• Top 5 fire inspection software to consider

    Fire inspection software is a valuable and effective tool used by fire inspectors to conduct hazard and safety inspections. The software consists of elements designed to make assessing fire hazards in commercial, residential, and other buildings easier. Good cloud software can help fire inspectors accumulate various data in one place, avoid missing important checks, and cut down the time it takes to input data manually. It also helps one get reports with a single click. 

    Best fire inspection software
    This cloud-based app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It provides customers with a variety of inspection and on-demand reports that can be accessed and customized on the field using the SmartServ app. The software allows users to create custom checklists or choose from various templates. It offers a simple drag-and-drop function for tasks like scheduling inspections and reassigning assignments. One can also get features like automatic scheduling and auto-reminders for upcoming inspections. Users can monitor technician clock-in and clock-out times, receive real-time inspection updates, and take notes using voice commands. Quotes/estimates and invoices can also be sent to customers via text messages. The application provides monthly and quarterly business reports to users, covering aspects like business performance, revenue information, betting prospects, and team performance. It has a user-based pricing structure, and users can choose between monthly, quarterly, and annual billing plans. SmartServ comes with 24-hour live customer support.

    Inspect Point
    Inspect Point Software simplifies fire inspection management. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and offers inspection forms to ensure compliance. Users can schedule and dispatch inspections, get real-time updates on the field, and generate reports within the software. Users can use a single document to send images, comments, and signatures and point out deficiencies to the office right from the field. This fire inspection software allows one to make on-field suggestions and send and receive messages. Users can choose from three price tiers: silver, gold, and platinum, priced between $109 and $139 per month. Users are, however, billed annually, and two technicians or more are required to sign up for the plans. Based on the required frequency of inspections, users can create and plan inspections for a building.

    Safety Inspection Software
    This safety software provides web-based dashboards. It notifies users via email of upcoming inspections and alerts fire inspectors of deficiencies. Its inspection routes help users understand the layout of a facility. Users can check the history to learn about the date, time, and inspector who oversaw an inspection. One can manage and create forms using the form builder feature and also record the GPS location. This software helps users manage inspection frequency and work offline, saving data on the cloud. Once the connection is restored, the data is automatically uploaded. The tool offers email and phone support and works with any tablet or smartphone. Safety Inspection Software is priced at $18 per user per month.

    Streamline Inspections
    This fire and community-risk reduction inspection tool comes with many features that make fire inspections easier. It aids in the easy management of inspection data and reports. It also allows customers to create custom fire inspection checklists based on their requirements. The program is also cloud-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere. The app is designed for iOS devices. The software offers features like code enforcement, customer databases, facility management, failed inspection tracking, image capture, and report templates. Users can use the website to share email-based reports, sync their tablets, and upload signatures. It notifies users of inspection locations and helps avoid unnecessary commutes. This program has a flat-rate fee of $2,000 per year.

    Life Safety Inspector
    The Life Safety Inspector is a cloud-based web platform that enables users to conduct, track, and administer fire inspections. The app provides inspection and report data, aiding in paper waste reduction. It is Windows-compatible and offers features like scheduling, code maintenance, document management, inspection, and photo management all in one place. It inspects systems like fire pumps, kitchen hoods, fire alarms, fire dampers, fire sprinkler systems, and fire doors. Users can get this fire inspection software for their smartphones or tablets and work offline when experiencing a weak Wi-Fi signal. Users can access PDF reports online. It accepts payments monthly or annually.

    Things to consider
    Here are a few key factors to consider when choosing fire inspection software:

    • The software should have an easy-to-use interface with clear terms, conditions, and instructions.
    • The program should be adaptable and capable of integrating with other platforms, such as accounting tools like QuickBooks.
    • The software should be able to convert paper files to digital files and work on various devices to increase accessibility.
    • The program should be able to enforce fire codes and make recommendations in accordance with National Fire Protection Association and Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.
    • It should be able to generate service proposals.
    • The software should be able to capture e-signatures on the field.

    While all of the above are excellent options, one should look for an easy-to-use fire inspection software that meets all their needs. One should list all their requirements, for instance, software that offers smooth inspection management and inspection contract administration. One should also consider the pricing and billing system—annual or monthly billing. The software should also work smoothly on the field and in the office.

  • Popular software for building a strong resume

    A professionally crafted resume that is to the point, has the necessary specifics, and highlights your skills increases your chances of getting a good job. The document details and addresses what is important, right from their personal/professional preferences to career and growth expectations. Today, you can use a resume builder software to simply this task. Here are the top free and paid options you must check out!

    Resume Genius
    If you want to create a truly professional resume and are okay with paying for it, Resume Genius is a software that can deliver in less than 10 minutes. You can select from myriad template styles and answer a detailed questionnaire for the software to compile all the information. You can also add more details relevant to the template to make the resume more comprehensive. The option of switching templates after you have selected one in the beginning allows for added flexibility in terms of design and content viewing. Once you are satisfied with the results, simply download the resume for a nominal fee of $2 during the trial period. Note that the monthly subscription and download rates will vary on the basis of the plan you pick.

    Looking for free templates and designs? Download a copy free of charge in minutes with Resume.com’s comprehensive software tool. Simply follow the step-by-step process to add information, refer to expert tips curated by industry experts, and download a well-crafted professional resume today. There are multiple columns and subheadings to fill out details about education, professional skills, work experience, as well as your personality traits or preferences. You can also refer to sample resumes from the website’s exclusive database and create one based on any of the available templates.

    Resume Builder/Resume Maker 2021
    Some people may find it difficult to use comprehensive software tools and need a simpler solution to create a detailed looking resume. So, how about a free resume builder app that can create a professional looking document in just a matter of minutes? Android users can download the Resume Builder app from Play Store while iOS customers can download a similar variant called Resume Star from the App Store. All you have to do is choose a template and fill out the details to create a new pdf file. Resume Star additionally lets you change the font and experiment with layouts that work well for the design you pick.

  • Pros and cons of collaboration software

    The number of people who are working from a virtual office has proliferated by almost 80% between 2005 and 2012. Collaboration tools have become indispensable in this scenario, getting people together from all parts of the world, increasing productivity, encouraging teamwork and creating synergies and efficiency.

    Listed below are some major pros and cons of collaboration software.


    • Enabling remote working: Collaboration software allows companies to bunch the best-suited people for a project regardless of their physical location using just the internet. Members can become efficient and increase productivity by not being chained to desks. For example, the versatile Slack runs on mobile apps and web browsers.
    • Ease of reporting: Collaboration software can quickly generate detailed and updated project reports by assimilating data quickly. This helps team members in not losing track of activities and helps them during reporting time, saving energy, money and time. Asana, Liquid Planner, Basecamp and Teamwork enables viewing of regular progress report using tracking tools and to-do lists.
    • Document collaboration: The e-mails being sent back and forth can stop once collaboration software comes into the picture. For instance, Cloud-based collaboration tools allow documents to be easily edited and uploaded, immediately alerting other team members of the same. This ensures that the latest version is available without confusion, allowing changes to be reflected instantly and work flow to be organized and rendering external storage unnecessary.
    • Time saving: Collaboration software allows for real-time conversation to take place without wasting time searching for e-mails, etc.


    • No project management tools: Popular collaboration software such as Google, Asana, Sococo and Slack do not offer tools for project management, which will go a long way in maximizing the team’s productivity.
    • Steep costs: When one collaboration software doesn’t cater to all nitty-gritty needs, costs spike. Moreover, training costs are incurred to train members to use the tool.
    • No communication tools: Some collaboration software lack a comprehensive cluster of basic communication tools. For example, Slack doesn’t have an away or idle option for an inactive member, Sococo doesn’t feature spellcheck or file sharing and Basecamp.
    • Privacy policies: Not all collaboration software rank high on privacy. One of the popular features for strengthening security online is the two-step authentication. The ones such as Teamwork and Asana, which otherwise have great collaboration features, lack a two-step authentication during sign-in.

  • Best video conference software in 2021

    Conference calls have become necessary, especially as companies expand and onboard employees from different parts of the world. Besides, as the work-from-home culture gains momentum, the reliance on video-calling software has witnessed a further increase. Here, we’ll look at some of the top video conference web software and their pricing options.

    Zoom has become one of the most popular video conferencing software recently. You can use it not only for official meetings but also for informal catch-ups with friends and family. The basic plan is free, and you can add up to 100 participants in one call; however, the time limit is capped at 40 minutes. If needed, you can upgrade to a better plan. For instance, the Pro plan costs around $150/year and offers group meetings for up to 30 hours. You can also go for the Business plan or Enterprise plan, which cost $200/year and $240/year, respectively. The former includes recording transcripts and company branding and can host up to 300 participants, while the latter offers unlimited cloud storage and up to 500 people.

    Google Meet
    A Google-owned enterprise, Google Meet is famous and easily accessible to anyone with a Gmail account. Like Zoom, Google Meet also offers different pricing and plans besides its free version. The starter plan provides 30 GB of cloud storage and 100 participants for $6/month. The other options include Business Standard and Business Plus for $12/month and $18/month, respectively. With each upgrade, you get better cloud storage and the ability to admit more people. Google Meet also has an Enterprise plan, for which you can contact them directly for pricing.

    BlueJeans Meetings
    A Verizon product, BlueJeans is another top video conference web software. As far as the pricing goes, BlueJeans Standard costs $120/year for 100 participants and unlimited meeting time. The Pro account allows you 150 participants and 25 hours of recording limit for approximately $170/year. BlueJeans has recently come out with an Enterprise package that hosts 200 people with unlimited recordings, automated closed captioning, and real-time transcription. This plan costs $200/year. There is also an Enterprise Plus version for which you need to contact the BlueJeans sales team to get a quote and summary of the unique features.

    Microsoft Teams
    This is perfect for those using Microsoft already! The free version enables 100 participants with a 60-minute time limit. You also have the Microsoft 365 Business Basic that costs about $5 per user per month. So depending on how large your team is, this costing will change. The package includes 300 participants and 24 hours of maximum meeting limit. Similarly, another plan—the Microsoft 365 Business Standard—also permits 300 participants and 24 hours of meeting time, but with additional productivity apps. It costs about $13 per user per month.

  • Best email monitoring tools and software

    Everyone who sends emails would have experienced blocked or undelivered emails. When there is a lot of traffic created in the email server or emails sent in bulk do not get delivered, the emails get blocked or they will be marked as spam. With the invention of email mentoring tools, you can check the mail status which gives the information of guarantee email delivery. Listed below are some of the best:

    Glock App
    Glock is one of the most famous tools that checks deliverability of your email sent and checks if your emails are not passing through and are getting blocked or filtered for some reasons. Most of the time, the reason is that permission-based emails often don’t get delivered to the recipients intended. Glock tests and monitors such problems and fixes the problem before the emails are sent out to the recipients. They have also created a free spam test that shows the deliverability of email through three famous email providers like Amazon SES, Mailgun, and SendGrid, that let the user compare the inbox rates and how reputation affects deliverability.

    250 OK
    It is yet another brand responsible for maximizing email marketing performance. With 250 OK monitoring tool, you can collect advanced insights into email deliverability, sender reputation, fraud protection and consumer engagement. They transform email management software keeping in mind the size of the business and create new tools for users who may be advanced or beginners. It helps you to easily filter spam and also test the spam by previewing the campaigns before sending.

    Return Path
    Return path gives you the exact details when and where your message has been delivered and filter emails from spam. With the tools provided, you can increase the inbox delivery and improve the performance of sending the emails. There are hundreds of users who get benefited by optimizing their email marketing. Return Path partners with over 70 world class email service providers of mailbox and security solutions, covering 2.5 billion inboxes and help the user to experience the next level of emails programs with more response and increase revenue.

    Email Reach
    You can track down your emails and improve their performance with Email Reach’s testing tools. You can check email deliverability whether it has reached the inbox or bounced back without getting delivered. Along with monitoring services, Email Reach has many other features like list checker, email verifier, blacklist checker and lots more. You have an optimized viewing experience in any mobile platforms including iOS, Android and more. It monitors each and every email that you send and see that it is successfully delivered and warns you about failed delivery and junk file issues.

  • Top VPN services of 2021 offering maximum online privacy

    A virtual private network or VPN is one of the most useful tools for privacy that can be used at its best when using a public network, as it makes data tracking difficult due to encrypted connection. A VPN connection hides one’s IP address, which prevents companies from keeping tabs on your browsing history. So, if you are thinking of ramping up your privacy setting while using the internet, the following VPN services of 2021 can help you stay off the radar.

    It is one of the best VPN services of 2021 that offers its services for both mobiles and desktops. The VPN service offers not only AES-256 standard encryption but also a double VPN system that encrypts the internet traffic twice. This ensures stronger network impermeability when using public networks. NordVPN is one of those VPN services with at least 5,000 servers in more than 60 countries, ensuring uninterrupted privacy. Moreover, it allows up to six simultaneous connections. Some of its other features include DNS leak protection, proxy extensions on Firefox and Chrome browsers, and kill switches. It is also one of the few VPN servers that accepts Bitcoin as payment.

    If you are looking for unblocked worldwide access to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and iPlayer, CyberGhost is the VPN service for you. One of the best features of CyberGhost is it has at least 7,000 servers with more than 105 server locations in 91 countries, allowing maximum simultaneous connections of more than 7 devices. CyberGhost runs on almost all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The VPN service offers a trial period of 45 days with a money-back guarantee.

    Like most VPN services, Surfshark offers its services on almost all OS platforms, making it compatible with mobile phones and desktops, thereby ensuring maximum privacy even on public networks. With 24/7 customer support, Surfshark has 3,200 servers in at least 100 locations in 65 countries. While other VPN services offer limited multiple-device connection, Surfshark offers unlimited devices connection. It also has private DNS and double VPN hop that adds an extra layer of security while browsing the internet.

    It is one of the best VPN services of 2021. ExpressVPN is a trusted name when it comes to online privacy. ExpressVPN has more than 3,000 servers in almost 160 locations across 94 countries, and you can use it even on the go, as it works on both mobile phones and desktops. It can be used on various operating system platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. ExpressVPN has dedicated extensions for web browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

  • 3 popular web-based enterprise password management software

    In an enterprise, it is not just essential to remind users to have strong passwords. More often than not, most users fail to heed such reminders and end up setting easy-to-remember passwords. As an additional but essential layer of security, it is also necessary to reset passwords periodically. To ensure that users of the enterprise adhere to the essential password compliances, a business can use enterprise password management software.

    Enterprise password management software can be installed on a local server, or a business can use web-based enterprise password management software to save costs on infrastructure. Here are a few web-based enterprise password management software that are popular among businesses.

    • TeamPassword
      This is an enterprise password management software is one of the easiest password managers to install. It can be set up in minutes. The deployment is cloud-based, and it is available as SaaS. Users get a free trial of this web-based enterprise password management software. Its features include storage of new passwords, controlling access to passwords, generation of team passwords, and email notification for any changes that occur in the enterprise password management software. The crucial features of this software include single sign-on, credential management, multifactor authentication, password synchronization and generator.
    • PeoplePlatform
      This enterprise password management software is deployed on cloud and it is available as SaaS. It is also available as installed versions for Mac and Windows and as mobile versions for Android and iOS. A free trial version is also available. There are support materials to train users and admin for the efficient use of this password manager. The training materials include webinars, live online sessions, and documentation. Credential management, password synchronization, single sign-on, user management, multifactor authentication, password generator, and password reset are few of the features.
    • TeamsID
      This enterprise password manager and record vault integrate with GoogleApps/GSuite for business. This web-based enterprise password management software can be deployed on cloud and is available as a SaaS. Installed versions for Mac and Windows OS are also available. The software can be used through mobile versions for iOS and Android as well. A free trial version is available for users. The starting price is around $3 per month per user. Admins and users can receive training for this software through documentation, webinars, live online sessions, as well as in-person training. The features of this enterprise password management software include credential management, multifactor authentication, password generator, single sign-on, user management, password reset, and password synchronization.
  • 5 IT asset management software that are popular right now

    Every organization uses assets such as laptops, personal computers, software applications, printers, servers, and other equipment. Tracking these assets, equipment, and inventory is not an easy task. For this, an IT asset management software can be an indispensable tool in managing the various processes involved in maintaining all the assets within the organization. These processes can range from the procurement or purchase of assets to their disposal. This will help in cutting down unnecessary costs and improve efficiency in the management of assets. The following are some popular IT asset management software that are being used by numerous organizations globally.

    • EZOfficeInventory
      EZOfficeInventory helps in keeping track of assets, right from the procurement stage to the retirement stage, in a non-intrusive manner. It is one of the most popular IT asset management software with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes setup and installation very easy. The software can scan RFID tags on external scanners as well as QR codes and barcodes through the mobile app of the software. The various services included in the software are audits, asset reservation, maintenance, and checkouts. The software also lets multiple teams in an organization collaborate when it comes to asset management.
    • SolarWinds
      This IT asset management software allows for remote monitoring and management with a web-based interface. This software has some useful tools to improve and maintain IT solutions of an organization. It also offers security features such as antivirus, patch management, backup as well as recovery. Remote access and automated maintenance and monitoring are other notable features of this software.
    • Asset Infinity
      One of the notable features of this IT asset management software is its ability to assist organizations in tracking damaged or non-functional assets, assess their condition, and find out who owns them. The software has the capability of using RFID tags, barcodes, or QR codes for tracking assets. It has an easy-to-use dashboard and generates instant reports to keep track of various costs associated with all assets in the organization.
    • Oracle PeopleSoft
      By integrating this asset management software to Oracle’s CRM IT Help Desk and financial systems, an organization can have a comprehensive and robust system for tracking and managing various assets within the organization. This software incorporates features such as audit management, inventory management, compliance tracking, maintenance management, and depreciation management.
    • UpKeep
      This is another IT asset management software with remote capabilities. With UpKeep, an organization can keep track of assets, inventory, and equipment located across various regions. UpKeep is known for sending real-time notifications and alerts about updated tasks on all hardware as well as software assets of the organization. Since this software is cloud-based, an organization can check asset information from anywhere and at any time. With detailed reports, this software also allows an organization to keep track of various costs related to the all the assets within the organization.

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  • Contemporary Research 232-ATSC 4K HDTV Tuner 5114-001
    Free Express Shipping! Contemporary Research 232-ATSC 4K HDTV Tuner Analog/Digital ATSC, NTSC, QAM Support, MPEG2/H.264 Tuning up to 1080p60, IPTV Streaming Output via Ethernet Port, HDMI (4K), Component, Composite, VGA Out, Simultaneous HDMI, SPDIF,...

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Recent Blogs

  • Step into the world of Net 10 Phones

    If you are looking for a commendable cell phone service for yourself, look no further than Net 10. Net 10 is a reliable and very well-known cell phone provider that offers prepaid plans and even permits you to make calls for a mere 10 cents per minute. This carrier is an ideal pick for people who want to enjoy the services of a cell phone without paying monthly bills.

    The Special Features of Net 10 phones
    Net 10 phones have a bucket load of special features, which include:
    There is no contract that is required for the service of this phone.
    Picture and text messages are unlimited
    Web and email unlimited
    Call forwarding facility
    Call waiting facility
    Facility for conference calling
    Auto refill facility for $45
    Called ID facility
    Voice mail that is basic
    Long distance free domestic
    Free of roaming costs anywhere in the United states
    Facility of checking bill status from the mobile directly
    You can use any phone for Net 10 package
    Weekends and night calls are totally free of charge

    Based on the package you for, Net 10 phone normally offers 4G LTE for the plan period that is normally a month. Once the limit is met, customers can still avail of unlimited data although the pace may slow down comparatively.

    Detailed activation guide
    If you have already brought yourself a Net 10 mobile and have some doubts about its activation, given below is a detailed guide on how to activate it without any hitches.
    1. Switch your cell phone and press on the select button and also the prepaid button.
    2. Scroll over and choose the option My IMEI and this display and number that you have to note down. Now press the Back option. Now choose the SIM Serial Number and note this down too.
    3. Browse Net10.com on your system and select the Activate /Reactivate Phone that will appear on the left part of the menu. If this is your first time, ensure you fill all your personal data that is required for the same.
    4. Once the details are submitted, the screen will take you to a page where the SIM and IMEI numbers should be entered.
    5. Now all that is left for you to do is clicking on the Activate’ button and now you are ready to make call immediately.
    So, go ahead and get a Net 10 phone connection and begin enjoying its attractive packages at once.

  • 5 significant benefits of walk-in showers for seniors

    Seniors often face obstacles in the form of failing health and mobility issues. It can become difficult for them to move around the house and perform daily tasks such as bathing. You can help your elderly relative move around the house by installing several senior shower aids, which promote mobility and take into account the safety factor as well. A part of your house that can be made senior-friendly is your bathroom. It is one of the riskiest places since a lot of slip and fall accidents take place in the bathroom. Getting in and out of the bathtub can be quite difficult for seniors, and puts them in harm’s way. To prevent such mishaps from occurring you can opt for walk-in showers for seniors which are handy senior shower aids.

    If you are considering opting for walk-in showers for seniors, here are some benefits of opting for the same.

    • Easily accessible
      Unlike bathtubs that require you to get in and out of it, and thereby increasing the risk of accidents, walk-in showers for seniors are easily accessible. As the name suggests, all you have to do is, walk into the shower. If you are fretting about the fact that walk-in showers require you to stand, you can install a shower chair meant for seniors in the walk-in shower and put your concerns about joint pain and mobility issues to rest.
    • Easier to clean
      Unlike bathtubs, senior showers are easier to clean. There are no hidden nooks and crannies, and if you live alone, a walk-in shower is the best perfect option because maintaining the shower place will be hassle-free and you can do it yourself.
    • Promotes aging in place
      Aging in place is a concept that leans towards growing old in one’s own house in contrast to checking themselves into assisted living communities. Elderly care communities are equipped with all senior aids that make their lives easier. However, some people cannot afford the cost of assisted living communities, and prefer “aging in place.” Senior aids such as lift chairs, mobility aids, walk-in showers for seniors, and other senior shower aids, ensure that the individual has everything that allows them to get comfortable in their own homes.
    • Hygiene
      It is common knowledge that mobility issues and safety hazards are what prevents elderly people from maintaining the required level of hygiene. Since walk-in showers for seniors are different from the regular bathrooms, the risk of slip and fall, or developing joint-pain is minimal, and this encourages them to keep themselves and their surroundings clean.
    • Functional for everyone
      Though the walk-in shower for seniors is meant for the elderly population, it can be used by everyone in the household. It is quite convenient for kids and adults alike. So, it can be asserted that a walk-in shower for seniors is functional for the entire family.
  • Fitness trends that are here to stay

    Fitness is an ever evolving industry where trends tend to change rapidly. In the recent years, we witnessed the emergence of several trends that took fitness freaks around the world by a storm. However, only few of them were good enough to survive and be relevant to fitness enthusiasts presently and in the coming future. A list of fitness trends that are here to stay finds mention below.

    Strength training
    Gone are the days when many individuals, especially women, used to avoid strength training. With increased awareness regarding the benefits including boosting longevity, protection against diabetes, back pain, building muscle mass, and more that strength training offers, a growing number of people now rely on it to stay healthy and fit. In addition to this, the major reason responsible for strength training’s popularity is that women have now realized that lifting total gym weights does not necessarily makes them bulky. Rather, it is a great way to burn fat and boost metabolism.

    Well-informed and seasoned fitness professionals
    Reaching individual fitness goals becomes much easier when you workout under the supervision and guidance of an educated and experienced professional. In recent years, the number of such personal trainers has seen a drastic rise. These trainers offer tailored guidance to fitness freaks, which enables them to achieve their goals rapidly.

    Wearable technology
    A few years ago, wearable technology was introduced to the fitness freaks. It includes fitness and activity trackers, such as smartwatches, heart rate monitors, smart eyeglasses designed to show maps and fitness activity, and GPS tracking devices. Although it has been a few years since wearable technology surfaced, this particular fitness trend is certainly here to stay. People love flaunting their wearable fitness gadgets that enable them to keep a track of their daily fitness activity. Fit bit, Pebble Time, Basis, Misfit, Garmin, and Jawbone are the names that have built a formidable reputation as leading providers of wearable fitness technology.

    High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
    Due to the quick results that HIIT programs offer, they have become popular and will surely stay that way. The training program is all about short intervals of intense activity followed by a short period of rest or recovery. This type of workout can be ideal for people who have busy schedules and find it tough to spare time for time intensive workouts. However, HIIT training is not meant for every individual but for those who are in good shape. The reason behind is that these exercises demand great strength to eliminate body injuries while using total gym equipment. Additionally, those in good shape also need to be well prepared for performing these high-intensity workouts.

    Body weight training
    Body weight training, a leading fitness trend, is not only restricted to sit-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups. Rather, it refers to any form of resistance training based entirely on your own body-weight. You can follow this fitness routine either at home or at the gym.

    So, not all fitness trends are meant for you. To ensure that you follow the right one, consult your health practitioner.

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