• Top 8 employee evaluation software for your business

    One of the toughest tasks for any organization is the process of evaluating its employees every year to determine their performance. This where an employee evaluation software can make the process simpler and more systematic for the Human Resources (HR) department. Here’s is a list of the best software providers for employee assessment.


    It is a human resources information system that makes the role of the HR team more effective. This cloud-based software offers a great range of employee information management options, which will help to keep an eye on their performance. This is an affordable software and ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.


    When it comes to employee evaluation, today’s business needs a modern approach, and that is exactly what this employee evaluation software offers. It engages employees in the process of performance evaluation, making it possible for the system to be more simplified and save a lot of time.


    This Cloud-based software offers a range of amazing features that make employee evaluation more effective. UltiPro comes with features like feedback, compensation management, evaluation history, development plans for individual employees, rating scale with customization options, on-going tracking of performance, goal-setting, skill assessment, and peer appraisal.


    This employee evaluation software helps with the growth of your business by offering more insight into the workforce. This software has some of the most effective features for employee appraisal. Some of these are compensation management, goal-setting, a development plan for individuals, and skill assessment. With Workday, you’ll be able to build the most efficient workforce.

    Zoho People

    The Zoho People employee assessment software lets you easily manage attendance, timesheet, leave requests, and much more. It enables you to accurately evaluate your employees with options like feedback, self-appraisal, self-service, rating scale with customization, peer appraisal, goal-setting, and performance tracking. The software also allows you to import employee data from biometric devices.


    This is a globally popular software for performance and attendance management. The software engages the employees with the process to simplify the operations. CakeHR offers a plethora of options like feedback, compensation management, tracking appraisal history, development plan for individual employees, custom rating system, performance tracking, goal-setting, and skill assessment.


    This is another employee evaluation software that makes managing your workforce easier and more efficient. If you want a software that enables you to get better control over employee performance assessment then HRweb is what you need. Feedback, appraisal history, compensation management, development plan for individuals, performance tracking, goal-setting, custom rating system, and skill assessment are some of its key features.


    This is a complete HR system that includes some of the best employee appraisal features. To determine how your workforce is performing, you can track their appraisal history, rating scale, peer evaluations, skill assessment, and much more.

    As there are many choices available in employee evaluation software, you must take some time to understand their features to find the one that meets your requirements.

  • Top 4 cloud data integration providers

    As technology gets more advanced, companies that specialize in information technology are taking steps to update their cloud data and data analytics processes. There are companies that provide cloud data integration for the smooth functioning of business operations. Here is a list of the top providers of cloud data integration.

    Amazon Web Services
    Amazon Web Services was the first company which provided cloud data integration. The popularity and the stature of the company has grown manifold and it has expanded into providing a wide array of different services to its customers. It made processors based on the Arm technology and soon enough, that became the norm in most companies that specialized in providing cloud data integration. It created a major shift in the cloud storage technology space when it brought out a second-generation Graviton processor. Every year, the company has registered a huge growth in its revenue stream. In the recent past, Amazon Web Services launched the AppFlow, which is aimed at designing SaaS workflows.

    Microsoft Azure
    Azure by Microsoft would probably be the most sought after provider of cloud data integration after Amazon Web Services. It is one of the best commercial cloud services offered by the company. Microsoft Azure pitches itself as a service provider of software that one needs to store information. It has tie-ups with some of the leading IT companies across the globe as a cloud service provider. There are certain companies, which opt for multiple-cloud based units and they seek the services of both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Microsoft also works towards hybrid development and has partnered with a bunch of server vendors to put together integrated stacks that would contribute towards creating private cloud or hybrid cloud services.

    Google Cloud Platform
    There are few areas in the technological sphere that have not been explored by Google. With an annual revenue estimated at $11 billion, Google Cloud Platform is one of the top providers of cloud data integration. Google is known to put together a good well-devised strategy and structure while building its cloud platform. It is also focused towards building a team that consists of individuals who have a good understanding of the mechanisms; they contribute towards making this platform safer and more secure. Google Cloud Platform has partnered with several leading IT organizations like Informatica, SAP, VMware, and Salesforce. Until recently, Google has G Suite and Google Cloud Platform as two different entities, but now, it has stated that it plans to merge the two.

    Alibaba Cloud
    After all these years, Alibaba remains the most popular provider of cloud based integration in China. Even companies, who have their base in other countries, opt for Alibaba as their main cloud service provider when they start operations in China. Alibaba is getting into partnership with companies that have a good presence in the market and would like to avail of Alibaba’s services. As many companies, these days, are adopting a multi-cloud strategy, they are more than willing to take a powerful cloud-based unit like Alibaba into their fold.

  • A quick look at the iPhone X series models

    The iPhone brand has been the father of smartphones since its inception. The first iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007, which changed the game for smartphones with its multi-touch and camera capabilities. Since then, there’s no stopping Apple. In 2017, on its 10th Anniversary, Apple revamped the game again with the introduction of the iPhone X. This revolutionary iPhone paved the way for subsequent future iPhones as well, let’s have a look.


    iPhone X

    This was the first iPhone in which the Home Button was replaced by clever software gestures. It had a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge high-resolution OLED display panel a better notch-superior than the previous generation’s LCD panel. The advantage of OLED is that color reproduction is way better, and it is certainly more power-efficient than the past models.

    As for the security, Apple ditched Touch ID and replaced it with the new biometric, Face ID. The front selfie camera, that was embedded in the notch of the iPhone X, was an added style plus. It created a 3D model of the user and worked in low-light with an infrared camera.

    In this model, there were two camera sensors on the rear with one telephoto lens and one wide lens. It had an all-new stainless-steel frame that was much stronger than the previous aluminum one. The water-resistance and wireless charging capabilities only added to the superiority of the phone. However, great power comes at a greater price. Apple priced the iPhone X at around $999 and it was the Next Gen “premium” smartphone.


    The successors
    In 2018, Apple introduced 3 new iPhones- iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and a fairly inexpensive iPhone XR. 


    • iPhone Xs
      The Xs (Ten S) was primarily based on iPhone X’s legacy. It had the same edge-to-edge form factor, but as the name suggested, it was a mere ‘S’ upgrade. The phone had a dual SIM capability, a faster processor, better water resistance, slightly better battery life, upgraded HDR camera capability, and larger storage options. It was priced at around $999. 
    • iPhone Xs Max 
      The iPhone Xs Max was pretty similar to iPhone Xs but came with a larger form factor of 6.5 inches display. It was priced at around $1,099.
    • iPhone XR
      The showstopper of that year was iPhone XR (Ten-R) that brought the same form-factor, but at a much affordable price starting at around $749. The price compromises were made by giving a lower-resolution LCD display in comparison to iPhone X’s OLED, a single-lens camera system, and an aluminum frame. However, it had a few plus points, such as additional colors, a perfect display size of 6.1 inches, and more battery strength.


    Considering all of the above models, it’s clear that iPhone X paved the way for its successors, and its legacy has continued with iPhone Xs and iPhone XR series. However, from a customer’s point of view, iPhone XR ticked the major boxes with an attractive price point of around $749 and features that a user may usually demand. On the other hand, a pro user who can shell out some extra cash can opt for a fancy high-resolution display, steel frame, and a secondary telephoto camera lens with the main iPhone Xs series.  




  • 5 IT asset management software that are popular right now

    Every organization uses assets such as laptops, personal computers, software applications, printers, servers, and other equipment. Tracking these assets, equipment, and inventory is not an easy task. For this, an IT asset management software can be an indispensable tool in managing the various processes involved in maintaining all the assets within the organization. These processes can range from the procurement or purchase of assets to their disposal. This will help in cutting down unnecessary costs and improve efficiency in the management of assets. The following are some popular IT asset management software that are being used by numerous organizations globally.

    • EZOfficeInventory
      EZOfficeInventory helps in keeping track of assets, right from the procurement stage to the retirement stage, in a non-intrusive manner. It is one of the most popular IT asset management software with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes setup and installation very easy. The software can scan RFID tags on external scanners as well as QR codes and barcodes through the mobile app of the software. The various services included in the software are audits, asset reservation, maintenance, and checkouts. The software also lets multiple teams in an organization collaborate when it comes to asset management.
    • SolarWinds
      This IT asset management software allows for remote monitoring and management with a web-based interface. This software has some useful tools to improve and maintain IT solutions of an organization. It also offers security features such as antivirus, patch management, backup as well as recovery. Remote access and automated maintenance and monitoring are other notable features of this software.
    • Asset Infinity
      One of the notable features of this IT asset management software is its ability to assist organizations in tracking damaged or non-functional assets, assess their condition, and find out who owns them. The software has the capability of using RFID tags, barcodes, or QR codes for tracking assets. It has an easy-to-use dashboard and generates instant reports to keep track of various costs associated with all assets in the organization.
    • Oracle PeopleSoft
      By integrating this asset management software to Oracle’s CRM IT Help Desk and financial systems, an organization can have a comprehensive and robust system for tracking and managing various assets within the organization. This software incorporates features such as audit management, inventory management, compliance tracking, maintenance management, and depreciation management.
    • UpKeep
      This is another IT asset management software with remote capabilities. With UpKeep, an organization can keep track of assets, inventory, and equipment located across various regions. UpKeep is known for sending real-time notifications and alerts about updated tasks on all hardware as well as software assets of the organization. Since this software is cloud-based, an organization can check asset information from anywhere and at any time. With detailed reports, this software also allows an organization to keep track of various costs related to the all the assets within the organization.
  • A beginners guide to buying software

    A new PC user with their first computer are always surprised to know that getting the right software can improve their computer’s productivity.

    Buying the wrong software can spell disaster for your computer and your needs. Buying good software can help you enhance the user experience.

    If you’ve always wondered what to look for but weren’t quite sure how to go about buying your first software package, we’ve got you covered. Here are top 5 tips for buying the right software.

    Choose Your Supplier: Custom made software designed by a private firm or an off-the-shelf product like MS Word offer to you different advantages. A good supplier will be able to point out which one will suit your needs best. They offer well established customer support and are reliable.

    Custom Made Vs. Off-The-Shelf: Off the shelf software programs come with yearly updates so they are safer bet. However, the downside is they are expensive and cannot be customized to your needs. They come set with certain features. The pros of getting custom made software is the customized support you need. The con is that you don’t quite get a guarantee or warranty with it. Updates may not be available yearly and may depend on how frequently the developers provide them.

    Download Vs. DVD: Downloading software from the official developer’s website is very convenient. However if you’re going with off-the-shelf packages we suggest you stick with DVDs. This is a great option for people without an internet connection or for someone who wants a back-up. A DVD copy plus a software package from the developer’s website can give you the best of both worlds. Consider that aspect and you’re good to go.

    The only downside in sticking with solely DVDs is that whenever updates are released, you’ll have to buy the new DVDs. This also depends on the supplier or developer you buy from and their policies. Some developers offer both online and offline updates for free whereas some will require you to buy a new package to get the latest updates.

    Licensing And Additional Stuff: Checking whether the software is licensed for commercial, personal, or educational use can help. If it’s for commercial use like Photoshop CC 2017, you can use it to make designs and digital illustrations and sell it on the market. You will be infringing on copyright laws and can land in trouble if you use the personal version to make money. Which is why it is important to check the licensing. The licensing will also include terms and conditions and warranty periods. It is extremely important to review these before buying any software. You do not want to buy a product that does not extend its warranty if the custom installation option is chosen.

  • How to choose the right video editing software

    Video editing has become a mainstream creative outlet for both hobbyists, and professionals. Getting the right video editing software can give you the freedom to express yourself better and make good videos. Most importantly, it needs to be reasonably priced since you don’t want to end up shelling out a bomb.

    But how do you know which is the right one to choose? If you are a first time video editor looking for options and need help in knowing what to look for, you have come to the right place.

    Here are three main guidelines to watch out for when buying your first video editing suite.

    System Compatibility: If you’re on Windows, get a program that works on for it. If it’s a Mac, Final Cut Pro is compatible with it and runs beautifully on it. You should choose your video editing software according to your system specs. Buying a cutting edge video editing program might seem like an obvious choice. However, problems will arise if your system specs fall below the software’s minimum requirements. This could mean they won’t run or even install in few cases.

    The second problem is even if it does meet the specs, will it actually run well? Some video editing programs are lightweight and don’t consume a lot of RAM. Whereas others come with gigantic file sizes and consume a lot of hardware resources. Do your research on the technical side of the software before buying.

    Multicam Feature: Make sure your video editing program comes with multicam feature. If you shoot with your smartphone or DSLR, it can add a lot of depth to your final product. Multicam features lets you shoot the same scene from multiple angles. A video editing suite that allows for this can expand your creativity and ease of use. You should feel comfortable while making videos and not feel restricted. A good video editing package will help you with this.

    Additional Features: Other features to look out for include rendering formats, import formats. Check if the video editing package offers animations, transitions, and titling. Most video editing suites these days lets you create custom 3D titles from 2D text and rotate them on their axes. This is important since you will want to use a 3D title when making trailers or intros. Look out for this.

    Additionally, make sure they provide options for adding multiple audio and video tracks to the timeline. The ability to cut, trim, copy, paste, and edit seamlessly on the timeline is what matters most. A good video editing package will offer you the best of all worlds in decent proportions. Finally, make sure it fits within your budget and meets all your requirements.

  • Top payroll software for small businesses

    If you run a small business, payroll software can help you manage all the particulars and activities regarding your employee workforce. If you have 50 to 100 employees, it can get a little difficult to keep track of all the payslips, tax files, and other important employee details. That’s where payroll software for small businesses come in. Let’s look at the top software options you can choose from:

    • Gusto
      Hailed as one of the best payroll software for small businesses, Gusto offers a comprehensive system with intuitive software that can help you handle a variety of employee-related matters. These include employee pay stubs and tax forms, benefits and payroll reports, health insurance, state and federal unemployment insurance, PTO tracking, direct deposit facilities, wage garnishments, automated tax filings, and unlimited payroll runs in all 50 states. The interface is easy-to-use, and the brand offers a free demo as well. Unlike other software, Gusto does not charge extra for features like automated billing, health benefits, online estimates, and workers’ compensation.
    • ADP
      This software can take HR and payroll off your hands, easing your burden if you’re managing a small business. It handles all the time-consuming tasks for you, ranging from managing employees’ 401(k) accounts to filing payroll taxes, and it also takes over tasks like onboarding, hiring, and recruiting. If you face any challenges, the ADP customer support is always there to help you. It also offers easy employee self-service and increases the efficiency of auditing the payroll process, lowering the risk of liabilities. The helpful ADP app also allows you to choose benefits, track time, and request paid time off and leaves. Not to mention, you get 3 months of free services when you sign up for payroll processing with ADP.
    • Paychex
      This is one of the best payrolls for small businesses that combines HR and payroll and breaks it down according to the business size. It works for small companies with 1-49 employees, or you can opt for its services for over 1000 employees. Most plans include time tracking, health insurance, state unemployment insurance, retirement management, and benefits administration. With Professional Employer Organization (PEO) plans available, this software also offers HR basics and digital marketing help with each plan. It is suitable for every business, whether your company is a law firm or a small hotel with a dozen or so employees. You cannot find the pricing for this software online, but you can request a free quote by visiting the official website if you want to use Paychex for your business.

    Small business owners may wonder whether they should hire an accountant or use a payroll service. In general, payroll services are cheaper, even more so if you opt for the self-service route. These software also offer features like time tracking, HR administration, and employee benefits that fall outside the scope of an accountant’s job. That being said, some companies prefer a balance of both and use payroll software in addition to hiring an accountant. You can see what works best for your company and choose the most suitable payroll software for your small business.

  • Best video conference software in 2021

    Conference calls have become necessary, especially as companies expand and onboard employees from different parts of the world. Besides, as the work-from-home culture gains momentum, the reliance on video-calling software has witnessed a further increase. Here, we’ll look at some of the top video conference web software and their pricing options.

    Zoom has become one of the most popular video conferencing software recently. You can use it not only for official meetings but also for informal catch-ups with friends and family. The basic plan is free, and you can add up to 100 participants in one call; however, the time limit is capped at 40 minutes. If needed, you can upgrade to a better plan. For instance, the Pro plan costs around $150/year and offers group meetings for up to 30 hours. You can also go for the Business plan or Enterprise plan, which cost $200/year and $240/year, respectively. The former includes recording transcripts and company branding and can host up to 300 participants, while the latter offers unlimited cloud storage and up to 500 people.

    Google Meet
    A Google-owned enterprise, Google Meet is famous and easily accessible to anyone with a Gmail account. Like Zoom, Google Meet also offers different pricing and plans besides its free version. The starter plan provides 30 GB of cloud storage and 100 participants for $6/month. The other options include Business Standard and Business Plus for $12/month and $18/month, respectively. With each upgrade, you get better cloud storage and the ability to admit more people. Google Meet also has an Enterprise plan, for which you can contact them directly for pricing.

    BlueJeans Meetings
    A Verizon product, BlueJeans is another top video conference web software. As far as the pricing goes, BlueJeans Standard costs $120/year for 100 participants and unlimited meeting time. The Pro account allows you 150 participants and 25 hours of recording limit for approximately $170/year. BlueJeans has recently come out with an Enterprise package that hosts 200 people with unlimited recordings, automated closed captioning, and real-time transcription. This plan costs $200/year. There is also an Enterprise Plus version for which you need to contact the BlueJeans sales team to get a quote and summary of the unique features.

    Microsoft Teams
    This is perfect for those using Microsoft already! The free version enables 100 participants with a 60-minute time limit. You also have the Microsoft 365 Business Basic that costs about $5 per user per month. So depending on how large your team is, this costing will change. The package includes 300 participants and 24 hours of maximum meeting limit. Similarly, another plan—the Microsoft 365 Business Standard—also permits 300 participants and 24 hours of meeting time, but with additional productivity apps. It costs about $13 per user per month.

Featured Products

  • Contemporary Research 232-ATSC 4K HDTV Tuner 5114-001
    Free Express Shipping! Contemporary Research 232-ATSC 4K HDTV Tuner Analog/Digital ATSC, NTSC, QAM Support, MPEG2/H.264 Tuning up to 1080p60, IPTV Streaming Output via Ethernet Port, HDMI (4K), Component, Composite, VGA Out, Simultaneous HDMI, SPDIF,...
  • CAME-TV HDMI-to-USB 3.0 Video Capture Adapter with 4K Input/Output PRIZM-4K
    Free Express Shipping! CAME-TV HDMI-to-USB 3.0 Video Capture Adapter with 4K Input/Output For Streaming, Gameplay, Webcam, Storage, Run HDMI Signal to Mac/Windows Computer, Up to 4K HDMI Input, 4K USB 3.0 Output, UVC Video and UAC Audio USB Standards,...

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  • Cleaning urine stains from your mattress

    Most households suffer from issues related to urine stains on the mattress. There are various reasons for these incidences. If you keep pets or your babies are being potty-trained, the likelihood of the mattresses becoming stained with urine is high. Urine stains might appear on bedding materials if your child pees during nighttime. You may potty-train them, but even then it is possible that they urinate at night. Apart from the mattresses looking distasteful, they tend to stink if they are stained with urine. Also, it is not affordable to buy mattresses every time your child or pet pees on the beddings. In such cases, it is helpful to learn about the ways of urine stain removal.

    The following details will help you learn an easy method of urine stain removal for getting rid of pee stains.

    You will need:

    • A measuring cup
    • A spray bottle
    • 40–45g of baking soda
    • 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide solution
    • 1–2 drops of liquid dishwashing soap


    • Your first step in the urine stain removal process is to combine the baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and liquid soap in the spray bottle. Mix the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Only after the baking soda dissolves, the liquid soap should be mixed for giving a bubbly texture to the mixture.
    • Never store the mix because the mixture may leak out. Also, the blend is most effective, if used right away.
    • Shake the bottle contents thoroughly and follow by spraying over the urine-stained portions. Leave the solution to dry for 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can use a fan for drying the solution. You will observe that the stain clears from the mattress.
    • If the film of baking soda remains on the bed, then wipe it with a cloth or vacuum the area and see the ring disappear.

    The above urine stain removal procedure is quite simple and within a couple of minutes, your mattress becomes stain-free. Also, thanks to basic ingredients, this process is extremely cost-effective as well.

  • 3 common types of types of Afib and their symptoms

    Afib or Atrial Fibrillation is a high-risk condition that, if left untreated, can lead to fatal diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. Afib treatments are key to preventing strokes, mainly caused by blood clots. Afib stroke medication can be classed as preventive or treatment and should regularly be taken if a person has been diagnosed with afib. A healthy lifestyle would help patients to recover from afib strokes sooner.

    Types of Afib
    There are three types of Afib:

    • Occasional/Paroxysmal: This type of Afib has symptoms that come and go and lasts for a few minutes to a couple of hours. The symptoms occur on their own and go away on their own with time.
    • Persistent: In this type of Afib, the heart rhythm does not return to normal even after the symptoms have subsided. Treatment includes the use of atrial fibrillation medications along with electrical therapies that bring the heart to its normal functioning.
    • Permanent: This is the most dangerous type of Afib. In this, the heart rhythm never goes back to normal and would need constant medication. This could be a cause for strokes, hence making Afib treatments crucial.

    Symptoms of Afib

    • Palpitations that include sensations of fast, racing, irregular and uncomfortable heartbeat
    • Heart ache or chest pains
    • Fatigue and dizziness
    • Confusion
    • Lightheadedness
    • Shortness of breath
    • Unable to do physical exercise of any form

    Though these symptoms may seem generic, it is advisable to consult a doctor when you do experience them. Strokes occur due to the blood clots caused by Afib. Afib stroke medications would depend on the symptoms. In addition to Afib stroke medications, the treatment of this condition also involves a combination of surgery and electrical therapies.

    In order to be effective, the intake of Afib stroke medication needs a proper treatment plan. Hence diagnosing Afib and understanding the risks of stroke would be a good first step in the treatment of Afib.

  • Top 5 equipments for a better satellite TV experiencing

    Satellite TV equipment is becoming a popular choice amongst most viewers today because it provides many ways for watching different types of channels with SD and HD technologies. Another thing is that it offers solutions to cable TV and other broadcasting problems by addressing essential needs. All satellite signals work on digital format transformation process allowing the users to ensure better quality pictures. There are certain components required for a satellite TV before carrying out the installation works. Some of them include a dish, setup box, remote, splitter, amplifier, antenna, switch, and cable wire. Since satellite TV equipment involves different types, subscribers should know more about which fit their television.

    1. Hhusali Intelligent 5-Port HDMI Switch
    This switch supports 3D 4k resolution with delicate design. Another thing is that it comes with five ports HDMI sources to ensure smooth functionality. Some other items in the package include 1″ USB cable, 1″ infrared receiver and 1″ remote control.

    2. ViewHD 2 Port 1×2 Powered HDMI Mini Splitter
    The equipment is meant for 1080p resolution with 3D which supports HDCP. It also includes a universal power adapter with US plug. It is a VHD-1x2MN3D model that doesn’t support CEC.

    3. HDMI 1×2 4K Splitter, REDQIN Ultra HD HDMI V1.4 Splitter Amplifier Signal Distributor
    It supports 48-bit color and all digital formats including DTS. Another it is perfect choice for 50- feet AWG standard HDMI cables. The 1x 2 HDMI splitter feature in the equipment is a suitable one for 3D video and resolutions up to 4k.

    4.1 PC TO 2 Monitors VGA Video Splitter Distribution Amplifier
    It delivers superior video quality, amplifies video signal, and ideal for public broadcasting purposes to witness desired outputs. Moreover, the equipment supports ultra high 250 MHz video bandwidth that can only duplicate images.

    5. Goronya 4 Port HDMI Splitter 1 in 4 out Amplifier
    The equipment supports high resolution up to 4k which comes with advanced features. Some of them include Audio return channel, Ethernet, and compatibility with other devices.

    Buying satellite TV equipment needs proper guidelines, and one should consult with technicians for meeting exact needs. Many stores offer them online at the best prices with free shipping and other facilities. In fact, they make the buying process of a satellite TV equipment a simple one by addressing essential requirements. It is an important one to collect more information about parts from different websites for enhancing the functionality. A satellite television requires high-quality accessories to get a better sound and picture. At the same time, one should consider purchasing accessories from a reputed online store for overcoming complex issues. Reviews are available for those who want to make a right decision while ordering them.

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