• 3 reasons why your organization may need asset tracking

    Across organizations, a major part of the capital is tied up in assets and inventory. This is true regardless of the size of the organization. Most organizations tend to use traditional methods of inventory management to keep track of these assets. However, these traditional methods often cost a lot and incur additional expenses. Also, if asset tracking and management are not given priority, it might lead to unnecessary and avoidable overhead costs.

    Not managing and tracking assets efficiently can also lead to a drop in the productivity levels of employees in the organization. Without asset tracking, it can be time-consuming and frustrating to look for replacements for damaged or malfunctioning assets and to wait for someone from the maintenance team to repair or replace assets. It can also cause deadlocks in the workflow. Here are a few reasons why an organization requires asset management.

    Finding correct information on the availability and usage of assets
    Asset tracking and management provide accurate information regarding the availability and usage of each asset in the organization. An organization will get timely and detailed insights and reports regarding the management of assets. This can improve the business workflow and decrease unnecessary overhead costs related to the organization’s inventory and equipment.

    Increasing asset productivity and efficiency of maintenance practices
    With asset tracking, employees of an organization can quickly get hold of a tool, software, device, or equipment. This will save a lot of time and effort. This saved time and effort can be redirected towards increasing employee productivity. Asset tracking can also help in setting up timely maintenance schedules. This will help to reduce equipment downtime and avoid any deadlocks associated with malfunctioning business assets.

    Centralization of asset management activities
    Earlier businesses had to use multiple platforms to manage the different stages of an asset’s lifecycle, from procurement to retirement. The use of multiple platforms increases costs and effort. With asset tracking software and tools, the various activities associated with businesses assets can be centralized and managed from one place. This will not only decrease costs but will also make the asset management process seamless and simple.

  • Top 3 GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems for Cars

    GPS vehicle tracking systems are highly useful systems that help when you need to track your stolen vehicle, keep an eye on your child’s school bus, or when you want to know the location of your child who has just started to drive. A GPS tracker is an inexpensive device that ensures you lead a worry-free life. Today, it is commonly used by parents and businesses. These devices have become so advanced that they can tell you the speed of the vehicle along with its exact location. Following are some of the best GPS vehicle tracking systems currently available in the market.

    Spy Tec STI GL300 RReal-Time Portable GPS Tracker
    This is one of the most popular GPS trackers that has gained popularity because of its capability of giving you the exact location of a vehicle. It provides close to 100% accuracy. It has a three-axis acceleration meter, which provides for even better location detection. This tracker also lets you set up boundaries, so you get notifications anytime your vehicle leaves a particular area. This data is stored for 365 days and the subscription starts at around $25 per month. As the name suggests, this GPS tracker is a small device that can be fitted anywhere in the vehicle. Its battery lasts for two weeks and can be recharged.

    Automatic Pro Car GPS Tracker
    This tracker plugs directly into your vehicle and provides real-time tracking of vehicles, round the clock. It uses a 3G network to track and adds five years of 3G services at no extra charge. Tracking a vehicle using this device is easy because it connects to your smartphone through an app. It is also capable of notifying law enforcement in case of accidents. This device is so smart that it can switch on the lights of your house if it detects that you are nearby.

    MOTOsafety GPS Vehicle Tracker
    This tracker is considered the best GPS vehicle tracking system for parents. It connects directly to the car’s ODB outlet and does not require any wiring. It offers a variety of services at a fixed monthly fee and uses 3G networks to track a vehicle. You can download the apps for this device on both Android and iOS phones and set boundaries for your kid’s vehicles. The tracker will send you a notification if that boundary is crossed and you will also get a driving report card of the vehicle.

  • Affordable MDM Solutions for Small Businesses

    Master data management (MDM) is a method of helping companies link all their critical data to one common point of reference. When MDM is properly implemented, it improves the data quality while streamlining and optimizing the data-sharing process across different employees and departments. Additionally, MDM can help the companies in computing multiple platforms, architectures, and applications. MDM surely has many benefits for the companies that implement it, no matter their size. Following are some affordable MDM solutions for small businesses.

    AirWatch is one of the simplest and straightforward MDM solutions available for small businesses. This MDM is owned by VMware and is an open ecosystem. Therefore, it integrates with software such as Dropbox and Office 365. This MDM is VMware’s honest attempt toward creating a hassle-free experience for its users. AirWatch is compatible with various operating systems and achieves the key point needed for a good MDM. Pricing for this device is based on per device and per month. This includes app management, email management, and device management.

    Codeproof is one of the newest MDM options currently in the market and is ideal for small businesses that want to secure their devices without investing a lot of money in the process. Codeproof offers two packages: enterprise level and professional level. The enterprise-level MDM covers many points that small businesses may need from an MDM solution. In fact, it offers much more than what these businesses might need. Professional level MDM is the ideal MDM solution for small businesses. It covers all their needs without being costly. Both of these options are compatible with various devices and operating systems.

    Cisco Meraki
    Cisco Meraki has the backing and experience of a brand like Cisco. It offers multiple products that are meant to help businesses of all sizes. Meraki is a cloud-based eco-system, which provides support to a variety of devices like network switching hubs, phones, security cameras, and wireless routers, among others. It brings all these devices on a single platform using effective device management software. If you are planning to stick to just one company for all your company’s needs, Cisco Meraki is your ideal choice. This company offers one of the best MDM solutions for small businesses at a very affordable price and without complexities. The price of the packages depends on the kind of devices you select.

  • Top Free Video Conference Calling Software and Apps

    Conference calling has now become a necessity for businesses with teams spread far apart geographies. It is one of the best ways to bring everyone together on a single platform for a face-to-face meeting. There are many video conference calling software and apps available in the market. There are quite a few free conference-calling apps and software that you can use to conduct your meeting online without paying a single penny. Following are top five of them.

    Google+ Hangouts
    Everyone knows about Hangouts, but not many have used it to conduct video conference calling for their businesses. It can be used on any device and from anywhere if you have an active and good data plan. This platform lets you organize your contacts in such a way that you can make quick calls when required and you can also live stream your conferences, all with ease.

    Skype is one of the oldest conference calling apps that everyone undoubtedly knows about. It is known for its high-quality video calls, and you can add up to 25 people into a single call. It also provides free voice calls along with free instant messaging with all your contacts.

    Using FreeBridge, you can host a conference call with up to 100 people. This software can be used to conduct training seminars, legal depositions, board meetings, and sales seminars. You can also use video conference calls with your friends and family.

    Free Conference Calling
    Free Conference Calling lets you make free conference calls with up to 1000 people. The name of the company is quite innovative because the company has ensured that it stands up to its name with good quality calls and other features. This software also lets you see reports and statistics related to your conference calls wherein you can easily monitor attendance.

    Appear.in offers you one of the simplest video conferencing facilities. In order to set up a session, you have to simply visit the website and create a Chatroom. After this, you have to share the Chatroom link with your friends via email, text, or any other mode that works for you. This website does not need you to download a software or create a login. All you will need is a modern browser and you are good to go. This is probably one of the best no-strings-attached video conference calling tools you can use.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note9 or Huawei P20 Pro – Which one is better

    After a lot of speculation, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 has finally been launched. However, numerous smartphone users are wondering how the latest iteration of the Note series compares to its competitors in the smartphone segment. At the moment, one of its most prominent rivals is the Huawei P20 Pro. Let’s see how the flagship models of these smartphone giants perform in different areas.

    • Design: The Note9 unquestionably wins in terms of design. Samsung has taken extra efforts to give Note9 a premium and unique appearance. Huawei P20 Pro, on the other hand, feels inspired by the design of Apple iPhone X. Moreover, Note9’s screen is slightly bigger at 6.4 inches as compared to P20 Pro’s 6.1 inches. Both the phones have an edge-to-edge display that gives them a more sleek and sophisticated look.
    • Display: Both models have impressive screens, but again, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 has an extra edge when it is put up against the Huawei P20 Pro. Delivering incredible contrast, the P20 Pro comes with a bright 6.1-inch OLED panel. However, even at 1080p, its display is not as sharp as expected. Note9 provides a vibrant screen as it is equipped with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity panel along with Quad HD+ resolution of 2960×1440 pixels and 516pp.
    • Camera: When it comes to the camera, Huawei P20 Pro has the upper hand. Currently, it features one of the best smartphone camera set-ups. The phone can capture some spectacular shots with its 40MP RGB, 20MP black and white, and 8MP telephoto sensors. Moreover, its 3x optical zoom and 5x hybrid zoom can grasp the details of distant objects. Note9, on the other hand, uses the same camera setup built for the Galaxy S9+. The phone comes with a 12MP dual-lens camera and an adaptable aperture that lets users retain the maximum number of details.
    • Battery and storage: Note9 and Huawei P20 Pro have similar battery life. These models have large 4,000mAh battery packs which can comfortably last for a day. However, the P20 Pro’s battery could be more long-lasting as its screen is smaller and it has a lower screen resolution which utilizes less power.
      Speaking of storage capacity, Note9 stays ahead of the P20 Pro. The former comes with two internal storage variants, i.e., 128GB and 512GB. Meanwhile, the P20 Pro comes with an internal storage capacity of just 128GB.

    Both the phones have their strengths, but, Note9 scores better in most of the categories. However, it comes with a hefty price tag of around $999. Meanwhile, the Huawei P20 Pro offers some great features at $760 approximately. If you are deciding to upgrade your phone, you must not forget to consider other factors like your user priority, total budget, and warranty.

  • 4 things to consider while choosing a business scheduling software

    Gone are the days when business scheduling software burned a hole in our pockets, these days most of the top business scheduling software programs are offered without any charges. Even the business scheduling software programs that charge an amount for the upgrades have reduced their pricing significantly. Schedulers also offer a great return on investment, adding a great value to all the expenditure. However, there are still a few things that one must consider before choosing a business scheduling software. They are:

    Data security
    One of the absolute necessities for a business scheduling software is high levels of data security. It is integral as there is a new security risk that emerges every single day. The security must be high because the business scheduler will be storing all the important information of your business. It can also include information that is sensitive and highly confidential. A breach in the system can have a massive impact on the business.

    User-friendly backend software
    This might not be on the top of your list of things to consider while buying a business scheduling software, but it is important for smooth functioning. If you have a user-friendly software, it will save you training time and increase the efficiency. A business scheduling software is made to increase efficiency, and if it is too complicated to operate it would just decrease its efficiency.

    This is one of the best features associated with a business scheduling software. It will speed up the process by automating many tasks in the appointment scheduling process. Look out for features that automate email and SM confirmations for reminders, rebooking reminders, and review requests. These features will allow the business to run well and save time as well as increase the business.

    Mobile friendly
    If your business scheduling software is not compatible with mobile phones then it is not the right software. This is not only important to you as a business person but also important to your customers. A customer or a client that makes an appointment with you must have a feature that allows them to check it as per their convenience. As from the business perspective, you should be able to make changes to the appointments while on the go.

  • Top 3 Business Phone Broadband Deals

    When it comes to the best business phone broadband deals, you need a connection that provides your company much more than a good price. For businesses, there is always a need for fast broadband connections, along with reliable services and good customer support for times when you need help with troubleshooting. Currently, there are many options available in the market, which are very similar in price and services offered. Following is a list of best broadband services for business to help you make a decision.

    AT&T is amongst the top business broadband providers in the country owing to its high customer satisfaction rate and extremely fair and transparent pricing. This company has clearly defined its prices and packages. They include everything like installation and service charges. This is very rare in the telecom industry, which is known for its hidden fees and not many other broadband services providers offer clear rate charts. With AT&T, you can enjoy Internet plans for business using DSL, IPBB, and Fiber. There are also various plans that are variably available on the basis of location. The download speeds for business broadband ranges from 6 Mbps to 100 Mbps based on the type of plan you choose. Therefore, it safe to say that no matter the size of an organization, AT&T has a range of options to manage all your needs.

    Verizon offers a 3-in-1 service for businesses, which includes Fios, Business, and high-speed Internet. All of these are not available throughout the country, which means you can get them only on the basis of its availability in your location. Verizon’s advertised Internet broadband speed ranges from 1 Mbps to 90 Mbps, based on the plan you choose. Verizon is considered to be the fastest Internet provider for businesses. It is also much loved for its top-class customer service rating and flexibility of contract terms.

    CenturyLink is an ideal broadband service for businesses because it pays a generous amount of downtime compensation. While most companies claim to do that, CenturyLink actually offers this service and pays much more than other competitors. Similar to AT&T, CenturyLink also has a clear and transparent rating method with no hidden costs. Furthermore, it offers many plans for businesses that can be chosen on the basis of limited budgets. The speed of the connection with this broadband option ranges from 3 Mbps to 100 Mbps with DSL, and the Fiber speeds go up to 1000 Mbps, making this one of the best business phone broadband deals.

  • Five must-have features to look for in an antivirus software

    There are many options for antivirus software programs available in the market to choose from. In order to make the best choice, one must know what features to look for in an antivirus software. There are some features that can be a cherry on the cake but then there are some that are a must-have. Below are some of the must-have features to look for in an antivirus software-

    Malware detection as well as removal
    The signature detection is one of the most important parts of an antivirus software. It is important to ensure that any incoming virus threats are detected often and accurately. The time taken to remove any threat from the computer should be quick and must ensure that the program remains in contact with a PC security server to stay updated against any latest malware threats.

    Powerful firewall
    One wants their computer to remain safe after an antivirus software has scanned the computer and eradicated all the potential threats. Some antivirus software programs have a feature called a powerful firewall that helps the user keep their device safe by easily blocking incoming threats before they come in contact with the hard drive.

    Identity protection
    Identity theft is one of the cybercrimes that is rising in the recent years. As more and more businesses are going digital, it has become easier for a hacker to steal the information, drain the bank accounts of the business, or even sell the personal data to various advertising agencies. In several crucial ways, a good antivirus software will ensure that the personal data is protected. One simple way of protection, for example, is a verification being conducted every time one puts in credit card or any bank information online to ensure that a virus has not hijacked the device.

    In a worst case scenario, one may have to rely on a backup to restore their system. A good antivirus software helps in creating a backup of the computer’s most important files. This allows the user to easily restore the backup if needed.

    Maintenance features
    If one is paying a good amount of money for a antivirus software, then one may expect something more than simply fighting malware. There are various antivirus software programs that tend to optimize the computer and ensure that the computer runs smooth, safe, and fast. Thus, taking care of its maintenance.

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  • Top Copd Inhalers In The Market

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a type of lung disorder. People with COPD generally have the combination of two diseases, i.e., Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis. Due to Emphysema air sacs in the lung gets destroyed and Chronic Bronchitis cause inflammation and narrowing of bronchial tubes. This leads to the development of mucus. Due to COPD people feel difficulty with breathing and sudden tightness in chest. The root cause of COPD disease is habit of regular smoking. It may also occur due to long term chemical exposure. This disease takes time to build but once it is built, it can be dangerous. Well, there is no cure for this disease, but some inhalers can help in terms of survival. There are various top inhalers in the market that can give you better breathing process. Here is a list of top 5 COPD inhalers that exist on the market today.

    Top COPD Inhalers in the Market

    Advair is the topmost COPD inhaler brand worldwide. It is actually made by combining two medications: fluticasone and salmeterol. It is a long-term prescription method for people suffering from lung diseases such as Asthma and COPD. For treating COPD, Advair DISKUS 250/50 is to be taken twice every day. This is not used to avoid sudden breathing issues due to asthma or COPD. It is advisable to use rescue COPD inhalers along with Advair Inhaler.


    • Don’t use Advair with other medications
    • Don’t use Advair medication if you are prone to severe allergy from milk proteins
    • Don’t use Advair COPD inhalers to stop sudden breathing problems.
    • Always use a rescue COPD inhaler along with an Advair COPD inhaler

    Symbicort is another great COPD inhaler for the treatment of lung diseases. Originally, it was just made for patients with asthma, but now its usage has been extended for COPD. It is approved for treatment of COPD by the Food and Drug Corporation in February 2009. It consists of medications like formoterol, a bronchodilator and a budesonide. Increased use of formoterol such as LABA medicine can increase the risk of death from asthma problems.


    • Using Symbicort can lead to rising in blood pressure
    • Don’t use it for sudden severe precautions
    • You may experience some side effects due to Symbicort.
    • There is a sudden loss of immunity in the body by use of Symbicort.

    Combivent Respimat
    Combivent Respimat is another top inhaler brand used for the treatment of COPD patients. This medication consists of two kinds of bronchodilators: albuterol and ipratropium. It is advisable for those who are already taking some inhaler but not getting any improvement and requires a second bronchodilator. Sometimes, Combivent Respimat causes more narrowing of airways making the patient condition worse.


    • Don’t take Combivent Respimat if you are allergic to any of its ingredients
    • Intaking of this can lead to heart problems.
    • Combivent Respimat can create difficulty with urination
    • It also created dizziness and blurred vision

    Pulmicort is a type of inhaler that contains budesonide that decreases the amount of inflammation in the airways. It is mainly used to control symptoms such as wheezing and shortness of breath. This medication is required to be used twice a day to be effective but can’t be used as quick relief from asthma attacks. So, a fast relief inhaler is required.


    • Tell your doctor about all your allergies before taking it
    • Tell your doctor about any other medication you are using
    • It can lead to tiredness or sudden weight loss
    • It may cause some side effects on your body.

    Spiriva is a long-term medication treatment that is used for the management of COPD symptoms. Spiriva consists of a medication called as tiotropium that helps in inhalation and relaxing of airways which leads to easing the breathing process. The standard dose of Spiriva is 2.5 mcg for COPD patients. COPD patients require daily inhaler for reducing nose swelling, normal breathing process and better functioning of lungs.


    • It causes cough, constipation, and headache
    • It sometimes leads to skin rash issues, chest pain and decreased visibility
    • Don’t use it if you are pregnant or thinking of pregnancy
  • How to find auto parts at RockAuto

    RockAuto is a family owned online business established in 1999 with an aim to provide all the information about auto parts including product specifications. They started out with a goal to make auto parts available to customers at affordable prices. They don’t have any stand alone stores or counter people. They run their business purely through an online presence. They cater to millions of customers throughout the world by shipping thousands of auto parts from leading manufacturers. They keep adding more products, thereby expanding their catalog.

    Here’s how to find the auto parts you are looking for at RockAuto in the following situations:

    Situation 1
    When you need to find if RockAuto is selling parts for your vehicle

    RockAuto has an extensive catalog, listing the vehicle make alphabetically. Choose your vehicle make. Then, click the year, model, and the engine size of your vehicle. Alternatively you can even type these details in the search box located at the top of the main page. You will get matching words as you type. Just choose the appropriate one in the drop down menu and click search to get to the particular vehicle or part your are looking form.

    Situation 2
    When you what’s wrong with your vehicle but don’t know what part to get to fix the problem

    Chose the vehicle system or category of parts, the broken auto part falls under. The list will then show you all the parts that belong to that part of the vehicle in alphabetic order. All the frequently purchased parts for your vehicle will appear in bold. Chances are that one of those parts are what’s broken. You can of course seek a mechanic’s assistance to find what’s broken.

    Situation 3
    When you know the name of the part you are looking for
    Type the name of the part you are looking for in the Find Category box. You will then get a drop down menu with the possible matches. Click enter to choose the categories that contain the parts matching your search.

    Situation 4
    When you know the part number for the part you want to buy
    Click on the Part Number Search tab located at the top of the RockAuto page. In the search section, type in the part number and click search. You don’t have to go through the hassle of mentioning the name of the manufacturer or part group. Instead, you can just narrow the result down by the brand or part the by using the drop down lists.

  • Wood Splitters – The easy and Hassle-free life

    If you are a gardener or your profession is felling trees then you are familiar with the fa-falling that the task requires an immense amount of manual labor and time that might not seem worth it at the end. With the advancement of technology, comfort and efficiency have come a long way in the form of modern garden tools and Wood Splitters. Fast, convenient, affordable and available in various kinds, these tools can meet all your gardening needs. Work smart and efficiently to get the best and the most out of these machines. There is a wide collection of the finest Wood Splitters available in the market these days, and you can pick the one you want.

    Know Your Needs and Choose Accordingly

    While Wood Splitters can never let you down as garden tools, the kind of wood splitter needed must be clear. There are three different kinds of wood/log splitters available like the electrical rod and piston or hydraulics assembly, the manual log splitters that use leverage, domestic wood splitters, etc.
    While some Wood Splitters or Log Splitters run using diesel or gasoline, some splitters use hydraulic pumps as well to exert force. There are non-electrical splitters as well. These splitters have to be carried manually to the spot of the wood source. Regardless of the power source used by each Splitter, the general mechanism is the same for all.
    The splitters use a hydraulic-driven piston to push the log or wood through a series of blades or corkscrews. With the increase in demand for fuel and wood (for other derivable products made from it), the need for Wood Splitters has been on a rise. Wood Splitters feature state-of-the-art technology and provide superior results.

    Be safe while using Wood splitters

    Just like every other profession, gardening calls for a particular set of skills and tools to be able to work proficiently. Wood Splitters have been a really popular gardening tool. While using any tool, apart from knowing its functional uses it is necessary to know how to use them safely as well.

    It is essential to know about the wood that you are going to work on.
    The hands are to be placed on the sides of the log.
    Start working only when you are rested enough.
    Wear proper attire so that your clothes would not bother you when you are working. It is even possible that your clothes may get into the tool and make the business dangerous.
    Last but not the least, read the users’ manual before you start using the Wood splitter. Understanding your tool before using it is important than all other safety precautions.
    Since wood splitters are very reasonably priced, they can be purchased by both households and companies. These machines work admirably on both soft and hard wood, and are hence versatile.

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