Features of the iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone 6S Plus is one of the premium smartphones from Apple. This smartphone first was first launched in the country and released worldwide in September 2015. The iPhone 6S Plus is a touchscreen-enabled smartphone which has caught the fancy of many gadget lovers. Read on to know the excellent features of the iPhone 6S Plus.

General features
Being a touch-enabled smartphone, the iPhone 6S Plus caught the fancy of the youngsters. The smartphone is 158.20 x 77.90 x 7.30 in form factor and weighs a minimal of 192 grams. The battery capacity of iPhone 6S Plus is 2750 mAh which can be considered moderate considering the range and usage of apps which come preloaded on this smartphone. The battery in iPhone 6S Plus is non-removable which can be considered a key limitation of Apple smartphones. However, these days almost all the smartphones in the market have non-removable batteries, therefore, this limitation of iPhone 6S Plus can be ignored to a small extent. The smartphone runs on a lithium-Ion battery and the smartphone offers a talk time of up to 1440 minutes. The battery standby time is also 384 hours which can be considered fairly good by any standards.

This smartphone is unique in the sense that it comes in multiple color options including Silver, Gold, and Space Gray, and Rose Gold.

The form factor of any smartphone is a key consideration which the probable owner will have in mind while making the purchase. iPhone 6S Plus comes in 5.5-inch screen size and has a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. It has a ratio of 401 pixels per inch which gives a sharper and crisper screen presence to the user. Apple iPhone 6S Plus works on Retina HD with 3D Touch technology which is another innovation of Apple which you will rarely find in any other smartphone.

The processor of iPhone 6S Plus is of A9 make and the smartphone has a RAM of 2GB which can be considered to be moderate considering the amount of data any user might wish to store on this smartphone. The internal storage in iPhone 6S Plus is 16GB which cannot be expanded further as there is no expandable storage option in the same.

People who are interested in photography will find a great find in iPhone 6S Plus since the rear camera in this smartphone is 12 megapixel. The camera also has a rear flash and the front camera in this smartphone is 5 megapixels which can be used for clicking some great selfies.

iPhone 6S Plus runs on iOS 9 which is an advanced version of the software and is very compatible with the technology currently in operation.

The smartphone is WiFi enabled and has a GPS included which makes it a technology compatible device. Bluetooth in this smartphone from Apple is Bluetooth compatible with v 4.20 available on this smartphone. The headphones on this smartphone are 3.5mm in size which can be used for listening to music at any hour.

A limitation of this smartphone is that it can operate only on a single SIM and in case you are looking for a dual SIM smartphone, the choice is very limited in Apple. A Nano-SIM can be used in this smartphone. The smartphone supports GSM technology and is compatible with both 3G and 4G technology.

This smartphone can be considered as a true smartphone since it is equipped with a compass and magnetometer. You will also find a proximity sensor in iPhone 6S Plus. The smartphone has an accelerometer and ambient light sensor. However, you will not find a temperature sensor in this smartphone.

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