• Topman men shoes for this summer

    Summers are round the corner and it’s time for your wardrobe to change. Men generally switch to linen pants, cotton shirts, and casuals in summers. The one accessory that we generally overlook is shoes.
    Your trusty pair of leather shoes is too enclosed for the hot weather. And no one wants stinky feet after spending a whole day at work.
    Is it possible for men to get stylish with shoes this summer? Of course it is! Topman has curated a list of stylish shoes for men this summer. Here are some Topman men shoe styles that you can choose from this summer.

    You’ll find many options on the Topman website for sliders. This footwear is casual and perfect for a beach day. Check out the Adidas and Calvin Klein sliders that come in an affordable price range. Sliders are the ultimate laid-back footwear as they are made of rubber. They have good grip and are low maintenance. Topman men shoes offers other brands for sliders too. Check them out and get one for your next pool party! Sliders can also work as flip flops, though they are a more informal option. You can switch to flip flops if you would be going to the beach or want to keep it casual.

    Woven Loafers
    Summers are all about light weight shoes. Tips by Topman include investing in a pair of woven loafers. They look better than sliders and double as semi-casual wear too!
    You can wear the Tan Leather Weave Penny Loafers and pair them with chinos or shorts. The Topman website offers other variants too. Choose loafers for hanging out with friends or lounging at a cafe.

    Sandals are the quintessential summer wear, especially when walking outside. You can alter the style between casual and formal by changing what you pair them with. Wear a suit and Dr. Martens Tan Leather Gryphon Sandals for a formal look. You can choose sandals for a sweat free and sturdy option. They are versatile and their maintenance is easy. Once done using, let the sandals air dry to ensure that they deodorize. Dry leather sandals are easy to maintain and last long.

    Summer is a great time to start a new sport with the clear weather and dry days. Finding the right type of shoes will go a long way in ensuring the health of your foot is taken care of. Trainers come in many varieties and these can be found at Topman. Choose one from their wide range and get onto getting fit today.

    Topman men shoes are a one-stop solution for your summer needs. You can choose from the varieties available and create your own style. Browse through the large offerings and set your style quotient high this summer!

  • 4 common types of face covers

    Face coves are generally worn to protect the nose and mouth. These are pieces of material that can stop pollutants, dust, pollen, and other particulates from entering the respiratory system through the mouth or nose. Furthermore, certain face covers work as barriers to airborne droplets, giving protection against several bacteria and viruses. A few bikers and cyclists also wear face covers and bandanas to keep off dust particles and other elements while riding their bikes and cycles. From surgical masks to bandanas, here are some common types of face covers:

    • Surgical masks

    Surgical masks work as physical barriers that keep large particulates from entering the nose and mouth. They are worn to protect others against the wearer’s respiratory fluids that may otherwise find their way out, and also to protect the wearer from contaminants present in the surrounding. These kinds of face covers offer protection against respiratory or bodily fluids that include droplets, splashes, or sprays. These are usually loose-fitting and disposable in nature.

    • Non-medical face covers

    Non-medical face covers include cloth masks. Based on the type of the cloth that is used, these covers can be porous as well. This enables easy breathing and free movement of air. Non-medical masks are similar to surgical masks in terms of their workings. That is, non-medical face covers, too, provide the nose and mouth with protection against respiratory fluids. Cloth masks are convenient (they can be washed and reused) and mostly used by those who are not in the healthcare profession.

    • Respiratory protective equipment

    Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is a specialized cover worn by healthcare workers. This type of equipment keeps fine particles including germs, chemicals, smoke, and dust from entering one’s system. These covers fit tightly and provide protection against nearly 95 percent of airborne particles. N95 masks are a type of RPE.

    • Biker/cyclist face covers

    Bikers and cyclists wear protective face covers to keep off dust and a range of pollutants. These can be bandanas or scarves worn around the face, covering the nose and mouth. There are also specialized face covers, which protect the head and face, leaving out the eyes.

  • How to choose the perfect outerwear

    Winter season is coming and soon Jack Frost will be nibbling on our fingers. You may find yourself splurging money, or buying the wrong clothes occasionally; that’s okay. You might want to consider an insulated overcoat instead of a jacket if you find the mid layers not cutting it. Take into consideration the insulation type and the features enlisted in the jacket before buying it. The weight of the jacket and the shell materials are important too.

    Hoods, adjustments, vents, pockets and powder skirts add bang to your buck. Is the jacket designed to handle your level of activity and also to deal with blizzards?

    Types of insulation for outwear
    Basically, there are three types of insulation features for outerwear – down, water-resistant down, and synthetic insulation.

    Down: Mother Nature’s best insulator, down comes from the feathers of ducks and geese. Lightweight and warm, they pack flat, perfect for hiking. However, down dries slowly and won’t insulate when damp. It’s unsuitable for moist environments and can’t handle water. You can determine the quality of down by looking at its fill power. 450 to 900 is a good fill power range.

    Water-resistant down: Think down, except with polymerized treatment. Can handle damp surfaces and moisture better than it’s raw product.

    Synthetic insulation: Fibers made up of compressible water repellents, synthetic insulation gives you the best of both worlds. Some jackets come with a combination of synthetics and downs. Synthetics work best when the jacket is wet. They help in drying the jacket super fast.

    How to choose the right outerwear: Looking for detailed designs and well-established features is a good starting point towards finding the right outerwear. Look for waterproof construction since water can affect the insulating framework inbuilt in the jacket. Taped seams with waterproof fabric provided with jackets is a good sign. Coupling a hood together with your jacket can ensure you stay super-cozy. You can pair your jacket with a good hat and some active-wear sneakers. Look out for coach sale discounts or any clearance sales in malls. Buying a jacket through a coach outlet sale can help you to try it out before you buy it, thus ensuring you get the best fit. Look for additional adjustment features in your jacket as well such as cuffs, pocket zippers, and drawcords.

    Pocket features make the jacket more versatile, and along with vents, they can make your jacket more suited to your needs. See how many compartments you receive with your jacket and what sort of accessories, or how much you can fit into the pockets. Striking a good balance between features and functionality is key to buying good outerwear.

  • Things to consider before buying icicle Christmas lights for your home

    What are icicle Christmas lights?
    Icicle lights are nothing but decorative lights that are used to decorate roof awnings, windows, and peaks during the festive season. They are hanged from the top and create a beautiful aura around it.

    • Icicle is one of the most popular Christmas lights and is used by almost every household during Christmas.
    • These can be used as both indoor Xmas lights and outdoor.
    • From Xmas string lights to LED-based lights, a range of these icicles Christmas lights is available.
    • One can purchase these icicle Christmas lights at LED Christmas lights sale, where one can avail great discounts and deals.

    To purchase the best icicle Christmas lights for your home, consider the following things which will help you purchase the ideal one.

    • Know where you want to hang the lights: The location where you want to hang the icicle lights determines what kind of icicle lights you might need. For outdoor lighting, i.e., from your rooftop, you can choose colors complementing your house color. For indoor lighting, choose icicle lights in colors that suit and complement your room’s dcor and setting. If you are planning to hang icicle lights on your Christmas tree, then purchase lights according to the height of your Christmas tree.
    • Measure your space well before purchasing icicle lights: Your icicle light needs to be in the right proportion with your space and make sure you measure the space well. It can be lengthier than your space but never shorter than it.
    • Decide on what kind of light you need: There are several types of icicle lights such as incandescent, clear, and LED ones from which one can choose their desired one. Light emitting diodes (LED) is known for utilizing less energy and power than incandescent bulbs. It burns at a relatively low temperature than incandescent bulbs and is way cooler than them. It lasts long thus making it an ideal choice of bulbs.
    • Decide on the budget: Your budget is indeed key and make sure you plan it well in advance. Consider various shop options both online and offline and compare their products both on price and quality.
    • Check for customer reviews: Customer reviews are vast in number, and one can spot them easily on shopping websites and other e-commerce portals. These reviews will give you an idea about the product, and you can decide on whether to purchase them or not.
    • Blog articles by professionals: A number of blog articles by professionals are available online, and you can spot them quite easily.

    Be clear about what you want to purchase, measure the space well, and you are all set to purchase the best icicle Christmas lights for your home.

  • Why to choose Great Clips coupons

    When it comes to hair care and maintenance most people look for a salon. Everyone loves grooming themselves irrespective of the economic condition. Hence enormous business growth has been seen in the salon industry. Salons get well recognized worldwide for their exceptional offers and quality services. Great Clips is one among the most popular salon chains in the United States and Canada. They have more than 3700 branches. It is a brand well known for its outstanding customer services. They are famous for good and economical hair care solutions for all age groups and genders.

    There are the two of the main ingredients responsible for of their success: economical prices of the products and customer services offered by Great Clips. The top offers of Great Clips are Great Clips Coupons, In-store offers, and Promo codes.

    Great Clips services
    Great Clips provide a large range of never ending and ever expanding services. These are available at unbeatable prices. This makes them stand apart in the market and among other salons. Great Clips Coupons provide a long list of services. This includes all types of haircuts and styling for both men and women. They are known for their quality haircut and quick response to their customer’s needs and requirements.

    Many special offers are available for children below the age of 10 years and senior citizens above the age of 65 years. Unique styling for formal, long and regular hair types are also available. Conditioning treatments, perming style, trimming for beard, neck, and bangs are different services that are available. There is also an option for special hair styling and cut. One can easily opt for a wide range of offers provided through these coupons and get their hair groomed. They are available at affordable prices both online and offline.

    The Coupon services given by Great Clips are totally win-win situations for both the company as well as the customers. Customers can easily select any offer provided by the coupons and have many discount offers along with them.

    Why Great Clips?
    Several customers have visited Great Clips and come out with a great experience. It is the first choice for many people for its high-end service standard. They stress on providing service at all times and at the customer’s convenience. The experts there tend to everyone’s needs in a very friendly manner and are concerned about all the needs of their customers. The brand name of the Great Clips and its success says a lot about its services and customer satisfaction.

    You can visit their salon at any esteemed location and give it a try. There is a huge range of offers and discounts. You can check for Great Clips coupons and the latest offers before visiting their salon.

  • 4 great reasons to get a Coach swagger handbag

    What better way to express ourselves than with shoulder handbags which are practical and sexy? The Coach Swagger handbag is one such bag which is a small, fancy, stylish, and caters to just about anyone’s needs.

    Shoulder strap bags boast of both form and function. Getting one with the right number of compartments and spiced up features brings handbag lovers true joy. The bonus is the shoulder strap these handbags offer. This ensures flexibility, which means that you can swing them over your shoulders and have your hands free to carry out other activities.
    The small size doesn’t interfere with daily activities, making them the ideal choice for carrying everyday essentials. Shoulder strap handbags come with compartments and zippers which means you can carry your valuables. However, since they are compact, you’ll only be carrying the minimum needed. Additionally , they are fun, quirky, funky, and come in tones of warm and cool colors. There are bright colored handbags and more bulky-looking dark handbags. Here’s why the Coach Swagger handbag, which is also available on QVC, is awesome.

    The shape and structure can make handbags look and feel practical. Most handbags offer shapes which look stylish but fall apart structure wise. This can make them pretty uncomfortable or unreliable in certain occasions. The Coach Swagger handbag has got a nice, roomy structure for its interiors. Its shape is tiny and it strikes a delicate balance in all its features.

    Good handbags come with metallic hardware and other great details. But this tiny munchkin unbeatable packs a punch with its unparalleled detailing. The riveting, tiny details making up the hardware. These aren’t too flashy and add a layer of intricacy, giving the bag an edge. Great for eye candy and shiny enough to attract even the most common of handbag buyers.

    The Coach Swagger handbag comes with two interior pockets inbuilt into the bag. There is a pocket with a zip so that users can store items that need extra protection. The zip pocket makes it perfect for carrying and protecting valuable essentials. An outer flap pocket is provided for convenience.

    The Coach Swagger handbag hailing from QVC’s collection does not take up much space. It is small, functional, and packs a punch in the aesthetics department. The handbag also comes with a shoulder strap. The overall overall dimensions of the bag is 9 ¾ x 6 ¼ x 11 ½. If you want to buy this handbag, you can either buy it from Coach’s retail outlets or from QVC, which is an online platform that promotes various designer brands and handbag labels.

  • Tips to Find Affordable yet Stylish Shoes for Women

    There are a variety of shoes that you can find in the market. The various types of women’s shoes are pumps, stilettos, kitten heels, ankle booties, ankle strap heels, wedges, cone heels, gladiator sandals, gladiator boots, slingback heels, ballerina flats, open toe sandals, peep toe sandals, cork high heels, platform, spool heels, Mary Janes, Scarpin, Oxfords, espadrille heels, mules, trainers, thigh high boots, loafers, and fantasy. Many aspire to have all types of shoes in their shoe collection. With retail shops and online stores offering women shoes for cheap prices, it becomes easier and affordable to expand your shoe collection. Moreover, many retail stores offer women shoes for cheap rate either in-store or on their websites.

    Here are some of the popular best-sellers of women shoes during sale season:

    • Breckelle’s Black Women’s Becky: You will get nearly 50% off discount on these shoes from stores such as the Shiekh Shoes website. These flat and peep toe shoes are perfect wear for the summer season. You can pair them with a casual dress for summer or with printed jeans. These flat shoes are made of vegan leather and are black in color. It has an ankle strap, which is adjustable according to the foot size. Also, it has a closed heel. The insole is padded to make you feel comfortable.
    • See You Through It Clear Pointy Pumps: These nice pumps are found on websites such as Go Jane with a discount of nearly 50%. This pair of pumps has five color shade options. These shoes are made of vegan patent leather and they have extremely skinny stiletto heels. These shoes are strapless.
    • Emma Pompom Sandals: These colorful sandals are very refreshing to wear. You can pair these sandals with any dress and wear them on any occasion you want. These sandals are designed with crisscross leather straps to give them a chic look. The upper portion of these sandals is made with metallic leather. The inner lining is made of soft leather. The sole of these sandals is hand-made. You can find these sandals in three different colors: navy blue, carnival pink, and rose gold metallic.

    The more options for cheap shoes for women can be found at different factory outlets as well, where you will get branded shoes at a budget price. These options include the following:

    • Dr. Martens Women’s Combat boot available at around $79.99.
    • Bamboo Women’s Low Heel Riding boot available at a discount of around 63%.
    • Shiekh Women’s Fringe Ankle Boot at approximately $14.99.
    • Delicious Women’s Soba Heel Bootie at a discounted price of around $19.99.
  • 4 Popular LEGO Toys to Choose From

    The LEGO Group, founded in 1932, is a private, family-owned company with its headquarters in Denmark. They are one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of play materials. The company is committed to the overall development of children, and it strongly believes in creative play and learning for the proper development of the builders of tomorrow. LEGO® products are available worldwide. In this article, we have listed our favorite LEGO® toys.

    LEGO® Tower Bridge

    • The tower bridge of London is a famous landmark, and LEGO® provides a set of bricks to build this Tower Bridge.
    • The Tower Bridge toy includes four miniature vehicles – a black taxi, a red double-decker bus, a green car, and a yellow truck.
    • This toy set includes a total of 4287 pieces which help to enhance a child’s creativity and imagination. LEGO® has designed this set for kids over the age of 16 years.

    LEGO® City Fire Truck

    • The LEGO® City Fire Truck set includes various accessories like a fire hydrant, fire extinguisher, and fire gear.
    • This toy has features like an extendable ladder with a rotating base, and it also has an opening hatch with an equipment storage box.
    • This LEGO® toy is perfect for a child aged between 5 and 12 years.

    LEGO® Creator Pet Shop

    • The LEGO® Creator Pet Shop includes 2032 pieces.
    • This Lego toy includes four human figures — a woman, a painter with a paint roller, a pet shop owner, and a girl on a bicycle.
    • The pet shop includes many pets like two parrots, a dog, a goldfish in the fish tank, and many other things like a ball, frog toy, dog bones, brush, bucket, etc.
    • This toy comes with many kitchen features like a stove, sink, small table, bed, lamp, fireplace, chair, and coffee maker.
    • Townhouse features like telephone, toilet, hat rack, couch, mail, and mailbox, etc. are included too.
    • The pet shop toy is very interesting and is recommended for people aged between 16-29 years.

    LEGO® DUPLO® Cinderella’s Carriage

    • This LEGO® toy is for kids who like to play with princesses. Cinderella is one of the most popular princesses.
    • This toy includes a Cinderella figure with a detachable skirt; kids can enjoy playing dress up.
    • This toy has a castle portal, DUPLO horse, and gold decorated pumpkin carriage. The castle comes with tower and clock features.
    • The Cinderella figurine contains glass slippers. This LEGO® toy develops play skills of children aged 24 months to 5 years.

    LEGO® toys help children explore, learn and unleash their creativity through play. They have been the leaders in bringing out the best in most children.

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  • History of the iconic Barbie dolls

    For over 60 years Barbie dolls have been an integral part of almost every child’s life. This classic doll has renewed the meaning of playtime for children. With its distinctive characteristics, it has managed to mesmerize both kids and adult doll collectors. It has tapped into the diverse markets of over 150 countries and has successfully molded itself in unique cultures. These dolls are vastly inspired from various strong women personalities from the areas of pop culture, entertainment, science, music, and politics, which makes its all the more interesting.

    This obviously makes one think how was the idea for this iconic doll was conceived?
    It all started when Ruth Handler, the co-founder of Mattel Toys observed her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls. She noted how her daughter used her creativity by giving the dolls certain adult roles. This made Ruth contemplate over the significance of imagination in play time. She also recognized that there is an absence of three-dimensional dolls for children in the market.

    Initially when she proposed this idea to her husband Elliot Handler, the co-founder of Mattel Toys, he too seemed skeptical about its potential, like other stakeholders in the company. But all the cynicism took a backseat when Ruth discovered a German doll known as Bild Lilli. This doll was exactly what Ruth wanted to introduce in America.

    As soon as she returned back to the States, she immediately started working on her version of the doll. She redesigned the doll and named it after her inspiration, i.e. her daughter Barbara, and the world got its beloved darling Barbie. The first Barbie model, i.e. the Teenage Fashion Doll was wearing a black and white striped swimming suit, and sunglasses. Her hair was available in a blonde or a brunette shade, which was tied up in a high ponytail. It debuted in 1959 at the New York Toy Fair.

    Ruth’s Barbie doll gradually found its solid ground in the market, and then the toy company started producing various Barbie accessories and play kits too. They designed an extensive collection of playsets comprising of dollhouses, miniature vehicles, workplace playsets and furniture, so that they kids could have the most enjoyable experience.

    One of the most popular variants of the Barbie dolls are those where she is portrayed as an independent career oriented woman. Registered nurse, astronaut, doctor, fire fighter, pilot, president, etc. are some of the best dolls that inspire little girls to dream big.

    Since its inception, the Barbie doll has transformed in so many ways for so many generations. The past 61 glorious years of the Barbie figurines truly tell us how a single perspective can reform the way we look at things.

  • Find the Best Tires for Sale

    One of the most pleasing words in the world is “sale”. If you are a vehicle owner, then life gets even better if you spot a signboard that says, “Tires for Sale”. When you are looking forward to purchasing a tire or a tire set for your car, look out for tires for sale. There are many websites that offer you tires for sale and you can make the most from their offers and discounts.

    Below is a list of the best of the tires that are available for sale by various brands. This will give you an idea about the deals on tires and help you choose the one that is perfect for your vehicle.

    Ford Sale

    The website of this auto company has a special section called “Service & Maintenance”. This section talks about “Tire Finder” which is a convenient platform created for the buyers to identify the most suitable tires for their vehicles. Using the Tire Finder, you will get Tires for a low price with a set guarantee. This deal is applicable to all the 13 of Ford’s tire brands. Ford also offers free installation of all the products that they offer during the tire sale.

    Goodyear Tires

    One can save 50% super discount on a purchase of a four-tire set on Goodyear’s website. Referred to as the President ‘s Day Tire Sale, this deal is applicable on all the Dunlop and Goodyear tires. There is also $200 cash back on Goodyear’s Assurance WeatherReady and another offer in which there is a discount of up to $160 on buying a 4 tires set. Both the deals expire on March 31, 2018.

    TireBuyer Sale

    This spring sale has extremely generous offers for its customers. One can avail a rebate of around $40 on an order of $400 by using the coupon FEB40. The tires will be delivered for free to a local center for installation. On buying Goodyear tires, customers get an up to $80 off on a range of selected tires. There are exclusive offers on tires for military personnel. Veterans, active duty military officers and their relatives get a 7% discount. The buyer has to present a valid identity proof to avail the offer. Once the identity proof is approved, there will be a 7% rebate on the overall bill during the checkout.

    Discount Tire sale

    During the President’s Day bargains, customers can save a whopping amount of up to $320 if they use their VISA Prepaid Cards to buy a four tires or wheels set through their Discount Credit Card. In yet another deal of this tire sale, if one buys a four Pirelli tire set, they can get a discount of around $70 on using their Prepaid Master Card. The set of tires must be bought for a single vehicle. The customer can download the rebate form from the website. All the rebate forms must be submitted on or before a pre-defined date. Along with the best quality products, tire sales from Discount Tire can fetch you huge savings.

    There is also an offer on Goodyear Tires during the sale on tires. Customers can use the offer code 718002 to avail a maximum discount of up to $80 on buying a four-tire set. All the four tires must be bought at the same time. This offer is applicable on the tires mentioned as follows, Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar, Assurance Comfortred Touring, Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season, Assurance WeatherReady and Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar. Customers who purchase Wrangler TrailRunner AT and Wrangler Fortitude HT get up to $70 back.

    Customers who receive up to $60 discount are those who buy Ultra Grip Ice WRT, SP Winter Sports 3D, Ultra Grip Ice, Eagle Sport All-Season and SP Winter Sport 4D tires. For availing a discount of $40, the customer must buy a four-tire set of any of the following – Ultra Grip Winter, Assurance All-Season, Assurance Fuel Max, Assurance CS Fuel Max, Fierce Attitude M/ T, Winter Maxx and Wrangler SR-A. From the tire sale, if one buys Wrangler DuraTrac, they get to save around $50.

  • Gout-friendly diet

    Gout is a kind of arthritis wherein uric acid crystals are formed in the joints resulting in swelling, excruciating pain in the joints, and inflammation. In case a person is suffering from gout pain, then a proper diet plan needs to be followed to get rid of the constant pain. One can always consult the specialist about a healthy diet plan that can help you get relief from gout.

    Although it is beneficial to follow a healthy gout-friendly diet but this doesn’t mean that you have to be aloof from delicious food. There are a few vegetables and fruits that must be a part of your daily diet and these can be prepared in a healthy as well as tasty way. Let us look at some of the best gout diets.

    Sandwiches and salads
    This can be a healthy option as well as can be made delicious by adding some goat cheese and warm eggplant. Consuming low-purine foods help in case of gout. Eggplants are low-purine foods that can be combined well with goat cheese for a tasty sandwich.

    Salads are also a perfect way of curing gout as vegetables are alkaline, which means that they help in neutralizing uric acid in the body. Have a bowl full of salads with fresh berries, apples, grapes, etc. which is helpful in countering gout-promoting uric acid.

    Zucchini spaghetti
    If you want to have a plateful meal, then why not try zesty zucchini spaghetti. Pasta is one of the most amazing low-purine foods. You can give this dish a tasty blend with shredded zucchini, roasted jalapenos, and some goat cheese. It is equally important to ensure that you do not overeat as weight gain can be a risk factor for gout.

    Roasted potatoes
    Potatoes are another low-purine food that is delicious as well as healthy for people suffering from gout. On the other hand, potatoes also contain properties that help in reducing uric acid in the system. Flavor the roasted potatoes with fresh herbs such as rosemary, oregano, and thyme. These herbs are said to induce flavor as well as improve blood circulation, which is a gout pain relief.

    Next time when you are planning to set the best gout diet, do not forget to include these gout-friendly meals.