• Do’s and dont’s of taking Viagra

    Viagra, which burst on to the scene recently to treat symptoms of impotence a.k.a. erectile dysfunction ED), has seen a lot of advertising and has become very popular among men. The drug’s major ingredient is Sildenafil which is said to work greatly towards the so-called good effects of Viagra. It works only during periods of sexual excitement and is said to not affect the sex drive.

    However, just because Viagra helps men treat their problems of ED doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have side-effects. Listed below are some simple but important do’s and don’ts of taking Viagra for the betterment of men’s health.

    Consult a physician first to check whether your body is equipped to handle such a drug. This is essential because there have been instances of people having experienced a strain on their heart after having taken Viagra. A physician or doctor will perform a test on your body to check for any possible anomalies, as well as give you a prescription for it, which you will need while buying Viagra.
    Take Viagra only once a day (twice will be an overdose and could cause painful, long erections), while keeping a time interval of at least 24 hours between every Viagra pill intake.

    You should also make sure that you read the packaging labels to ensure that the Viagra you are buying is legal and safe and hasn’t expired, especially since there have been widespread Viagra scams. You should keep yourself fully hydrated (a glass full of water before sex) while taking Viagra since dehydration is bad for erection. Also, you should take the pill at least one hour before the intended sexual activity for the pill to have an effect.

    You shouldn’t take Viagra if you are already taking heart medication, since Viagra could cause your blood pressure to drop. People with leukemia, liver and kidney problems, chest issues as well as those with anemia are discouraged, if not forbidden, to ingest Viagra without a physician’s consult. You shouldn’t be consume alcohol or alcoholic drinks while taking Viagra, as it could trigger side-effects which could either be mild or even serious.

    You should never prescribe or give Viagra to someone else, especially underage people. You shouldn’t accept Viagra from people either, especially since the dosage varies from person to person and you should have your own set of pills along with a doctor’s recommendation for Viagra. You shouldn’t continue Viagra use if you have suffered from allergic reactions such as difficulty in breathing, throat, tongue, facial or lips swelling or hives. Also, if you feel numb or nauseated during sex, a doctor must be called right away.

  • Myths about women’s health explained

    Saturated media is the leading reason due to which more and more useless myths are being shared, which makes it difficult for people to identify valid and relevant information from the rest. Misleading information about women’s health can cause a lot of confusion and lead people astray.

    Here are a few common myths about women’s health explained for your reference:

    The Myth about weight gain during and after menopause: Weight gain is one of the leading concerns which has on countless occasions led to women employing drastic food and health changes which might prove to be detrimental to their overall health. Weight gain during menopause is normal and should not be a worrying cause for concern. It is just one of the changes women experience during this transition period and weight gained certainly does not have to be permanent according to a myth that says so otherwise.

    Myths about low fat and low-calorie diets: Many people think that restricting the number of calories consumed per day will help control your weight. This is, however, just a temporary fix and not a permanent solution to maintain a healthy weight and body mass index. The body needs a certain amount of calories (being the primary energy source) and certain fats for vital functions, which might get affected due to any imbalance. Weight gain or loss also depends on how your metabolism works. People with a high metabolism tend to not gain any weight at all despite their calorie intake and vice versa. Cutting calories will not affect the metabolism at all, which is why a healthy diet has to be maintained.

    Minimum hours of sleep recommended: A useless myth affecting women’s health which states that as you grow older, your sleeping patterns and the number of hours you sleep for is reduced. Ideally, medical professionals recommend a good eight hours of sleep for both men and women. Only the sleep cycle changes as you grow older, affecting deep sleep phases. It will be difficult for women above a certain age to achieve a full deep cycle without any disturbances, compared to younger women.

    The myth about decreasing sex drive: Researchers have revealed a very surprising survey of sex drive while comparing findings for womens health. It has been observed that the libido does not decrease with age necessarily. There are factors like hormonal imbalances and menopause which might affect your libido. However, these factors don’t necessarily affect womens health as you grow older.

  • Top multivitamins of 2018 for women

    From calcium to vitamin D, women tend to miss out on an array of vital vitamins while engaging in the usual rush. This is all the more relevant for women with dietary restrictions, pregnant women, and aging women. Of course, adding certain foods to your diet will be beneficial, but having multivitamins in addition to that is another alternative to ensuring that your body gets all the essential nutrients. So, which are the best women’s multivitamins in 2021? Let us find out. 

    Garden of Life Multivitamin for Women
    We have heard several nutritionists refer to this brand repeatedly. So we can say for sure, this one is indeed one of the best women’s multivitamins in 2021. It is a multivitamin supplement that utilizes raw vegetables and fruits as its sole ingredients and offers women the required nutrition. The Garden of Life is also vital for maintaining women’s reproductive health, all thanks to the presence of folic acid. What’s more? It is an exclusive multivitamin brand that boasts dual certification – non-GMO Project Verified and USDA certified. Additionally, it is a gluten-free, vegan product, and enriched with nineteen essential vitamins and minerals.

    MegaFood Women’s One Daily
    Another great option is the MegaFood Women’s One Daily tablet. It is designed to balance your mood, fill in the nutritional gaps, and boost a healthy stress response. It is the perfect pick for women who are adhering to a specific dietary guideline. These multivitamin tablets do not contain soy, dairy, and gluten. They are also non-GMO, kosher, and vegan. It aids in promoting a healthy response to changes arising from normal hormone fluctuations. In addition, the presence of B vitamins in the tablet boosts nervous system health and supports cellular energy production. 

    Performance Lab Whole-Food Women’s Multi
    Performance Lab is a renowned supplement brand, and their multivitamins are just as good. The Performance Lab Whole-Food Women’s Multi is an affordable and great pick to cater to women’s hormonal and dietary needs. It can offer your body 100% (maybe even more) of your daily requirement of eighteen nutrients, along with ten other nutrients in a generous quantity. Owing to its industry-recognized production standard in manufacturing and quality, it is hugely popular and widely recommended. In addition, it contains no synthetic additives, gluten, soy, GMO, and is allergen and vegan-friendly.

    Rainbow Light Women’s One
    Lastly, we have Rainbow Light’s once-daily multivitamin, packed with an array of health benefits. It will boost your immune health and provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals, such as iron and vitamin D. It is free from soy and gluten and contains no preservatives, sweeteners, or flavorings. 

  • Tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for working women

    Working women today are under great pressure, having to manage both their home and office schedules. Stress is a major health concern, with adverse effects on your body like headaches, stomach problems, elevated blood pressure levels, pain in chest and experiencing trouble in sleeping.

    Stress is the number one killer affecting all vital bodily functions, which is why maintaining a work-life balance is crucial for a healthy mind and body. However busy schedules and countless deadlines to meet today make it difficult for you to take out some time to exercise and stay fit.

    Here are a few tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle keeping in mind primarily womens health without having to alter our existing schedule:

    Stay active: No doubt busy schedules will keep you chained to the desk, but taking short breaks and walks in the office itself will keep you active throughout the day. This simple activity will go a long way in improving womens health.

    Eat healthily: A healthy well-balanced meal with proteins, nuts, and fruits, all considered good for your metabolism will go a long way in improving overall lifestyle. A healthy diet ensures healthy digestion and in turn regular bodily functions essential for maintaining womens health. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which is why a nice heavy and healthy power packed breakfast will help you get your day started with zest and energy.

    Stay hydrated: Often during an extremely busy day, people forget to stay hydrated. Water is an essential fluid which is required for most of the bodily functions which is why make it a point to drink a glass of water now and then. Setting reminders on your phone will help keep track of your daily intake. At least 8 glasses of water should be consumed on an average with the total not exceeding more than 2 to 2.5 liters a day. Fruits like oranges, watermelon, grapefruit, apples are also good sources of water and a healthy snack option as well.

    Reduce carbs: Carbohydrates beyond a determined limit will only spike your blood sugar levels and increase the fat content in your body. Fat is not fit so keep an eye on those carb and calorie rich foods consumed during the day.

    Work posture: Your work posture should be rigid without any slouching. This is necessary to ensure minimum stress on your neck, back, and spine. Apart from your posture, taking breaks during work will help recharge your batteries. Also taking a few days off for vacation now and then will help improve womens health.

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  • Top gardening tools brands

    When it comes to gardening tools, there are hordes of brands to select from which makes it difficult for a novice to choose the best company. It would be really helpful for you if an experienced individual comes to know about some of the best brands offering gardening tools in America. It would be easier for you to narrow down your choices in terms of the requirements, preferences and most importantly, your budget. Here are some of the most prominent companies who stand behind their products and make premium quality products for all your gardening needs.

    A.M. Leonard
    Established in 1885 by the renowned AshbelMerrel Leonard, this company is one of the notable leaders in the supply of gardening tools. This company is known for their top notch customer service along with a selection of almost over 8,000 items which can make the task of gardening as smooth as breeze. When shopping from A. M. Leonard, you will have a variety of choices and the exceptional customer service would definitely make you appreciate this company.

    If there is any company that produces unparalleled glove technology in the making gloves that offer amazing control and grip while doing the task of gardening. You can effortlessly utilize other equipment without straining your hands. In case you are looking for gardening gloves, Bionic can be the best solution for you.

    CobraHead LLC
    A small family of gardening tools located at Wisconsin, USA, CobraHead is one of the prime producers of Weeder, Cultivator, and Long Handle. Most of them are multipurpose hand tools used for gardening, agriculture, and horticulture. For instance, the CobraHead Long Handle is a kind of stand-up weeding tool which uses a similar blade like that of the small tool. This company is widely preferred for their high level of versatility, usefulness and awesome quality. By using these tools, you can also improve your knowledge of food gardening.

    When it comes to tools for gardening, you cannot afford to miss Corona and its wide range of irrigation, tree care, agricultural and gardening tools. It is known for their high-quality performance which has the power to work harder for your garden.

    Earth Talon
    Earth Talon has promoted the classic spade in a new way as they have crafted the shovel in such a manner that it can penetrate hard and rocky soils with a much less effort. These tools have been built to last and the wide, embossed foot help in preventing the feet from slipping. Last but not the least, the unique Talon point keeps the job performing in the precise point rather than swaying here and there. Be it digging holes or weeding work, you can always take a chance with the Earth Talon products as they are made for both residential and commercial projects.

    These are some of the best-known brands of gardening tools in the USA and each of them are known for offering the best quality and durable products.

  • Manage ulcerative colitis with these natural lifestyle changes

    Ulcerative colitis is one condition that can truly tumble-up your lifestyle. Not very well-known, it is the inflammation of the large intestine and rectum over a long period of time. The inflammation of the lining of the colon can cause severe bleeding and formation of pus. This can lead to experiencing symptoms such as abdominal pain, repeated diarrhea, etc.

    An individual should instantly visit a doctor if he/she experiences any of the symptoms. Although medical intervention is required, a person should undergo certain lifestyle changes to manage this condition. Starting early can also help you keep away from this highly painful condition.

    Yoga – There is this very popular saying, “Yoga is to the body, what reading is to the mind.” Rightly so, performing yoga every day can soothe your body and relieve it from stressful elements around. It is a healthy activity and can have a good effect on ulcerative colitis too. It is a practice that specially targets your digestive system and floods it with oxygen.

    Healthy diet – Eating healthy is the key to overall good health, and what you eat will also determine the severity of ulcerative colitis. It is better to avoid certain foods and keep a track of what is making the symptoms worse and what is not. A diet filled with healthy and non-greasy food will have a better impact. Some studies also suggest avoiding dairy and caffeine.

    Food allergens – It is important that you are aware of the food that you are allergic to. It may be necessary to eliminate food such as corn, wheat, peanuts, etc. that can cause a reaction and aggravate the inflammation.

    Distilled water – Ulcerative colitis makes your digestives system extremely sensitive and thus, you should not take any chances with the water you consume. It is a better idea to switch to distilled water as public drinking water may contain elements like chlorine that can irritate the bowel.

    Manage stress and pain – Ulcerative colitis can lead you to feel stressed and the excruciating pain can further aggravate this. An individual should undergo therapy that will teach in coping with the stress and pain.

    Good oils – Intake a good amount of omega-3 oils as they can effectively help in reducing the inflammation of the digestive system. These oils are found in fish and flax seeds and should be included in the daily diet.

    Effective medical treatment along with new medical treatments developed will help in easing the symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

  • Reasons Why Investing in a Wall Oven Is a Good Idea

    For people who take joy in cooking, the kitchen is often the most comforting place in their house. Cooking aficionados like to experiment with cooking styles, try out new recipes, invite guests, and share the warmth of dining in the company of loved ones. A well-planned kitchen can be bliss for those who love to cook. However, if you don’t have the right equipment to take care of different cooking needs, the time spent in the kitchen seems long and tedious. If your current oven doesn’t broil, bake, and roast evenly, it is time to upgrade. Wall ovens are an excellent investment for people who love to cook. Following are few pointers why investing in a wall oven is a good idea.

    Easy installation

    Most wall ovens available in the market can easily fit into the modern kitchen layout. However, pay careful attention to cabinet cut-out dimensions and those of the model you are looking at. Often, there is a slight difference between the mentioned size and the actual usable area. Some people actually take their largest baking tray to the store and see if it fits in perfectly before sealing the deal. That’s not a bad idea at all! Better safe than sorry.

    Usable space

    Common options for electric wall ovens range from 60cm-wide models and going to up to 90cm. A standard gas oven is also about 61 cm-wide. Double wall ovens take up a lot of space. However, if you regularly cook for parties and events or have to feed a large family, then this is a good buy. You can cook that turkey for Thanksgiving as well as a couple of other side dishes if there is enough usable space and if the model offers a flexible arrangement of shelves to accommodate different-sized cooking plates at one go.

    For small families, single-unit wall ovens will do just fine. If your current oven doesn’t meet your needs anymore and your eyes are set on a new buy, making few changes in the layout will be worth the ease of cooking that comes with a wall oven.

    Variety cooking

    Good wall ovens come with the latest features that allow you the flexibility to cook many dishes at a time and experiment with different cooking methods. With a bigger model, baking larger cuts of meat or seafood and large batch baking is possible.

    Features to look for in a wall oven

    Popular features in good wall ovens are sabbath mode, delay-start and keep-warm modes, fan grill, pizza mode, built-in temperature probe, timer, an audible preheat alert, and self-cleaning function. Hi-end wall ovens feature apps that also sync with your smartphone! Having many features is fantastic, but ask yourself how many of these features you will need to use regularly. If you get confused with too many options and are comfortable with what you know best, forgoing a feature or two on a product to focus on what you really need is a great idea.

    The convection mode is popular because it circulates air in the oven cavity. It allows faster cooking and is especially good in the case of large meat cuts. However, this mode may not be ideal for baked items. If baking is your passion more than anything, you don’t really need to insist on having this feature in your new wall oven.

    Hi-end wall ovens also have a smokeless or anti-splatter function. It is a perforated cooking plate to stop the fat from splattering inside the machine. The traditional steam-cleaning function in older models has been known to take a long time and leave strange odors afterward in the past. However, with the innovations and design upgrades in the latest wall ovens these days, the cleaning cycle is as less as 30 minutes. A hi-end machine will not produce toxic fumes either. However, the feature only takes care of light cleaning needs and if the oven is regularly used for meats and gravies, the splattering may make this function redundant unless you have invested in an anti-splatter plate as well.