the regular dog food as the puppies inside her will be feeding off of this nutrition.

    Here are some of the best dog food brands that you need to get your hands on immediately for your pregnant dog –

    Pedigree Petfoods
    Pedigree Petfoods have been in the dog food industry for decades and are one of the most trustworthy and best dog food brands that are easily available across the world. The brand has now created a food pack for ‘Mother and Pup’ which is from their premium dog food range. This range has added nutrients, proteins, calcium, vitamins etc. that are needed for the proper development of the puppies in the womb as well as for the mother so that she doesn’t get weak while providing for the puppies. It also helps is producing superior quality milk for the puppies once conceived. The best part about this is that it can be given to the puppies once they are 3 weeks old. This dog food is perfect for them as it helps them with necessary nutrients for their health.

    Hill’s Puppy Foods
    This is another brand which is highly recommended for pregnant pets or nursing dogs. Since pregnant or nursing dogs require more fat, energy, and protein-rich food, the Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Foods are the best options for your furry pal. The idea of feeding the puppy foods to your pregnant dog is basically to provide her extra calcium, proteins, and energy which growing puppies require. As she consumes this food, the puppies in the womb also feed on these which in turn makes the transition to solid foods from the mother’s milk fairly easy. There are a lot of different options in this such as wet canned food which is slightly savory, ‘Ideal Balance’ meal which contains brown rice and chicken, and other different dry food options that you can pick from. This brand is considered as one of the top 5 best dog food brands in the country and is easily available at grocery stores, online as well as at Vet clinics or pet stores.

    Purina Pro Plan
    Purina is yet another well known best dog food brand that is recommended by vets throughout the world. Purina specializes in different types of dog foods depending on the breeds, size of the dogs as well the kind of nutrition that you are looking to provide to your pregnant dog and the puppies. The brand recommends feeding puppy food mixed with the regular adult dog food of the brand as the puppy food is packed with nutrients, calcium, and vitamins as compared to adult food. This best dog food helps the pregnant dog receive more energy to be active as well as the it helps her for lactation. Once the puppies are conceived, the transition from mother’s milk to puppy food is fairly easy as they have been accustomed to the taste by now.

    Apart from this, make sure the your pregnant dog likes the dog food that is given to her. During pregnancy, they can be quite fussy and cranky about the food that is served.

  • What To Keep In Mind While Buying Home Office Furniture

    There are many professionals and self-employed people that like to have their offices just adjacent to their houses. In this way, they would stay connected with their families all the time and save on unnecessary traveling from office to home. Some professions don’t require large offices at least, to begin with.

    To make these spaces presentable and effective, aspirant buyers can look for best home office furniture online. There are some basic requirements in these small office spaces, that can be easily fulfilled through shopping online for furniture.

    Seating Arrangements:
    Usually, the home office would consist of the owner, one or two assistants and some occasional visitors that may stay for some hours for discussions related to their requirements and any services they require. So, for the people continuously working in these offices for throughout the day; some rolling chairs, executive chairs with proper cushioning and adjustable height would be enough. So that they would sit comfortably and work for long duration without being exhausted.

    For the occasionally arriving guests for inquiry and some discussions, a sofa set with an arrangement for five people sitting together and a teapoy for placing papers, laptops and writing pads to take some notes is sufficient.

    Working desk:
    As per the requirement of the person working, aspirants can choose different styles, designs, materials, and colors of working desks. Some of the working desks would be simple and plain where the person can keep his or her laptop and writing pad.Other desks would be specially made to accommodate a personal computer on it. The monitor would be kept on the top portion; there would be a separate flat opening for accommodating keyboard and mouse, the CPU and some other things like the power inverter can be kept on the shelf at the lower end.

    Other types of working desks may have lockable drawers on one side. Thus the person can keep important things such as the keys, check books, passbook, and some office stationary in the drawers that would remain within reach of his hands. Some working desks for the corners of the room can have storage arrangements through some racks in the upper area. In this design the working area on the surface would be restricted; however, some important things would remain just next to the eyes of the person.

    Illumination arrangements:
    We can buy some reflectors or even table lamps if the illumination specifically for a desk would be required in the home offices. Some lighting arrangements can be a part of the home office furniture such as some stands, pedestals, and wall mounting arm,  that would have a reflector and adequate capacity of LED lamp mounted on them for better energy efficiency.

    So, what is your favorite spot in your home office and how did you decorate it?